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1/5/2018 L Edwards

✅ Trip Verified | We were happy that this Solomon Airlines flight from Honiara to Brisbane departed on time and we arrived safely and the food was good, however the airflow was terrible! I was travelling with my husband and two other families who also found it hot and not enough airflow. I subsequently arrived in Brisbane with a headache. I did bring this problem to the attention of a flight host who said that he would relay the issue to the Captain, however there was no improvement. I have not had this problem with Air Fiji or Air Naru, not sure why with Air Solomon.

10/31/2017 K Joseph

✅ Verified Review | Brisbane to Honiara return on Solomon Airlines (IE 701/700) flying on a Qantas code share (QF 379/380) in economy. An aging but well-maintained A320 which does the journey in a shade over three hours. Flying on a Qantas Code Share (and with premium FF status) my luggage was booked through to my final destination and I was able to access the Qantas Business lounge in Brisbane and the Belama Lounge in Honiara. Seats are leather and well spaced by economy standards with sufficient leg room. There is no in-flight entertainment but the meal service was generous for a relatively short flight with constant refills of wine available! The cabin crew are among the friendliest I know and give very good service. The only competition on this route is Virgin with a similar fare structure and limited service, so airfares are not particularly low but if purchased well in advance are not unreasonable for a fairly low-trafficked route.

12/29/2015 Vernon Schmidt

Flew Solomon Airlines from Brisbane to Honiara. We boarded to be greeted by smiling attendants. The flight was not too full so we had 3 seats to ourselves. Leg room was quite good. IFE was just a screen panel lowered from the ceiling, watched a movie. The meal was lunch, we had the beef and it was delicious. Staff came around to check if we needed any more drinks, throughout the flight.

6/20/2014 Donal Ryan

I flew Brisbane to Honiara on the 24th April. Flight Left early was only 1/4 full and arrived 40 minutes early. Add 30 kg of luggage good plentiful food and beer what more could you want. Entertainment was poor but its only a 3 hour flight so I survived. Staff friendly which is much more than I can say about the BA & Qantas staff on the Flights coming out from Ireland.

4/11/2013 P Schubert

Flew from Brisbane to Honiara and then on to Munda return. A320 flight to and from Honiara was on time reasonable wine flowed freely good food but no IFE (I had an iPad). Possibly the most under-utilised A320 in the world 10 sectors a week or so. A 10 min walk literally on the road to the domestic terminal with a dodgy luggage trolley and a very hot and humid wait. They are very proud of their new Dash-8 however this ride to Munda was extremely hot. Despite them running one prop for 20 mins before we got on the plane never cooled down for the 50 min flight. The safety cards proved useful as fans! This multi-stop island hopper flight tends to change its timetable at will - there was a large group going to Munda so we got dropped off first. Leaving the plane arrived an hour early because the PM came to visit the area so we got to stop at 2 other airstrips on the way. Overall a good experience generous baggage allowance for diving gear.

5/28/2012 B Owen

Brisbane-Honiara. Check-in a little slow but request for seat changes so our group could sit together handled without fuss. A320 has comfortable seats with good leg room but no IFE despite old style screens throughout the cabin being available. Catering is very basic and catering equipment is old and well used. Toilets clean but are old and smelly. Highlight was the crew who offered drinks throughout the flight not just responding to requests but proactively out in the cabin for the whole flight. Recommend having breakfast before the flight and bring a book or iPad but otherwise an enjoyable flight and cheaper than Virgin.

3/24/2012 C Moore

Brisbane-Honiara-Suavanao-Honiara-Brisbane. BNE-HIR-BNE. Nice A320 with more leg room than any other airline I've flown. Service was excellent nice food plenty of drinks. Flights on time. Smaller Twin Otter and Britten Norman Islander planes for the domestic flights both small but comfortable enough bit noisy though!

10/22/2011 A Pedersen

BNE-HIR-BNE. BNE connection is operated by Strategic Airlines. Service BNE-HIR-BNE excellent like a party on board with plenty of food and endless drinks. Luggage allowance flexible. Punctuality quite good. Domestic no service on board - had only one cancellation (due to puncture on remote Island of Gizo). However hotel and care quickly provided until next morning. Small aircraft on domestic routes noisy.

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