Customer reviews

10/27/2019 T Emilson

Not Verified | Due to circumstances beyond our control we were late by less than 4 minutes. There was no chance we were going to be checked in. No reasonableness. First and last flight with Swoop. If you miss your first flight, make sure they dont automatically cancel your return flight on you.

10/24/2019 Wayne Konkin

✅ Trip Verified | Hamilton to Mexico. I thought Swoop was a great airline at the time but on reflection, I had to change my flight. I called the number on the first day I tried and spent 2.5 hours on the phone and nobody answered. The second day after 2 hours someone picked it up, Flight changed $200.00 cell phone bill. Upon arr...

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10/22/2019 Y Lan

✅ Trip Verified | Abbotsford to Edmonton. I am very disappointed to only receive a cancellation notice email 4 hours prior to departure. No phone call, no text message notice. I was lucky to check my email by chance and found out this change. Otherwise it will be a big surprise to know the cancellation after driving one hour to...

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10/22/2019 Jennifer Krahn

✅ Trip Verified | Edmonton to Winnipeg. We had a death in the family a few days before the flight later this week. They weren't willing to do anything for me. We wanted to change the flight, but for a $500+ fee, more than we paid for the tickets. They wouldn't cancel, or let us give the tickets to someone who would use them. I'...

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10/21/2019 Yolanda Lopez

✅ Trip Verified | Edmonton to London. Terrible airline. Very difficult to cancel flights. Impossible to reschedule with them. Their policy for rescheduling a flight is ridiculous. They pretty much stole $700 from us.

10/21/2019 A Mealen

✅ Trip Verified | Las Vegas to Hamilton, diverted to Toronto. This is the worst airline. On 20 October they landed at a different City because they said they couldn’t land at Hamilton due to fog. They have offered to give passengers $100 back if they have a receipt. You can’t even get back to the airport where we were supposed ...

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10/16/2019 S Gawhal

✅ Trip Verified | The flight was delayed for hours for no reason without any notice. I flew with one backpack from Abbotsford to Edmonton and there was no problem with it and I didn’t have to pay for it. But when i was going back to Abbotsford with same backpack after two days, they didn’t allow me to take my backpack and charg...

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10/15/2019 C Hamek

✅ Trip Verified | Hamilton to Halifax. Amazing experience. I was very worried after reading the reviews but it was amazing the flight was on time both ways. The Hamilton airport was worse for loading onto the plane because you have to walk out to the plane so it took longer but the flight back from Halifax the loading was quick...

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10/11/2019 P McGowan

✅ Trip Verified | Winnipeg to Vancouver. Return flight was cancelled, re-booked us 11 days later. Had to pay $3200 to get home on an alternate carrier. Offered my family $1039 or compensation. Brutal airline! The cost savings aren’t worth the risk of cancelled flights. Stay away!

10/10/2019 S Jangh

✅ Trip Verified | Edmonton to London. Don't say a word about baggage size or fees at one airport whereas charge a ridiculous 80 dollars at a different airport for the exact same bag. Bag fits underneath the assigned space beneath the adjacent seat and can definitely fit in the overhead storage but they see that it's okay to cha...

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10/10/2019 M Kitson

✅ Trip Verified | Hamilton to Edmonton. First time flying with Swoop and I can say that for the price this was an excellent experience! Most people don't check the finer details and complain about everything costing extra and expecting a luxury experience. As long as you know what you are getting then it's fine. Leg room and sea...

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10/9/2019 Anne Marie Blackburn

✅ Trip Verified | Hamilton to Las Vegas. I encourage people to use this airline from Hamilton to avoid the madness of the Toronto airport. No big line-ups, no numerous computers, etc. I hope Swoop stays. It is a no-frills airline but who cares. It is the destination, not the journey. They have overnight flights which are great b...

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10/8/2019 Pat Sim

✅ Trip Verified | When I was booking my flight I wasn’t planning to take luggage but later decided to do so. I proceeded to manage my booking and pay for the bags I was checking in and the system started acting up. I tried several times to put through the payment but it didn’t go through until after 4 tries. After I checked my i...

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10/5/2019 J Burlen

✅ Trip Verified | Abbotsford to Hamilton. Yesterday evening, after nine hours of travel (air and land) from Queen Charlotte BC in Haida Gwaii to Abbotsford I was denied boarding for my flight to Hamilton. The reason for denial was having incorrect identification according to company policy, but I feel that the issue was address...

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10/4/2019 Lara Forsyth

✅ Trip Verified | Abbotsford to Hamilton. My bag was broken upon arrival to YHM, september 17th 2019. I informed a staff member of Swoop, she then took pictures of my bag and the baggage tag and said she would email me later for a damaged bag claim, that she was too busy to file it right then and there. One week had gone by and...

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10/4/2019 Angadhjot Hundal

Not Verified | Vancouver to Edmonton. I arrived at the Swoop counter 43 mins before the flight departure time and they said bc their rule is to close check-ins 45 mins before the flight departure they cannot check me in or let me drop my bag. I also had paid for a bag check-in. First of all, there was no on at the swoop counter ...

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9/28/2019 Karen Flores

✅ Trip Verified | Edmonton to Hamilton. 4 years that I have not seen my parents and I decided to book a flight to Hamilton to show them the Niagara Falls, and what did Swoop do, they lost/misplaced my luggage. I have to deal with their ignorant and arrogant representative. My entire trip was basically ruined thanks to them! A ma...

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9/25/2019 C Larton

✅ Trip Verified | Winnipeg to Edmonton. I had to reschedule a flight due to a death in the family. This was over the July 4th weekend. I couldn't get through on the phone as they had cancelled so many flights from July 1-4 that their phones were jammed. I booked another airline to get to Winnipeg. I thought from Winnipeg to Edm...

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9/24/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 737-800 (738) seat 9C

If you are flying on the red eye it is next to impossible to sleep in the regular seats, even for a short person. The seats do not recline, and are narrow so it would be difficult for a larger person to sit comfortably in one. The arm rests do lift which helps. Would never recommend flying on the red eye with Swoop, if you ex...

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9/24/2019 Nancy Burton

✅ Trip Verified | Hamilton to Las Vegas. This was the best experience flying to Las Vegas thus far. My daughter lives there, so I try to go a couple of times a year. Previously, I had no other choice, but to fly out of Toronto. As I live in Hamilton, this added another hour to my travel time. Having a direct flight to Las Vegas...

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