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7/1/2019 M Charakorn

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Chiang Mai. One of the worst service from airline I ever had. The late evening flight was canceled recently, therefore they moved all flight to the evening flight. The change was made normally and I received notification as usual. But this time I received such a terrible service. Starting from mis-booking the flight by switching my departure flight and arrival flight, which making me unable to do the online check in. This problem occurs again on my return flight. I have contacted call center and the response I received is unacceptable. Firstly they started to ask me to check in online again in the morning, and of course, it did not work. So I kept calling again and received the response that “this problem is unexplainable, especially to customer. Even he explained to me, I am not going to understand anyway”. I had good service from this airline before, but this time could be the last one.

6/3/2019 P Kajari

✅ Trip Verified | I was flying from Bali to Mumbai via Bangkok, while checking luggage I was told that check-in is not allowed and I had to pay extra 220$ for the same. Their charges for luggage are very high. Its totally unacceptable. Which airline charge check-in luggage wholly. I will never recommend this airline. And after paying so much you don't even get a glass of water you have to buy it. Totally disappointed and frustrated. They purposely tell you about check-in baggage prices on last moment when you don't have any other option.

6/2/2019 K Hamgari

✅ Trip Verified | Bali to Bangkok. Very unprofessional airline. Did not know about check in baggage. Charged very high price for baggage. Had to pay 220 USD for check in baggage. Never fly this airline.

5/23/2019 L Vale

✅ Trip Verified | Phuket to Hanoi via Bangkok. I booked a ticket that cost $20 more, with the belief that I was getting a pre-paid bag included. Apparently this was not the case. So, I learn at check-in that because I didn't pre-book my bag, I would have to pay 300 THB ($10 USD) per KG. My bag wieghed 16.6kg. So, they wanted me to pay $166 USD to check my bag! I said hell no! My bodyweight plus my carry-on was 84kg of weight and I paid $84 USD for my ticket. (It was listed at $67 but I paid extra, thinking the checked bag was included) I said I would just book a flight with another airline and check my bag for that price. I checked prices online and I would still have had close to $50 left over too, even with it being last minute! So, what did they do? They looked at the competing prices and said if I bought a new ticket on a domestic flight, the bag would be included "free". The new flight cost $83. This undercut the competition just enough where it made sense for me not to go to a competing airline. I really couldn't afford to do anything but accept their offer. And I did not get refunded for the first flight that I booked! I was also told that if I had been there four hours before the flight left, I could have checked my bag at a much lower rate. I sat and waited for their counter to open, from 3:15AM until 5:00AM. My flight wasn't scheduled to leave until 7:25AM. The employees came and sat at their desks for more than an hour before letting me come to the counter! If I had been given service when I got there I could have gotten the discounted rate, but I couldn't get it. This is unacceptable! I will never fly Thai Lion again.

5/11/2019 Rutul Shah

✅ Trip Verified | Phuket to Kuala Lumpur. I tried to pay for baggage online. They did not allow to make payment after putting pnr number I have used my mobile as I did or have laptop or PC Then I called them to pay for 60kg for 4 person, they said 15kg per person is included to check in. I was 3.5 hours before my flight at airport they said you have to pay for luggage and the cost is 400 baht per kg per flight.

5/9/2019 Hitesh Asodiya

✅ Trip Verified | Phuket to Bangkok. They do not have transparent luggage policy. While booking you will not see any kind of luggage limit or so on, but while travelling they won't allow you with extra luggage. My travel cost was around 2300 THB for two person, and for extra luggage I have to pay around 7000 THB. Very cheap service, they are not contactable anyhow, nor they will reply to your feedback or emails. Even the water is chargeable during flight. I personally suggest do not travel with this airline.

5/9/2019 Jane Hsu

Not Verified | Bangkok to Taipei. First, it is very hard to get the customer service to reply by email or phone. Once you are luck to reach them by phone, you will find out the process - reschedule or cancellation is horrible. I ended up cancelling the flight as I am tired of listening to all those unprofessional customer representative that probably trained to put the best interest of the company instead of being realistic and fair to the customers. The cancellation process is horrible that you have to send the passport and flight details again which they should have those info already. I will never book the flight from Thai Lion Air as this is my first time to book and the experience of booking, reschedule, cancellation and customer service are all really bad that I can not imagine the experience of getting on the flight.

