Seat Map Boeing 737-800 (738) v1 United Airlines

1A1B1E1F10A10B10C10D10E10F11A11B11C11D11E11F12A12B12C12D12E12F15A15B15C15D15E15F2A2B2E2F20A20B20C20D20E20F21A21B21C21D21E21F22A22B22C22D22E22F23A23B23C23D23E23F24A24B24C24D24E24F25A25B25C25D25E25F26A26B26C26D26E26F27A27B27C27D27E27F28A28B28C28D28E28F29A29B29C29D29E29F3A3B3E3F30A30B30C30D30E30F31A31B31C31D31E31F32A32B32C32D32E32F34A34B34C34D34E34F35A35B35C35D35E35F36A36B36C36D36E36F37A37B37C37D37E37F4A4B4E4F7A7B7C7D7E7F8A8B8C8D8E8FSeat Map Boeing 737-800 (738) v1 United Airlines
Seat Map Boeing 737-800 (738) v1 United Airlines
Seat Map Boeing 737-800 (738) v1 United Airlines

Airplane Boeing 737-800 (738) v1 United Airlines with 3 classes and 154 seats on board. Use airplane seat map to find which ones are more comfortable and which should be avoided.


9/19/2019 Abdallah E, seat 8D

Rest rooms on these 737 800 by United are disgusting. They are too small for even a child to use alone. If a parent goes in with the child - forget it. The sink is so tiny that the water continually splashes onto the floor looking like everyone has peed on the floor. The flight attendants finally gave us trying to clean the floo...

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5/27/2019 Rex Iwaskow, seat 24C

Horribly cramped. Seat pitch much, much too small.

5/1/2019 Abdallah E, seat 31C

The lav has a deep bump-out into the lav space where seats 37D-E-F presumably recline into the wall. The lav is the smallest I have ever encountered on an airplane, no exaggeration. I would recommend against any seat on this plane because of this issue.

1/27/2019 Wayne D, seat 35C

Limited space in overhead bin as lifejackets are stored here.

1/24/2019 Tom J, seat 15F

If you own shoulders, especially a shoulder on the right side of your body, do not select this seat. The misaligned window combined with the lack of reclining makes this a particularly uncomfartable seat. It actually sits more erect than your average seatback’s “full up” position. BAD SEAT!!

1/13/2019 SeatGuru User, seat 28F

Horrible seat. Little to no legroom and very narrow. Also not easy to fit a personal item under the seat. I'm only 5'6" and still felt cramped.

12/22/2018 SeatGuru User, seat 15A

one of the worst experiences flying. They have crammed the seats in so much that if the person in front puts their seat back ones face is about 12" from the seat back let along my knees being right up against the seat. Service was good but simple. I don't understand why they have to cram so many seats in. This is worse than trav...

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11/29/2018 SeatGuru User, seat 27F

Worst Flight ever - the seats are supper narrow. The guy in the middle had wide shoulders and took half of either seat on his side. Only 2 bathrooms in the back for the whole economy and super tiny. Long lines blocking the aisle.

11/22/2018 SeatGuru User, seat 34D

Seat size (34D) horrible: No leg room; knees were pressed painfully for 3 hrs into the seat in front; & endured constantly blinking screen less than 15 inches from my face, unable to turn it off due to arm-rest controls broken. Have flown 100’s of flights & not exaggerating when say this one of worst experiences flying! Cannot u...

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11/19/2018 J.C. N, seat 23C

Foot room reduced due to seat anchor. No more than 10 inches wide. Dont wxpect to put anything under your seat not advised for someone with a 30” femur.

11/19/2018 Howard G, seat GOODSEAT

Good seat. Legroom is good. Seat cushion is a little thin for the 5 hour portion of the trip to Hawaii but for the shorter connections, it's not too bad.

10/29/2018 Albert ALbu, seat 28B

The set was extremely uncomfortable the legroom the pitch is so much substandard. Compared to Delta where the legroom seams better and the chair slides forward when reclined. Shame on United what a difference was Continental. Before booking go to to see what you are getting

9/5/2018 Laurence S, seat 1A

This seat is right behind the bulkhead , so there's actually less leg room then there would be in econony despite this being a first class seat. So if you are tall, stay away from the first row on this plane.

8/17/2018 Jay P, seat C7

No room for floor storage for this specific seat or 7D due to divider layout

8/8/2018 Grant W, seat 32C

Standard economy seat with ample leg and shoulder room. The flight to Roatan was almost three hours. I am 6"4" 280# and was comfortable enough.

8/8/2018 Grant W, seat 24D

Standard economy seat with limited leg room. The flight to Roatan was almost three hours. I am 6"4" knees couldn't fit behind the seat in front of me. I had to watch out for the drink cart the whole flight. Strange because on the was down to RTB I had seat 32C and felt like it had enough leg room

7/4/2018 SeatGuru User, seat B23

This plane should have been retired 20 years ago. It's no comfort to know that it's been retrofitted so many times that the plane's virtually a different model. Comfort is no concern flying a 737-800: there isn't any. Avoid this plane if you can, get the very best seat available if you can't. And hope for a short trip.

6/27/2018 SeatGuru User, seat 31D

Flew to maui in economy preferred and returned in economy. This is worst plane i have ever been in. Only two rear restrooms in resr of plane and no leg space in 31d. Will never fly this type of plsne again. Aldo uniteds srlf check is awful..did not print bag tags twice both ways.

6/5/2018 SeatGuru User, seat ROW31

worst leg room ever experienced on a flight. I sat next to the window in a row of three across and was so claustrophobic on a 7 hour flight, that I could barely manage it. Did not even attempt to use the restroom - could not begin to get out of the seats. This was worse than flying on the lowest of the budget airlines. United ...

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5/23/2018 SeatGuru User, seat 4F

Seat has limited recline due to bulkhead behind it