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6/8/2019 Thomas Desmet

✅ Trip Verified | Brussels Charleroi to Tenerife South return. Both aircraft leased from SmartLynx but despite their age of +\- 20 years, they were well maintained. Both flights left with a delay of 40-50 minutes on departure but arrived more or less on time (thanks to the 30 mins extra flight time most airlines add). Friendly crew. Acceptable choice of food and drinks to buy on board. Will be happy to fly with them again!

6/1/2019 Alexandra Djurovic

✅ Trip Verified | Punta Cana to Brussels on hand luggage only ticket. I'm not satisfied with their luggage policy and customer service on check-in counter. They charged me 30$ for small cabin luggage which I wanted to check-in. The size and weight of luggage were correct (55x40x20cm/10kg) but they said that I have to pay for check-in. On my departure flight from Brussels to Punta Cana I checked-in my luggage without any problem, no charge, but on my way back staff at Punta Cana Airport took 30$ and treated me with disrespect. I will never travel again with TUI!

1/31/2019 Ayoub Benzouine

Not Verified | Paris to Rabat. First thing, there is no online check-in! When you do the online check-in they only send you a confirmation of the reservation even though you choose your seat! Please be careful. I was victim of that. I arrived 5 minutes after they finished the check-in, they didn’t even give me much attention. The staff were really rude and not professional. I do not recommend this company at all and for sure it will be the last time ever with them.

12/18/2018 S Deezin

✅ Trip Verified | Berlin to Fuerteventura. Bad experience, narrow seats, almost no legroom, uncomfortable for a 4 hour flight; for the better seats you have to pay 30 or 35 euros, although the tickets are not cheap. catering is expensive and not good. rude passengers pushing their sears back without asking and even reacting aggressively when you ask them to push the seat back in upright position; Long check in lines, no inflight entertainment, seats in left 11 row have no window.

11/18/2018 Christoph R, Boeing 737-800 (73H) seat 1C

Space for long legs

9/5/2018 Bogdan Stefan Posedaru

✅ Trip Verified | Brussels to Montego Bay via Santo Domingo. Although we had a lot of problems with our flight, TUIFly managed the situation very well. On the day of departure, our flight from Brussels to Montego Bay got canceled because of some technical issues with the airplane. We were really upset because we were supposed to leave for our honeymoon, so all our anger was directed towards TUI. They explained to us what has happened and that we shall leave the next day, so they provided accommodation, meals and transfers. Everything was very well organized and the staff was very helpful. After coming back from our honeymoon, we also filed a complaint for the delay resulting in us missing one night in Jamaica, and the airline compensated us, no questions asked, according to the EU regulations. Now you may say that TUIFly caused us a lot of inconveniences and that may be true. But technical problems with an airplane can happen now and then. It is the way the airline handled the situation after that: great accommodation (Crowne Plaza Brussels), buffet dinner (very good quality), prompt transfers back to the airport, and proper compensation according to EU regulations for delayed/canceled flights. I think that every time we fly there is a chance of unforeseeable delay / cancellation, and it is the way customers are treated that makes the difference. And from this standpoint, TUIFly is definitely 10/10.

9/3/2018 SeatGuru User, Boeing 737-800 (73H) seat 12B

My seat was good the best space of leg room and not near the toilets which is good I rate TUIfly 7 out of 10

7/17/2018 H Deane

✅ Trip Verified | Heraklion to Bristol. A very poor experience both in terms of customer service and travel. We had difficulty with checking in to begin with, to which we were met with unhelpful and impolite customer service. Furhermore, the flight itself (which was already a late one - scheduled to take off at 11.15pm) was delayed by almost an hour with little explanation as to why. Once on the flight, the lights were kept on for an unnecessary amount of time, meaning sleep was impossible. The air-con was on to the max, turning the plane into a fridge, and when we asked for a blanket we were charged £6 which is extortionate for a product that should be provided for free - and is by many competitor airlines, namely BA. We will not be flying with TUI again, and expected more despite the budget prices.

6/1/2018 De K, Boeing 737-800 (73H) seat 10H

Nice legroom, very narrow though. Good recline. A wall in front, but no discomfort of the nearby toilets.

5/29/2018 De K, Boeing 737-800 (73H) seat 10J

Window seat with extra legroom, which was enough for my 1,95m bodylength. The seat has a nice recline. Seats are quite narrow though, resulting in a constant but unintended 'battle of the armrest'. Positioned directly behind a separation screen there is no negative impsct because of the restroom nearby. Note: the map doesn't resemble the exact seatplan. All in all: good value for money. The

5/29/2018 De K, Boeing 737-800 (73H) seat 10H

Nice calm seat with a good recline and extra legspace. Seat is very narrow though.

4/4/2018 SeatGuru User, Boeing 737-800 (73H) seat 10A

I booked Eurowings with extra legroom,but then it was operated by tuifly and seat 10A is in this Aircraft the worst you've ever seen,so tight and no window,4 hours flight and starring on a plastic panel all the time Avoid flying with tuifly !!!

2/9/2018 Shaun P, Boeing 737-800 (73H) seat 5F

Extra legroom seat as are 1-4 however row 6 is not and due to Tui seats not habing a hard interior you can feel the knees of the passenger behind.

