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2/12/2013 B Elliot

SIN-BKK-TPE: SIN-BKK B773 service with the brand new A380 business class interior. The new seat and entertainment system is fantastic. Crew very hard working. Drink service meal service and then constant drink runs throughout business cabin. Unfortunately BKK-TPE was on an older A333 with an ancient interior. The IFE screen was ...

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9/11/2011 Alan H., Boeing 777-300 (773) seat 52D

Boeing 777-300ER. Plane seemed new. IFE Was great. Food was normal airline food, Both Dinner and Breakfast was served on this 11Hour flight. 40Minutes delayed out of BKK but arrived 1Hour early at CDG. Overall a good flight.

9/11/2011 Alan H,, Boeing 777-200ER (772) seat 51K

I took the last flight out of CNX and was amazed by how full it was. I was surprized that TG uses a 777 for a 1 Hour flight. Boarding was ontime, Crew were great, Seat was normal no IFE and a small snack box was given. Overall an uneventful flight.

4/22/2011 RICHARD SHARP, Boeing 747-400 (74R/74N) seat 67A

I flew this route many times with Thai but the service never improved the night flight 21:30 they give a drink and a meal about 2 hours into flight turn off lights and disapear for 8 hours no entertainment no drinks unless you go looking for the staff in the galley and asked I stopped using them.

2/24/2011 Michael McAdam, Boeing 777-300 (773) seat 12D

Due to a recent typhoon, the 330 we had been slotted to fly on was upgraded to a 777-300 to accommodate the large number of passengers wanting to get back Taiwan. The crew was very adept at reseating families together without being bothersome, the famous Thai smile on their faces. The crew showed true professionalism as many tr...

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2/24/2011 Michael McAdam, Boeing 747-400 (74R/74N) seat 12B

Upstairs in business class on a 747-400 is the place to be. It's a little oasis of calm. I prefer these "lie-flat" seats to the herringbone pods of other airline for their width. I've actually got pretty adept at sleeping at a slight angle.Service was good, but not quite the TG standard I've come to expect. The crew seemed t...

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2/4/2011 David Szendrei, Boeing 747-400 (74R/74N) seat 33A

6/9/2010 Bob, Boeing 747-400 (74R/74N) seat 3A

Thai uses intercontinental 747-400's on this route on a regular basis. Although Thai doesn't use First class on this route, Business Class passengers are sometimes seated in First. Nice cabin but very hot, as always excellent service on just a 1:30 hr flight. Fully booked so, on a 747, priority disembarking and luggage-handling ...

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3/26/2008 Tomás González de Rosenzweig, Airbus A330-300 (333) seat 67D

This row is not so good, because it is not aligned, you will need to cross your legs if you want to stretch during the flight... But a good thing is that you can count with extra space on your sides if you are sitting in a hall. The plane looks old, but well maintained and seats do not count with extra-space on the sides.

3/2/2008 Michael McAdam, Airbus A330-300 (333) seat 15F

My favourite seat on TG's 333. No need to climb over anybody to get out of your seat and still decent views on either side of the aircraft. These seats could do with some updating. Although the upholstery is well kept and the pitch is a generous 55 inches, the seat itself is very early 90s stock. The footrest is clearly buil...

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