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11/16/2018 P Torven

✅ Trip Verified | Colombo to Goa via Chennai. All flights were on time and the airplanes were very new. I had only hand luggage. They really check the weight, so make sure you only bring 7 kilos or take something out before they weigh it. They only provide you one cup of free water (maybe you can ask for more), but it was no problem to bring my own little bottle of water. When your luggage get checked at the airport, they don't throw the bottle away. For food you have to pay and it seemed like they have only factory fabricated kind of food. But this was also no problem, as my flights were very short. The flight attendants were young girls and they were friendly. I experienced it overall as good.

11/16/2018 Seana Harvey

✅ Trip Verified | Jaipur to Goa via Ahmedabad . Save your money and don’t fly with them. 4.5 hours turned into 8.5 hrs. More time was spent waiting than actually in air flying. No communication was given as we were herded like sheep from one security point to the next. Initially the flight was late 1.5 hours. We flew to Ahmedabad which was 55 minutes. The same plane flight was to continue on to Goa. However it didn’t. Everyone continuing on to Goa was asked to stay seated and present their ticket. Ten minutes later another passenger informed us we had to change planes. We exited to a bus which took us out of the airport then back in- through security once again then made to wait an additional 2.5 hours. Originally to be in Goa at 4:10pm actual arrival 8:30pm. Not to mention their staff is terrible, no smiles, compassion, communication. I was shocked at how little we were told about what was going on. I thought Spicejet was a reputable company but they are so inefficient it’s ridiculous. They did off meal vouchers for the inconvenience. I would have preferred a customer service agent that didn’t stare blankly and say he accepted the situation but would do nothing to resolve it.

11/15/2018 S Buhmari

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to Pune. I travelled SpiceJet for the first time & this was the worst experience as compared to other airlines. They are charging for checkin bag, you can carry only hand bag - if your carrying checkin bag you have to pay for that as per the weight. In SpiceJet the seat arrangements are very compact as compared to other airlines, you can't stretch your legs properly. There will be no complementary food, you have to pay for food. The crew & airport staff don't know how to treat the customers, they are very rude.

11/6/2018 Vishal Tarolkar

✅ Trip Verified | Pune to Dubai. I would mention here that their Web Site is the worst web site of all I have so far dealt with. Its not reliable at all. As we have limited options in that price range one has to deal with this issue all the time.

11/5/2018 C Armand

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to Guwhati. Sat on my seat and saw a used spoon and a knife left there in the magazing holder. I asked the staff to take it away to which she replied leave it there, I'll take it later. Actually, you should have taken it away even before you started boarding. Spicejet is a very cheap and fast way to travel but I guess that does not mean you can drop your standards that low, leaving dirty cutlery from the last passengers for the new ones. I am still paying big bucks.

11/3/2018 Suhas Thambi Kareparambil

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Cochin. Worst airline in the world. They charge all the cabin luggage. My cabin bag was 7kg when checking at home. SpiceJet says it is 7.4 kg, ask me to pay extra charge for 1 kg. Also they charge me extra for Duty free items purchased from airport. Safety belt hook was not working in my seat. Toilet are dirty and flush not working properly. Passage is too narrow, congested. Flight delay 40 minutes for take off without any reason. Delay of luggage on arrival. It feels like hell.

11/1/2018 N Ison

✅ Trip Verified | New Delhi to Varanasi. Spicejet has turned out to be my worst flight experience till now. This is the only airline that thinks telling passengers about the flight delay is not necessary as they delay their flights daily. I was travelling to varanasi on 30/10/18 10.10 am flight and a had a same day return via IndiGo 6.30 pm flight. After reaching airport I got to know the flight is delayed by 3 hrs, I had received no message or email so I decided to postpone my trip to next day after paying 4k as penalty for rescheduling IndiGo to next day and guess what next - same story next day. Moral of the story is Spicejet sucks. Rating negative. Never recommend.

10/26/2018 Anirban S, Boeing 737-800 (738) seat 23D

The seats were fine .. was not very comfortable but fine

10/15/2018 P Gamesh

✅ Trip Verified | Guwahati to Chennai. SpiceJet can hardly be relied upon for punctuality. The thing to be noticed is that it is in major routes and also that the delays are huge whenever they happen. So if one has a connecting flight, train or bus, one has to keep fingers crossed. Risky. The airline needs to improve on time performance.

