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6/11/2019 S Murton

✅ Trip Verified | Quito to Manta. My Wife and I were going to go from Florida to Quito on another airline, and we booked our flights with Tame from Quito to Manta and back to Quito. We had something happen in our personal lives and had to cancel our trip. The biggest issue we had was with Tame. The tickets are 100% non-refundable, and you can't get any credit. We are having an emergency right now and we're just looking to reschedule our trip another time when we can sit and think about planning the dates. Since we can't get a credit, we're forced to pay a fee ($30+ per person) and also immediately choose other dates NOW, which as I said, is not convenient for us at the moment. The only other option is to just lose all the money we paid. They told us we can choose the new dates up to one year after our original flight dates. We settled on dates in June 2020 and called back to reschedule. Then they told us we only have until the date of PURCHASE (May 15th), not the date of our original flight. So we had to hang up and rethink all the dates again. We called back again, then they said "the system" won't let us fly that week, we have to fly before May 5th. We don't want to fly at that time, so we call again later after we picked new dates for the third time, in Nov 2019. We call back to reschedule to Nov and now they say we have to pay an additional $110+ in addition to the $250 that we already paid for the first flight. We are looking online and the ticket prices are cheaper than what we originally paid, so why are we having to pay extra, on top of the $30+ per person fees? They can't explain it. So we're being forced to pick dates NOW, which we are not really ready to do, to pick dates we don't want, because they just won't allow us to fly next June, and pay $360+ total for these dates. We decided to just lose everything we paid and learn the lesson to never fly with Tame. We're going to pick the dates we wanted in June 2020, and pay full price with Copa or Avianca instead of dealing with Tame anymore. We also will be be letting all our family still living in Ecuador of our issues with Tame. We fly our parents from Manta to Florida several times a year for the last 5 years, so I hope they enjoy the $250 they got from us, because that is the last.

5/24/2019 G Barker

✅ Trip Verified | Ft Lauderdale to Guayaquil. First time flying with TAME. Our flight was delayed an hour. Upon landing in Guayaquil for my two week vacation, TAME informed me they had left my one suitcase with all of my things in it in Ft. Lauderdale due to the other passengers having too much luggage. Other people got to bring 7 and 8 huge suitcases, but my 30 lb tiny suitcase with everything I needed in it to enjoy my vacation was left behind. They said I could spend $100 on things I needed to replace from my bag and they would reimburse me as long as I kept my receipts and uploaded them to the customer complaint form online. I spent $100 on clothes and toiletries to last me until my suitcase would arrive two days later (clothing is expensive in Ecuador). At the end of my two week trip, when I got access to a scanner and wifi to upload my receipts, they told me I was supposed to submit the receipts before my suitcase arrived 48 hours later? Now they will not contact me back and I never got my money back for their mistak even though they said they would reimburse me.

4/4/2019 H Cooper

✅ Trip Verified | TAME cancelled our flight out of the Amazon (we had an international flight to make) and did not tell us - even the call centre kept insisting the flight was scheduled (our accommodation found out it wasn't, strange our accommodation knew more than the call centre team!). Eventually TAME admitted they cancelled the flight and couldn't put us on the next flight automatically - we had to travel for many hours by boat to the airport to try and get one of the last seats on the only flight running that day. No apology, no communication - would never fly with TAME again, wouldn't rely on them whatsoever in the future.

4/1/2019 S Corren

✅ Trip Verified | San Cristobal to Quito via Guayaquil. The worst flight and customer service. Dont fly with Tame because the rates for the tickets are not what they say you could be charge more in the counter. We booked a promotional price to Galapagos from Quito, a complete scam. On the way there no one mentioned any extra fees, however when we were checking in to come back from San Cristobal, oh surprise there was an extra charge which was never discussed when we bought the tickets. The response we got from the person in the counter was “well is only 150 dollars more you are American you have the money” what type of reaponse is that. She just laughed at us and said that there was nothing she could do, she even said that when she goes to the US she pays more for a ticket, which is even more annoying since it has nothing to do with our issue. So at the end our options were or to pay or to miss our flight. When I asked for a customer service number she said is sunday no one works anyway. We were forced to pay the extra fee in cash since they dont accept credit cards either, at least we demanded to have a receipt otherwise who gets that money? Never again we will fly with this scamming airline.

