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5/22/2019 T Mascher

✅ Trip Verified | Moscow to Tashkent. I did not expect much from this airline, however I was pleasantly surprised. The aircraft seemed to be new and the interior was very clean. The boarding started on time, well organized. Both flights departed and arrived on time. I paid a little extra for the exit seat and got a huge space for legs, etc. The personnel on board was average but meals were excellent and abundant, the in-flight entertainment system worked well (funny English dubbing by a Russian speaker, one voice for all actors in movies). The overall experience is naturally not comparable to companies like Qatar or Emirates but nobody expected that quality either. All in all this airline exceeded my expectations and can recommend it to other passengers.

5/7/2019 T Mayhew

✅ Trip Verified | Tashkent to Kuala Lumpur. The worst airline taken in all of my holidays. A week before we departed Singapore they sent an email to inform that flights home to Singapore are cancelled. We wrote in 3 times with no reply, called the Singapore office and the guy was impossibly unhelpful. We had no choice but to make our trip blindly and hope for it to get settled over in Tashkent. Our flight departing Singapore was delayed by an hour plus, and transit in KL, it was again delayed another hour. It happened the same for our flights home whereby new transit was in Jakarta, it got delayed an hour an half. We barely made it to catch our flight home with MH that the airline booked us home on. My luggage was left behind because of this. Flight crew were not friendly, barely smiled no matter how polite we tried to be. And they never once served water after the meal service. We had to keep going to ask for it and they always gave an unhappy look. Seriously, I don't know what kind of service industry this airline is in, because there wasn't any at all. The food from Singapore was okay, but the food from Tashkent was awful. Tasteless and dry. Our flight home was a night flight, yet the lights were not switched off for sleeping. It was a really suffering 18 hours journey home, with no food and no sleep and with unconfortable seats. Such a pity because the country is so beautiful and the Uzbeks are really nice people. The airline crew need to undergo intensive service training for sure.

3/29/2019 O Lesset

✅ Trip Verified | Tel Aviv to Bangkok via Tashkent. The whole family - we are with two young children - 3 years and one year. We were preparing for this flight for long time, because flying with so little children is not a simple task. Before us there was a considerable selection of companies that offer the flight to Bangkok including some Israeli companies with flights even cheaper than Uzbekistan Airways. After much deliberation, we did choose to fly with Uzbekistan Airways because we also realized that the company has improved in recent years, and in terms of flight time with small children it suited and it was important for us to land early in Bangkok, since we had a flight from Bangkok to Koh Samui Island. And from there boat to Koh Phangan Island. The last boat leaves at 16, so landing in Bangkok at 6:40 am promised us an early arrival to Samui without having to stay there overnight but straight to continue to Koh Phangan. I would like to point out that on this journey we left with the full weight, since we are planning a long stay on the island. So it was very important for us that the road be continuous and without unnecessary stops with children and so many luggage. In practice everything happened the opposite! The flight from TLV was delayed in 5 hours. Not speaking about the food and the bad service during the flights, we arrived very exhausted to Bangkok at 13pm. We waited for 3 hours for the next flight (Our flight was at 9:40). We arrived to Samui much later after last boat to Pangan. We had to search for a hotel, carry all the suitcases and children. We arrive to Phangan in delay of day, which included all unexpected and unwanted expenses for taxi, food, lodging, not to mention the levels of fatigue we all came to. I was sorry for the moment when we decided to fly with this company. The experience was terrible, I do not wish anyone!

2/24/2019 S Gurten

✅ Trip Verified | London to Amritsar via Tashkent. It was a horrible experience with Uzbekistan Airways. The in flight attendants were inexperienced. They burned my arm and leg in departure and arrival flights with hot coffee. The staff even didn’t knew how to serve coffee in flight. Then the worse part was that they didn’t even offer First Aid. The food quality, inflight entertainment, broken seats is not worth mentioning.

1/20/2019 Ally Wharton

✅ Trip Verified | An internal flight from Urgench to Tashkent, As the airport is small has only 4 flights a day, check in was simple and fast, no chances of getting lost. You walk out to the plane on the tarmac Ryanair style. The cabin is clean and bright. With simple economy seats on a 3 - 3 fashion. The 4 staff soon had people on board and bags stored. The pre flight briefing was from drop down screens, that then showed a 15 minute video of Uzbekistan in flight. The crew served a selection of cold drinks after take off and this time no one was able to get tea from the business class section of the plane. The flight was straight forward and took around 50 minutes, landing in Tashkent was quick and we were taken from a remote stand to the terminal by bus. Bags where on the belt when we arrived.

