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1/25/2019 Joe Williams

Not Verified | Ashgabat to Birmingham. This was a last minute booking due to a business meeting back in the UK. The best way to describe the airline is "Disorganised". Ground staff are surly and don't appear to know what is going on and the flight crew are not a lot better. I flew on a 737 which was worn and dirty. Only 4 fare paying passengers in Business Class with 2 flight attendants but almost impossible to get their attention. There were however another complete crew flying in Business to fly the plane back. Ignorant and arrogant is the only way to describe them. Food inedible. No alcohol. No inflight entertainment. Crew constantly going to the toilet to smoke. Cockpit door left open with the Pilot and Co Pilot smoking. When we landed the 2 flight attendants weren't even strapped into their seats. No pre landing checks made. I am amazed that this airline is allowed into UK airspace.

12/9/2018 Sudarshan Sharma

✅ Trip Verified | Birmingham to Amritsar via Ashkabat. No nonsense air line. Great Indian vegetarian food. There was no flight screens, no seat screens. We stopped at Ashgabat for one hour, its nice modern airport with all facilities. The good thing was that the time at Ashgabat and time in India is only 30 minute difference.

10/4/2017 R Beale

✅ Verified Review | Ashgabad to Birmingham. I read some reviews before I flew on this airline so my expectations were pretty low. People were smoking in the toilet throughout the flight, pumped into the circulating air conditioning, it stunk. The stewards did two meals and two coffees in the entire flight. Was a drunk passenger staggering up and down the aisles ranting. I would have expected a steward to tell him to sit down, didn't happen. He must have brought his own alcohol. No TV, no alcohol, no duty free, no WiFi and rubbish food. This was a long haul and expensive flight, if you can avoid Turkmenistan Airlines avoid it. Was a true experience on how not to do long haul. So far out of all the long haul flights I have been on this was by far the worst. This airline makes EasyJet and Ryanair look good.

6/8/2017 M Lewis

✅ Verified Review | Ashkabat to Bangkok. As other flight from Paris, 2/3 full so easy to move seats. Food was worse this flight, barely edible. Plenty of soft drinks, but never had someone hand me a packet of instant coffee and a cup of boiling water. Seats cheapest ever. No in flight entertainment except overhead map. Was way too warm and try getting any staff to come through during flight is impossible. For second time, someone lighting up a cigarette and no announcement to stop it. Stunk up the place. Flight was on time, landed early. Plane seemed new but like other 737. They got the absolute cheapest configuration. I would fly again if I was assured the 737-800 but not the 757-200, as they are 25 years old.

6/8/2017 M Lewis

✅ Verified Review | Paris to Ashgabat. Check in baggage allowance was 25 kg, not the 33, that most others have. Flight left on time, 2/3 full. Plane new, but no entertainment except map overhead. Seats maybe cheapest I've ever seen. Like most 737 planes rows near exit doors do not recline. food was hot, ok, but definitely not the ritz. No alcohol served. Plenty of soft drinks. If you are squeamish, bring your own water and food and entertainment. The big complaint was someone smoking and no one said a thing. It stunk up the whole cabin. Staff emotionless. Price was cheap, so value for the trip was ok. Ashgabat Airport is new, almost no one speaks English and definitely not French. I went in expecting horrid and disastrous, but all in all was a new experience.

4/7/2016 James Smith

Was booked on Turkmenistan Airlines to return to the UK after completing a work assignment in the Caspian. First of all, by their nature, the Turkmen people are standoffish. Multiply this by 20 if they wear any form of uniform, so going through Ashgabat Airport is not an enjoyable experience. The aircraft, a Boeing 777, looked fairly new and as I was flying Business Class I had high expectations. The cabin crew were emotionless and stilted when I was shown my seat, and I was offered a plastic cup of water or Pepsi as a pre-flight drink. I asked if there was any Champagne but was told "No -a lcohol is not allowed" There were only 6 pax in Business Class, but Economy was full. Crew were very lax completing pre take off safety checks, and we took off with 2 passengers with their seats in lay flat bed mode. The minute the wheels left the tarmac the crew released their seat belts and started walking around the galley and cabin. There are large seat back TV screens, but there is no entertainment onboard. Food is served piping hot, but is so bad that it is inedible. Around an hour into the 6 hour flight a male FA plonked himself down in the empty seat across the aisle from me, reclined the seat and then watched a movie on his smart phone. When the seatbelt sign came on for landing at Birmingham the crew went through the motions of pre-landing safety checks, but did not ensure that seats were upright or that window blinds were open. One stewardess was still walking around the galley when we landed. Avoid flying with them if possible!

