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10/19/2018 Tshung Ching Tay

✅ Trip Verified | Nanjing to Xian. The check in process for this flight was smooth. Cabin crew were friendly and courteous. Hot meal with beverages were served. However, the standard of the in flight catering was neither appealing nor appetizing. The passengers who sat next to me even returned the meal to the flight attendant. It is indeed below average. Only Chinese movies is available from the drop down LED screen. Tianjin Airlines have plenty of room for improvement.

10/8/2018 Q Wang

✅ Trip Verified | I flew business class Sydney to Tianjin. Seat is 2-2-2 layout only 3 rows, which is a lot less busy than many airlines J class. Seat comfort good, no privacy screens flat bed, you never bump your legs to the side board. Pajamas is provided and amenity is Clarins. Food i will give 3.5 due to a lack of speciality. Entertainment is 3/5 due to a lack of choice. The cabin crew decent patient and polite. Lounge at Sydney is Skyteam lounge

8/7/2018 Ekaterina Kuftinova

✅ Trip Verified | Moscow to Melbourne via Chongqing. The flight with this airline couldn't be any worse. There were not a single movie in English (or Russian), not even with subtitles; at the Chongqing airport passengers flying to Melbourne were not allowed to leave the airport for 20 hours, not even with Australian passports. We lost money paying for a hotel in the city, and had to seat in a small terminal with only a couple of shops and cafes for so long. The airline didn't bother to offer a food voucher. The staff of the business lounge at the terminal tried to rip us off charging $50 just to take a shower, food was awful as well. My tickets was very expensive due to the soccer word cup in Moscow.

5/27/2018 Dmitry Baranov

✅ Trip Verified | It was the cheapest way to go back after yet another season in Asia, and honestly I didn't expect too much. But the plane was quite new, and the cabin was in a good condition. Departed on time, unlike the connecting domestic flight (by another airline) before. There was an in-flight entertainment system available, and it seems to be modern, but after a night spent in two different airports I hardly used it for anything other than the 3D map. Although the food was served not as elegantly as some airlines do, it was quite delicious, and I could choose what I preferred on both meals, despite sitting not in the middle of the cabin. Note that there are only soft drinks available, but for me it doesn't really matter. The seats are not exactly Emirates-like, but still quite comfortable for an 8.5 hours flight. The headphones were usual cheap "earbuds" unfortunately, but they also included an adapter which I took away and which will let me plug in my own headphones on some later flight - great and I just don't understand why airlines (besides those smart few who provide multi-use washable-cup large headphones) couldn't distribute just that on request, rather than generating tons of "cheap headphones waste". The flight was smooth and arrived 15 minutes early. Definitely would fly Tianjin Airlines again if the price is right and the route will fit my plans - and will stop at Chongqing (or Tianjin where I haven't been yet as well) should I have time for that.

5/20/2018 Lee Ralph

✅ Trip Verified | Sydney to Tianjin via Zhengzhou. My wife and I could not have been happier with the flight, service, food and entertainment options provided. Staff were great and went out of their way to help other guests. We read a lot of reviews prior to our trip and can honestly say we did not experience 1 negative factor. Great choices on meals and entertainment, pillows and blankets, surprising amount of legroom in economy. We are going back to China soon and don't see any reason to travel with another airline. Great pricing and options for further exploration in China add to the airline's appeal.

7/8/2017 H Zhang

✅ Verified Review | Hefei to Quanzhou. The flight was delayed due to military practice, however we have not been informed by the staff on the ground about this. The delay lasted about several hours. I can see some flights were called out to be delayed due to weather conditions, which is false, as the weather were absolutely fine. This information as a result of a delay provided by Chinese authorities is fake, and the delay can drag on for several hours. If you travel within China, try avoid taking flights. The high-speed train is the only option for you.

3/29/2017 Anne Sellers

✅ Verified Review | Chongqing to Gatwick. Dreadful flight, although very convenient as a direct route to Chongqing and a really cheap option. The food was awful, no choice and no any bread to fill up on. No western inflight entertainment apart from 6 very old random films, mostly Christmas themed. The games didn't work and the seats / pillows were filthy. The cabin crew were nice and the toilets clean. It wouldn't take a lot to turn this around but fly prepared! Take your own pillow, entertainment and in-flight food and you'll be able to get through it.

1/2/2017 W Allison

✅ Verified Review | Tianjin Airlines is flying the long haul between London Gatwick and Chongqing. The fare is by far the cheapest in contrast to the other providers during the peak Xmas period. Reading the reviews, I was quite worried but the airline turns out to be good. The 10-12 hours flights has offered 3 rounds of dining, unfortunately with no option. The food portion is small but tastes great, the crews are happy to provide additional meals if there are available. The outbound flight was on time with a completely packed economy class. The return leg had a big issue, there was an engine problem with leaking oil, and this caused a 4 hour delay. Meals and beverages are provided in the airport, which meant landing in Gatwick at 10:30pm on new years eve, waiting for luggage and clearing immigration meant enjoying the new year 2017 in a taxi. When we questioned compensation or local transport arrangements, we were told ground staff in Gatwick will help, this is not the case as no one is there to help. Overall, an extremely good value option, and I will choose Tianjin Airlines again if the price is right. The seat is normal, meal is tasty but small, and crews are doing excellent jobs on answering call buttons. Only disappointment was the delay.

