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9/24/2019 John Till

Not Verified | Simferopol to Moscow with Ural Airlines. Shocking. Without warning we were told our flight had been delayed until 01.15 the next day, and no one at the check-in desk would help us. They continually redirected us to others on the desk who ignored us completely. Then we were told to come back in an hour in the hope...

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8/4/2019 M Ahmed

✅ Trip Verified | Moscow to Barcelona. Airconditioner was not working. They serve you a small sandwich for a 5 hours flight and there is only Tea. No Coffee! Nobody spoke English or Spanish. Even the emergency instructions are in Russian. There was 2 hours delay to take off. I took 2 flights and both were the same.

8/2/2019 Goran Kundacina

✅ Trip Verified | I bought this tickets flight for me and my wife from Paris to Moscow. When I tried to make on-line booking on June 4th I was informed that flight was canceled. I had to make alternative arrangements and instead going directly from Paris to Moscow I had to go through Riga on a much more expensive flight which t...

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3/11/2019 Vladimir Titov

✅ Trip Verified | Direct flight Moscow Zhukovsky to Prague was cancelled and rerouted as Zhukovsky to Prague via Kaliningrad (formally two connected flights but in fact just a stop in KGD) with departure 3,5 hours later without any warning. The representative of the airline appeared in the airport half an hour after scheduled d...

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12/9/2018 Abhijit Mahanta

✅ Trip Verified | Moscow to Simferopol with Ural Airlines. Flight was at 17.00. Till 17.00 no announcement on any delay, no representative of airline available for information. The hotline of call center does not answer, the airport airline office does not answer.

10/18/2018 Dmitrii Egorov

Not Verified | Moscow to Barcelona. The airline is not bad, but there are disadvantages. Hand baggage allowance - the main disadvantage. Once when I was flying from Samara (Russia) to St. Petersburg (Russia) we were on the bus with the doors open at -20 °, everyone was waiting for the late passenger when he approached it turned...

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9/24/2018 David Manaker

✅ Trip Verified | Sochi to Moscow-Domodedovo. To be honest, was a bit worried about flying Ural Airlines. When I looked at the flight statistics for the past 30 days, they had more than 1000 flight cancellations -- far above any other airline in Europe -- and over 2000 delays. As expected, the flight boarded late and we departe...

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9/9/2018 Clayton Thomas

✅ Trip Verified | Yekaterinburg to St. Petersburg. Absolute junk. Flight was delayed by about 10 hours without explanation, in spite of very good weather. Boarding process was utter chaos. Zero communication. No one spoke English, which caused problems for some Chinese passengers who didn't understand the luggage weight limits ...

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8/13/2018 HAIM COHEN, Airbus A320 seat 16D

Feels like Low cost/ charter company

7/13/2018 S Karineva

✅ Trip Verified | Moscow Zhukovsky to Tel Aviv. We booked the tickets for 27 August 2018 and have just received an email saying that the flight was cancelled and out trip postponed for 24 hours. That is unacceptable. Nobody is answering my email while calling the airlines is quite difficult due to time difference. I am so disap...

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4/25/2018 Glenn Surborg

✅ Trip Verified | Kazan to St. Petersburg. At the airport we checked in. The staff was not so friendly they forgot to print our boarding pass. The boarding procedure was quick and organized. The purser welcomed us on board polite and professional. The seat was comfortable with much legroom. We got a blanket and a pillow on a 2h...

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2/28/2018 Steve Rhodes, Airbus A321 seat 23A

VERY tight legroom , only suitable for midgets . Very low service standards , surly , unsmiling , minimal. Departed 75 minutes late , arrived 110 minutes late . That is usual 90% of the time . Avoid !

8/24/2017 M Steiner

✅ Verified Review | St Petersburg to Moscow Domodedovo. The flight was suprisingly really great. Since it is only a 1,5h journey I didn't expect much from this flight. The flight attendents were very friendly and also spoke perfect english. They served a muffin alongside with tee or coffee and a drink (water, juice or a soda). ...

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7/22/2017 Bob Wallace

✅ Verified Review | St Petersburg to Moscow. Our flight with MOD was canceled and we had to navigate virtually on our own through the Airport. Little support, but once we found Ural Airlines they were good. We had to pay for another bag, annoying, but still composed. Check in twice because of ext bag staff helpful and cheery, d...

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1/17/2016 S Rose

Yekaterinburg to Novosibirsk with Ural Airlines. They made me check my carry on bag for no reason as aircraft was half empty. This caused a 30 minute wait in OVB in a terrible bggage area (no WC, crowded). The flight boarded on time, but we sat 30 minutes past departure time without any explanation. A minute before we finally pu...

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11/13/2015 Michael Kulik

I flew with Ural Airlines not very long time ago, and for a regional airline they are not bad at all. The aircraft seemed to be a second-hand one, watching at the seats of different textile, but it was clean, and without any tapes around the windows. The food was good enough, the only thing angried me, that there were no fizzy d...

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6/6/2012 P Gillespie

PEK-SVX. Check-in was fine with minimal fuss. Extremely annoyed at the near 3 hr delay for take off with no explanation offered. Plane was an older A320 but in ok condition. Once onboard I was again disappointed to find most padding missing from seat and a lump under my leg that made the flight nearly intolerable. Luckily my wif...

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4/29/2010 Jonathan Fox

DME-SVX . Check in quick at Moscow although I did arrive early and was surprised to find the check-in already open. Pleasantly surprised to find we were flying on a Boeing 737 rather than an old Russian aircraft. Service and aircrew nothing out of the ordinary but polite and courteous. Cold Meal provided even though the flight i...

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9/12/2008 Phillip Watson

DME-SVX. Arrived two hours before for our flight for Ekaterinburg to discover they had merged it with another to Chita leaving us stuck there for an extra three hours. When I finally found the Urals desk after 30 minutes of searching I asked why they had merged the flights. Well everyone does it why have an empty plane to Chita ...

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