1/20/2019 A Wharton

✅ Trip Verified | Tashkent to Urgench. Check in for this flight was simple and straight forward at the domestic terminal in Tashkent. Collecting a boarding pass and passing security took less than 10 minutes. We were bussed to the plane and boarding was simple and straight forward. The 4 crew were pleasant and spoke in 3 languages. Drop down screens gave the pre flight safety presentation, which 20% of the passengers ignored. Take off was swift and the captain gave a simple on board welcome in 3 languages. The cabin crew did not enforce seat belt rule on passengers not using them, but quickly stopped a person having lighting up a cigarette. Cold refreshment's (coke, sprite, juice and water) where served straight after take off, but people in economy walked into the business class section for hot tea. The 1 hour flight was in good weather and a low cruising altitude gave good views from the windows. The cabin was 3 - 3 seats and the interior was clean and bright. The cabin was a bit like Wizz Air. There was no IFE other than drop down screens that played a video of Uzbekistan. The landing was good and the empty airport was simple to navigate. Bags arrived within 10 minutes and we were out of the door into the clutch's of taxi drivers.

11/2/2018 Mauricio Canosa

✅ Trip Verified | Moscow to Tashkent. Fast and efficient check in at the Domodedovo airport with a ample lounge to relax before boarding with great drinks and food choices. Boarding process was a bit chaotic, the plane was full and there was no separate line for business class so it took a while for agents to check documents and boarding passes of everyone in the long queues until I was allowed to board. 3 friendly flight attendants greeted me aboard the beautiful cabin of their new Boeing 787, took me to my assigned seat, hung my jacket, and offered me some champagne, with a refill shortly after. They spoke very good English and were genuine friendly and courteous. They distributed noise-canceling headphones, newspapers and magazines, a cool amenities kit - a nice touch since this was a 5-hours flight - and the landing forms, plus informed lunch would be served shortly after takeoff. Cabin was very nice with ambient lighting and logos and touches of Uzbekistan Airways. Seat was very comfortable but not as private as if it was on a 2-2-2 configuration. Since I had an empty seat next to me, I had all the privacy plus lots of additional space. Right after takeoff, a flight attendant came to offer hot towels, additional drinks with a few small plates, and a food feast began. Several courses were served and I was very impressed by the quantity and quality of the food presented. Even though they did not offer a printed menu, stewardess brought several choices of appetizers, salads, soups, main courses, and encouraged me to try different combinations. Also the desserts, I agreed with two choices, but they brought more and everything was high quality and well prepared and presented in porcelain with Uzbekistan colors and logos, very classy. Shortly after lunch, they offered a tablet with several movies and music programs to choose from. Flight attendants keept checking passengers by offering more drinks, blankets, etc. until Captain has announced the approach to Tashkent. After landing, they went to every passenger to thank them for flying with Uzbekistan and to welcome to their country. As the airplane parked at a remote stand, a bus assigned to business class passengers took us to a private arrival lounge, where private immigration and customs facilities were offered, and the whole process went quite fast. I was very impressed with the warm and professional service provided along with excellence and attention to details. Only aspect to be improved would be the boarding process for premium classes. I recommend Uzbekistan Airways and I am willing to fly with them again

9/19/2018 R Tartinov

✅ Trip Verified | Tel Aviv to Bangkok via Tashkent. From the very beginning at check-in, we felt a rude attitude towards us, but that was just the beginning. We got a place in the middle of the plane and not like in almost all other airlines passengers with children gets seats in the front with more space. Space between the seats in our place was not more than 20 centimeters (with a 9-month-old baby)! 6 hours flight from Tashkent to Bangkok The air conditioner did not work ! The toilet was located next to the business class and when I went to the toilet I was shocked to discover that in the business class the air conditioner was working and even felt the smell of cigarettes from there - unbelievable - the plane was very old and dirty no entertainment systems. The attitude of the staff was not patient and sometimes even rude. The connection in Tashkent was as bad as the flight everything processed very slow the passport check the security check was so slow and not professional. The air conditioner at the airport did not work It was very very hot. There is no normal food to eat, There are only 3 cells in the toilet with a huge queue and the smells were horrible, and finally, they lost our baby stroller!

