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9/18/2013 K Goh

Travel again with TNA to TPE from SIN on 11-17 Sep. Outgoing flight was not full but service is good. The A330-300 was brand new so no complaints about dirty seats carpets toilets. Food uplifted from SIN could have been better. Selected WV from the menu during booking but the food on the return leg was much better! The best inflight food I have tasted so far. One disappointment is that the cabin attendants did not serve packets of peanuts on the return leg but provided the much needed juice that I asked for. The peanuts would have gone down well with the drink.

5/12/2013 K Goh

Tried TNA for the first time to Taipei 1-8 March. Flight was quite empty considering the late departure time from Singapore. Cabin service ok. Plane very new seats toilets carpets all looked fresh and nice. The inflight meal was nothing to shout about. Cabin attendants attentive but hardly any communication with paxs. Overall a satisfactory flight experience. Will use them again.

3/8/2013 L Goh

Singapore (SIN) - Taipei (TPE) in economy class on A330. 3-4-3 seating arrangement. Aircraft brand new and hence no complaints about squeaks dirt or anything. Seat was OK and comparable to other A330 seats. Not small but acceptable for large 6ft like me. Not sure about pitch but I reckon should be 32" and was definitely smaller than SQ. Handrest was a little too low and I've always disliked the slide and recline seats. Food was not good: either fried rice or fried rice noodles. For my TPE-SIN leg the snacks provided with the food was good. Probably because they were selling larger packs of it on their in-flight shopping? IFE was touchscreen with AVOD but small selection. Service was OK. Considering the price paid this was a bargain for full-service airline.

6/6/2012 J Tung

Taipei (TSA) to Makung and then Makung to Kaohsiung. Taipei to Makung served by A321. Check-in was very smooth and there was no queue. Agent was extremely friendly and helpful. A lot of boarding calls (far too many) in the departure halls. Plane was spotless and comfortable with generous leg room. They served drinks for this very short flight (40 minutes) and a choice of newspapers. Service was very efficient with a smile – much better than most of the international long haul flights nowadays. Crew were very well groomed. Makung to Kaohsiung on an ART 72. Check-in agent again very efficient and friendly. Very old plane and has started to show its age. However still good leg room and very high standard of service. A drink and newspaper were served. Crew again provided first class service to all passengers.

12/4/2010 M Wharfe

Taipei - Hualein - TaiChung. Both flights by ATR72 cabin was clean and comfortable. Very friendly crew. Drinks service on both flights.

12/3/2007 Streb Lovell

TPE-KHH one way. Plane full but staff friendly on time and no complaints. A bargain considering the one-hour flight was only about USD 36.

1/12/2007 Tsang Chow

Taipei (TSA) – Tainan (TNN) in economy class on A321. I made the reservation for me and my 2 children by phone the day before. At the airport ground staff was efficient and polite but they all forgot their smile. After giving the reservation code we received without any problems our boarding tickets and I paid with my credit card. Our flight was delayed for 15 minutes due to late arrival of the aircraft. Although the flight was fully booked the boarding went smoothly. Before entering the plane one had a choice between several Taiwanese newspapers. Most of them were in Chinese but there were also a few copies of English- written Taiwan news and Taipei times. The one class cabin was clean and bright and the seats were very comfortable. I was amazed by the amount of legroom. It was much more than I have experienced on several international flights. There was IFE useless for such a short flight (45 minutes). Commercials were shown all the way during the flight. The FA made the announcements in Mandarin 2 Taiwanese dialects and in English. Both the FA’s and the captain had good English skills. There were 4 female FA young and polite but like the ground staff they didn’t bring their smile to work. The in-flight service was a disappointment. Although it was a very short flight I was at least expecting a snack especially since it was a late afternoon departure. All we got however was the choice between coffee and tea in a paper cup. When I took a picture of the cabin a FA knocked that this was not allowed. After announcing the approach into Tainan the crew didn’t bother to check the seat belts or the position of the seats and table trays. In Tainan we were bussed to the terminal where after a few minutes our luggage arrived. Before leaving the terminal a ground staff of TransAsia checked whether the luggage identification tag matched so that no one could leave with the wrong suitcase.

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