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6/5/2017 S Ramadki

✅ Verified Review | Moscow to Dushanbe. I had booked on the 7pm flight. When I arrived to the airport there was no record of the flight existing. The UTAir staff weren't helpful, telling me to go to another counter which wasn't open yet. Eventually they told me "they merged my flight into another flight with a bigger plane" (wh...

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5/7/2017 B Rikard

✅ Verified Review | Moscow Vnukovo to St Petersburg. Utair is the worst airline ever. They use 1 small bus even it's already full. Cabin storage full. Cabin staff act like statues. This is my first and last time using this airline.

2/9/2017 D Radojevic

❎ Unverified | Usinsk to Vilnius with Utair Aviation. Departure on time is about the only thing that is ok with this airline. Comfort onboard is non existant since there is no leg room whatsoever. Catering has been abolished and they only offer a glass of water for a 2.5 hrs flight, mind you this is not a low cost airline. Staf...

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6/8/2014 P Sprumont

I returned this week from Tyumen to Munich. Another B-735 this time with vintage business cabin and seats. As I was alone in the section I missed the European-style seats that would have allowed me to completely lie down instead of sitting with a 135° recline! Crew were smiling and helping with more polyglot aptitudes than durin...

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6/2/2014 P Sprumont

Flew last week from Munich to Tyunmen (TJM / Siberia). B-735 with European-style business cabin (middle seat free). Smooth check-in; my coat was taken by a smiling attendant but no help to put my 8-kg luggage in the locker. No entertainment during the 5 1/2 hours journey (red-eye) but more than decent meal with appetisers and go...

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8/19/2013 Georgios Vrontos

ODS-IEV on a new ATR having small screens for the safe announcements and you can see some comics during the 1 hour 15 minutes flight. Flight was full but service was ok - they offered refreshment. Staff were very friendly and we were on time. Overall very nice experience.

11/29/2012 Vladimir Rouvinski

Vnukovo-Irkutsk. An eventful and enjoyable flight. Everything went smoothly. Vnukovo is the closest airport to the city centre and it has also a convenient train connection (the train departs from the Kievsky train station). This helps to avoid the usual heavy traffic of Moscow. UTair uses a new terminal A which is quite handy. ...

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8/7/2012 Yevheniy Kahanovych

I had two short hops between IEV and DOK. Planes brand new ATR. Seat pitch is so so no recline. Overall comfort level was ok. They served a snack which looked uninspiring so I skipped it. The free bar service only consisted of soft drinks. Flights out and back were on time. Considering very reasonable ticket prices will use agai...

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10/11/2011 Vassily Sidorov

Moscow to St Petersburg. Flight was OK food was better than MANY airlines for flights that short. check in for the flight was awfully organized. Several registration points were shared between a number of UTAir flights but obviously weren't enough as there were crowds of passengers. The personnel were slow: I spent about 30 minu...

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12/22/2010 T Waters

Tu154 Moscow- St Petersburg. Creature comforts not up to modern aircraft standards but superb real experience. Food quite good and service good. Do it before the Tu154s become a thing of the past!

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