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7/2/2019 P merson

✅ Trip Verified | Sun Country Airlines may cancel your flight and not notify you. I was set to fly from Las Vegas to Minneapolis and after checking in for my flight online and confirming the flight status in the morning as "on time" I went to the airport only to be told the flight was canceled As a bonus, Sun Country offers you nothing in the way of assistance. No attempt to rebook you on another airline, no assistance with hotel voucher, meals, transportation or any other kind of assistance. They will provide you with a "Customer Care" number, but you will recieve a recording that tells you nobody can take your call. Eventually, they will just close the check-in gate and not talk to you or the other 200 passengers they strand at the airport. Never again. Just don't fly this airline. They were once a great airline, but the new corporate owners don't care about the consumers. They are notorious for canceled and delayed flights, and no customer service. Do yourself a favor and do not fly Sun Country.

7/2/2019 R Wortley

Not Verified | Flight 261 from Minneapolis to Chicago O'Hare, June 29. Flight delayed one hour, and included a gate change it happens. When we boarded, the plane had been sitting at the gate for close to an hour in the sun (temperature was 88 degrees in Minneapolis). Upon boarding, the cabin was very hot. The captain informed us that after they got the engines running and up in the air, the AC would come on and cool off the cabin. He was either wrong or lying because it never came on. What little air flow could be coaxed from the overhead nozzles was the same temperature as the cabin. The flight was extremely uncomfortable. When we landed it took 10 minutes to taxi to the gate. When we arrived, the gate ramp was not in place and it took 7 more minutes to get it in place. The temperature in Chicago was 90 degrees and gate ramp that sits outside in the sun all day was cooler than the plane when we got off.

7/2/2019 M Keale

✅ Trip Verified | Newark to Minneapolis. Neither my partner nor myself have ever experience the level of incompetence and sheer unprofessionalism from an airline as we did this Saturday (6/29) until our first and only encounter with Sun Country Airlines. The short of it is that our flight to Minnesota was cancelled without ever informing us even now 48hrs after the scheduled flight. We were booked for an 11:45am flight out of Newark, NJ non-stop to Minneapolis, MN, flight SY 234. We received an email at 5am saying our flight had been delayed to 2:45pm, no biggie. At 8am another email arrived with an update that the delay was now until 3:10pm, no prob. Around 8:45am (AFTER the two delay emails) another airline’s plane made an emergency landing at Newark Airport causing complete closure for about 3hrs. Understandably all the airlines spent the rest of the day scrambling to accommodate their passengers, all but Sun Country Airlines. We had left our apt around 8:45am before opening the emails regarding the delays but decided we might as well continue over to the airport just in case things change further. We arrived around 11am and noticed immediately that the departure board had been updated and now our flight had been delayed until 4:46pm although we hadn’t received any email notification. Arriving at the ticket counter we discovered the Sun Country counter was closed and no employees were to be found. Several families were stranded with us and all stated without discrepancy that we had just missed two Sun Country employees being instructed by their supervisor to close their ticket counter and leave! No explanation to their customers, no assistance, and no update that the flights had been cancelled! One of the other customers informed us of the cancellation and gave us a Sun Country customer service number, apparently a parting gift from the Sun Country ticket counter employees. He warned us that he’d been on the phone for more than 45min thus far without getting through to anyone. My partner immediately placed the call. Upon noting how many people around us were discussing booking on another flight we scrambled our financial resources and bought the cheapest available tickets on another carrier that would get us to our destination, spending $500 more than the previous tickets had been. Finally, over 2hrs later, my partner was able to reach someone representing Sun Country customer service on the phone. This rep voiced shock and surprise when he explained to her that the Sun Country supervisor had pulled his ticket counter employees without any explanation to their customers, that we had not received any notice of cancellation (she confirmed the cancellation), and that we’d been on hold for over 2hrs still at the airport. She refused to send us any emailed confirmation of the cancelation nor the promised full refund. Fast forward two days later, we still have not received any notification from Sun Country of the cancellation, there’s no listing of the flight cancellation online, no notification of a refund, and of course no actual refund. We’ve also found online that this was not an isolated incident! On the same day this occurred (6/29/19), customers across the country (Boston, Las Vegas, DC) received the same treatment - canceled flights, no communication, no Sun Country staff at the airport, and 2+ hour phone waits on hold for customer service. Never fly Sun Country Airlines! They should not be allowed to conduct business!

