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11/3/2017 Jonathan A, Boeing 787-8 (788) seat 5H

5H on the dreamliner in shorthaul config for LGW-PMI, what would normally be premium economy, sold as extra leg room. Good amount of leg room plenty of space and the beauty of a Thomson flight short haul on a long haul aircraft is plenty of space for hand lugage in the over head compartments

10/25/2017 Sarah Henderson

✅ Verified Review | I have flown with Thomson now Tui before to the Canaries and it has always been okay. The staff are friendly and there was very expensive food and drinks on offer should you want to buy anything. My biggest issue on my latest flight was the size of the seat. There was literally no leg room. I am only 5'5 and...

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9/21/2017 SeatGuru User, Boeing 737-800 (738) seat 17D

Thomson advertise that all seats on Boeing 737 do not recline, yet the seat in front of me reclined by around 5 inches making a very small seating area even smaller. Also the cabin crew whilst checking the seat belts on take off and landing made no attempt to have the extreemly large man put his seat in the upright position. It'...

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9/20/2017 SeatGuru User, Boeing 737-800 (738) seat 16F

The seat base differs between aircraft for these emergency access seats. Some have standard cushion size others ard shortened and do not give as much support under the leg. Also some do not have net storage on back of seat so limited space for belongings.There is extra space between rows but at the cost of some other comforts.

9/6/2017 Matt Jeffrey

✅ Verified Review | Recently returned from a return trip to Florida with Thomson and as per usual they were fantastic. Aircraft was a 3 month old DreamLiner and it's such a brilliant plane. I'm 6ft and the legroom was perfect with plenty of space unlike years ago when my knees were jammed into the seat infront! Decent choice of...

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8/12/2017 Darren Brushwood

✅ Verified Review | Manchester to Larnaca. The flight was initially delayed for an hour because of technical issues but once boarded we were told that the delay would be up to a further 2.5 hours due to inclement weather over Belgium. We eventually left 2h 57 minutes late. Our flight number BY2334 is constantly late. The seats ...

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7/30/2017 SeatGuru User, Boeing 787-9 (789) seat 32G

Lots of room although close to the toilets didnt bother me at all. The opposite side seemed to have more people waiting to use the toilets. Definately more room on the right hand side of the plane. Would not hesitate to book these seats again

7/26/2017 G Stevenson

✅ Verified Review | I booked my flight through bravofly to go to Mallorca. I loged on to the website to check in online for the flight about 18 hours before the flight. The check in system was not working. I kept trying throughout the day without any luck. The company stated check-ins are open up to 6 hours before flight. This ...

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7/18/2017 SeatGuru User, Boeing 747-8 (752) seat 21F

The plane was old and certainly showed it's age,there was no inflight entertainment on the 6 hour outgoing and return journey. The toilets were disgusting, smelt, floor covering loose. My advice is check what sort of plane you will get and I wonder if they use these old planes across the European countries they fly from.

7/17/2017 J Bream

✅ Verified Review | Gatwick to Puerto Vallarta. We travelled in premium economy both directions and it's worth the upgrade, but only just. Firstly the premium check in was fast, the included lounge access was great. The only part of the upgrade that doesn't work is the bags off first, this didn't happen in both directions. The ...

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7/15/2017 SeatGuru User, Boeing 737-800 (738) seat 30A

Seats 30 abc have no overhead locker , it's used to store some equipment.Having your hand luggage on the floor reduces legroom which became very uncomfortable on a 3.5 hr flight to Funchal. On the return flight they ran out of food & the crew solicited complaints, sggesting tha this was a regular occurance, The company web site ...

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7/13/2017 James Clark

✅ Verified Review | Flew Thomson from Birmingham to Cancun. I read a lot of the company's blurb about how good their Boeing 787 was. I was sorely disappointed. My seat and table were filthy, I asked a stewardess for something to clean it with, I was told that they carry nothing to clean with. I said that it wasn't good enough, ...

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7/12/2017 Leigh Anderson

✅ Verified Review | Sal to Gatwick. The worst flight I've had. I already lowered my expectations but nothing could have prepared me for how bad this was, it ruined the end of a great holiday. Check in lady told me to take the souvenir on board rather than check it in as it would be safer, unfortunately when I got on board it di...

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6/27/2017 SeatGuru User, Boeing 787-9 (789) seat 12J

Sat here next to my partner who was in 12H to Jamaica, there was a bulkhead in-front which limited the extra leg room but I did have enough, I'm 6ft5 so always book extra space or leg room due to being cramped in normal seats. We were banned from using toilets just in front as they were reserved for premium seats even though th...

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6/8/2017 Mel Allan

✅ Verified Review | We booked a 7 day package with Thomas Cook flying from Manchester/Dubrovnik return. Our designated airline was Thomson. We had a pleasant and uneventful flight outbound. On time and crew very good. After a lovely week in Croatia, we had an early morning start to the airport for our return flight to Mancheste...

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6/8/2017 Pat Chamberlain

✅ Verified Review | Santa Clara to Manchester. Travelling back on 30-05-2017 seats 5A/C was the best experience with a stewardess who was fantastic, with great service and always smiling. Our friends who we had been on holiday with told her about our wedding anniversary whilst we were away she put message on screen wrote us a c...

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6/5/2017 G Major

✅ Verified Review | Birmingham to Malaga. Flew with Thomson Airways as part of a holiday package and was really disappointed with the experience. To start with checkin at both destinations was disorganised and there was little or no staff presence managing queues. Flights operated late both ways will little explanation as to wh...

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6/1/2017 SeatGuru User, Boeing 737-800 (738) seat 12F

May 2017 flew from doncaster to Heraklion on Thomson 737 800. Agree with comments seat 11A has no window and seats 12A and 12F only have a very limited partial window view. Didnt matter much on return flight as it was nighttime. Would not recommend any of these seats at all

5/26/2017 SeatGuru User, Boeing 787-8 (788) seat 4A

We had seats 4A and 4C for both flights and were really inpressed. Row 4 benefits from two windows that you have full control over and also a whole overhead bin to yourself. The leg room and seat width are fantastic and even when the person in front reclines there is still plenty of space. You can even still get out of 4a with b...

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4/24/2017 J Steenson

✅ Verified Review | Tarbes–Lourdes to Manchester. What amazing staff on our flight! We were travelling home from a week in Lourdes with HCPT the pilgrimage trust and were delayed. A sing song started and all of the crew joined in, singing and dancing in the aisles, it was lovely to see! Once we took off nothing was too much tro...

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