4/24/2019 N Dyson

✅ Trip Verified | Chiang Mai to Bangkok. This company operates a scam on baggage costs where the website and call centre will not accept pre payment for checked baggage and then when you arrive to the airport they charge exorbitant fees per kilo (working out to be 4x the price of ticket in first place.They then recommended us to buy a new ticket with 20kg luggage included which worked out cheaper, then on complaining they eventually recommended it’d be cheaper for it to go on a cargo flight instead!) Ridiculous. The staff were rude and unhelpful. Then the flight was delayed and the seats so uncomfortable with no legroom.

4/22/2019 Sharon Chen

Not Verified | Bangkok to Chiang Mai. Never fly with Thai Lion. They charge you 300 baht per Kg for your baggage. They do claim on their website the premium economy allows 20kg baggage for free, however, they don't even have premium economy seats. If you want to experience worst customer service, delayed flight, pay hundred bucks for your baggage - then fly Thai Lion.

4/20/2019 H Marler

✅ Trip Verified | Surat Thani to Bangkok. When we tried adding extra baggage the mobile site did not work. We tried the process on 2 different phones on the evening beforehand. Since we were travelling and had to reach deadlines we were not able to complete the process online. When we arrived at the airport they charged 300 baht per kilo of checked in baggage. Initially they were asking for 4500 baht (around 150€) for the 15 kg bag, but I managed to get it down to 9 kg by throwing belongings away and packing stuff into the carry on baggage. This exceeds the cost of the flight and is unacceptable in my eyes. While booking they never showed the costs for this and I am steaming over the fact their mobile site was this useless. Personel was of little to no help and I refuse to fly with them in the future.

4/13/2019 Lasse Jakobsen

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Khon Kaen. Horrible prices for luggage. Not clear in booking confirmation what was included. Paid 4300 ฿ for 2 tickets and had to pay 7800 ฿ at the airport for 2 pieces of luggage (one each passenger).

4/12/2019 B Sakorin

✅ Trip Verified | Udon thani to Bangkok. Baggage Rip off airline - the airline makes it impossible to buy baggage on line or by phone, and slaps a 300 baht: kg bill at you at check in. I say intentionally because none of the channel works, we tried it for more than 24 hours. Online does not allow purchase, customer care number rings out no one picks up (15 calls), social media contacts do not respond, so is an email not responded. All channels down at the same time can not be accidental. Ultimately we had t purchase a new ticket at 2240 baht with 20 kg baggage allowance while the purchase online would have costed 400 baht. Airline does not offer remedial measures as the mistake is clearly theirs and I was forced to pay instead.

4/9/2019 E Kemp

✅ Trip Verified | Like many other Thai Lion customers, my partner and I experienced terrible customer service in Kathmandu. When we attempted to check in to our flight to Bangkok the attempted to charge us an exorbitant $289 baggage fee, effectively doubling the cost of our flight. When my partner and I pushed back on this unnecessary expense and asked for more information, they explained each additional kilogram over the first seven cost $17. However, my partner's bag - the one causing the expense - weighed approximately 17 kilograms, meaning the excess baggage fee should have been $170, per Thai Lion's own policy. The staff could not explain the $289 calculation. When we refused to pay the fee, these customer service agents withheld our passports and threatened to bar us from boarding the flight. Needless to say, my partner and I were furious with this extortion. After more angry back and forth, they explained that since we purchased our flight tickets in November 2018, we were exempt from Thai Lion's baggage policy, which went into effect in January 2019. They did not apologize for misleading and threatening us. In 20+ years of frequent flying, I have never encountered such poor customer service, even on budget airlines. Word to the wise: Don't fly with Thai Lion. If you must, check the date of your ticket purchase. Any tickets purchased prior to the January 2019 policy change are exempt from the draconian baggage policy.

4/5/2019 B Parten

✅ Trip Verified | Chiang Rai to Denpasar via Bangkok. This airline has quite a scam going with it's baggage policy. I travel a lot and am normally pretty good at avoiding some of the traps that budget airlines set up (or at least being aware of them). The day before our flight I went to check in online and take care of baggage and things like that. Everytime I tried to complete check-in, I would get an error screen. I downloaded the app and it would crash everytime I tried to even enter my boarding number. So as most people would, I gave up and decided to take care of it at the airport the next morning. If you don't buy luggage more than 4 hours before the flight they charge every kg as "overage" weight. We were at first quoted about $1,000 for our two bags. I told them that the website was broken and we were unable to buy them ahead of time. I even showed them the app crashing on my phone. They eventually changed the total price to $350 for our two 18kg bags after we pressed them, when they made an "exception" because our 2nd flight was more than 4 hours away. They also have a "no outside food policy" meaning you aren't allowed to bring any food on the plane. Stay far away from them. TLDR: $350 USD for 2 bags totalling 36 kg between the two of them.

