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1/25/2016 Camden Fujimoto

We flew the wonderful StarFlyer aircraft from Kansai to Tokyo Haneda. The check-in staff was extremely friendly and quick and their security line had nobody in it. The boarding was speedy we timed it and we got on and took off within 25 minutes. We were dissatisfied by the fact that we could not redeem United miles as the airlin...

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7/20/2015 Koji Watanabe

Cabin was clean. Personal screen was big enough and a lot of entertainment programs were available. Seat was very comfortable. My personal area was spacious. Tully's Coffee was offered with tasty chocolate. Flight attendants provided quick and responsive service. Everything was excellent!

7/25/2008 Olivier Ragu

Tokyo-Osaka-Tokyo. Starflyer has the best cost/performance ratio of the market: very comfortable leather seat in A320. Easy to get emergency exit at check in when requested but still at least 34 inch legroom. Drink service PTV footrest for 1 hour flight and professional attendants. At a unbeatable rate when booking a bit in adva...

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4/29/2008 F Endo

KIX-HND : a stylish airline. Cabin staff service efficient. Cabin which is coordinated in white and black elegant and personal monitor is easy to use. Seats are made of black leather and seat pitch is enough.

2/26/2007 Matthew Lubeck

This airline has impressive cabin staff and a very efficient ground staff - never need check in more than 20 minutes before my flight even in Tokyo.

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