10/12/2018 S Hawati

✅ Trip Verified | Chennai to Madurai. Extremely unhappy- I was told at 7:20 am that the doors had closed for a 7:50 am flight, for a 7:25am boarding time! Have no luggage at all, the counter sent me to ticketing and they just said that I have to buy a new ticket. Took the next flight after paying 5K for 9:50am and the gates to board haven’t opened at 9:45am. I have been warned by others that this is the worst of them all! Shame on you

10/3/2018 SeatGuru User, Bombardier Q400 (DH4) seat 7A

Seat is quite comfortable for a turboprop. however being a window seat it does mean the seat base of the seat in front of you causes some discomfort to your feet. its comfortable for short haul (

10/2/2018 Kamlesh Pillai

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Mumbai. The very worst airline. They are calculating even the laptop weight also even though the flight is almost empty. I will consider not to use this airline in entire journey.

9/30/2018 Sachin Singh

✅ Trip Verified | I booked a return ticket Mumbai to Delhi and now on my return journey they are using me to pay Rs. 400 more because on my return ticket they have printed "hand baggage fare only". This is a sly underhand way of extracting money from their customers. How is it possible this was not printed on my ticket from BOM-DEL? They are blaming IRCTC for this and saying don't book through IRCTC. Why are they selling tickets through 3rd parties? I am never going to travel with SpiceJet again.

9/25/2018 R Vincent

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Spicejet from Tirupati to Hyderabad as I travel for my holidays to SE Asia. Like many have said on this site, this is probably the worst Indian airline to travel with. In comparison with IndiGo or Vistara, nothing is free, you must pay for everything. The ticket price is not that cheap compared to other Indian airline, the story began when the flight was delayed for more than an hour without communication with us. After that, we boarded an old plane with nothing onboard - tight legroom, rude staff, A/C not working, toilet disgusting etc. Luckily, the flight was not that and was still able to made in to my flight at 10 pm to get on my flight to SE Asia via Dubai. My advice - don't travel on Spicejet if you can help. Try and fly another airline whenever possible.

9/19/2018 Bobby Smith

✅ Trip Verified | Bangalore to Hyderabad. The worst airline service you, they will push you to buy all the additional services and charge you for the same but they will never deliver the services. When you ask for a refund or ask for an explanation why the services not provided, the support team will make you run in circle’s, Manager’s or supervisors will never come on the phone.

9/15/2018 Nirmala Dass

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Mumbai. Hand Luggage : As per the policy 7 KG hand luggage was allowed . The crew made me pay for the laptop / purse / dutyfree purchases etc etc. My First time experience in 15 years of travelling. Never ever I have faced such issue for My hand bag. I had to pay AED 300 The flight was half empty.

8/20/2018 M Paramiya

✅ Trip Verified | Mumbai to Delhi. Cheating customers by selling only cabin baggage only fare on one online travel site while other online travel site is selling at same price but 15kg allowance. I had to pay for my baggage in a domestic flight when I purchased a Hand Baggage Only fare. The leg space is so bad for even someone like me who is a girl of average height. Even the seat in front of me feels like on my face nor does my seat decline as it’s the seat before emergency exit.

8/13/2018 Luv Khosla

✅ Trip Verified | We traveled Delhi to Dubai and vise versa. They did not even provide complimentary Water bottle Which they give in domestic travel. In flight Meal is very low quality and bad. they even take overweight charge for products bought from duty free shop which is free with other airlines this they did to make up for unsold tickets which we could make out when we boarded the plane. I am frequent international traveler but traveled with Spicejet for the first time I decided to travel with them due to my travel experience with them in domestic travel. Only positive is the in-flight staff which is good. Very disappointing Indian carrier of such level.

7/24/2018 S Nariyshan

✅ Trip Verified | Bangalore to Pune. Spicejet is a very good airline and I reach my destination on time. This time I made a mistake by taking my sisters phone inside the airport and since I passed the security area, there was no way for me to physically hand over the phone. Spicejet staff was very courteous and caring and they helped me get the phone back to my sister. Kudos to the staff and please keep up the good work.

7/13/2018 Ganesh Shetty

✅ Trip Verified | I had booked 8 tickets from Mumbai to Mangalore and return for next month and I paid around Rs. 28000 for flight bookings and now spicejet cancelled scheduled flights and now my important function is getting affected because of flight cancellation from Spicejet. I need to pay higher fare for flights booking of other airlines. This airline don't even bother to call once they cancel prebooked flights. Don't ever go for Spicejet.