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9/29/2018 Lyle, Airbus A321 seat 2A

No tv or power but wifi has lots of movies.Had my tablet for movies .

8/1/2018 wakefield, Airbus A330-200 seat 33D

My two young boys and I were in seats 33 CDF (there's no E in that row) so we had the row to ourselves, which was great. The issue with this row is that the row ahead is 4 seats, so the screens are not centered in front of your seat. Not a big issue for me, but for my small 6 year old it was difficult to get a good angle to watc...

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5/23/2018 Richard Dexter, Airbus A321 seat 2F

Red-eye flight & could not lay down only 20degree standard recline. Big let down

4/12/2018 Jean peterson, Bombardier CRJ700 seat D

No room at all to move. Not comfortable by no means.

1/23/2018 Sandra, Airbus A319 seat 13B

Excellent Service and the seat room was perfect. I was nervous to fly the 3+hour flight with 3 seats but the room we had made it quite comfortable. Thank you Delta Airlines!!

10/27/2017 CSE, Airbus A321 seat 10C

Seat 10C Dallas to Charlotte on a Thursday night. The flight was full but ran on time. 10C is exit row so there is no row 9 in front. Leg room was amazing, but have to deal with the narrower seat with in-armrest tray table. Even with my relatively slight build the width was tight. The seat pitch isn't great on the old US 32...

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10/22/2017 Thomas Hancock, Airbus A321 seat 2D

This plane was a regular American Airlines 321, not an updated Starlets aircraft. I was very disappointed that although a choice 1st class seat, the seat was uncomfortable and didn't recline nearly was much as I'd like or that other American 1st Class seats I've sat in. While the service was awesome, the variety of food items wa...

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8/12/2017 hthiem01, Airbus A330-200 seat 24C

Flew with my children and au pair, seat row 24 in center; very comfortable despite being in center (usually choose window, but wanted us to all sit together). Only one row ahead of us, so didn't feel crowded. We are all on the small size, so seat size was comfortable. Entertainment system was great; kept the kids occupied until ...

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5/28/2017 John Cliffe, Airbus A330-200 seat 34E

I fly this route a lot. I like this seat for the overnight flight back to Manchester, the aisle is wider here as there are only 3 seats in the middle and easy access to the toilet and galley ideal for a night flight.

3/10/2017 Donald Card, Airbus A321 seat 10A

Working Man's First Class - in all seriousness you cannot lose with this seat. You get ample legroom as well as the ability to recline an stretch out. The only knock is that the seats are a bit narrower than normal but for the average size passenger (I'm 6'2" 290lbs) I don't think you will have an issue.

12/28/2016 Carlos Delgado, Airbus A320 seat 5C

Narrow seat; had to use seatbelt extension. Several indiviuals went forward to use the bathroom while isle was obstructed with food (DRINK SERVICE). Delay in flight departure (weather) affected the flight's food / drink service. Seat (5C) equipped with older audio entertaiment jack. Not sure if hardware was functional.

6/17/2016 Henna Tatham, Airbus A319 seat 19E

This airplane has the worst seating. Your knees are right up to the seat ahead. If the person ahead reclines, there is no place to put a book in order to read it. the seat is right in your face. The tray is split for a reason. It is very difficult to open it all the way for most people. If you are a size 6, it might be ok...

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4/3/2016 Anonymous, Airbus A321 seat 12E

Average size 6' male. No problem with center seat. No IFE. AA needs to rectify thin on the US Airways planes.

4/3/2016 Anonymous, Airbus A321 seat 12E

Average size 6' male. No problem with center seat. No IFE. AA needs to rectify thin on the US Airways planes.

2/14/2016 David Butler, Airbus A330-200 seat 2H

Business class on the Airbus A330 200 (formerly US Airways, now American) is a little bit of heaven. Each of the 20 seats is a cocoon of comfort, designed to offer lots of privacy, plenty of room, excellent Bose headphones for the abundant video and music selections, and the option of stretching out flat on the fully extended s...

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1/25/2016 Tony Burton, Airbus A330-200 seat 8H

I am 6ft and 250lbs and I found this seat fine. Reasonable leg room and width, though with no one sat next to me it is hard to make an accurate assessment

1/19/2016 Kevin Hurni, Airbus A330-300 seat 3C

Very nice plane and seats. Fully lie flat seats, with nice IFE screen and USB port and AC port.

1/19/2016 Kevin Hurni, Airbus A320 seat 3C

This is a fully reclining seat, provided that the coat rack behind you is not filled. There was ample leg room. The particular aircraft used was very old and worn. There is no IFE on American Airlines/USAirways aircraft of this type yet.

1/12/2016 Costa Sarasola MirenG & Rodriguez Julio, Embraer 175 seat 4F

Avión nuevo, los asientos no se reclinan,pero como es un vuelo corto no importa. El avión estaba mejor de lo que esperabamos.

1/12/2016 Costa Sarasola MirenG & Rodriguez Julio, Airbus A330-200 seat 3A

Bien, los asientos se hacen cama, aunque son de lado y no son tan cómodos como si fueran de frente. El avión no es nuevo y tarda 9 horas en llegar a Philadelphia. Pero en general bien.