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4/25/2018 Gary D Springer

✅ Trip Verified | San Francisco to Indianapolis. I was on my last leg of journey home from New Zealand. I flew out with American, an then Fiji, Air New Zealand, Jetstar in New Zealand and they were all great. The staff on Virgin America need to fly with these airlines and learn how to smile, be friendly, and not look grouchy. A smile goes a long way.

4/18/2018 H Vordan

✅ Trip Verified | San Francisco to Indianopolis. Nearly empty flight, so there was plenty of space to stretch and move about. In-flight entertainment and food ordering was easy using the touchscreen. Food was decent; there was an accessible box of water bottles towards the back. I do wish they would clean the IFE remote and seatback pockets though.

3/24/2018 Stacey Kaleh

✅ Trip Verified | Austin to Kahului via San Francisco. Virgin America has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Our flight, booked months ago, was canceled approximately 48 hours in advance. All we received was an email. The links in the email directing you to get a refund or reschedule were broken. The flight status was not even available until about 24 hours in advance. My husband and I both called the recommended phone number and were put on hold for over 2 hours and then hung up on. The next day, we called back and were put in a queue. It took over three hours to get a call back. When we finally talked to a human being, we were re-routed to customer service and then hung up on. Flights have gone up in price since we booked, and they would not give us a refund that would cover the price of a new flight or book us on another flight the same day, which means we will lose money pre-paid on hotels and rental cars at our destination and have to pay out of pocket for the difference in a last-minute flight to get there. They just do not work with you at all or even try to understand your needs or respond to you in a timely manner. I will never be booking with Virgin again, and advise customers to beware — if your flight is cancelled due to the airline itself (where they should really step up to assist you), you may not even receive a full refund and may not reach your destination.

3/23/2018 Darby Childress

✅ Trip Verified | San Francisco to Nashville. Horrible customer service! Booked this flight months ago and upgraded to exit row at extra fee. 3 hours before flight my seats were given away. My party was disbursed throughout plane. Rude attendants. I have extreme anxiety and other health issues and those were not considered.

3/22/2018 L Neale

✅ Trip Verified | Newark to San Francisco. I am trying to return home on eve of a major storm. I usually fly UA but not satisfied with their service including 1st class so I thought give Virgin America a try. I am on a paid 1st Cl ticket and flight out ok. Food very good seat not lie flat but fine for length of flight. One complaint no lounge in SFO. I am at the moment trying to make a change to an earlier flight to avoid getting stuck by cancellation. The online link to modify it in is dead and have been on hold for 45”. The press one for call back option is also dead. I realize it is a mess for them with merger as well as storm warning in progress but one reason I fly 1st is for better service in this kind of service. And BTW no lounge in NY airports

3/19/2018 G Heal

✅ Trip Verified | Chicago to Portland . Terrible customer service by the staff. I was sitting in 4D (aisle seat) on a relatively empty flight, the 3rd which is an upgrade row was completely empty so I saw no harm in moving up a row and making myself more comfortable. But the flight attendant approached me after the doors were closed and in the most obnoxious, loud and embarrassing way proceeded to inquisition me loudly about my assigned seat, and that this was an upgrade row that “I have to pay to sit in”. The row sat empty the entire flight and the flight attendant continued to be rude to me. Terrible customer experience.

3/11/2018 C Peale

✅ Trip Verified | San Francisco to Fort Lauderdale. I’m not sure what has happened to the art of humbly and kindly displaying hospitality in the air, but the crew aboard the Virgin America flight VX 1340 9:30 am on 3/10/2018 to Fort Lauderdale was extremely unprofessional and not eager to be courteous. Early on in our flight, the captain placed the seatbelt sign on due to turbulence. I needed to use the restroom as I glance back I saw a gentleman standing and waiting near where attendants were sitting in their quarters. They were laughing, giggling and flirting with the passenger as he stood and waited for the restroom to become available. When He went into the restroom, I stood up to wait exactly where he just stood, only to get a very rude toned request to sit while I wait. I asked why that gentlemen wasn’t addressed in the same manner to only have another rude response followed by the two employees speaking poorly of me as I entered the restroom. For the remainder of the flight, the stewardesses treated me very poorly and made me feel extremely uncomfortable with nasty stares. At one point I was watching a movie, and the head stewardess, not having any interaction with me prior, came over in an aggressive manner and waved her hand in front of my face, with no smile asked me if there is a problem here she should be aware of, when I said no, because I was not about to have any further aggressive and rude comments thrown my way, she asked again are you sure, I felt bullied on this flight. It is my hope that you will address this behavior for future passenger experience.

