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7/2/2019 D Veltan

✅ Trip Verified | Denpasar to Ho Chi Minh City. After seeing how their website looks like and the many bad reviews I was really worried about the flight. The check-in staff was friendly and did not weigh the hand luggage. The boarding, departure, and arrival were on time. The plane was what you expect for a low-cost carrier. No...

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7/1/2019 Anders Pedersen

Not Verified | Huế to Ho Chi Minh City on 29/6 2019 on their morning flight, a newer, well maintained, clean A320 leased from a company called (according to the aircrafts livery). I had a tight international connection 2 hours later from another Terminal in SGN and had been anxious for months where I could make it as...

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6/27/2019 K Pataporn

✅ Trip Verified | DaNang to Bangkok. Vietjet Air was half the price of the full-service competition. Both flights were operated by Thai Vietjet, the only difference being the plane staffed by Thai crew. At check in, the line moved quickly. When I asked for an exit row seat, the agent said that she couldn't assign one because I ...

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6/22/2019 Joseph Wone

✅ Trip Verified | Ho Chi Minh to Chu Lai. Arrive at airport 8am for 10am flight only to be told flight cancelled. And my flight now scheduled for 4pm. This not the first time VietJet Air have done this with the standard excuse that they sent me a SMS 3 days ago to inform me. A search of my texts revealed no such notification. S...

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6/22/2019 Christian Larsen

✅ Trip Verified | Ho Chi Minh City to Chiang Mai. I read so many complaints about Vietjet. We flew with them 3 times and for the price they’re great! Modern aircraft, comfortable seats, friendly and caring attendants. Essentially, they’re the Southwest Airlines of Vietnam. Just read the clearly listed baggage fees and rules and...

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6/16/2019 M Shaw

✅ Trip Verified | Phuket to Ho Chi Minh City. The worst airline for delays. I have flown with them multiple times over the past few years and every single time there is a 1-4 hour delay in the airport. They also tend to book out a flight, email you several days before the flight to tell you that they have moved the time forward ...

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6/15/2019 R Cade

✅ Trip Verified | Phuket to Ho Chi Minh City. Choosing to fly with Vietjet is a mistake I have made a few times now but won’t be making again. At the start of our holiday our flight going out was delayed, we were told via email a week before the flight. This is something Vietjet love to do. You pay for a flight at a certain tim...

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6/11/2019 Alexander Langer

✅ Trip Verified | Phu Quoc to Ho Chi Minh City. It was the most relaxed low budget flight I had. Service at the check in; very kind, very polite & 1,5 Kg overweight of my hand luggage; no issue. Didn't had to pay extra fee. Delay only 10 minutes. Boarding was Smooth and quick although the flight was fully booked. On board servi...

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6/11/2019 C Johnson

✅ Trip Verified | Worst airline ever! I was supposed to fly with them from Phuket to Bangkok on June 10th. However, I was 5 mins late for checkin and they refused me to checkin for the flight, even though I could have easily made the flight (still more than 50 mins to go before departure and it was a domestic flight, moreover t...

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6/10/2019 S Pakaporn

✅ Trip Verified | Phuket to Bangkok. The flight got delayed and they didn’t let us check-in (well, we were late to check in but they could’ve helped us since the flight was 30-40mins delayed) so we needed to pay for the extra amount to get on the next flight (which is like 4hours apart) when we can easily make it on time for th...

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6/10/2019 Kaleb Aylsworth

✅ Trip Verified | First flight was delayed by 1.5 hours. Missed my Vietjet connection. No refund or book to next flight. Spent night in airport lobby and paid the cost of my ticket again to fly another airline the next morning. They only give 15 kg for checked baggage, and 7 kg for carry on. This is half the norm for checked ba...

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6/10/2019 W Yang

Not Verified | Ho Chi Minh to Kuala Lumpur. Bought two extra check in baggage online, credit card went through and deducted, the website proceeded to print boarding pass page. Wanted to recheck the total check in luggage bought, but not shown on the website. In the airport when dropping baggage, it only stated having one of the...

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5/31/2019 M Chang

✅ Trip Verified | Worst customer service. During our 1.5 hour flight from Hanoi to Bangkok, no drinks were given out. Anything from snacks, food & drinks must be paid via cash. During the entire flight aside from when they were trying to sell something never once walked around to check on the customers on the plane. I missed m...

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5/30/2019 Damka Dinh

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Ho chi Minh. This is my first time and will be the last time boarding this airline. The ground service is unacceptable and unknowledgeable. We had a Visa problem, then we rescheduled from VJ802 to VJ806 with the late fee of 2,7778. When we paid the fee, I asked at service counter that we were able t...

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5/25/2019 H Gernen

✅ Trip Verified | This airline is incapable of operating a single flight on schedule. Arrived at the Airport to learn that my flight had been rescheduled to start 2 hours later. Of course I had not received any notification of this. On top of the reschedule it was still delayed by almost one hour. Looking at the departure board...

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5/21/2019 M Han

✅ Trip Verified | My flight was VJ813, from Ho Chi Minh City to Singapore on May 20, 2019. Cabin crews were so careless about many passengers using phone during taking off time. Also before landing on the ground, same things happened. Cabin crews were walking around but did not even mind to tell those passengers to turn off the...

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5/20/2019 K Sherwin

✅ Trip Verified | Phuket to Bangkok. While there was a delay with boarding time, the flight took off on time. Great all male cabin staff, very attentive and friendly. Would definitely fly with them again.

5/15/2019 Keith Tong

✅ Trip Verified | Ho Chi Minh to Singapore. Check in was slow and the departure gate was the kind where you have to board a shuttle bus to get to the plane. The aircraft was parked at the far end of the airport, just in front of the cargo terminal. Talk about cutting costs. There were 5 flight attendants with more males than fe...

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5/14/2019 Luu Vu Vu

✅ Trip Verified | Taipei to Ho Chi Minh City. Last time I didn't buy check-in luggage first and worried about higher price if I buy at check-in counter. But the price is not so high with normal price (buy at website). The staff are very friendly. Super cheap and good service.

5/14/2019 Thuy Phan

✅ Trip Verified | Tokyo to Hanoi. On the golden week holiday in early May I had a flight from Japan to Vietnam. I thought I couldn't book tickets. Thankfully, I got cheap tickets from Vietjet Air. It's cheap price, new plane, and friendly crew. I am very pleased.