4/2/2016 A Counsell

London to Bangkok via Ashgabat. I read the reviews for Turkmenistan Airlines before I flew, and thought that if I went in with low expectations then I couldn't be disappointed. I was wrong. The outgoing flight was delayed by 2 hours with no apology and worse there was nobody to be found to explain what was going to happen with our planned changeover. No one at Heathrow knew how to contact them or were even aware that they flew from the terminal! Most of the food was inedible and the in-flight entertainment non existent. Our return flight left Bangkok at 4.40am and when my boyfriend asked for a blanket he was told they were only for business class passengers and babies. The lack of organisation at both check in and flight changeovers was laughable, I've lost count of the number of hours we have wasted standing around in chaos. In short, avoid this airline at all and any cost.

3/21/2016 A Lawes

Birmingham to Amritsar via Ashgabat with Turkmenistan Airlines. Flight time was moved forward by a few hours and we were not notified. When we arrived at airport they were already boarding the aircraft. Fortunately we could still check in and did not miss our flight to India. Staff are a bit disorganised. Seats were allocated so couples sat on opposite ends of the aircraft which did not make any sense. The return flight was due to leave at 9am but did not depart until later in the afternoon. We were not provided with any refreshment or information during the long delay. The aircrew were miserable. No in flight entertainment and food was average to tasteless. The curry spice foods are too spicy hot to eat. If delayed for 5 hours they should have at least provided fresh water and sandwiches in the airport free of charge. No apology, partial refund or refreshments were given.

11/22/2015 Rishi Bansal

London to Amritsar via Ashgabat with Turkmenistan Airlines. Disappointed with the staff and the service both ways of the route and the staff seemed disorganised of what they were doing. We were delayed by 4 hours and we sat in the plane without the staff giving any snacks or water. The seat quality was also bad. The size of food portion was a lot. There is no entertainment on the plane and there are no tv's at the back of the seats.

11/3/2015 Suki Samra

Flew Birmingham to Amritsar via Askhabad return on Turkmenistan Airlines and flights delayed on both occasions due to plane issues at Ashkhabad Airport. Going out we were delayed 6 hours, and 4 hours on return flight. We were made to wait ages before being given any info re flight issues. Staff on flight were miserable and curt when being asked any questions. Staff at airport were OK but due to lack of English it was very difficult to find out what was happening and no-one felt it was important to inform us passengers as to what was going on - whilst we were made to wait in the airport. Water was the only thing provided from airline so we had to pay over the odds for the food at the airport. Would not recommend Turkmenistan Airlines to anyone.

9/2/2015 J Kaur

Birmingham to Amritsar via Ashgabat with Turkmenistan Airlines. There no delays, the food was great but the cabin staff as usual were cold-faced and miserable. There were a lot of chatty passengers that helped make the experience good.

8/22/2015 B Kaur

We normally use Turkmenistan Airlines regularly to fly to India. Have been doing for over 10 years. We will never be flying with this airline again. On the way to Amritsar on the 31st July the crew on the flight were so miserable and safety was of no interest. Although we made it clear I couldn't eat meat when I booked the ticket, they ran out of vegetarian food when it got to me. They just dumped whatever on my tray. I asked what it was and they said lamb. I told them I'm vegetarian and I can't eat this. They said it's all finished and snatched the lamb from my hand and started having what I can only describe (due to the tone only as I couldn't understand the language) as a dig at me between each other. They never seem approachable and quite frankly they come across very annoyed if you call for them. On the way back from Amritsar the wait was only supposed to be 2 hours max. The flight way supposed to leave Ashgabat at 1:30pm but didn't leave until 6:30pm. I get that all flights can get delayed but it's the way the issue was dealt with. First of all we were not told that there was a delay and when passengers started questioning they just struggled their shoulders like they couldn't understand English. Around 3pm they put 4:30pm departure time on the board and when it hit 4:30pm still nothing. Around 30-40 passengers got together to ask where our flight was. The manager said it's gone to Dubai and we asked why. She said she will be back in 2 mins and never returned. The others persons we questioned just kept telling us to go away and were actually laughing at us all. Very offended. There were Turkmenistan Airlines staff in the background looking at us and laughing amongst each other. When I finally got home I realised this is a regular thing. They say 2 hour wait but I'm facts it's been 5 hours for all three flights which my friends were on because the flight goes out to Dubai and back whilst we have to wait. We were never informed of this at all and if I knew I would never have agreed to fly with them especially because of the prolonged wait.