10/1/2016 I Strachan

✅ Verified Review | Gatwick to Chongqing. It's a relatively inexpensive way to fly direct to China and is the most convenient way to connect with South West and Western China from UK in terms of flight time. They arrived on time. The A330 has an old interior, seats are uncomfortable, cabin temperature is hot with no personal air vents, entertainment TV system is very limited and didn't work for me. Food is pretty bad and Chinese Government policy requires mobile phones to be switched off for the flight, not even allowed in flight mode. The customer service is non-existent unless you speak Chinese. All in all a relatively cheap and useful direct route to Western China and South West China but expect a budget flight experience.

8/18/2016 Callum Murphy

✅ Verified Review | Shenyang to London Gatwick via Tianjin. A new route recently opened between London Gatwick and Tanjian, and as a regular traveller between the UK and China, I felt it was worth giving it a go. The initial pick up from Shenyang was easy enough. A small domestic flight between Shenyang and Tianjin. As my flight to London wasn't until the following morning, Tianjin Airlines would provide 3 star accommodation for the night free of charge. Whilst this was communicated during the initial booking, no details were given in an email. I arrive into Tianjin with a man telling me to ring this number for the hotel pick up. The process was badly organised. The hotel did not speak a word of English or very broken English. I was told that the hotel was full and no rooms were available. There is no visible desk for Tianjin Airlines within the airport at Tianjin which I find ludicrous. I relied on a local tourist desk for help. Eventually, I found my way to the hotel, where again I was told no room or I would have to pay 350 RMB for a room? Eventually, another passenger was experiencing the same problem and spoke perfect mandarin. Crisis averted! Overall, the experience was very poorly managed. No clear visibility at the airport and unclear instructions. The hotel room was pleasant enough, similar to an Ibis or Travelodge. Clean with air conditioning. When booking, the website clearly advertised the route as Tianjin to London Gatwick with no stops. (Bar internal domestic flight from Shenyang). In the end, we had to stop at Chongqing for two hours. The main flight to London Gatwick was standard long haul. Unlimited water and soft drinks. Chinese style food with a snack. The drinks service was given after the food service, which I found strange when compared to other providers. The food was okay. The inflight entertainment was terrible or non-existent. Normally long haul flights will have a good selection of international films. Everything was pretty much Chinese except for the IT Crowd. So random! For an 11 hour flight, you need a decent selection to pass the time. The flight itself totalled 34 hours travel time. I normally pay between £540 - £560 with China Southern. Total travel time is normally around the 26/27 hour mark. The new route between Tianjin and Gatwick only cost £335. If you book earlier, you can sometimes get it for £275 one way. Perhaps the amount you pay is reflected in the experience. Overall, with no flight delays and a competent service, the new route between Tianjin and London Gatwick, offers good value for money. However, the difficulties encountered in communicating the hotel, diversion to Chongqing (not highlighted on website) and lack of in flight entertainment for European customers lacked the finesse rival airlines provide. If the new route is to succeed, price alone will not judge its success. The carrier must provide a like for like experience considering the nature of other long haul providers offering a more well rounded experience.

7/13/2016 B Toh

✅ Verified Review | Tianjin to Changsha and a great experience flying with Tianjin Airlines. Check in was fast and smooth. Crew onboard was pleasant and friendly. The flight was about 2 hours but was diverted to XIY due to the de-icing system was faulty. After the plane landed in XIY I received a message stating that the plane to take off for CSX is scheduled again at 12.30PM which meant an 1.5 hour wait. Down side of the airline was no complimentary food and water was served on the ground. At about 1PM the plane took off again for CSX. Although the experience was not what anyone expected the crew and the airline had done their best in giving the earliest possible take off time. As what I noticed that they had changed the aircraft for the XIY-CSX leg.

10/20/2014 Robert Walbeek

Have not flown Tianjin Airlines for a long time - had no choice as they are the only ones flying between Shenyang and Mudanjiang. Disaster - departing flight half an hour late returning flight 3 hours late due to "mechanical problems". Nothing to eat nothing to drink and then saying we apologise for the delay because of the aircraft being late - statement of the year.

7/16/2011 Marc Bolland

Never heard of this airline until I flew in July on Embraer 190 from Tianjin to Ningbo but impressed by service standards. At the airport the check in and boarding was quick and efficient and FA's were very attentive. Okay their English language skills need improving but never seen such an efficient and smiling set of FA's. Seats comfortable for this quite short trip meals was also good - lack of newspapers though. Will fly them again in September and would have no doubts about recommending them to others as a must-try airline.

6/26/2011 P Chen

Never heard of this airline until I flew in July on Embraer 190 from Tianjin to Ningbo but impressed by service standards. At the airport the check in and boarding was quick and efficient and FA's were very attentive. Okay their English language skills need improving but never seen such an efficient and smiling set of FA's. Seats comfortable for this quite short trip meals was also good - lack of newspapers though. Will fly them again in September and woulkd have no doubts about recommending them to others as a must-try airline.

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