6/29/2019 M Anderson

Not Verified | Boston to San Diego via Minneapolis. Never again. We are delayed in Minneapolis with no guarantee of leaving today. Delayed twice and the website seems to be down for Sun country too. save yourself the trouble and book any other airline.

6/29/2019 Stacy Meesan

✅ Trip Verified | Portland to Las Vegas. Some of the worst customer service I've encountered. I've never had an airline I couldn't get through to on the phone until now. No wonder my flight was cheap. I tried reaching them by phone for over a week regarding my tickets and every time I called the prompt said we're unable to take your call due to a high volume of calls. Now I'm waiting to board and our flight is already late due to a stewardess being late. This is ridiculous. I won't be flying through them again.

6/26/2019 J Thelen

Not Verified | Minneapolis to Chicago. Horrible customer service! We were sent back to MSP due to weather conditions which is understandable. I needed to make a connecting international flight which I allowed several hours between just in case there was a delay. We were to arrive in Chicago at 4:25 pm and my next flight was at 10 pm. Plenty of extra time. I asked if sun country could contact Scandinavian airlines in Chicago to let them know of the very lengthy delay and they as told 1 I could live on the number up just as easily as they could 2. They were only responsible for getting me to Chicago so it’s not their problem. I will never fly this airline again. Very rude and unhelpful and unkind people who work there.

6/25/2019 Klaus Lueckert

Not Verified | Chicago to Minneapolis. We arrived late at the check-in counter 35 minutes prior to arrival and the flight was already closed. We knew that and asked the check-in agent kindly if she can do anything for us. She called the gate and got the Go, but only if we run and make it within 15 minutes to the gate. She said 'Run Guys, I want that you make it and handed us our boarding passes. We made it and the gate agent said 'I'm happy you guys made it' This was very nice, because most other folks wouldn't care if you show up late. Flight was on time and cabin crew friendly as well. Basic transportation with no frills, but the plane was clean and looked quite new. Free Inflight entertainment via Wifi. Not huge, but OK. But again, most importantly it seemed like they care about their customers and gave us a chance to get on our flight, even though it was our fault that we showed up late. I will fly them again and thanks again to the nice SY staff at ORD.

6/3/2019 E Hartell

✅ Trip Verified | Sun Country Airlines the worst customer service I have ever seen. Trip of a lifetime to Alaska tainted by lost luggage for two days now and the only thing they can tell us is it might be here tomorrow. No guarantees no proof that they even know where it is and NO compensation for lost time at the airport waiting for it or for items that had to be replaced.

6/1/2019 M Gadsen

✅ Trip Verified | I traveled from Portland to Nashville (and back) on Sun Country airline. The flight there was fine and met my (low) expectations for an inexpensive flight. The seats were small and uncomfortable, but in line with expectations. My flight home is where things took a turn for the worse. Our flight was an hour late to even get to the gate. Once we boarded, we sat on the plane for nearly an hour as well. Sometimes this is out of the airline's control so I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt. Then the flight had no AC. One of the flight attendants apologized and told us once the flight began it would get better. It did not. On top of the extreme heat, the flight attendants did not even offer us water. When I landed in PDX it was after 1 am. When my checked bag finally came through the baggage claim, my bra was hanging out one end of it (embarrassing), but I grabbed my bag (exhausted & sweaty) and headed to my Uber. When I got home, I realized one of the pockets of my bag was now broken and all of the contents were missing. First thing in the morning I called the airline and was told it would be best to bring my bag and ticket to the airport (45 minutes away from my house) and they'd help me there. Great - so I drove to the airport early that afternoon with my empty, broken bag. Once I got there, the woman at the desk was shocked at why I thought it was a good idea to drive out to the airport. I should file a claim online, she said. She also asked why I would not have filed this claim immediately at the airport. I filed my claim online (easy enough) and received a lengthy generic email in return that told me I had to print out a four page form, fill it in, attach receipts for all items, get it signed by a notary (!) and send it back. Are you kidding me? A terrible flight experience is one issue and often out of the control of the crew, but poor customer experience and rude customer representatives are the reason that I will not ever be flying Sun Country airlines again and I urge you to do the same.

