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6/17/2019 Fernando L, Airbus A320 (320) seat 20D

Tunis - Madrid : they don’t know the meaning of cleaning, old A320 . Crew staff don’t know how to deal with passengers and some don’t speak English. Toilet was dirt and need to be closed when advises the crew . Food very poor. For sure one of the worst airlines ever

6/17/2019 Richard Barclay

Not Verified | I was very pleased with this flight, it was very well organised. Even though it was delayed it wasn’t a problem. When I got on I thought at first the seats might be a bit old but actually they were very comfortable and then the Cabin Crew were fantastic. They were really charming and very helpful. The flight was very smooth and I really enjoyed it it was no trouble at all.

5/2/2019 Bruce Ayres

Not Verified | Gatwick to Tunis. As has become the norm, the flight was late leaving Gatwick. Not as bad as when I returned to the UK when we were kept wailing for nearly 7 hours with no information about what was happening. Then to be offered £25 as compensation was disgusting. On this flight there were two of us who were disabled and had booked for assistance. When we got to Tunis no one knew (or so they said) that we needed assistance. They had stairs for passengers to use we were unable to use stairs. The Cabin crew just shrugged their shoulders and we waited over an hour on the plane before a clapped out host arrived. Then when we got to the building they only had one wheel chair and the poor porter had to go hunting for another chair. He then had to push us both through immigration and eventually to baggage reclaim. Poor lad was shattered. As a result our drivers had been waiting for over two hours. Not very good service and the staff have no idea about customer satisfaction.

3/6/2019 Trang Nguyen

Not Verified | After more than three flights both internally and internationally that have been delayed significantly with Tunis Air, I warn about the perils of flying with this airline. Unfortunately, there is very little accountability or care to the needs of customers and it has become normal to experience delays without receiving any or very little information. I have had flights delayed between 2 to 8 hours and have come to expect delays all the time. It’s painful and frustrating each time. I don’t understand how this airline remains in business with such poor punctuality record and customer service. Sadly, there’s very little competition thus it continues to trap customers. If you have no choice but to take Tunis Air, just plan for delays and don’t plan connecting flights without a significant amount of time previewed for delays. Avoid if possible!

11/28/2018 V Chamakh

Not Verified | London Heathrow to Tunis Carthage. Plane was at least over 2 hrs late from departure but our return flight was on time. Service was ridiculously slow. Had 2 ask a few time the same staff member for some water. Food was not tasty, however my issue is the dirt and bacteria from a seating position is absolutely disgusting. Filth is not acceptable on that level, especially at the cost of their tickets. Tunisair you should be ashamed of yourself.

9/1/2018 Amine Elkamel

✅ Trip Verified | Over 4h delay on a 1h 45 min flight from Tunis to Barcelona. What’s more frustrating is the lack of information. No Tunisair representative knows what’s going on, what’s causing the delay, or when we will take over. Do not take this airline unless you want to be stranded.

7/22/2018 S Morton

✅ Trip Verified | Tunis to Lyon. Having read negative reviews, I was sceptical. However, I found the experience to be excellent. Although the plane was not new, it was clean and well presented. Boarding was organised and easy, cabin crew were very friendly and went out of their went out of their way to help. Meal was very tasty, for plane food and a gluten free option was available, even although I had not ordered one. The plane was busy, however, compared to many British short haul flights, pax were helpful, polite and quiet. I would not hesitate to fly them again.

6/4/2018 Mina Helmy

✅ Trip Verified | Cairo to Frankfurt via Tunis. I booked flight via tripair with Tunisair to Frankfurt, the flight cancelled and gave me another flight in same day so I accepted, then it was cancelled again and gave me two days late flight. I refused this alternative, it was only 15 days before flight and prices got crazy and they refused to pay any compensation. In addition they sent on mail amount of refund which is less than what I payed( 233 Euro and I payed 344 euro) and I am keeping for 5 days and no clear answer how much will be the refund. Beside Tunisair is not replying at all.

4/11/2018 Ulf Laessing

✅ Trip Verified | Dakar to Tunis. We had low expectations when we booked Tunisair. They offer cheap fares and generous baggage allowance but you have to put up with delays - one hour and a bit in our case and a lot more - the captain allowed his children to sit in the cockpit during takeoff and landings, and the crew was only interested in catering to them and other crew's relatives, placed in three rows at the back. Allowing anyone into the cockpit is a serious security breach but unfortunately the norm at this state airline - you can imagine in case of an evacuation the crew would mainly care out their relatives. Also the AC didn't work, food was lousy and the crew generally crude but the main reason I won't be using them is the security breach. Tunisair is a loss-making state carrier controlled by labour unions which oppose reforms such as scrapping of free tickets for employees - other airlines offer similar benefits but I doubt they allow kids to take off in the cockpit. Also the captain upgraded passengers to business class after takeoff, probably his relatives or friends so why would anyone pay business class ?

