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7/9/2016 Helen Curreen

✅ Verified Review | I was really impressed with V Air flying from Bangkok to Taipei. Easy to use website for booking. Smiling staff at check in. Very efficient, even weighed and tagged cabin baggage. Flight lifted off at exact departure time. Plane seemed new. We didn't pre-order food but were able to buy some. Cabin crew did a delightful safety demonstration, smiling graciously and the passengers applauded. Everything spotless, efficient, thoughtful.

6/22/2016 A Verike

✅ Verified Review | Meant to travel Manila to Taipei with V Air but absolutely awful in the end. Our flights changed twice although we booked a month in advance and in the end they changed the flight to the day before we were supposed to fly out. After calling them we found out that a refund is the only option viable in our situation so now we are left with no money (refund will take around 90 days) and no ticket with our visa running out tomorrow. Never again.

3/26/2016 Gregory Martinez

✅ Verified Review | Kansai to Taipei with V Air. Delays and more delay!! I was informed two days before the flight, that my flight time would be changed from 12:30 to 20.15. I got to the airport, two hours before the flight time, and it took an hour to check in. The queue was horrendous. At check in we were informed there were no delays. When we got to the gate, there was no plane. Departure time came and went without any announcements. The plane arrived at about 20:45. We didn't leave until 21:30. We didn't arrive in Taipei until after midnight. I could have gone on Jetstar for the same price at this time. The crew were very apologetic for the delay and quite fun. We got a meal included in the price but nothing can make up for the huge delay and very poor communication.

2/19/2016 Tim Martin

I booked a group of 11 passengers on a flight from Don Mueang to Taipei. The flight was scheduled to leave at approximately 1:30AM. For some reason the flight was delayed for well over 2 hours. Not much of an explanation was provided. Due to the flight delay our group missed their connecting flight in Taipei. Had the flight left on time we had 4 hours to make our connecting flight. With the extensive flight delay we were unable to make that connection. The V Air staff were not very helpful at all in trying to contact our connecting flight airline to see how we might be able to make our connection. Their customer service response to a request for an explanation on what happened and why more assistance wasn't provided was useless. I have pasted their response below "Dear Tim, According to our policy, V-air has no compensation for flight delay less than 4 hours. Apologize for any inconvenience caused. Sincerely yours, V Bear". Not very helpful at all. I certainly will not be flying with V Air ever again in the future.

1/8/2016 John Duffus

Bangkok to Taipei. Having now taken four flights on V Air, my comments remain virtually the same as my earlier review. I arrived at the newly opened international terminal at Bangkok's Don Mueang airport about 90 minutes prior to the scheduled departure. Check-in took less than 5 minutes even though the plane was around 85% full. The aircraft pushed back 35 minutes late but arrived precisely on time. The seat is comfortable with more leg space than is usual on budget carriers, my pre-ordered meal of chicken teriyaki was excellent and the FAs are efficient and cheerful. One even came to my seat to welcome me back having seen me on my last flight almost 5 months earlier! I wish all budget carriers were of a similar standard!

8/16/2015 John Duffus

I have taken 3 flights on V Air and found it a surprisingly pleasant experience. The aircraft seemed new, the FAs were very efficient and the meals (pre-booked at a discount) tasty. On the latest TPE/CNX flight I measured the seat pitch at 32". If this is accurate, then it puts many of the long distance flights on legacy carriers to shame. The first flight in May was held up an hour at TPE due to runway maintenance. The other two this month both departed within 10 minutes of the advertised schedule. It's about time there were low cost carriers between BKK and TPE. I will happily take V Air for future trips.

8/9/2015 D Rose

V Air is a new budget airline in Taiwan, owned by TransAsia airlines. I had a ticket from Taipei to Bangkok. However, there was a typhoon that was predicted to arrive. I called V Air call center to ask about the possibility of cancellation and they assured me that the typhoon would pass before my flight and I would be able to board and that they would not change my ticket. However, the flight ended up being cancelled 4 hours before departure anyways. I received a cancellation notice via e-mail nearly 6 hours after the flight was supposed to depart. V Air then pulled the plug on their call center and any calls into the call center received a message in Chinese and were summarily disconnected. They then posted an updated schedule on their website that indicated that my flight was rescheduled for the next day. I arrived at the airport and tried to check in, but they said that my reservation was cancelled and that they would contact the customer service to see if my flight would be rebooked. The staff had no idea what was going on and gave us tons of conflicting information. Then they gave a trainee the responsibility to deal with the group of increasingly angry and upset passengers. And this went on for a couple more hours, but you get the idea. Ultimately, we were rebooked on another V Air flight a few days later and provided zero compensation. To sum up, this is the worst traveling experience I've ever had. Avoid this airline at all costs.

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