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1/25/2019 Michael Damoth

✅ Trip Verified | Guatemala City to Flores, I specifically chose to book on TAG airlines to support a local company versus a larger corporate entity. After purchasing these tickets, the only confirmation that I received by e-mail from TAG was a “Factura” or receipt for the amount paid. There was no information directing us to check in or policies of the airline. The morning of our flight we were dropped off by our hotel shuttle at the municipal airport in Guatemala City for our flight to Flores. We went inside the TAG office there and the workers looked at the Factura and indicated that unfortunately we were at the wrong location. We were very confused because we were in the TAG location. The worker indicated that we needed to be at the International airport (for our domestic flight). We asked what we should do and they were unable to provide any direction in English. Upon arriving at the international airport, we proceeded to the TAG service desk but there were no employees anywhere to be found. We frantically looked for someone to help us but there was no one despite the fact that TAG employees from the municipal airport said they would notify the international airport that we were en route. We proceeded to the security checkpoint but were not allowed to proceed because we did not have a boarding pass. Eventually we were able to persuade the security officer to go to the gate in order to find a TAG employee. Two employees returned to the security checkpoint after we were waiting for twenty minutes. One staff indicated that “boarding was closed” despite the fact that it was still prior to the scheduled departure time. She continued that it would be impossible to board at this time and we must return to the service desk with them to further discuss the matter. We returned to the service desk, explained the reason for our delay and that we had been misdirected to the municipal airport for our domestic flight and that no one was at their service desk when we arrived nor were we able to find any TAG employees to assist us. They explained that 30 minutes before departure employees from the service desk must go to the gate to conduct the boarding process. We were surprised by this because normally airlines have someone at the service desk to help with arrivals and customer needs (especially when the have been notified of a delayed passenger which is listed on their flight manifest). We were obviously disappointed at this stage because we had already been frantically trying to catch this flight which we had now obviously missed. We were expecting that they would schedule us on afternoon flight and that we would have to hang around the airport for hours waiting for this next flight. Instead, she informed us that in order to go on the later flight that there would be an additional charge in order to re-book the flight. We were incredulous at the notion that we would be asked to pay additional money on top of the chaos and inconvenience which we had experienced while trying to catch the morning flight. Needless to say we did not fly on TAG. We chose Avianca instead and received the same flight, same cost, much better service, and experience. Don't use TAG when there is a better alternative available.

8/16/2016 Jonathan Dini

Excellent flight from Guatemala City to Flores and back with TAG Airlines. First flight was a Embraer, second was a Saab 340. Very nice, smooth flight. On the first flight a small snack box was given, on the flight back a soda, chips and cookies were given.

7/19/2016 David Graubard

Day trip from Guatemala City to see the Mayan temples at Tikal. Closest airport is Flores (which actually is not where the airport is located - it is in Santa Elena a couple miles from Flores) and then an hour drive to Tikal. Check in at the small domestic terminal at GUA at 5:15am for a 6:30am departure. TAG flies from GUA to a few cities in Guatemala, then to Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Belize, and all flights are on smaller prop planes from this little terminal. Check in quick and agents very friendly. You get a plastic boarding pass that is colored based on your destination (like the old Southwest Airlines used to do in the 70s and 80s) and then they call "blue" or "orange" and you board when your color is called. Flight was on a Saab 340A in decent condition and totally full. Nice flight attendant and friendly greetings from the cockpit. Delayed take off with inbound traffic, and a bumpy cloudly 10-15 minutes after take-off but then smoothed out. A drink and snack were served on the 45-minute flight. Quick landing over beautiful Flores (which itself is just a tiny island in lake Peten Itza) and taxi to the terminal. Only carry-on so thru to the exit and off to Tikal. The return was the same (6:30pm departure) except to pay the departure fee of QZ20 (about 3 US dollars) and then go through "international screening security" to the gate. It was a domestic flight so was kinda funny to be told "go thru international screening". Snack bar and air conditioning so that was good. Full flight back with the same crew as we had flying in that morning - again friendly smiles. Take off and landing on time. Overall a nice little airline but expensive ($250 roundtrip for a 45 minute flight) but beats a 9-hour one way bus ride.

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