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1/3/2019 R Weston

Not Verified | Absolute worst experience. The flight was delayed over 15 hours, there is no 24 hour line to call, just got an answering machine. Updates on flight status were almost non-existent, and there is nothing to do at the Paramaribo airport. Staff was highly disorganized. I had booked a continuing flight with six hours to spare, figuring that was plenty of time. The delay cost me $440 to re-book my continuing flight, and the claims department has been non-responsive. This airline is unacceptable as a national airline in any part of the world and if there is any other flight option I advise avoiding Suriname Airways.

11/13/2018 J Nilken

✅ Trip Verified | Surinam Airways cheated me by 250$, unwilling to refund a Flex ticket. I flew with Suriname Airways for the first and last time in September 2018 from Amsterdam to Paramaribo. Later I cancelled my Flex ticket for 11th October from Paramaribo to Port-of-Spain on Sep 07 2018 (9 weeks ago) because my schedule changed. The cancellation was in time and acknowledged by the customer service via e-mail. First Suriname Airways wanted to charge 40$ for the cancellation. Only after I reminded the staff that the Flex rate explicitly said "cancellation free" they agreed on refunding the whole price. Since then, for more than 5 weeks now I have been continuously asking about the processing of the case. The answer by the customer service is always: "we redirected your request to the financial department". No further action was taken beyond these words. It is obvious that Suriname Airways wants to postpone and will apparently never pay me back. I can only warn against booking flights with this Airline. It seems like they are not able to manage the most basic needs an Airline should provide its customers such as consistent information or customer service. It seems to me that the flights themselves are acceptable, if everything goes smooth. Seats, on-board service are alright. But if unexpected difficulties pop up, like delay or cancellation, expect Suriname Airways not being able to handle the situation or even to take advantage out of it - as in my case. Thus my advice would be: Stay away from Suriname Airways!

11/2/2018 Jair Cameron

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Paramaribo. Surinam Airways has good service unfortunately the A340-300 had some maintenance so they leased an A330 from Wamos Air but they have the service from Surinam Airways. The food was amazing with 2 hot meals. The crew was very friendly but the airplane from Wamos Air wasn't so good - no IFE for a 9 our flight (you can download the app for movies), no power outlets just a standard seat with table. Overall the service was good but the aircraft not.

2/10/2018 Thom Bogue

✅ Trip Verified | Miami to Georgetown. Flight from Miami was delayed an hour. Return trip with connecting flight from Georgetown was also delayed an hour, causing a missed connecting flight and an additional layover of combined 9 hours with additional cost of 2nd piece of luggage do to sending my son ahead with me checking his luggage in. Approached management and told it was my fault in not allowing 2 hours for getting thru customs. Told him that is incorrect as there was a 2 hour layover but they were an hour late! He says No we were only 46 minutes late. Wow, so when flying Surinam airlines make sure you don’t have to depend on on-time flights as they were late both times I used them in 5 Days. Not a good record, choose an alternative if promptness is important.

7/21/2016 Oudit Rampaul

✅ Verified Review | Port of Spain to Curacao with my family of (8 adult and 4 infants) flight time was 12.00 midday. On arrival at the airport at 9.00am for departure at 12.00 we were told that the flight has delay for 6 hrs - new departed time is 7.10pm arriving at our destination in the night. If you have sense you will know it is not easy to travel with infant with 6hrs delay?

2/18/2015 Richard Winger

Just came up with them from Para to Aruba with an onward connection on Copa to Panama and Colombia. They had an inflight emergency and went back to Para. After a leisurely aircraft switch we left again now almost three hours late and my connection in Aruba was gone. The airline took no responsibility whatsoever for the missed connection not even to the point of offering a wifi space to make it a little easier to sort out options. Their only offer was to fly me back to Surinam. Faced with this prospect I bought a whole new ticket for an evening flight on Avianca which made for a pretty expensive trip. Their C class seats are pretty comfortable. Their catering was minimal.

9/19/2014 M Mannes

Flew SLM in July. We had a 15 minutes departure delay (Suriname - Aruba) but arrived surprisingly 20 minutes ahead of scheduled arrival time in Aruba. Service was excellent! Benefits: one-way ticket was much cheaper than Insel Air and there was no stop over in Curacao it was one straight smooth flight.