3/8/2018 Hayden Henderson

✅ Trip Verified | Dallas to Los Angeles. The whole process was terrible I arrived at the airport a Hour early, waited in line until it finally became my turn to get my boarding pass and everything. Well the man helping me get checked in kept walking away from the computer to help other people and finally comes back to my counter and told me “you missed your check in time by 10 minutes” (10 minutes of my own time he spent not helping me get my boarding pass.) After explaining to him I had to be on that certain plane for a family emergency. He told me it wasn’t his problem and I should have been at the airport earlier if it was important to me. Flat out most disrespectful attendant I have ever dealt with but doesn’t end there. He got me another plane that brought me to San Fran airport then had to wait 3 hours to board another plane. And Recharged me a 35$ fee for layover when I already bought protection on my original tickets. When I tried to tell him I already paid for flight protection he walked off and got another attendant to help me. Then when I finally got on the plane all the flight attendants were rude. I ordered a “free” beverage and it took over 45 min to get (no turbulence) Overall first and last time ever wasting my time with Virgin Airlines. Do yourself a favor and avoid their airline unless you like to be treated worthless!

2/26/2018 Cynthia Valdez

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Virgin America from Dallas to Los Angeles. Let’s start on how incredibly rude and unhelpful the agent at the gate was. When asked if she could help with arranging my seat to an aisle seat for the extra cost, she simply said that the aircraft was full, never even looking up at me. Then quickly starts talking to her coworker without letting me get in another word. Once on the plane, I noticed that their was several seats open. I knew that these were not no-shows as the last person who was called for the flight was standing right behind me when boarding. But the bad customer service doesn’t stop there. The flight attendants were even worse. My boyfriend had asked a flight attendant for an item and she responded with a shouting “hold on!” We didn’t understand why she had shouted it since we were simply asking for our order. It wasn’t as if she was helping anyone else at the time. She was currently helping us. The second flight attendant wasn’t any better. Just simply rude in her tone. Seemed as if she was bothered with anyone. To make matters worse my baggage got lost! Since I had a late flight there wasn’t any stores open by the time I left the airport. The baggage was returned within 24 hours however, I picked it up since it was a four hour delay in delivery. This experience was by far the worst I’ve had with any airline and I travel a lot for business. I will no longer recommend Virgin to anyone. American Airlines has just as nice planes with much better customer service. My 3 stars are for the plane, the entertainment and the one flight attendant who overly apologized for the two rude agents.

2/25/2018 Debra Lene Washington

✅ Trip Verified | San Francisco to Orlando. I could not believe an aircraft of this side that offers movie, music, games and TV entertainment did not have earbuds available for purchase. I sat in flight for 5.5 hours with basically nothing to do. What a gruelling experience. Although this is my first time flying with Virgin America, next time I hope my employer will make a better choice.

2/20/2018 Joseph Robert Goodrich

✅ Trip Verified | San Francisco to San Diego. Virgin seems not to have the super positive attitude that Alaska has. The passion and enthusiasm seems to be waning. The airline is nonetheless Leaps and Bounds better than United or American or even Southwest. The aircraft was clean and comfortable. The snacks and beverages were top-notch. The staff however seemed to be distant and indifferent. This is the opposite of Alaska where the staff is so passionate and helpful. The departure and arrival were prompt and punctual. All in all, the flight was very good. I just wish the staff seemed to be more connected and not so apathetic.

2/15/2018 S Archer

✅ Trip Verified | San Francisco to Dallas. Yesterday when I was checking in for my flight today, I decided to spring for the upgrade to the exit row. I was re-assigned seat 9D. I printed my boarding pass at home. At the gate, the agent took my boarding pass from me and handed me a different one. I didn't notice till I got on the plane that my seat had been switched to a non-exit row 7A. When I brought the discrepancy up to the flight attendant she said I had to go back to the gate agent to rectify the problem. It took a few minutes to swim upstream to get there and by that time the gate agent was coming down the gangway and he refused to help me and told me to take it up with customer service. When I went to the seat on my boarding pass 7A, there was a child sitting in the seat next to his mother who was in the middle seat. When I sat down in the aisle seat, the other passenger asked me to move to another row since there were other seats available. There were two open seats in Row 9 so I went to sit in one of those and the gate agent and flight attendant insisted I could not sit there even though I had paid for the exit row. The gate agent was incredibly nasty and threatened me that if I didn't go sit in the back of the plane he would throw me off the flight. At no time did they ask the woman who put her kid in my seat to either move or let me sit in the aisle seat. As I had an important meeting in Dallas, I did find an open seat in the back of the plane. The flight attendant was by this point thoroughly embarrassed and came back to apologize and brought me a glass of wine. She was great but I will never fly Virgin America again.

1/21/2018 Chi Duong

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to Orlando. Not really worth the money. The first time I flew with them from Orlando there was a 2.5 hour delay without advanced notice. They stated the reason that there was a lot traffic in LAX. I wish they could have let us know earlier, not when we were at the gate. The second time I flew back from LAX. My car seat was missing and then they delivered it to my home later in the week. However, the car seat was broken when we received it. I called them to locate the missing part so that we could fix it ourselves. People that spoke to were nice but they did not do anything to help me solve the issue but told me to call different departments. Finally I was told to call central baggage which is voicemail only department. Called and left voicemail twice but never got a call back. Our car seat is for our new first baby which is designed for use up to 2 years and we could only use it for 2 months. Another thing is that I wasn’t asking them to pay or compensate, I was just asking to help find and deliver the remaining part to us so we could put the car seat together and fix it ourselves but they never contacted us to give us an answer. The ticket was $350 round trip but our car seat-strolller system cost about the same. It’s even more costly to fly with virgin America. I don’t recommend this airline.