4/5/2019 ALAN BROWN

Not Verified | Udon Thani to Bangkok. My Complaint is about their Check In Staff at Udon Thani Airport, We never had any Baggage to check in Only had 1 "approved" Cabin Bag & weighing 10 kgs in total, this was for 2 Passengers, so well within their 7kg per pax limit. We checked in & I Was told "You Cannot take that bag into the cabin". I pointed out it was Approved Size Cabin Baggage, but in the eyes of the check in staff there was no way they were going to let us board our flight. They Made us go to a shop & buy 2 plastic bags & transfer our clothes from my Approved Cabin bag into these 2 Plastic Bags. What made me Angry was that there were a lot Of bags in the cabin either the same size & Some Even Bigger than Mine. There was NO Problems with the actual flights apart from a 20 Minute Delay on both sectors, but that happens.

3/31/2019 C Te

✅ Trip Verified | Mumbai to Yangon via Bangkok. They are seriously out to scam. I had to pay 322 USD for 10 kg of checked in luggage from India to Myanmar. My boyfriend and I tried checking previously what my baggage allowance was but it was not clear on the ticket (Nothing was written about baggage allowance) or on the website. I saw in numerous places that they allowed 20 kg so figured out I’d be fine or else the worst case scenario I’d have to pay 100 usd or so. But $300 is way more than the actual ticket cost. The baggage prices are exorbitant and it seems like the airline intentionally tried to hide the baggage price requirement. There was no information about it whatsoever on the ticket and finding information on the website was extremely difficult/unclear. Never flying them again.

3/31/2019 Flemming Sorensen

✅ Trip Verified | . Flying Thai Lion from Singapore to Chiang Rai via Bangkok return and we got delayed on 1 leg so a 25% delay rate. Mostly old and worn aircrafts 737s but also out of date service. Wanted to pay by credit card but no not possible on flight. Wanted to buy wine - no not possible. Wanted then to buy beer which was available on 1 leg out of the 4 flights I have probably flown 500 times and never not been able to buy a beer on a flight. Yes I know it is Asia and budget but I regularly fly Jetstar and AirAsia wo any problems. Luckily AirAsia has now opened a direct flight on the route so good but Thai Lion!

3/25/2019 V Geare

✅ Trip Verified | Krabi to Bangkok. Our family flew this airline March 25, 2019. After travelling 2 different countries and numerous flights for 3 weeks with no problem, our encounter at Thai Lion Air was horrible. I am not a person to write reviews but I have realized how important they are for others who might need advice before making a choice. Do yourself a favour and pay a few extra dollars to fly with someone else. This airline will absolutely gauge you at the checkout demanding you pay for baggage you are carrying on at ridiculous prices. Not only was it despicable, but the ticket agent began to yell at us when we started to question this! We have been traveling for 3 weeks with carry on only and have not had one problem yet. Not one! The amount they wanted to charge us for carryon backpacks was double our plane ticket! Completely ridiculous. Also very stressful as their only option was to pay or miss your flight. Horrible practices, horrible customer service. Do not use this airline. Save yourself the stress.

3/22/2019 C Steale

✅ Trip Verified | Absolutely horrible airline. Paid for the online option for checked baggage and when we arrived they said they had no history of any payment. We had 20kgs of luggage and they charged us $700 USD to get on the flight. I have never written a bad review for anywhere and I am absolutely outraged. I will never fly Thai Lion Air again. Horrible airline.

3/14/2019 M lee

✅ Trip Verified | Phuket to Nagoya via Bangkok. I paid about 145 USD for the flight and tried to pay for excess baggage (about 80 USD for 20kg) on their website several times, but each time, the website denied my payment, despite my card having no problems. When it was time to check in, they asked for 500 USD to check my bag in. I understand most airlines charge more money at the check in counter, but it is extortion to ask for a customer to pay that amount in such short notice with no other options other than to miss the flight. I was not the only customer to have a problem paying on the website and it is ridiculous and a terrible service to have such an outrageous policy. I will never fly Thai Lion Air again.