Thai Lion Air

Customer reviews

10/27/2019 Martin Aubineau

✅ Trip Verified | Bali to Bangkok. Overall very much below expectations. On a Bangkok to Bali: delayed departure of 1h. It happens. But then on Bali Airport tarmac, we had to wait 20 minutes for the bus to arrive and take us to the Terminal. On the way back: smooth until you wait 30 minutes for the luggage at the belt. For both...

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10/14/2019 Saneh Manirochana

✅ Trip Verified | Hat Yai to Don Muang with Thai Lion Air. Staff are very friendly and polite, staff member took me to my seat and put my carry on bag in the over head bin for me. The seat is comfortable. The airplane take off and landing was smooth. The flight departed and arrived on time. The fare is very reasonable, better th...

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10/9/2019 H Samuel

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Surat Thani. If you want to enjoy having an extremely unpleasant journey, I recommend you to take Thai Lion Air. This airline seems to want making money with every little thing they can. Watch out if the weight your luggage might be a bit more than you paid in advance (If you had the luck and prepaid...

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10/8/2019 Clive Matumbu

Not Verified | Phuket to Bangkok. I have nothing good to say about them. Was only told that flight was canceled upon arrival at the air. Got booked onto another flight 8hrs later. Very expensive luggage charges, no leg room and very unprofessional and unfriendly staff. Was traveling with my family and had a really rough time.

9/13/2019 Oliver Johnson

Not Verified | Denpasar to Bangkok. I traveled only with pound sterling and a visa and MasterCard. Onboard the flight for food and drink I was told Thai bhat, US dollars or no drink. I didn’t have any of those currencies. I explained that I still needed to drink and asked if I could have some tap water or staff water the respon...

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8/26/2019 K Chen

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Chiang Rai. The gate closed 15 minutes pass the departure time to pack on more passengers. Slow boarding and unboarding system (30 minutes delay). Nothing is offered free, water costs money.

8/25/2019 M Keale

✅ Trip Verified | Tokyo to Bangkok. Terrible service and flights. They had an engine problem in Tokyo which delayed me for 3 hours. Missed all connections and they said it wasn’t their problem. Dumped me in the middle of the night in Bangkok with no accommodation. Also, they run a no outside food and drink policy. Will not let...

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8/23/2019 Mia Sasaki

✅ Trip Verified | Dhaka to Bangkok. Thai Lion Air has some of the worst service I have experienced as a frequent traveler. When I called to have baggage added, they were unable to accept US credit card payments. The representative promised me that the payment would be according to the online amount (about 30 USD) since I couldn...

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8/19/2019 Bikash Das

✅ Trip Verified | Dhaka to Bangkok. I have used the aircraft of Thai Lion Air for this route. Their seat are very congested and cheap with the delayed time, which was very painful for all the passengers. They provide snacks after delayed in flight which was worst in taste and quality. Even though they didn't take any kind of ac...

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8/10/2019 David Zbinden

Not Verified | Shenzhen to Bangkok. Very bad service. Two time the flight was delayed 1 hour. Huge extra costs on baggage. The on board food is disgusting and even it would be good much too expensive. I cannot recommend this airline and I will avoid consider them again.

7/5/2019 Keith Tong

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Chiang Mai. Thai lion air is a subsidiary of Lion Air. Aircraft was cramped with little legroom. Landing was rough & bumpy. The flight took off & landed on time.

7/1/2019 M Charakorn

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Chiang Mai. One of the worst service from airline I ever had. The late evening flight was canceled recently, therefore they moved all flight to the evening flight. The change was made normally and I received notification as usual. But this time I received such a terrible service. Starting from mis-b...

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6/3/2019 P Kajari

✅ Trip Verified | I was flying from Bali to Mumbai via Bangkok, while checking luggage I was told that check-in is not allowed and I had to pay extra 220$ for the same. Their charges for luggage are very high. Its totally unacceptable. Which airline charge check-in luggage wholly. I will never recommend this airline. And after ...

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6/2/2019 K Hamgari

✅ Trip Verified | Bali to Bangkok. Very unprofessional airline. Did not know about check in baggage. Charged very high price for baggage. Had to pay 220 USD for check in baggage. Never fly this airline.

5/23/2019 L Vale

✅ Trip Verified | Phuket to Hanoi via Bangkok. I booked a ticket that cost $20 more, with the belief that I was getting a pre-paid bag included. Apparently this was not the case. So, I learn at check-in that because I didn't pre-book my bag, I would have to pay 300 THB ($10 USD) per KG. My bag wieghed 16.6kg. So, they wanted me...

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5/11/2019 Rutul Shah

✅ Trip Verified | Phuket to Kuala Lumpur. I tried to pay for baggage online. They did not allow to make payment after putting pnr number I have used my mobile as I did or have laptop or PC Then I called them to pay for 60kg for 4 person, they said 15kg per person is included to check in. I was 3.5 hours before my flight at airp...

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5/9/2019 Jane Hsu

Not Verified | Bangkok to Taipei. First, it is very hard to get the customer service to reply by email or phone. Once you are luck to reach them by phone, you will find out the process - reschedule or cancellation is horrible. I ended up cancelling the flight as I am tired of listening to all those unprofessional customer repres...

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5/9/2019 Hitesh Asodiya

✅ Trip Verified | Phuket to Bangkok. They do not have transparent luggage policy. While booking you will not see any kind of luggage limit or so on, but while travelling they won't allow you with extra luggage. My travel cost was around 2300 THB for two person, and for extra luggage I have to pay around 7000 THB. Very cheap ser...

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4/24/2019 N Dyson

✅ Trip Verified | Chiang Mai to Bangkok. This company operates a scam on baggage costs where the website and call centre will not accept pre payment for checked baggage and then when you arrive to the airport they charge exorbitant fees per kilo (working out to be 4x the price of ticket in first place.They then recommended us t...

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4/22/2019 Sharon Chen

Not Verified | Bangkok to Chiang Mai. Never fly with Thai Lion. They charge you 300 baht per Kg for your baggage. They do claim on their website the premium economy allows 20kg baggage for free, however, they don't even have premium economy seats. If you want to experience worst customer service, delayed flight, pay hundred buck...

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