3/26/2018 Eric Ludwig

✅ Trip Verified | Our first flight from CAI to TUN (# 814) on Aug 31, 2017 was delayed with initially no delay notification. We were delayed for this flight in the airport for over 4 hours with no food. Once on board the plane, we did not get the vegetarian meal that we requested when booking our tickets. Upon arrival in Tunis a representative told us that our meals, a hotel and transportation to and from the hotel would be provided to us free of charge. We were denied our request for a dinner voucher (after not having eaten all day), shops were closed so we didn't eat dinner. We talked with a representative who confirmed in the computer that we had selected the vegetarian meal option when we reserved our flight but somehow the request had not gotten through the system and he was unable to correct this for our next flight because of late notice to the caterers. So we went on another flight without food. Our flight from TUN to MAD on Sep 1 was again delayed and initially, we were not told how long we would have to wait. During our long wait in Tunis airport, we were given a single meal voucher. The meal that was provided didn't have anything we could eat and it took numerous difficult conversations, and over an hour, and requests from multiple people to get something that we could eat, and only then were we given a very small serving of vegetables, far less food than the equivalent standard meal. The flight 606 from TUN to MAD was delayed, again, past the rescheduled time. No new vouchers or meals were provided. Our flight didn't end up departing until at least 5 hours after the original departure time. We have a photo of the flight announcement board showing this. On the plane, again, the vegetarian meal we had ordered was not provided. Our plan was to be picked up by our friends who drove 3 hours from Portugal but since the flight was so delayed so long, and we were not given information about the delay, even though we asked, that we arrived Madrid past midnight, they had to pay for a hotel to sleep for the night. We were told to wait by the customer desk at Tunisair's counter in the airport, and we waited there for an hour and no one showed up. We had to pay for a taxi into the city, struggled to find something we could eat (having eaten so little in the past days) and pay for a hotel to stay that night. We told our experience to a Tunisair representative in Madrid who said that she would take care of it if we emailed her our experience. We did so, and she never responded. We also emailed several other places in the organization and no one ever responded. We filed a complaint report on one of our return flights, which no one ever responded to as well. In January, I continued to make calls to speak with a person on the phone. I spent hours on different lines, being referred from one place to another with every staffer I spoke to "not having the authority" to do anything about it, nor able to transfer me to someone in their department who could. On January 19th I finally found an agent in your office in Montreal who said that they would be able to resolve the situation, and would respond soon. No one got back to me until I had to reach out again on Feb 26th asking about the status of the claim, and only then did the agent ask me for my home address. After weeks of continued attempts, eventually a response from customer service, addressing none of my complaints was sent.

12/3/2017 Simon Brumfit

✅ Trip Verified | Tunis to London. On the plus side the flight was cheap and left broadly on time. In all other ways this was a truly dismal experience. Check-in was surly to say the least and, given how empty the plane was, very slow. Tunis airport is in serious need of some TLC. It feels cramped and hot and there are remarkably few areas to sit down airside. Onboard the seats were filthy, old and disgusting. Perhaps once the blue leather might have seemed like a good idea, but not any more. The seatback table was filthy. The food, when it came, was delivered with the same surly disinterest as the rest of the service. And it was disgusting. The aircraft was kept at an uncomfortably high temperature. But most shocking was the incapacity of the crew to contain the passengers. On departure there were children in the aisles, window shades down and seats reclined. the moment we landed people were pulling things out of the overhead bins without any intervention from the crew. Baggage took ages to arrive and Tunisair operates into T4 at LHR which meant a twenty minute wait to cross the runway on the way in and a long wait to get a train back to the central area. I've flown on many airlines and I love Tunisia, but this experience was not a fitting end to our holiday.

8/26/2017 C Halil

✅ Verified Review | I booked a Lyon to Tunis, Tunis to Madrid a week or so before travel and the trip was 5 days in length. About 5 day after booking, TU sent me an email about a 3 hour schedule change on the return. This was not acceptable to us and TU offered no other options. I tried cancelling the return but the LYS manager asked how could a 3 hr change effect it and that TU does not have to follow EU rules. Recommend you book on another airline.

1/4/2017 A Hadiam

✅ Verified Review | Tunis to Barcelona. Check in was long even with "dedicated" business desk. Despite online checkin you still have to get a boarding pass at the counter. No fast track possibilities for security checks / customs. Both flights were delayed (20mins and 90mins). Airplane was a bit oldish but legroom was above average. Staff is polite and available. Catering services are cheap. Overall average experience, being on time, catering and inflight entertainment could be improved.

12/6/2016 D Graubard

Nice flight on Tunisair from Bologna to Tunis. Can't do online check-in so got to the airport early and got a window seat. Check-in lady was funny so that is always nice. Plane boarded on-time via bus and took off early. Flight attendants were friendly and served a nice lunch on the 1 hour 25 minute flight. Plane was Boeing 737-600 and it was old! Tray table was broken in 1/2 and the overhead lining was coming down the back of the plane. So I wasn't sure about Tunisair maintenance practices. But the flight was good and we landed on-time and bags were off quickly.