9/15/2018 T Carstun

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Tashkent. Uzbekistan Airways offers direct flights from JFK. The fleet has some relatively new Boeing 787, but don't expect much beyond knowing you'll get there relatively quickly. There's no online check-in on the website, so arrive at least 3 hours early for international flights and expect to queue. Food is ok coming from NYC, very mediocre coming from Tashkent. Lots of screaming kids running laps in the aisles, so bring earplugs or music. Entertainment system has lots of Russian/Uzbek movies, but the worst dubbing I've ever encountered. Rather than removing the Russian soundtrack, they simply put the English translation over it so that both play simultaneously. The English translation is just that: one guy reading all the male character parts with a Russian accent, and a woman doing all the female parts.

9/12/2018 S Laminova

✅ Trip Verified | Moscow to Tashkent. Our plane was broken. We were 26 hours in airport without hotel and proper food. We could not leave the airport because flight was delayed every 30 min. They promised to fly immediately during 26 hours! We even could not finally enter the plane, which came instead of our one: Uzbekistan Airways simply forgot to re-issue our boarding passes. We had a nightmare crush during boarding, because new plane was smaller vs previous one. We even had an issues with police! finally air company refused us in any compensation.

4/29/2018 Colin Denson

✅ Trip Verified | London to Tashkent. Plane left and arrived roughly on time. Very old, tatty and worn out Boeing 757 with very uncomfortable seat for a night flight and limited leg-room. Cabin crew were friendly but with limited English. Food was tasty. First time flying with Uzbekistan Airways and wouldn't do it again if there were any other direct flights available. All a bit too rough and ready for a 7 hour overnight flight.

3/11/2018 Ieva Mikolaitiene

✅ Trip Verified | Riga to New York. Uzbekistan Airways is the worst airline ever. They are all rude - starting from the customer service via mail to staff on board! They don’t care about customer at all and do/say whatever they like. Do not recommend. The food is okay, enterteinment on board is okay but English is terrible..

2/7/2018 Daler Khamrokulov

✅ Trip Verified | Kuala Lumpur to Tashkent. Worst airline ever with their rude flight attendants and ground staff. It’s the only airline in Uzbekistan and no competition, that’s why they act whatever they want. You can’t complain to anyone because no one going to listen to you! I don’t recommend at all. But food is good.

8/12/2017 Lars Gaebler

✅ Verified Review | Beijing to Frankfurt via Tashkent. Check in at T2 in Beijing was easy and staff where giving priority to business classs passsengers. Lounge was okay even so I would not be happy if I was hungry. Boarding and flight were almost on time whichbin Beijing is almost like a miracle. Flight attendants were not over the top but decent and friendly. Food was not my taste but I guess this is a matter of what you prefer. Transit experience was nice for the lounge but transit staff at Taschkent were not so helpful and for some reason kept me waiting in a corner and could not tell me what for only to tell me then I could walk on now. Lounge run out of beer and food were snacks at best which you have to heat up by yourself. Internet was not working for me. On the leg to Frankfurt last minute change to Boeing 757 rather 767. Plenty of upgrades as a result as economy overbooked. The plane was old not very comfy for sleeping. The 767 before was much better and even so not a full flat seat it was alright to sleep. So seats are dependent on aircraft used. B767 is okay B757 is not. Guess 787 would be okay as well. Things are kept clean, IFE is utterly useless. Transfer in TAS easy if they do or tell you to wait for no good reason. Staff is average, which means like they seem to do their job alright but there was no pleasant surprises in service concept at all. Well considering they were cheap I would say I recommend to fly if all you are really after is a cheap seat with extra legroom. If you want a full business class experience I would avoid them.

