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3/12/2016 Michele Austin

What a fabulous little airline. We flew Tropic Air from the teeny airport at Tower Hill Belize, which is a metal hut with a single airstrip in the middle of a sugar cane field. Our flight to San Pedro on Ambergris Caye was only 20 minutes. The airport's Tropic Air staff consisted of one friendly gentleman, who didn't ask us for ID because our hotel manager (who drove us to the airport) vouched for us. We met both Tropic Air pilots, who were also quite friendly. Our plane was a little 12-seat single prop beauty that looked very new, inside and out. Hubby and I secured the last seat, bench style and very comfy, with plenty of leg room. There was no cabin staff, no beverages or snacks, not even a commode. But it was a wonderful flight, with wonderful customer service at the airport. We wouldn't hesitate to fly Tropic Air again.

7/11/2013 Andre Franca

SAP-BZE-FRS. I had two flights with this regional airline this past month! Ssmall grand caravan planes but both clean and spotless! flights on time crew friendly! Due to the size of the aircraft there's no FA on board. Price paid fair I do recommend if you're flying to Belize.

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