3/12/2019 L Meesen

✅ Trip Verified | Quito to Lima. Absolutely worst Customer experience / service I have faced with any airline globally! Not only did they cancel our flights, but then demanded we send 8+ documents to them, justifying why we want a refund, including a signed letter from us?! This is absolutely appalling service, given that the majority of airlines around the world would give you an automatic refund if they cancel your flight. To top if off, I spent over an hour trying to contact customer service about the issue and when I finally go through, their only response was "there is nothing I can do, you need to deal with the refund team" who conveniently don't have a contact number. Shocking - won't ever book with TAME again..

1/26/2019 A Barish

Not Verified | I booked a flight with Tame from Quito to Bogota, it was 07.00 in the morning, a month later my agency told me that flight time has changed, they changed from 07.00 to 21.00. new time was not acceptable for me. Just because it was early flight I chose it and paid more than other airlines. So i asked my agency to cancel the flight and get a refund. 2 Months later they made refund and i got half price of what I paid. The reason was I cancelled the flight and they deduct cancellation fee. Thats a real scam. You cannot change time more than 12 hours and ask me accept it.

1/11/2019 Jeannette Fernandez

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Lima via Quito. Worst airline ever, stay away. Luggage won’t arrive to destination. I arrived to Lima on December 21 2018 had to pick up luggage on the 22nd and stayed at the airport 5 hours to get my luggage. They are very disorganized. After those 5 hours one of my luggage was missing. After 3 days had to go back to pick up my missing luggage.

7/22/2018 N Keimen

✅ Trip Verified | Guayaguil to San Cristobal. Booking TAME flights is the worst scam ever. When you book flights there is no information about a extra fee for non-Ecuadorian citizens which they charge in the check-in. This is happening everyday but still they act like it's a surprise in the airport. We had to pay 300 us dollars extra per person to get in to the flight.

6/20/2018 Harry Turner

Not Verified | In January 2018 Tame canceled our flight from Quito to Lago Agrio with short notice. They offered us a flight 24 hours later which did not suit our itinerary into the rain forest. Tame was notified about this. In order to repay we had to send copies of payment with credit card, copy of credit card, copy of passport, copies of tickets, etc! We did this twice electronically and once with surface post. Since this was done, no contact with the airline and no money. Be careful!

6/9/2018 G Dorlan

✅ Trip Verified | Galapagos to Quito. The worst airline ever. We had to pay $300 more for the ticket at Galapagos because we were not a Ecuadorian citizen. All the international travelers had to pay extra. The police were involved but they didn't do anything. Customers service is terrible and nobody wants to talk to you in English.

6/2/2018 P Dalani

✅ Trip Verified | Guayaquil to Baltra. I wish to say a few positive words to review my trip to Galapagos with this nice airline, which proved to be punctual, reliable and with great customer service. I had to anticipate my return flight from Baltra to Guayaquil so I decided to call the customer service on their international line. I was a bit scared as, reding the previous reviews, I was expecting the worse. Actually, the customer assistant on the phone not only spoke perfect English but also managed to help me with the change easily and at no additional cost. In few minutes the new ticket was delivered to my email, together with all the information regarding the entrance requirements to Galapagos. The whole check-in/boarding process was easy and quite fast both ways, and departure and arrival time perfectly punctual. The plane was probably a bit out-of-date but the crew and the pilots did their best to make the flight as pleasant as possible. Drinks and a snack were served during both flights and we got lots of announcements from the cockpit. Smooth takeoff and landing completed the journeys, so overall a nice experience and nothing to complain. I have to say that I travelled much better than with other airline companies.