4/6/2014 D Graubard

GEO-PBM on 3/29/2014 - 737-300 flight was only 45 minutes but was fine. Seats a bit hard but had 3 seats to myself so was fine to stretch out. Flight attendants very nice - flight had originated in Miami and there were many people already on board when I boarded. Drink service was quick and flight smooth. A nice little airline - only thing that is a pain is that you still have to reconfirm your flight 72 hours in advance. And you have to call the airline office in the city you are departing from - not just any city office. When you were able to get the right phone number the person was very friendly and helpful I will say. Enjoyed my trip.

6/21/2013 Andre Franca

MIA-PBM-BEL. This was my first time flying Surinam Airways and I can tell I was very surprised with the service! service on time ageing but well kept 737's crew friendly they hire a FA fluent in Portuguese to help Brazilian passengers on the flight to BEL the food and drink rounds frequent seats are comfy and there is good recline. My sole complaint will be about ground staff they can be grumpy and surly at times. Would fly them again.

10/24/2012 G Lampe

I have traveled Surinam Airways 3 times and none of those times we departed on time. The service on board is good though and they serve a hot meal at least. I fly most of the time from Aruba to Miami but instead of leaving at 11 am we departed 8pm! The other day supposed to leave Miami around 3.30 pm instead we left around 1 am. We spent 13 hours at Miami international they provided us with a 10$ voucher for food. Unacceptable.

1/27/2012 Stan van Wijk

Jan 2012: AMS-PBM return on Airbus 340-300. Excellent flights; on time. Food and beverages: top quality. Personal entertainment system: average and not completely in working order but still acceptable.

8/23/2011 Dr Albert

Aruba Curacao and Port of Spain to Paramaribo return. Inflight service is professional and courteous warm meals and beverages served on all flights. Check-in to Paramaribo is quick however check-in leaving Paramaribo is sometimes slow. The planes are kept clean and in shape despite their age.

7/22/2011 James Redford

Flew Miami to Aruba. Check in was very quick with no queuing despite the flight being full. Aircraft was a 737-300. Crew friendly and efficient. A hot light meal was served in Economy Class along with two drinks services. No charge for meals or drinks. Surinam newspapers handed out during the flight. The flight left on time and arrived early. Bags were on the reclaim belt within 10 minutes of flight arrival. Will definitely fly Surinam Airways again.

4/25/2011 T Rubenstein

Have been flying with Surinam Airways for years and found cabin personnel professional. Have had very few delays over the years.

12/14/2010 C Miro

Miami to Aruba for a weekend getaway. Fare was much cheaper than American Airlines. B737-300 was in good shape. The crew was friendly and professional. Contrary to AA Surinam Airways serves a light hot meal each-way with free surinamese beer. Both segments on-time. The only draw-back is that they only operate on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays. However if you can get past that you're in for a good-quality product.

3/28/2008 :

Paramaribo to Port of Spain. check in slow but okay - left just 15 mins late. Breakfast - orange juice and slice of cake. FA's helpful and friendly - overall better than expected.

10/1/2005 :

Just like Rogier's experience only in January 2003 - broken-down plane on flight from Cayenne to Paramaribo meant that my partner and I experienced a significant delay (ended up catching a flight on Rutaca Airlines a Venezuelan carrier at 4am the next morning). Communication between airline and passengers extremely poor led to almost hysteria at Cayenne airport. However Suriname Airways provided us with transport back to Cayenne where they put me and my partner up in the Best Western before transporting us back to the airport. So no complaints on that score; they did what they could to alleviate a bad situation.

8/9/2005 :

SLM flies 3 times a week from Amsterdam to Paramaribo and vice versa with their own Boeing 747-300. SLM has an excellent service on all levels and they are still trying to improve services to passengers to expand their routes to other South American countries.

1/6/2005 :

Cayenne-Paramaribo old MD-82 short trip (45 min.) arrived on time. Paramaribo-Cayenne old plane was broken and repairs would take days. It was their only plane. They had to rent an even older plane (with defunct lav) from Curaçao. An 8 h delay on a 45 min trip. As a result I missed my flight from Cayenne to Paris. Taking an earlier flight was not an option as they fly PBM-CAY only 3 times a week. Taxi rides from and to the airport + hotel bill: Surinam Airways wouldn't pay a penny. When I complained they replied that the 'change of schedule' was announced on the radio so I should have known and they are not responsible for anything. No chance of flying another airline. State-owned Surinam Airways has a monopoly on most routes in and out of Surinam.

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