10/31/2016 James Hedgcock

My wife and I flew Business Class out and return because of poor reviews. We were part of a group of holidaymakers. The Skyteam Lounge at Heathrow can not be faulted. We found the aircraft to be like many others, with the odd fault - my wife's inflight entertainment selector wasn't working on the return journey but she sleeps so it wasn't a problem. We had very attentive and pleasant staff with a choice of meals and drinks. Alcoholic drinks are available on request. The seats were very comfortable and reclined not too far from flat. On the return journey the Lounge at Tashkent had limited snacks available and alcoholic drinks had to be purchased. Boarding was swift and efficient. TIp - the Duty Free shop on landing is much cheaper than the Duty Free in Departures. We have absolutely no complaints about Uzbekistan Airways. Our fellow travellers in Economy were pleased with their journeys except that they had no choice of food. On the outward and return journeys there were not many Economy passengers. As a result they were able to sleep across three seats. Business Class was full. We read dire reviews of Uzbekistan Hotels too that were completely unfounded. The City Palace Hotel in Tashkent was excellent by any standards. The Asia Hotel in Fargana was another excellent hotel in rooms away from the noisy road. Don't believe everything that you read about Uzbekistan transport or hotels. I hesitate to label previous contributors as 'moaners', but that passes through my mind. Hotels tend not to supply plugs for basins and baths - take your own. Uzbekistan is a developing country and making a good job of it. They do need to make a good push to improve the quality and cleanliness of public toilets, which in some cases can only be described as dreadful. The i.pad has films but even if you choose English language, you get Russian.

10/27/2016 Biswanath Debnath

✅ Verified Review | This was my 9th trip on Uzbekistan Airways on the route Delhi to Tashkent return. I read many adverse review about this airline, but my experience was generally good. All this, however, changed on my last trip TAS-DEL on 26 October 2016. After taking my seat in the business class, I plugged my mobile phone's charger into the power socket on the seat panel. When charging was completed, I pulled out my charger, but, along with it, the plastic front of the socket too came off. One of the stewardesses straightaway told me that I damaged it because it cannot come off on its own, and that I was not careful. This behavior of a stewardess amazed me. This apart, it is unusual that business class passengers would be told something like this. I checked the Uzbekistan Airways web page for a feedback page, but, there was none. They have phone numbers, but no email address for contacting them. No web page like Contact us. As far as I am concerned, they lost me as a passenger.

10/23/2016 V Ranee

✅ Verified Review | We flew to Tashkent on 11 October 2016 from London. This was a night flight of 7.5 hours and we wanted to sleep but it was not to be! This was an ancient plane whose business class seats reclined only a few degrees, it was 2x2 seating, did not taste the food as wanted to sleep. Tablets with pre loaded entertainment was offered. I don't understand why such ancient planes are used on such a route, they have Boeing 787 but these are not thought to be worthy of this route. The washrooms were sparsely equipped. A very uncomfortable sleepless night flight?

10/23/2016 V Ranee

✅ Verified Review | Tashkent to London. After having flown their Boeing 757 this flight was much better. The check in at Tashkent is a dedicated business class area and security clearance. The flight was on schedule. The aircraft was clean with comfortable seats with reasonable recline. The best IFE was the flying map! The wash room was sparsely equipped, with only Air freshener. The food was average. FA spoke reasonably good English.

8/8/2016 Matt Parkerson

✅ Verified Review | New York JFK to Riga. This is a terrible airline. I asked the check-in desk staff about buying an upgrade to business class - they claimed that cannot be done, told me I’d need to buy a whole new ticket. The staff is so incompetent the company actually loses money. Trying to get assistance any from either Air Baltic or Uzbekistan Air both tell you to call the other and claim they cannot help. This is my first and last time choosing Uzbekistan Airways, I blame myself for believing some of these Eastern country airlines would compare to the western airlines. There was no power / USB outlet, no personal tv, and they give you about 6-8oz of water for the 8 hour flight. You have to harass the staff to get more tiny glasses of water.

6/3/2016 Mingxiu Huang

✅ Verified Review | Singapore to Kuala Lumpur with Uzbekistan Airways (HY551). I travel frequently between Singapore and KL, and I can say that it was my worst flight experience on this route. The boarding process was chaotic, I queued for at least 15 mins before boarding. The seat was very cramped and the cabin crew were unfriendly. The cabin was very stuffy before the takeoff. During the flight, there was no refreshment at all, apart from the welcome drink which was served before takeoff. There were PTVs available at every seat but it took me ages even to switch the language to English. I'm very disappointed at this airline, I paid SGD141 for this one way ticket (which is three times the price for AirAsia) and get this kind of horrible service. I will avoid this airline at all times.