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5/5/2019 Maureen Olive

Not Verified | Stansted to Tenerife. I was booked to fly out with TUI Airways but got a call to say we were now flying with Titan Airways. I wasn't happy, never heard of them. Before we flew downloaded there app and could watch films etc via there wifi, we had more leg space, the plane was clean.

3/21/2019 Christopher Powell

Not Verified | Flew to Banjul with Titian Airways as part of the Gambia experience from Gatwick on the 8th of March. Had a lovely flight, all the staff were lovely. We returned on the 19th of March but unfortunately we had on board a drunken abusive passenger, the cabin crew handled the situation very professionally and even whilst handling a most difficult situation they still treated all the other passengers brilliantly. The service was brill and all in all a brilliant flight, hats off to Titan Airways.

3/4/2019 Chris Payne

Not Verified | Grenoble to Gatwick with Titan Airways. Clean, new plane - lovely crew. They have a free app with films etc - download before you go. Great - flew with Mark Warner. Very professional - inflight refreshments all good.

10/11/2018 Steve Read

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Alicante. I had no choice in flying with Titan as I booked with easyJet. However, the seat I purchased was not available and I have ended up halfway down the aircraft with no extra leg room and the front toilet is out of order before the flight departs!

9/15/2018 Gary Howells

Not Verified | Gatwick to Dubrovnik. Booked BA but got this awful Titan Airways aircraft. Terrible. Very cramped with little legroom. Knees wedged into the back of the seat which is made of a hard plastic. Reminds me of flights from the 1980s. Seat also too short on the backrest so no head support. Worst flight I've been on for years. Certainly would not use them again. Flights were fairly expensive. Budget airline quality for BA prices.

8/26/2018 Jordan Munt

✅ Trip Verified | Dubrovnik to Gatwick with British Airways operated by Titan Airways. A fantastic flight, a very nice and modern cabin interior with lots of legroom and very friendly crew. Would definitely fly with Titan again!

7/2/2018 T Warner

✅ Trip Verified | Paphos to Gatwick. Worst flight I have been on. Booked British Airways hoping for an adequate service and was subsequently informed that Titan would be fronting the flight. Starting with a two hour delay for boarding, huge queues for the check in (also delayed) and sitting on the tarmac for another 50 minutes in 30 degree heat. The worst aspect of the entire flight was the seat configuration - I have never been on a more cramped flight (including Easyjet and Ryanair). Equally, the plane was old, there barely any storage space in the seat pockets and the seats were uncomfortable. Genuinely would never fly with this airline again.

6/16/2018 Steve Cooper

Not Verified | Tenerife to Gatwick. Absolutely dreadful. This was a British Airways flight operated by Titan. The plane was old, the seats were poor (broken due to overuse). The main food choices had run out on the outward flight. The cabin crew worked alone to deliver the catering trolley and didn't have a clue on customer service. They allowed a minor to sit in an exit seat, despite asking his age (13). It just felt all wrong and certainly not what you expect when you buy a BA ticket.

6/12/2018 C Heaney

Not Verified | Flew as part of British Airways booking flying from London Gatwick to Malaga. Head steward great with passengers but a couple of others were rude and officious! Nowhere near as good as British Airways on return journey.

5/30/2018 J Tanner

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Alicante booked as British Airways and operated by Titan Airways. Horrible service. I had booked through BA so was surprised to see a Titan aircraft. An old aircraft, uncomfortable seats and rude abrupt crew. Definitely do not want another repeat experience.

4/2/2018 L Dawe

✅ Trip Verified | On Easter Sunday my family were flying back home from Chambery to Birmingham. We arrived at the airport well in advance of scheduled departure but were rushed through for an early departure, which normally we would be pleased but did not have time for family to eat or drink anything, having to leave hotel early hours. Our family was split up on 3 rows far apart. When it came to ordering food the flight attendants walked briskly past asking on one side but not the other and missed out mum and the 3 children. When mum finally did managed to speak to cabin crew there was no food apart from Pringles and still did not get a drink for one child. We have never been on an airline which has been so inattentive.

3/16/2018 Helen Tucker

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Tenerife. We were cross to find our BA flight had been changed, without notice, to Titan Airways. No proper food service and limited beverages. However the staff made this flight memorable. They were charming, helpful and informative. Despite limited supplies we were kept refreshed and entertained. What could have been a disappointing transfer of carrier proved to be most enjoyable.

4/19/2017 R Leimer

✅ Verified Review | Flew Titan Airways from Arlanda to Rome Fiumicino. Smallest, most cramped flight I've ever been on. Entertainment required an application to be dowloaded before flying, which was not clear before or on the plane. The cabin staff did not inform about this either. The cabin staff was pleasant enough and the pilot ensured a smooth ride.

3/14/2016 D Thomas

A very professional outfit. Kept fully informed when flight from Gatwick diverted to Grenoble as a result of security alert at Chambery. Both flights with Titan Airways smooth and uneventful with excellent landings. A welcome change to have pleasant and obliging service from cabin crew and informative announcements from the flight deck.

2/19/2016 Susan Perrin

Fantastic experience with Titan Airways from London Gatwick to Gambia, upgraded to club cabin and worth every penny, excellent food, wonderful crew. This was a Winter charter for The Gambia Experience and it was excellent. The crew could not do enough for you. The check in at Gatwick was not great due to the check in girl needing a lesson in customer service but apart from that could not fault it. We will travel to the Gambia again with Titan Airways.

9/18/2015 Chris Oakley

Returning to Gatwick from Genoa after a cruise, and didn't realise that Titan Airways were operating for British Airways until we boarded the flight. Felt a bit nervous having not heard of this operator before. However, after a brief introduction of who Titan Airways were, and details of the flight route and weather conditions, the crew and cabin staff were excellent. This flight on an A320 was one of the best I have been on. No hesitation flying with them again.

9/12/2015 Ian Waddell

Luton to Alicante 9th September. Due to technical problems with Monarch Airlines plane we boarded a replacement A320 operated for Monarch by Titan Airways. A flight just like they used to be. A professional and articulate purser, and other crew members very good too. Most refreshing was that all passengers received a free hot breakfast and beverages, served swiftly. The most enjoyable to Alicante I have taken, courtesy of Titan Airways.

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