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7/1/2019 Rishad Patel

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to Goa. Vistara boarding in Delhi was super fast as they have a dedicated line for different levels of their card holders. Also they give you 5 kilos extra once you have a silver card which is very useful as it becomes a 20kg allowance. Boarding was 10 minutes late for which there was an apology by the captain once on board. Seat space is great. Had 2 empty seats next me as well. They served a full meal on board - not excellent, but not bad. Staff were very professional and helpful. Arrival on time and priority bags on the belt before I reached them.

6/19/2019 Ankit Kumar Pandey

✅ Trip Verified | Pune to Delhi. It was my second flight journey and I was with my wife and 8 month old Infant. I went pune by spice jet and came back in Vistara so in comparison, Vistara is much better in all the things ground staff and crew member. First they had a seat belt for infant that other cheap airline do not have; second there are some special safety instruction for infant, in Vistara , the crew member asked me if I wish to listen instruction in Hindi or English and I choose English. This thing is very very important for me because if it is about safty of my Son I would like to listen in hindi only in which I am more comfortable. Again after giving me the seat belt for infant crew member asked me if I know how to use that and when I said no she helped us. Crew member and ground staff in Vistara do not behave like a Robots and that is very important thing

6/18/2019 Ishan Pai

Not Verified | Mumbai to Goa. I flew with air vistara for the first time and my experience with them was amazing. It was also the first time and route where this airline was operating a Boeing 737 instead of A320. Even though my flight got delayed by an hour but as soon as we entered the flight, the cabin crew had smiles on their faces and were greatly looking after their passengers throughout the flight. Would definitely fly Vistara in the future.

6/7/2019 Manidipa De

✅ Trip Verified | I was travelling with my 4 month old baby for the first time and chose Vistara for its good reviews and in-flight comfort but it turned out to be one of my worst experiences. The cabin crew handed me the infant seat belt without any instruction. When the flight started moving, cabin crew instructed me to feed the baby during takeoff but by that time my baby was frantic and started crying and I was stressed out. Had the instruction and been given bit in advance, I could have prepared so to avoid inconvenience to my baby and fellow passengers. No clear instruction was given about how the seat belt has to be tied for an infant. A cabin crew came to inspect the seat belt before takeoff, she said it has to be tied around the infant and attached to my belt but did not wait to see if its been done correctly.

6/2/2019 S Ubaid

Not Verified | Delhi to Srinagar. One of the best airline. Very friendly staff unlike other domestic carriers. Smooth transition right from check-in to boarding. I will recommend this to everyone.

5/9/2019 Bhavin Shah

✅ Trip Verified | Srinagar to Mumbai via Delhi. Very helpful cabin crew. Good ground staff. Excellent quality food. As of now best airline in India. From cleanliness to comfort perfect experience.

4/24/2019 Saif Ali

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to Kochi. Food facility and air hostess service are very helpful. They provide every required needs With very sensitive manner.

3/28/2019 Anna Whyte

✅ Trip Verified | Bagdogra to Delhi. Without the fantastic and amazing service given by the staff and management at Vistara Airlines, I would not have been able to fly that day. I have a traumatic brain injury caused by a stroke and am extremely sensitive to noise and crowds. This is the worst airport I have ever encountered. I have flown there before so I was already feeling panicky. Luckily this time my 20 year old son accompanied me. Due to the roadworks throughout Sikkim, we had taken a private taxi early morning to reach IXB in time for our flight. We were very early so stopped at a good, quiet restaurant 15 minutes away from the airport. I took into the restaurant my BOSE sound cancelling headphones and silicone ear implants to make sure they were charged and ready for the impending chaos. We arrived at IXB 2.5 hours prior to departure. This airport has no priority security, no priority check in., no O disability facilities, NO lounge. To call it an international airport is a joke! As soon as the taxi pulled away I realised that I'ld left my headphones and silicone ear implants plus charger in the restaurant. I had a panic attack. My son sat me down in the shade where I vomited numerous times while he contacted the taxi driver and the restaurant. They had gone. My son has headphones so he gave me his but by now I was shaking and suffering Aphasia (inability to speak). He contacted Vistara staff who took me into the managers office, organised water, a calm and quiet space and informed us that they would board us last and 2 members of staff would accompany us through security. They helped my son with bag check in and boarding passes while other staff took care of me. They also helped us with items which we had left at the helicopter office. My son had an early morning flight from Delhi to Stockholm the next day. We both agreed that without the help of Vistara's amazing staff, in the worst conditions possible for my disability (IXB), he may not have made either flight as he would have been forced to take me to hospital. A big thank you to the Vistara Airline manager, who personally accompanied my son through security, and the professional staff at IXB and on board the aircraft. I first flew Vistara 1.5 years ago and have not flown another airline in India since then. This is India's best airline by far. The app works, the web site works and the level of service is far above most international airlines.

3/22/2019 Harish Raheja

✅ Trip Verified | Kolkata to Port Blair with Vistara. Excellent flight with tasty quality food, comfortable seating arrangement, far better than other domestic airlines. Landed before time. Colourful and beautiful flight.