1/11/2018 A Mardan

✅ Trip Verified | Boston to San Francisco on Sunday morning, January 7, 2018. It was the worst situation and the worst customer service experience I have ever encountered. The water in the plane was frozen so our flight was delayed taking off. I was seated in the very last row of the airplane and when the repair crew was trying to defrost the water they kept the exterior door open. It was windy that morning and the outside temperature was around -6 below zero. I put on all the layers of clothing I had with me but was still completely frozen. I asked for a blanket or some sort of assistance and the flight attendant just kept saying no ma'am but the repair will be done soon. This went on for about 40-45 minutes with no resolution or even basic assistance. Every time the flight attendant walked by me visibly frozen, upset and uncomfortable he just kept repeating it will be warm soon. This is outrageously bad customer service and I recommend that no one ever make the mistake of flying Virgin America.

1/7/2018 Nitza Merhav

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale with Virgin America. Air quality in cabin on both flights was very uncomfortable, it was hot and circulation was poor. The crew were less than friendly at FLL checking in and there was only one person handling the massive travellers checking in for all three rows. Our seats were very uncomfortable. Virgin is not what it used to be.

1/2/2018 Ethan Phua

✅ Trip Verified | Seattle from San Francisco. Although there was no lounge available (Los Angeles has a lounge), the flight was better than the previous one. First Class gave us priority check-in, priority security check, priority boarding and they all saved time and came in useful. The seats were comfortable and this time, the flight attendants were extremely nice, friendly and approachable. Service was just excellent. They served food for the short 2h flight and it was delicious. Of course, a negative point of first class was the IFE being in the armrest which was inconvenient. However, the IFE was easy to use and very responsive. It also had sufficient content. Virgin America provides free messaging services and it worked well on my WhatsApp as I was able to stay in contact with my friends although it was a little slow.

1/1/2018 R Yarcy

✅ Trip Verified | San Francisco to Newark. Virgin America used to be my preferred airline because they used to be very good with their service, even if their price sometimes is higher than others. But this time was different, flight attendants had bad attitude, took them forever to get some water, and I was forced to paid $50 for a worthless kennel by their staff (I never had problems with my original kennel before). That kennel could barely fit my dog, My poor dog (sized small) had to sat in that little piece of junk from San Francisco to Newark. The staff even said if I don’t get their kennel then I have to wait for their next flight. If I did not have to go to work the next day I would take it to their office to make it right. However, this will be my last business with Virgin America. So good luck to whoever flying with their pet by Virgin America.

12/31/2017 E Bazella

✅ Trip Verified | Palm Springs to San Francisco. The experience has gone from bad to worse and we haven’t even boarded the flight yet. Making the reservation ended up in my having to cancel what I had already booked because they wouldn’t let my small dog on that flight. So an agent in Denver assisted me in canceling that one and booking a new one. However he forgot to assign seats. When I discovered this error 2 days before the flight, I was told there were no free seats left and would have to pay $60 for premium seats. I should have fought it because it seemed like an agent error but I paid it. Then we got to the airport and paid another $100 for the bags. So for a short flight, we paid $160 just for seats and bags not including the actual flight which was around $475 including $100 for my dog. I kept getting flight status emails for the canceled flight, nothing on the new flight. Once we arrived at Palm Springs airport, the flight was to board at 4, take off at 4:42. At 4:15 and no plane at the gate, we asked the agent for an update. Then we were told there’s a mechanical problem, no plane will arrive until 5:30, take off around 6:10, an hour and a half past the scheduled time. When I expressed how horrible Virgin is, the agent agreed and said it will all be Alaska Airlines after April 2018. We finally left Palm Springs 3 hours after the scheduled flight at 7:20. Once in SF), we waited 30 mins for our bags. Worst experience in the US ever!! Oh and no free drinks, no apologies, the customer service was very sad.

12/31/2017 Ethan Phua

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to San Francisco. This trip was average, considering we had booked First Class. First Class did come in useful during check-in, security and boarding, where we were given priority. However on board, the service was like Economy Class. Other than having a wider seat and more legroom, the IFE was stowed away in the armrests and took ages for me to pull it out. We could not watch anything on it while taxiing, taking off, climbing or descending. The flight attendants were nice when talking to me, but did not smile.

12/25/2017 Owen Pampo

✅ Trip Verified | San Diego to San Francisco. Virgin America was nicer than Southwest. Entertainment was fantastic, seat room wasn’t that great but the view of the pacific was beautiful. I would definitely fly them again. It was very easy to get tot the gate because it was so close to security. I got priority security & boarding for $15 extra. The flight was much cheaper (nonstop) than Southwest, so I only spent like $75. Alaska Air & Virgin America have merged so only have to use/earn mileage points on Mileage Plan (Alaska).