4/29/2019 Angela Goldkopf

✅ Trip Verified | Can't give zero stars but that is my rating. Was scheduled to fly to Minneapolis from Dulles last night on SunCountry Airlines flight 236 at 6pm. I had checked in online the night before to save time. I had one carryon bag which I paid for, as well as my seat assignment I paid for. I had my e-ticket on my phone and did not plan to go to the ticket desk. No gate was listed on my e-ticket. Storms were in the area and I received notification from my flight tracker app on my phone that the flight was delayed until 7:45pm. I decided to go ahead to the airport at approximately 4pm as traffic in our area is awful anyway. Upon arriving at the airport, I checked the departure board for my flight and it indeed showed it was delayed until 7:45pm with no gate assigned. I went ahead through security and proceeded to an information desk just past security to ask what gate Sun Country flies out of. The gentleman informed me Z gate. Upon arriving at Z gate, I found no food and was hungry (it was about 4:45/5pm by this time). Figuring I had time to go find something to eat, I proceeded to go to B gate. As I finished my meal, my flight tracker on my phone notified me that my flight was leaving right then at 6pm. I paid for my meal and proceeded back to Z gate. The departure boards still said 7:45pm departure with no gate listed. I asked around until I found the gate and was told by the Sun Country reps that the flight was indeed gone. They gave me a customer service number to call and said no more flights until Sunday (this was Friday). I proceeded back out to ticketing to find no one at the Sun Country desk to assist. My husband then called the customer service number. He was told they will not refund my fare and will charge me $125 to cancel the return flight. They will only refund my bag and seat fee of $59 by a voucher with the airline. I am now unable to make my trip to see my friend for the weekend. All because I checked in online and they did not update the Departure board at the airport. No fault of my own. I am furious. This is horrible business practice and horrible customer service. I want others to know they should never fly this airline so they won't be taken advantage of. I will never fly Sun Country ever again. Since this airline is new to our area, the people of the DMV should know that Sun Country does not care about its customers.

4/9/2019 M Heane

✅ Trip Verified | I fly budget airlines all the time. I'm very pro-Spirit airlines and pro-Ryanair. I'm in high support of any no-frills budget airline that can get you to where you need to go. That being said, I will never fly Sun Country airlines again, no matter the price. Here was my experience: I get to the airport at 6am for my 8:30am flight. Since it's an international flight, Sun Country makes you check-in in person (not sure why). There were 2 people manning the check-in station for over 1000 people waiting in line. The line wrapped around the entire airport and out the door- this is not an exaggeration. I saw at least 20 people in front of me miss their flight due to the long line. I waited in line for 3 hours, finally checking in at 9:30. I was one of the first people checked in for my 8:30AM flight. The flight was 6 hours delayed, so my 3PM arrival time was actually changed to 9PM. That wasn't even the bad flight. On the way back, the flight was delayed first one hour, then two hours, then eventually 8 hours. It turns out there was a malfunction on the place preventing us from flying. We were in Punta Cana, and the two people manning the check in station spoke only Spanish and wouldn't tell us what happened. Then, after waiting 8 hours, the staff told us to get on a bus. I am a 23 year old woman by myself, getting loaded onto a bus with no explanation in a foreign country not knowing where the bus was headed, with no one who spoke English to ask. I was truly terrified. It was around midnight when we finally checked into the Hotel the staff supplied for us. They told us to come back to the bus at 4AM for our outbound flight. I purchased an international calling plan so I could call my mom in the case of an emergency. My sister paid $500 for the same flight on Southwest (I paid $300), and every day I regret not paying the extra $200 for my peace of mind and hours of my waiting time back.

4/4/2019 B Irving

✅ Trip Verified | Portland to Phoenix. After buying your ticket, you then have to to buy your seat at varying rates. Only 1 (!) small carry-on allowed, so they increase their profitably immensely when you are surprised to learn your 2nd, small carry-on which is free at every other airline now costs $40 to bring it aboard or $35 if I check it. My ticket and then purchasing my seat: $77, my bag and surprise fee for my 2nd small carry on is $75, essentially doubling the ticket price. Sun Country is charging passengers such as myself twice the original ticket price in accumulated and unexpected tariffs. Everyone knows airlines profit nicely with baggage fees, with Sun Country deliberately limiting carry-on to increase baggage fees and charging for a seat, these are exactly the business practices that Spirit Airlines got nailed for several years ago. Transparency is important and Sun Country has hidden, parasitic pricing where you would never expect it. I won't recommend or fly them again.

4/2/2019 A Leeson

✅ Trip Verified | Miami to Minneapolis. Flight was great. I’m a simple person and they satisfied me completely. Smooth flight and friendly and funny staff. I would definitely recommend Sun Country if you are not looking for first class seats. We were ahead of schedule and all bags arrived with us. I encourage everyone to try this airline and decide for yourself if you would fly it again. I would.