3/14/2019 C Banil

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to Chennai. Spacious seats, early boarding and on time departure and arrival made for a positive first impression. My wife, toddler and I flew Vistara because of the higher quality of service and in flight food, because that's one less thing to deal. We were late to the baggage claim belt and Vistara had staff trying to contact me by phone and were even able to contact my family to ensure we got our checked in baggage. What more can one ask for these days. Highly recommended.

3/4/2019 Fathima Samah

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to Cochin. The aircraft was new and seats were good and food was okay. But the ground staff was impolite and even the supervisor at arrival airport used improper demeneor while we presented our concern. Customer support takes forever to respond and no follow up.

2/24/2019 Rajeev Sud

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to Mumbai. Very disappointed with Vistara. I paid the premium price for Vistara expecting a flight better than the budget airline. The only positive was a free meal. The flight was late, the cabin was cramped with minimal leg space.

2/7/2019 SeatGuru User, Airbus A320ceo & neo (320) seat 4A

Actually Vistara's Seat 4A a premium economy seat a fantastic comfort and and brilliant services by the staff of Vistara A320NEO.

12/25/2018 R Rani

✅ Trip Verified | Hyderabad to Delhi. Flight is good, but customer support is worst. I had to cancel one of the passenger travelling with me. Called customer care and he confirmed the ticket was cancelled. But I did not receive any refund or at least any message/mail confirming that the ticket was cancelled. When I requested them to send me cancellation/refund confirmations, they simply send me another link to pay 300Rs. For what I don't know the reason. Neither the refund amount around 1300(which informed by customer care executive) is also not reflected in my card. I dont mind 1300 but this airlines should have courtesy to send me cancellation receipt/message which I need to file in my company expenses.

12/21/2018 Sarah Moore

✅ Trip Verified | Cochi to Chandigarh via Delhi. I was traveling alone in India for business. As a female, this wasn't the most comfortable experience. I had to go from Cochi to Chandigarh to see a vendor so I booked this flight at the last minute. When I got to the airport I learned about the weight limit for carry-ons. I begged and pleaded for them to make an exception because I had work materials and several other important items. I offered to pay for the bag but they said they really weren't able to allow weight overages in economy class. They could only do so for business class customers. The two agents tried hard to help me get an affordable business class. We weren't able to find any that were affordable, but they tried just about every thing they could to ensure that my bag was tended to. In the end they put special labeling on my bag and did virtually everything they could to make sure my bag made it to my final destination. This meant a lot to me, given the circumstances. I've never seen service like this at an airline. They genuinely cared about my seemingly stupid luggage concern. The actual flight was great - organized boarding, great snacks, friendly airline attendants, and easy flight. This was so comforting and calming to me during a stressful time. Will definitely be flying with them again because I know that their service is impeccable and that if anything goes wrong they will do everything they possibly can to make it right.

12/4/2018 A Madilya

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to Chennai. I wasn't able to upgrade to Business class multiple times. The voucher upgrade that they offered through their CV frequent flyer program you would never be able to do so. It's only allowed 1 hr before departure which in a domestic route is full since they only have 8 business class seats. I have this feedback to them on my earlier flights as well when I wasn't able to upgrade. What a shame, I was just starting to like them.

11/5/2018 Priyanka Ghosh

Not Verified | Chennai to Kolkata. One of the best experience I ever have had. Crew members are very cooperative. This flight had many passengers who were actually patients. The behaviour of the cabin crew towards them was really appreciable. Food I opted was veg and was tasty and served hot. The flight landed before time. I must specifically mention that the interior of the aircraft was a very modest one with light music being played. I wish Vistara continues this quality of service and quality of aircraft maintenance in future too.

10/16/2018 C Haloudry

✅ Trip Verified | Awesome crew members. The crew are the greatest asset who provide exemplary service. I would like to thank the team on board in UK 753 Delhi to Ranchi on 15th October 2018. Please compliment the entire team on my behalf.

9/24/2018 Anurag Dave

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to Ahmedabad. Vistara is one of the best airlines that I have flown with. I had booked the ticket from my cell phone just a few hours before departure. During check-in, the agent upgraded me to Premium Economy. As I was entering the aircraft, I told the flight attendant that I was feeling dehydrated and if I could have a glass of water. She instantly gave me a bottle of water. Vistara served complimentary breakfast during the 1 hour flight from New Delhi to Amhedabad, but what really set Vistara apart was their outstanding customer service.

9/13/2018 Sumesh Dudani

✅ Trip Verified | Lucknow to Delhi. I have flown with Vistara earlier and recently in August. Overall, what I like about this airline is that staff is friendly and helpful both on ground and in cabin. Seat pitch and quality is very nice plus flexibility to choose preferred seats is added advantage. On board services are very good and aircraft interior is fresh. Only thing I felt was that while flying on short route the food given in premium economy was at par with the normal economy and they used to give a welcome drink earlier in premium economy but I didn't find that in this flight. Plus the quality of refreshment was not good as I have experienced earlier. But overall on long flights, its very good and overall a worthy option to choose for flying in India. Eagerly waiting for its international flights now.