11/7/2016 S Younas

✅ Verified Review | London to Tunis return, and had a very pleasant experience with Tunisair even though was expecting the worst after having read reviews. Check in at Heathrow was efficient but flight was delayed on leaving by <2 hours. The flight was not very busy but crew were really good. We were travelling with young children who fell asleep without asking one of the stewards came and put blankets on both of them. Food was very nice. The plane was old no entertainment but it was only a 2.5 hour flight. Coming back make sure you check in early as they close check in 1 hour prior to boarding. The flight was fully booked and we were given seats separately so this would have caused issues due to one of the children having sat on their own but there were some extremely good mannered gentlemen who swapped seats so that my sister and her 2 children could be sat together. All in all a very good experience and would recommend to any one who wants to travel to Tunisia. The flight was a lot better service than Thomas cook provide to their customers for a lower price.

9/5/2016 Luis Ferreira

Return trip from Lisbon to Beirute via Tunis. Very old aircraft, very dirty. On my way back flight delay, assistence at arrival very bad almost 5 hours to get a solution for the lost Tunisair connecting flight. Lost my bag, stay for the night and next day to Lisbon via Barcelona. So far I did not get my bag, and no contact so far from Tunisair. My advise do not think twice, get other airline, this one is a 'jungle'. What cames cheap, tends to get expensive.

7/13/2016 Samuel Godefroy

✅ Verified Review | Frankfurt to Tunis. On-line Check-in was possible through the Tunisair website. The website had issues being available at some hours of the day during that period (the TU server did not respond). Once accessed though, the procedure was fast and simple. There was no information on lounge access on the electronic boarding pass, so proceeded to the check-in area at FRA. TU Check-in area is in Zone C of Terminal 1 and is handled by AHS. When asked about lounge access, the AHS agent did not seem to know at first. I was then directed to use the Priority pass lounge located in the first floor, area C, before the security area, which is most inconvenient. The lounge was partially under construction. Very basic commodities, poor food quality - potato salad, potato soup and frankfurter sausages. Lousy internet reception of the main FRA internet access provided freely through T-mobile. only salvation was a good coffee machine. Left the lounge early to ensure I go through security and immigration procedures on time before boarding. Boarding was handled by bus (most times for TU out of FRA). Boarding was smooth, although no announcements were made to ensure boarding by zones / classes and for families with kids, rather a general announcement was made for a general boarding, of a full flight. Aircraft was a A319. Business class configuration was 2-2 with larger and seemingly more comfortable seats than economy class seats. It is a plus for this type of leg. LH and other TU flights on this leg offer a 3-3 regular economy class configurations with a blocked seat in the middle. The aircraft looked tired, dirty floors and dirty walls and panels. There is a PTV in the arm rest, which I did not try, so I am not sure if it worked. Now that catering is back to Tunisair, the meal service was good for this type of flight, with a salad (smoked salmon, mushroom), a hot offering with a selection of a beef or a seafood dish. I chose the seafood option, which was quite tasty and nice. Meal service was accompanied with a beverage service. Champagne, wines were offered. TU serves Piper Heidsieck Rosé at this time of the day. A great choice. Although the crew member was nice throughout the meal service (there was only one crew member working the Business class section of 12 passengers), she seemed to be a bit overwhelmed, forgetting requests for beverage re-fills etc. There was a single beverage service throughout the meal, until coffee. Not even another offering of water. The meal service was overall good considering the length of the flight. Overall the crew members were nice, smiling and very helpful. What ever imperfection I noted, I would attribute to a lack of training and the absence of clear direction as to how to handle a meal service. This is truly a flaw in the quality system of the airline and lack of training. Not blaming crew members as individuals. All announcements were made in Arabic and German. Nothing in English, including the safety announcements and demonstration. English should be added. Another illustration of breakdown in SOPs and lack of quality systems. This flight was overall pleasant. Tunisair has potential. Attention to cleanliness and training for inflight service is needed.

6/26/2016 M Morrison

✅ Verified Review | My second flight with Tunisair. I hoped it would be better than the first one but it was worse. The flight was announced with one hour delay 15 min before boarding. They knew it was delayed since the aircraft was coming from Brussels but they just annouced it 45min before departure. After boarding we had a technical issue and the crew announced first that we would be leaving in few minutes and then in 10 minutes. We waited for 1hr 20 min in the aircraft waiting. The crew just avoided being in the cabin, they didnt even offer water to the passengers. The aircraft was coming from Brussels and was dirty. I will try to avoid Tunisair.

6/22/2016 Mohamed Madani

Istanbul to Tunis with Tunisair - the check-in and boarding process at Istanbul airport was efficient. The cabin crew were not friendly and lacked courtesy. The catering is average and only 1 choice of meal. I will only fly again with Tunisair if there is no other option.

5/5/2016 Yann Mohsen

Rome to Tunis with Tunisair. The flight was scheduled at 18:50. We were at the airport at about 16:45. We checked-in without a single problem. We boarded the plane early (18:00) - the plane had personal tv screens (sadly they didn't work, but it was only a 50 min flight). The meal service started about 15 minutes after take off, there was one option, Ham with green beans with a bread roll. There was a bar service followed by hot drinks. The cabin was pretty clean, nice and well maintained. The flight was half-booked so the were quite a lot of empty rows of seats. Tunisair is a good airline and I would recommend.