SVG Air 1 review

1/23/2019 C Darvell

✅ Trip Verified | Barbados to Bequia. SVG Air (Grenadine Alliance) will take you to Bequia and other beautiful small Caribbean islands. I flew them from Barbados to Bequia return in January 2019. Ignore any timetables or prices you find via internet search; these are not current. Email the airline directly; they will respond promptly and courteously. You will be billed in Eastern Caribbean dollars (“XCD”). These are roughly 2.5 XCD per one USD. Expect your flight to cost roughly the same as (or even slightly more than) your flight to Barbados from the U.S. It may be more cost-effective for a large group to charter a flight. Ground staff are laid-back but helpful and courteous; flight crew are professional. Check-in is straightforward and they will let you check one bag without fee (plus bring a personal item on plane). I was able to fit a medium-sized duffel under the seat. Your flight may stop briefly at other islands, such as Canouan and Union Island, to pick up and discharge passengers. It is a beautiful ride. My flights were on DHC6 Twin Otters, a workhorse of global aviation and not claustrophobic for a small plane. Great views including through windshield, which you can see as cockpit door remains open.

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