4/25/2018 S Marsten

✅ Trip Verified | Guayaquil to Baltra. We booked three tickets from Guayaquil to Galapagos Islands and checked everything carefully when making the booking. When we arrived at the airport, we were told that we had to pay an extra USD$330 each person as we weren't Ecuadorian citizens. We were then told that in the online booking process, we did not check a box saying that we weren't citizens, which would have adjusted the price. After an hour and a half of complaining, the staff finally agreed to only charge us the price difference of a walk up ticket. This was still USD$130 per person which we reluctantly paid with no other option available to us. When we arrived in the Galapagos, I went through the booking process again as I was 99% certain such a check box didn't exist. Sure enough, the information was a lie and there was no option to disclose nationality that would adjust the price. When I followed up on this complaint, Tame customer service didn't respond until my third email.

3/3/2018 Grace Chen

✅ Trip Verified | Galapagos Islands to Quito. Worst airline ever. No online support to view reservations or manage booking. There is absolutely no way to choose seats or check-in early. If you arrive at the airport early, they will give you the worst seat. The furthest back row with no recline. If the passenger in front reclines, then you are in the worst possible situation of the entirety of the flight. No room at all. Do not recommend. Don’t take this flight. Go with Avianca or Latam.

1/10/2018 P Saledin

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Quito. Without previous notice, Tame informed us at the airport on January 5th 2018 that our flight was cancelled (even though they still showed the flight as “on schedule” online). I rescheduled to fly on January 9th. That day Tame representatives could not find my flight and accused me of not having “correct information.” They later found my ticket, but the plane already left. Insisting that my booking agent was at fault, they asked me to reschedule my flight for the 15th and pay a $700 price difference. Travelocity then contacted the Tame office and the Tame official on the phone asked me why I didn’t take the flight, as the ticket was always there. They said they “might” be able to have a supervisor change the flight and for me to callback at 10am. I was offended, insulted, and nearly robbed of extra money. I decided to book another airline, and thus the nightmare was over. These people are poorly trained, rude, and have no consumer respect. It took one hour in JFK for a representative to submit a baggage payment. The kicker to this experience was that the manager on duty at the airport in Quito said I should be better informed on “flight terms.” I hope US authorities disallow consumers to do business with this horrible airline. I wouldn’t recommend this airline to my worst enemy.

1/1/2018 Ian Finch

✅ Trip Verified | Cuenca to Quito. Second flight cancelled in the space of a week after checking in at the airport. First one resulted in a 3 hour delay after re-routing from Guyaquil to Cuenca via Quito. This one is an 8 hour delay, leaving us no choice but to remain in Cuenca airport. Just an 8-dollar lunch voucher offered as compensation. Staff were friendly but information given was haphazard. Seats on other flights have been old and ragged, food very poor. Would avoid if you can find another carrier.

11/28/2017 Aaron Cordova

✅ Trip Verified | Flew New York JFK to Quito. This airline was so bad I felt it a moral obligation to find a site such as this to post a review. Their planes are straight from the 70's. Let's start with checking in. I was travelling with my wife and two small children (4 & 6). After I was told we would be seated together I realized once we got on the plane we were all separated. We were not the only family this was done to. And the irony was we were one of the first online to get seats! Speaking of seats, the seat I was sitting in was so butt-worn, that no matter how I tried to get comfortable, I slid back into the mold that was the culmination of all previous guests rear quarters. Towards the end of the flight, my little one needed to use the bathroom. As we were walking, I see the attendant close the stall since we were beginning our descent. Just as we got to the stall, the attendant said we had to sit down. My son is 4. The guy didn't care. Needless to say, we highly recommend against flying with TAME. I know we never will again.

