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7/4/2019 Isobel Foy

Not Verified | Edmonton to Hamilton. Was not notified of flight cancellation. Been running around for almost an hour trying to get another flight. Very poor service and unprofessional. I would rather walk to Hamilton than choose this airline again.

7/3/2019 M Jeane

✅ Trip Verified | Hamilton to Edmonton. I was suppose to fly on Thursday june 27th at 7:45, I had already checked in online. I arrived there at 7:05. We wait in line for another 5 minutes when someone approaches and tells us we're late & we can't go. So they made us rebook and pay full price for our next flight which was Satur...

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7/2/2019 Valeria Billa

Not Verified | Hamilton to Edmonton. Air ticket price was good but they gave you extra hassle and botheration for Laguage even you pay for extra checked bag including one paid checked bag. Please make sure to check your luggage weight and size specially hand luggage - they will give you hard time even you paid for extra checked...

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6/29/2019 Jamie Clements

✅ Trip Verified | I arrived at the airport to leave from London Ontario to Edmonton. Due to a traffic accident I was 4 minutes late to check in. This I own however it was beyond my control. When I arrived no one from Swoop was at their desk. So there I am trying to board my plane and I cannot find anyone to assist me and my fli...

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6/27/2019 Nathan Schuck

Not Verified | Abbotsford to Hamilton. I drove an hour out of Vancouver without sleep to a smaller airline at 330am in order to make a 6am flight by Swoop because it was cheaper. At 5am they cancelled my flight. I had to be in London Ontario for work the next day. They said 4 passengers from the cancelled flight could go to Ham...

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6/26/2019 T Marsen

✅ Trip Verified | Abbotsford to London. 45 minutes before take off and they canceled the flight because a crew member called in sick. Apparently they are really good at staffing. They rebooked me on a flight 3 days later. You had one job, Swoop, one job. Can’t really rate that flight since it never took off.

6/26/2019 Matthew Litow

✅ Trip Verified | Hamilton to Halifax. I fly Swoop once a month and have since September 2018. The staff are courteous and helpful, planes are clean and new, and you get what you pay for. As in, bring a personal item and pay nothing more - I love that. Why spend 500 dollars on a flight that lets you bring a carryon when I don't...

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6/24/2019 Karen McCredie

Not Verified | It goes without saying that buying a ticket with a so-called discount carrier prepares you for an experience different from a higher-priced airline. Let's call it lower expectations. However, my experience with Swoop today is something I had not accounted for. I received an email early this morning saying my son'...

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6/20/2019 E Zailin

✅ Trip Verified | We had planned to be at the airport for our flight home from Hamilton Ontario to Abbotsford, BC, approx 2 hours before our flight was scheduled to board. Now, because of accidents on the highway we arrived as they were boarding, approximately 5 minutes late. I had checked in online, so it should have all been...

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6/16/2019 Praneetha Potluri

Not Verified | I know this is a budget airline and you kind of get what you pay for. I expect them to up charge for every little thing but this goes so far beyond that. My friends booked both our flights to Vegas from London, Ontario and due to a family emergency I had to fly home to Vancouver. I called in and waited an hour to...

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6/15/2019 Chelsea Robinson

✅ Trip Verified | Las Vegas to Edmonton. My flight was delayed by 24 hours. I am in the military and have a contract that requires me to be on base NLT Monday. That gave me two full days to pack and prepare after my trip. Had it been a couple hour delay it would have been fine. So I went to the airport to find alternate arrang...

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6/13/2019 Charlotte Taylor

Not Verified | Great airline, however I do have a complaint. My husband is 6’1” and requires more leg room. We paid an extra $57 for each of us (4x$57) round trip. The aircraft was not full, and several people who were in the less expensive seats were allowed to move to the $57 seats. I find this very unfair. We should be reimb...

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6/9/2019 J McLean

✅ Trip Verified | Las Vegas to Edmonton. Wanted a cheap getaway to Vegas and thats exactly what I got. You can’t beat the low ticket price and the “only pay for what you need” model. You’re buying a seat and that’s about it, if you decide you need a bunch of baggage, drinks and food etc it’ll cost you. If you’re realistic about...

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6/5/2019 S Barhin

✅ Trip Verified | Hamilton to Las Vegas return. I will begin by saying that flying out of Hamilton was a much more relaxing experience than flying out of Toronto. Both legs arrived relatively on time (with about a 15-20 minute delay). Boarding was speedy and efficient in both instances and the overall experience was more than a...

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6/2/2019 M Dandridge

Not Verified | I was deeply disappointed with my first (and last) flight with Swoop Airlines while recently traveling from Edmonton to Mesa with my two travel companions. One of my friends arrived at the airport later than she planned due to traffic. Upon arrival at the terminal 59 minutes ahead of flight time she discovered th...

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5/30/2019 Shayla Bond

✅ Trip Verified | Hamilton to Halifax. 3 hours before our flight we got an email saying our reservation had be “changed”. It’s actually been cancelled. When we looked at the new “departure time” it was 3 days later. That’s half our trip! We can’t get money back from our Airbnb bookings because it’s too last minute and further m...

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5/28/2019 Y Ramaki

✅ Trip Verified | First an email was sent at 3 AM and 4:40 AM the day of our flight saying its delayed. They claimed that it was for maintenance reasoning but checking the numbers of the flight coming from Edmonton it appears that it was because they did not have enough people flying. This is all done at the cost of the custome...

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5/28/2019 Marcel Guevara

✅ Trip Verified | We started our short escape from Canada to Las Vegas and everything was excellent. Flight on time, outstanding ground and cabin service. Brand new aircraft. However, in our way back, during the check in at Las Vegas airport, everything changed. The agent was nice to advise us that the backpacks my wife and I w...

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5/27/2019 Michelle Thiebaud

✅ Trip Verified | Las Vegas to Edmonton. I booked online a return flight from Las Vegas. I tried to check in, but stupidly I was travelling without my credit card. I went to the counter, put my checked bag on the scale only to be told that I selected carry on instead of checked. Oops, my bad, can I just pay the difference? No s...

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5/26/2019 D Sturkin

✅ Trip Verified | Edmonton to Winnipeg. I had a wonderful experience on this airline. This is a low cost carrier so don't expect any extras. As long as you read the instructions on the website and the numerous emails they send you before the flight you will be perfectly fine. I brought a small briefcase bag and it was alright a...

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