2/18/2015 Andrey Kislyak

Ashgabat to Minsk. Brand new Boeing 737-800. Good seat pitch config 3-3 seats are comfortable enough. There are only TV's in the middle of the cabin there is no other entertainment. Flight attendants are very polite. Good value for money comfortable and enjoyable experience overall.

9/22/2014 Jaz Singh

Travelled from Birmingham airport to Amritsar airport via Ashgabat. Plane looks a bit dated staff are very nice and they gave us food which tasted beyond satisfactory. The seats were comfortable and I was impressed with the leg room. Flight was comfortable but never ending due to lack of entertainment in-flight. I strongly advise you to take a laptop or tablet with you as the flight is long and never ending especially the journey from Birmingham to Ashgabat. Ashgabat airport is lovely and gives you a chance to stretch your legs. There is a bar in Ashgabat airport which provides western food and alcohol. Overall I'm impressed with the airline as the fares are relatively cheap and you get where you want to on time and hassle-free. They just need to sort out the entertainment at least show the maps like they used to. I recommend this airline to everyone.

8/18/2014 Haji Murat

I flew from Ashgabat (ASB) to Moscow (DME). I flight with new Boeing 777-200LR (EZ-A778) which airline has purchased recently. On board is very spacious and beautiful. Everywhere there are plasma screens but the entertainment system is not yet working. The staff is pleasant speak 3 languages: Turkmen Russian and English. Aboard was interesting magazines about tourism learned a lot about the Turkmenistan. Food and drinks was good. New Ashgabat airport terminal 2 looks fresh.

4/27/2014 S Heer

Flew from BHX to Ashgabat. It was a night journey but no blankets offered. Food was not very nice so I took my own with me the drinks were ok. This was on a Boeing 757. No entertainment but I was already aware of this as I had flown with them before the leg room was good. Some staff were nice.

4/1/2014 R Gill

Worst airline and customer service I've seen miserable staff who don't smile. Travelled with them once before and was unimpressed however gave them the benefit of doubt and used them again. Heathrow to Ashgabad 3 seats together for my family which is what I would expect Ashgabad to Amritsar they split our seats how on earth can an airline give a 3 year old a seat on the other end of the aircraft by themselves one seat at back of aircraft one in middle and one at the front. When we spoke to staff they couldn't care less! Last time we will use this airline.

1/13/2014 Rashim Signh

Travelled out to Punjab on 22/12/13. Flight delayed from 4.40pm to 10.40pm. Pilot advised it would take 5hrs 50mins to Askerbad and it landed on time then flight to Amritsar was 2hrs 15 mins and again it landed on time. Waited at Askerbad for approximately 90 mins while crew changed and 757-200 was refuelled and cleaned out. Plane does look a bit dated now no entertainment so bring your own staff are friendly enough and respond to your requests 2 meals and a snack and plenty of bottles of water. Flight back was 2 hours 45 mins to Askerbad and 7 hours 30 mins to Birmingham all went to clockwork only hiccup was some of the luggage was not put on the plane so we filled in a form and handed to the Birmingham Airport rep to forward luggage home by a courier. So all in all pretty happy with Turkmenistan Airways pretty good service and the cheapest flights out to India.

11/1/2013 John Miller

Flight out of Heathrow was in economy flight nowhere near full so had 3 seats to myself food surprisingly top quality but service lacked friendliness. Cabin was shabby and in need of refurbishment! Pilots made no announcements. Flight back to Heathrow I was upgraded to business class without asking. The seat was obviously bigger but lacked the foot extension you get with Emirates business class the seat was also in need of replacement due to shabby arm rests. Service on return flight was very good flight attendants friendly and spoke fluent English. Food plentiful and a choice of three dishes also provided with a flight pack pillow and blanket. All in all flight home was great because of the comfy seat that allows some chance of sleep. My biggest gripe is after checking the web for info on the 757-200 the aircraft is around 20 years quite old but the planes look it.

2/20/2012 K Kaur

LHR-ASB-ATQ. I travelled with my elderly mother and all I can say is never again. Rude FA food inedible no entertainment aircraft old and dirty. Lay over in ASB a disaster we were made to walk from the plane to the terminal and back again and negotiate stairs covered in ice - outside temperature was -17C. Complete chaos in the terminal when issuing boarding passes. Left to sit on plane with door open as they conducted several head counts of passengers! To make it worse it wasn't even cheap to fly them.