3/29/2019 R Barker

✅ Trip Verified | Minneapolis to Tampa. Nothing but problems with Sun Country. Previously 3 weeks ago, our checked bag was destroyed. We had to tape it together to leave the airport. We were told we would be reimbursed for it then received an email saying Sun Country would cover the repairs up to 25.00. What a complete joke! The zippers and fabric were busted. Our bag was not jammed packed either and emailing back and forth with Sun Country has been a nightmare. Now March 25th we flew again and were charged an extra $40.00 for a carry on bag we didn’t even have. If I hadn’t checked my bank account we would of never know because they didn’t have us sign anything but I did sign the receipt for the one checked bag we had. What a scam, now we had to make a complaint again and play their email back and forth game. We will not be flying or purchasing tickets again with Sun Country. Always make sure to check your accounts for unauthorized charges or pay cash. What a pain in the butt. Completely unsatisfied! Don’t make the mistake of flying with them!

3/21/2019 Isaac, Boeing 737-800 seat 22A

We had a great flight with Sun Country on their B737-800. I didn’t know what to expect from them with the transition they’re making and the experience was great. I like how the new seats still recline. I feel that they recline easier than the old seats as well. They’re entertainment is lacking and includes one short magazine about the destinations. The Digi players are no longer handed out so no IFE is available because WiFi isn’t on board. Sun Country is though putting USB outlets in each seat. A first for and airline. Sun Country is interesting let’s just say. Low cost but not

3/19/2019 Candy Cane

✅ Trip Verified | We had a package with the airline, hotel, and a rental car for our honeymoon in Las Vegas. We were at the DFW airport waiting on our flight that was scheduled at 2:30pm. The board showed our flight was delayed till 5:45pm. Another 3 hours. (While waiting we over heard a woman complaining that their flight to Phoenix got canceled.) When that time got closer we approached the gate to board the plane only to he told our flight was cancelled. The board was never changed to cancelled so this was a big shock to us. They were in process of boarding the flight "Phoenix" when we were asking why our flight was cancelled. So it was obvious they cancelled our flight to let the Phoenix flight go out. We were told we could wait till 3 more days to get us a flight there or vouchers. This ruined our honeymoon. They refused to give us a better offer and refused to make another flight out after taking the Phoenix flight. They said that was the only flight they were making for the day. We had to make many phone calls to find a way to our honeymoon trip.

3/19/2019 J Hayne

✅ Trip Verified | Only airline I have ever flown that charges for carry on bags, added an additional $80 to my trip. Had a connecting flight from Fort Myers, FL to New Orleans, LA. The layover was in Nashville, TN. Upon landing the pilot informed the passengers that he would be finishing the route to New Orleans and it would be in the same terminal. The pilot stated that passengers would have plenty of time to use the restroom and get food, so my girlfriend and I did just that. After being gone for no more than 15 minuets, the flight left without us and Sun Country was far less than helpful in helping us find a new flight. The original boarding in Fort Myers was late, and despite the pilots claim that passengers during the layover would have time to relieve themselves, this was not the case. Ground service claimed they told passengers exiting the plane to stay in the terminal, but we were some of the first passengers to exit and received no such notice. Our flight was SY 638 on 3/18/19 and will be the last time either of us ever fly Sun Country.

3/17/2019 Ben Edmonson

Not Verified | First experience with Sun Country Airlines. Travelled to Tampa and returned to Nashville 2 weeks later. Utilized wheelchair assistance both trips from counter to gate and to baggage claim. Great experience for two senior adults. Able to carryon my CPAP machine free with no difficulty. Total ticket cost including two checked bags both trips much less cost than other carriers. Limited flight trips but so what. A very enjoyable experience for both of us. They are not perfect but who is?

2/26/2019 Bodo, Boeing 737-800 seat 25F

New seats are horribly uncomfortable, had better seating on shuttle bus to car rentals. Even the 20 something’s traveling with us made a comment how uncomfortable they were. Would recommend NSAID before flight for best comfort!

2/22/2019 G Larsson

✅ Trip Verified | Tampa to Minneapolis. No announcements for delayed flights. They do not have an app or wifi on the flight. I am on the plane right now and the flight attendant is complaining to all the passengers that she does not get paid unless in the air and our flight was supposed to depart at noon yet here we are 1.00 and still waiting for the door to close. I would blame it on the airport/ground crew but it was the exact same fiasco on Monday when I flew out. Two hours late appears to be their standard business model. I will never fly this airline again. No wonder their fare is cheap - you get what you pay for.