Sun Country Airlines


Customer reviews

10/27/2019 Sara Mart

✅ Trip Verified | Minneapolis to San Diego. Was at the gate 2 hrs early. While I was killing time walking around there was this nice gentleman and I asked him if he could change my seat assignment? At first he said I had to wait for the flight attendants so I sat down and waited. He then, after doing a few things said come over ...

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10/4/2019 Miles Marmo

✅ Trip Verified | I find this crazy. My wife and I were planning on taking a vacation when her father passed away a few days before. As I'm sure anyone would understand you deal with the loss above anything else. That being said we still called Sun Country to inform them of our loss and provide a death certificate as soon as pos...

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9/30/2019 Ray Viall

Not Verified | Minneapolis to Las Vegas. We've flown on this airline frequently the last 20 years and over the last year see it falling apart both in management/employee and plane maintenance. Employees seem unhappy and some we talked to agree things are not right. My wife's plane taking off out of Savannah, Ga. last Nov had tak...

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9/25/2019 S Hall

✅ Trip Verified | Providence to San Francisco via Minneapolis. They make you pay for overhead bag which is the same price as if you were going to check it. They do offer complementary drinks but make you pay anywhere from $4-$8 for snacks. Seriously $4 for a regular size bag of M’ms.... ripoff. They do offer inflight entertainm...

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9/17/2019 H Rose

Not Verified | Minneapolis to Phoenix. Too many hidden costs. Everyone from ticket counter to crew was rude. I was charged 35 bucks for a carry on bag. Carry on! Who does that? I had to pay for any food. No peanuts or free pretzels.

9/14/2019 Jessica Heywood

✅ Trip Verified | Las Vegas to Minneapolis. Red-eye flight, we paid for the SunCountry version of "First Class" or what they refer to as premium seating. Sat in the first row on the plane. The flight was freezing, the flight attendant told me there were no blankets available but that it should warm up as we get moving. It got c...

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9/13/2019 Lori CapobiancoLandis

✅ Trip Verified | T F Green to Vegas. I am sad that Sun Country airlines as of Oct 2019 is leaving TF Green. I really like this airline, the seats are comfy, its clean, and the best feature is they have straight through flights.

8/19/2019 J Keane

✅ Trip Verified | Anchorage to Las Vegas. I’m aware these tickets are cheaper so I don’t know why I expected any decency. But it was literally the worst experience of my life. I’m a pretty mellow person. Not a lot gets to me. But this was definitely something else. The seats wouldn’t go back. I asked if they had blankets or if ...

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8/15/2019 K Hayne

✅ Trip Verified | Portland to Minneapolis. What a joke. Thought I would save some money by choosing a smaller airline. Never again. By the time we retrieve our luggage, time spent and gas will make it more expensive than if we would have flown Delta. Sun Country lost my luggage on by return trip. I live 1.5 hours from Portland ...

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8/14/2019 H Macalas

✅ Trip Verified | Dallas Ft Worth to Cancun. I checked in at D terminal in DFW Airport. It was 630AM and both counter clerks were out of their minds. We are a family of 4. The clerk didn’t tag my bag and I let her know she didn’t tag my bag because she had the tag still in her hand. She actually said to my face she tagged it. I...

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8/10/2019 C Olson

✅ Trip Verified | Minneapolis to Portland. I can't actually review the flight because I never flew the flight. My flight got cancelled 2 hours prior to departure and we waited for answers 8 hours at the airport. Worst customer service ever, never fly Sun Country.They finally checked us into a hotel at 2.30 am the following day....

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8/10/2019 Justin Fulkerson

✅ Trip Verified | Minneapolis to Chicago. I’m stranded Chicago O'Hare at 4pm, with no representative and a lost bag. Been on hold for an hour with customer support. By far the worst flight experience ever and now with loss of personal belongings to boot. I hope this company fails.

8/7/2019 R Teel

✅ Trip Verified | Seattle to Minneapolis. Absolutely terrible experience all around (flight staff were great actually). It's been awhile since I have flown and I remember Sun Country actually caring about their customers. Their hidden fees with baggage and their complete lack of transparency with delays prompted me to write my ...

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8/6/2019 L Sithole

✅ Trip Verified | San Francisco to Orlando via Minneapolis. First thing the airline was delayed they didn’t even have the courtesy to let us know that the airline or delayed or something. Connecting via Minneapolis I had to run because my flight was leaving in 5min when I arrived. Made it to Orlando in time but I didn’t get my ...

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8/3/2019 Juanita Bradley

✅ Trip Verified | Portland to St Louis. I'm happy I see for myself about things and not always go by reviews. Sun Country was great to fly with to and from my destination. Staff was friendly and provided good service both directions. Sun Country was very accommodating with my luggage that should have been checked. Helping me pu...

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8/2/2019 C Lester

✅ Trip Verified | Portland to San Francisco. First and last time flying with this airline. They charge $30 for hand luggage, $7 to assign a seat. Boarding was chaotic, the plane had technical problems, 1 hour waiting inside the cabin. During the trip, the air conditioner was set to the lowest temperature possible, everybody was...

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8/2/2019 Brian J Smith

✅ Trip Verified | Portland to Minneapolis. Terrible. Egregious. Horrendous. From scheduling to customer policy. We had a flight scheduled from 7:25 and got delayed to at least 11 AM. It was for a job interview and now the employer is backing away. Sun Country literally did not care and offered me a refund for their late flight ...

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8/1/2019 K Lamb

Not Verified | Portland to Minneapolis. Terrible airline. Flight got delayed 4 times. You know that happens. But the problem is the customer service is terrible! The communication was extremely poor letting us all know the delay and what to do. They moved us to 4 different gates. 4 hour delay. Oh and the plane is awful too, ter...

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7/30/2019 James Mursen

✅ Trip Verified | I was very nervous to fly Sun Country after all the terrible reviews but both ways I had an absolutely positive experience. Very nice staff, and although you have to pay extra for everything it still ends up being cheaper than the others. Take offs and landings were right on time, and everything flowed smooth....

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7/27/2019 Jayne Owens

Not Verified | Chicago to Portland via Minneapolis. Sun Country doesn’t care about their customers. Their customer service line wait time is always over 90 minutes (I have called 12 times, and have been told to either call a different line, have been disconnected, or have been told that I’ll receive e-mail correspondence — whic...

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