11/5/2017 Loay Osman

✅ Verified Review | Quito to Galápagos Islands and return to Guayaquil. First leg UIO-GPS was with a stop in GYE to collect more passengers there was an hour delay announcements were made only in Spanish but when I asked I was informed anyway. A short hop to GYE and short stop there and then 2 hrs to GPS both legs were on an older version of A320 no inflight entertainment but I wasn’t expecting as it’s domestic and not really long flights besides I was enjoying the scenery from the window. Their inflight magazine is also only in Spanish which is strange being an Int’l airline and a lot of tourists come to visit. Ground staff in both UIO and GPS were very helpful and cheerful and when I asked for seats with extra leg room I was offered first seat in Economy on both flights. Crew on board doing their jobs but weren’t very enthusiastic but polite and helpful. A sandwich and a coffee were offered which was a sufficient snack. Crew constantly talk to me in Spanish, a language that I don’t speak. Return flight to GYE was on time and arrived on time to catch my Int’l connection to AMS. Luggage was delivered quickly and no hassle for connecting from domestic to Int’l at GYE even if it’s with a different airline. I was really surprised with the good service all in all and worth what I paid. Just planes are old and need renovation. Toilets were kept clean all the time. Will recommend it for future if I go to Ecuador again.

11/4/2017 C Han

✅ Verified Review | New York JFK to Guayaquil via Quito. Upon arriving at JFK airport to check in we discovered our flight was cancelled. No where does it say it was cancelled until you only check their website. Whatever system they use doesn't interface with Google or Apple's search engines to check if your flight is on time or not. This is really bad to start. We needed to be at GYE to check into our hotel. The airline said you can get the next flight the next day and they would pay to shuttle us to the hotel for a day. We asked for a refund and they said you have to go to customer service. We didn't have time for that so we booked another flight with another airline to get to our destination. On the returning flight we went to TAME in GYE airport and they gave us a print out and specific instructions on how to request a refund and it said exactly how much we would get back which was about 25-30% of what we paid for the entire ticket (not happy about that either, due to taxes). We had originally purchased the tickets through JustFly.com so their reply was to contact them. Justfly and most 3rd party airline bookers's responsibility stops once the flight has taken place. Beyond that there's nothing they can do unless you have bought their insurance plan. So now we're in battle where no one wants to take ownership despite doing what the customer service reps are telling us to do. The reply back we got form TAME was a generic reply in Spanish mind you. to Contact 3rd party in highlight. Wow, you just can't win. I would highly recommend not booking with TAME. Our flight was cancelled for no reason. I won't fly with TAME again.

10/10/2017 Diana Fisher

✅ Verified Review | Without notification, my flight from Cuenca to Quito was cancelled. Not only that, but the scenario at the airport was chaos. Although there were partitions available, they were not being used, so, instead of waiting in line, there was a crush of people pushing and arguing at the counter. There should have been an agent on the outside, organizing and prioritizing those with connecting flights, but there was not. It was mob rule. After waiting and waiting to get to the front, I finally talked to someone, and told him I had an international connection to make in Quito. After waiting and waiting again, while others pushed ahead, yelled, and so on, I finally talked to the next agent. I also told this agent I had a connecting flight. We were finally taken by bus from Cuenca to Guayaquil, a 3.5 hour ride through the mountains. I bought a flight because I did not want to take a bus, but ended up in a bus, and the flight they assigned me to did not arrive in Quito on time for my connecting flight. The TAME agents offered absolutely no compensation, saying that they were only responsible for getting me to Quito. At that point they claimed that the flight from Cuenca had been cancelled due to weather, but it was calm and sunny in Cuenca that morning. I told them that I still could have arrived on time had the scene in Cuenca been organized, and people given priority depending on their connections, but this did not matter either. I had to miss my hotel in Lima, spend the night in the airport, and take a 4 am flight out, which I had to pay another $300 for. I will never fly TAME again, and suggest you don't either.

9/25/2017 M Fourner

✅ Verified Review | Baltra Island to Guayaquil They changed my direct flight the night before the flight. It went from a 1hour 50 minute direct flight to a layover with a 4 hour layover, causing me to have to leave my travel companions in Ecuador and miss other forms of transportation we had already arranged. I just cancelled it all together and booked a new flight with Avianca, a good airline. I am still battling with TAME to get my money back but they are impossible to reach and have zero customer service.