1/1/2018 Petr Nosek

✅ Trip Verified | Cancun to Amsterdam. I was scheduled to fly on 17th December, arrived to the airport and went through the check-in and all the security checks. After that, we (as for all the passengers) were waiting to board, which had seemed to start any minute. But it was being delayed every ten minutes for another ten minutes until there was a 4 hour delay at which point the pilots came to inform us there were some issues with the airplane's computer, which they were trying to fix, but they would reboot the computer's system and we'd be boarding in an hour. Another hour passed and the pilots came, saying at 2 A.M. (5 hours after the scheduled time of takeoff) that they weren't able to fix the problem and that all the passengers are gonna be accommodated in a five-star hotel for the night (after we get our visas back and go again through immigration) and that we would be informed what the next step is in the morning. I asked if I wasnt going to go to the hotel, if I could get the money instead, so I can buy food and water in the airport, they said no. Next morning I was waiting for any kind of information about the new flight. There was none in the airport and none on my email or my cellphone. Meanwhile my girlfriend arrived, we said our goodbyes and she left before I had at least some minor information about my flight, although the international departure board was all the time showing that the check-in for my flight was about to begin in 40 minutes. But 40 minutes turned out to be the whole day and at about 5 P.M. the check-in opened for my flight. I was lucky they hadn't changed the terminal because I wouldn't have found out. OK, I went through the check-in again, through security checks again and the flight was delayed again and again and again, unsure to even take-off that night. In the end we departed from a different gate and 25 hours later but we departed. I am trying to make a complaint to get compensation for the delayed flight. There is an official complaint app at the airline's website. It doesn't work. So I wrote an email. They answered that I have to complain at the website's official complain program. I sent another email, saying that for whatever reason I cannot get inside that program. I sent them the official complaint form and all the information they needed to know. Their answer after that was that my email was empty and I have to write a new one. It takes 2 days for them to answer every time. So I wrote a new one.

9/25/2017 W Dorle

✅ Verified Review | Kos to Ostend. It was a good flight and that cabin crew was friendly and can speak at least 3 languages (French, Dutch and English). When you have a question, they will try to help you with a smile. It was a Boeing 737 without entertainment on the flight. It was an older aircraft, but there weren't any problems with the hygiene.

9/23/2017 P Warde

✅ Verified Review | Ostend to Kos. It was a good flight from a secondary airport in Belgium (Ostend, the primary airport is Brussels). There wasn’t a delay and the service on the plane was good (really friendly). It was an older aircraft, but the hygiene was good. It was a Boeing 737 without entertainment on the flight.

8/15/2017 Nikki Edwards

✅ Verified Review | Birmingham to Dubrovnik. We boarded on time we were surprised as we paid for extra leg room and they were all gone apart from two seats but meant we couldn't sit together. On the way back we managed to book them. On the way good flight but I noticed about 6 seats extra leg room were empty. After a quick word with the stewardess we were able to move and sit together. Comfy seats we didn't pay for anything on refreshments or food as well its a rip off. Flight home on time but Dubrovnik was very windy as not the most confident passenger the captain did say it was going to be a rough take off. Yes it was not a good experience but something that was out of their control. Apart from that a good flight home. Air stewards ok a bit snooty which I find most of the time. I would personally use again.

7/1/2017 E Labrela

✅ Verified Review | Chania to Brussels via Kos. I was supposed to fly with my infant daughter and my mother a 3 hour direct trip from Chania to Brussels on 30 June. Two weeks before the flight we received a message that our flight would take 6 hours due to a stopover in Kos Island. I called the airline and asked what it was about - they said no worries, a small stopover, you will not need to disembark. Ok, suboptimal but acceptable til now. On the day of the flight, we check in normally, and when we look to take our seats, they were occupied. I tell the attendants that I must sit with my infant daughter and mother, and they just say to randomly take seats because the plane is totally unoccupied. Ok. We sit. I then ask if we have to switch to our assigned seats on the Kos stopover, because it will be extremely difficult for me to carry the baby, all the baby bags, and my own stuff, wake the baby up (she sleeps at takeoff), and move. They say we'll do our best for you to keep your seats. At Kos we are suddenly announced to disembark because they have to fuel up and the policy is no passengers during fueling (although all the crew remained on board). What a mess. Talked to other discontent passengers, many had huge delays when flying into Chania in the first place (ex. flight scheduled for 6 am finally takes off at 8 am). Then get back on the plane to the assigned seats, try to calm the baby down, etc. Of couse needless to say nobody helped with the baby. I'm glad we arrived safe and that our luggage was not lost. But I would never take this airline again. It's cheap, but Ryanair is luxury compared to TuiFly.

6/15/2017 Olivier Brandicourt

✅ Verified Review | Paris to Marrakech. The plane arrived 4 hours late and we had no communication at all. Then we finally boarded but we waited a lot and could not take off because a passenger fell while onboarding. He got injured but the crew let us in. Doctors came and asked him to leave the plane but the passenger refused to leave. We eventually took off. The crew during the flight was the most impolite I have seen. I did not feel good and asked for water. The woman said she would bring some but never came back. We arrived 5 hours late. Awful experience. Won't recommend this airline to anyone

5/15/2017 V Damourre

✅ Verified Review | Amsterdam to Aruba. The service level of this company is very low. You have to pay for everything on board. During my 9hr flight we have to pay for media entertainment 10euro, Coffee: 2,5euro, Coke, etc. We recieved one meal during 9hrs. You better take another company if they cost 100-200 euro more because it is more than worth it.