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10/1/2019 M Kantin

✅ Trip Verified | Miami to Medellin. They advertise "additional services" prices on their website, such as adding carry on baggage to a flight (included with most other airlines), that are cheaper when booked online versus at the airport but their website will not process these purchases so you end up forced to pay exorbitant f...

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9/16/2019 S Marhan

✅ Trip Verified | Juliaca to Lima. Worst airline ever. Charged me £20 to print my boarding pass. Also the cabin baggage cost was too excessive. I am used to travelling in no frills airlines in Europe, but this was the most excessive and purely intentional fleecing.

9/13/2019 D Geare

✅ Trip Verified | Cartagena to Medellin. I can understand airlines and non-refundable ticket, but not refunding the extra charges such as luggage when you cancel a flight is ridiculous. I had to cancel the flight with Viva Air because the schedule did not work out. I had prepaid the luggage fees, but this cheap airline refuses ...

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7/27/2019 P Agnew

✅ Trip Verified | Hands down the worst company I’ve ever dealt with in my life. I booked a ticket from Lima to Barenquilla with a connection in Bogota. Paid extra for hold luggage / fast lane boarding on both. Got to Bogota only to find our luggage on the caracel. It shouldn’t have been there. We were told at check in it would ...

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7/23/2019 M Heale

✅ Trip Verified | Tarapoto to Lima. Worst experience ever! Do not fly Viva Air. To begin, we had to fly standby on the way out because they overbooked the flight and then they blamed us. On the way back, after paying extra for selected seats, extra for baggage, we were required to pay extra for a printed ticket even though my r...

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7/19/2019 Chelle Clark

Not Verified | I have taken over 30 flights in the last 18 months and this one has created the strangest policies designed to rip you off at checkin. I had downloaded my ticket to my phone as I don’t always have a printer handy. Therefore I was charged 12 USD for a printed ticket that I never saw but I was handed a boarding pas...

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7/19/2019 Plamena Mihaylova

Not Verified | Worst company ever! Flight was rescheduled for 10 hours earlier without notification and we missed it! The other flight from Medellin to Cusco got also rescheduled 3 times without notification. First promise to refund then deny it always in a written format. Will never fly with this company! Avoid it!

7/10/2019 Heriberto Ivanov Pinto

✅ Trip Verified | Cartagena to Bogota. Worst airline ever, very bad customer service and they will charge extra money for absolutely everything. Printing the boarding pass (they do not provide copies on pdf or email), seats (there were no free seats anywhere in the cabin whole plane and all of them are cheap seats) even small l...

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7/8/2019 Andrea Bell

✅ Trip Verified | Cusco to Lima. Worst airline ever. Before we even arrived in Peru they changed our flights twice, as much as a day so our whole tour was effected. Today our flight was cancelled and only option given was later tonight so we missed our connection to Iquitos which affects our Iquitos hotel Booking and Amazon tou...

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4/4/2019 Q Royine

✅ Trip Verified | We booked a flight from Cusco to Medellín which took us 3 times longer than it should have. Our flight got rescheduled two days before from Cusco - Lima - Medellín to cCusco - Lima - Bogota - Medellín, which prolonged our traveling time from 6 hours to 15 hours. Delayed twice, which almost made us miss one of ...

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4/2/2019 John Jepson

✅ Trip Verified | Took 2 flights which have left me in no doubt that I will never fly this airline again. Our first was Pereira to Santa Marta. At check-in my wife's regulation cabin bag was deemed too large (by 5 cms) & would cost in excess of £20 to place in the hold. This bag has met the requirements of every other airline w...

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3/30/2019 K Starden

✅ Trip Verified | Bogota to Pereira. I was charged as much as the ticket cost because my 5kg backpack was 5cm too tall. It ended up fitting perfectly fine in length in the baggage bins, I have travelled all over the world with this same backpack on many different low cost airlines. For me this feels like a scam.

3/18/2019 Agus Bobadilla

✅ Trip Verified | Cartagena to San Andres. They never sent us mail or warned that we had to print the tickets in advance, or they would charge us 34,000 cops (12usd) to print the tickets. It had never happened to me to be charged for printing tickets at the AIRPORT. In addition to that we were charged the tax to enter the isla...

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