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6/24/2019 Stuart Bailey, Boeing 787-8 (788) seat 31J

I was extremely disappointed with the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner. I struggled to walk down the aisle without banging into seats. I had great difficulty getting in and out of the seat because the space was so narrow, and the toilet lid would not stay up on its own which makes it difficult for men. I am 5.10 and 15 stone so not over large. On the whole a very disappointing experience

6/17/2019 Tracey Marden

Not Verified | Doncaster to Menorca. I'm a very scared flyer and the pilots were amazing. They explained the route and weather conditions, and why and when the Aircraft would be turning to approach for landing. I'm really worried about the different noises in the plane and the reassurance from the pilots really made a difference. Very impressed. Thank you.

6/12/2019 SeatGuru User, Boeing 787-8 (788) seat 6G

Excellent seat and along with 6J. Masses of legroom, nobody behind so you can recline without complaints, you're own overhead locker and two windows to look out of. Right at the entrance so you can board late without having to squeeze down any aisles, and exit first if you want.

6/1/2019 Will, Boeing 787-8 (788) seat 33A

Great seat! Plenty of leg room with a wonderful view of the trailing edge of the wing. Like most window seats you don't have immediate access to the aisle but that's the price you pay for such a great view!

5/30/2019 Kevin Madden

✅ Trip Verified | Rhodes to Dublin. On way back we stood in line for 2 hours to check in. Then again for hour for security check. Then probably another hour for passport control before boarding. We were three hours early but flight ended up an hour late. Elderly and disabled stood for 3 hours.

5/26/2019 Allan Christall, Boeing 787-8 (788) seat 4C

Seats great premion economy cabin crew excellent could not fault anythink about the fight will fly again on the tui dreamliner

5/22/2019 Judith Finley, Boeing 787-8 (788) seat 9D

The sound did not work on the tv screen. the crew were alerted to this prior to take off.A form was completed by a crew member for compensation. The two people sat next to me have had a reply but two weeks on i have not. This was a long flight made to feel longer with no entertainment available. Flight no TOM 1118 on 03/05/19.

5/22/2019 R Johnson

✅ Trip Verified | Girona to London Gatwick with TUI Airways. Everything about the experience was good. Ticket purchase, online check in, airport experience, flight, aircraft and crew were all better than expected. There were no games, tricks, past minute surprises. Would absolutely repeat.

5/19/2019 Filip Konopski

✅ Trip Verified | Aberdeen to Rhodes. This flight was operated by TUI’s sister airline Sunwing Airlines. The flight was included in a 2 week holiday on the island. The flight was full; however, due to it being during the school year most passengers were older or couples without children. One thing I have to say is I was surprised with the service on this 4 hour 42 minute flight. The menu had a wide variety of options and was reasonably priced, but there was no option to preorder a meal like with Thomas Cook or Jet2. The 6 person cabin crew consisted of 5 cabin crew and the TUI Airways Aberdeen base Manager. The crew were friendly, chatty and there to help in the cabin. They made some jokes during announcements, which was great. The pilots were informative. My seat was 8F and offered 29” of seat pitch, and recline which was enough. The toilets were checked regularly and they were clean, but on the small side. The landing into Rhodes airport was smooth but the airport, that is a story for a different time. Overall I am impressed with the flight considering it was the first time I flew with TUI Airways. One thing I do have to say is TUI Airways is a rather expensive airline for scheduled flights. My flight would have came out at around £300 round trip for my dates of travel. TUI Airways is the perfect airline if you have booked a holiday with TUI, just like I did, otherwise there are definitely cheaper options. I would recommend TUI Airways.

5/9/2019 Hennie de Groot, Boeing 787-8 (788) seat 1J

Enjoyed the flight. This service is very nice, especially long haul. We got offered a glass of champagne on the flight to B. A very good beginning of our trip. Back to A. it was a little more crowded in our compartment, but still... I love how I can stretch my legs for a bit. We arrived well rested and a little less anxious. Also, we got on the plane first in Amsterdam, so walking to the plane already felt more spacious. Food was great and so was the crew!! Will make use of this service again.

4/21/2019 Alec Sanders, Boeing 787-8 (788) seat 6C

We were fortunate to fly back from Tenerife South on a Dreamliner as there was a change from the normal 737 8 Max we travelled in January. Our whole family of 5 thought what a lovely way to fly. If only Dreamliners were always used. As they had combined two flights it could possibly be cost efficient to use Dreamliners instead of 737. I would pay a premium for it

4/16/2019 Lewis Humpage, Boeing 787-8 (788) seat 12A

Brilliant aircraft, lots of space and legroom. It makes all the difference even when on short haul. And after got a trip to the flight deck of which is amazing.

4/14/2019 kilkloui28, Boeing 787-8 (788) seat 17A

This TUI Airways Boeing 787- 900 Dreamliner is so nice to fly on to any Long haul destinations from any airports such as Manchester airport and Glasgow airport and Doncaster airport and the lights on the plane are dimmed to different modes for take off and landing mode and different flight mode to help keep you relax and refreshed and when you arrived at your destination and so you are not getting badly jet lacked and the cabin crew are so friendly any if you want any thing from the cabin crew they will kindly get it for you even if you wanted to take things home in memory of your flight and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is one of the most best quiet aircraft in the world when it is flying in the air to any long destinations.

4/4/2019 BJ, Boeing 787-8 (788) seat 2G

Seat not very good for sleeping. Table tray in middle of seat no good for couples or people with children who may want to rest on each other to sleep.

3/31/2019 Lisa Walker

✅ Trip Verified | Manchester to Phuket. Very disappointed with TUI. Long Haul Flight Only includes no check in luggage. 7kg hand luggage is the only allowance included in advertised cost. It is then £35 each way for up to 20kg. It is then £16 to choose a seat. The check in is very long process. Waited 1hr 40 minutes as only 2 desks open for economy. No one checked my hand luggage for size and weight so their policy is void therefore a money making misleading scam. On board the staff were brash and let’s say tired looking shouting out “prosseco £20 Prosecco £20” Entertainment was laughable. Hardly anything to watch. Food mediocre. Toilets! Obviously not checked as smell of urine was strong and tissue not replenished. The whole experience was way below par. Never again.

3/24/2019 Richard Evans, Boeing 787-8 (788) seat 3D

First time we’ve flown on Dreamliner and very 1st time we’ve flown Premium. It was a memorable experience from start to finish. The priority boarding, vip lounge , the seating, the extras the quietness, the cabin crew. In all in was well worth paying the extra and if going longhaul it’s a must.

3/22/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 787-8 (788) seat 026

Showered by water from the air con. Noise and Stink from toilets

3/17/2019 Mark, Boeing 787-8 (788) seat 10F

Good seat with extra legroom. In the vicinity of restroom but not disturbing. Next to exit so you are one of the first economy passengers getting off.

3/16/2019 David Garfield

✅ Trip Verified | Birmingham to Cancun. Had a great flight, the cabin crew were very helpful and looked after us throughout the flight. It was a great start to our holidays and am looking forward to our return flight

3/3/2019 Francis Dunn

Not Verified | Delayed return to UK with TUI Airways due to crew sent to wrong plane at London Gatwick on the outbound journey on the morning of 24/03/2019. They then tried to imply that the Italians were to blame for missed slot! Maybe if they had arrived on time they would have used the slot the were allocated. That was why we were then hungry on the flight and my daughter getting and trying to eat her pasta while we landed.