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7/13/2018 Thomas van Woerkom

✅ Trip Verified | Work required me to go on very short notice to London, so I decided to fly with VLM which offers you three flights per day from Antwerp to London City with their Fokker 50. Decided as well to fly from Antwerp as they offered reasonable prices for their flights, while my usual airlines I usually take from Amsterdam or Rotterdam were extremely expensive for just flying of less than a hour. Arriving a touch early at Antwerp Airport, check-in and security were quite quiet, so it was just a matter of a few minutes to pass both check-in and security, while waiting to board (Very small airport, so don't expect much to do after security.) Once the aircraft was ready to board, it was just 15 minutes to be fully ready to start up and depart. The Fokker 50 they were using was surprisingly neat and clean from the inside for an aircraft of this age and was quite spacious to stand in the aisle. After an on-time departure out of Antwerp, the flight was quite smooth and the flight attendant started to serve us with a complimentary drink and snack of your choosing, while the flight crew kept us up to date about their procedure into London City and the estimated time of arrival, which to me was well done. Turbulence appeared into approach of London and landing was on-time. The most surprising factor of the flight was that the noise was quite low for a turboprop within the cabin. After a on-time landing, the boarding was quickly done in a safe and mannerly matter and all that was left was to wait for our luggage to arrive on our belt, which probably was the longest wait.

6/14/2016 S Curtis

Very poor customer service team, My flight was cancelled and I've been waiting from the of May for a refund. I was told it takes 7-10 days to be transferred into my account, I phoned 3 times to follow this up, the staff were rude on the phone, did not listen, spoke over me saying its done repeating themselves. I still have not received a refund, phoned today and spoke to the most unhelpful lady , who did not listen to my concerns and did not offer to follow it up. I asked to speak to a manager and was told there is no manager, this is obvious in the poor customer service provided by this company.

3/23/2016 Colin Pay

My wife and I flew VLM from Southampton to Antwerp return on a Fokker 50. Left and arrived on time both ways. Only about half full on way out and three quarters on the return. Had a free beer and snack. Fokker 50 is on a par with more modern turbo props on these short flights. Antwerp airport is a breeze, in a rental car and away within 15 minutes of landing.

8/10/2015 O De Block

Why do we always want to fly the big airlines? VLM has the efficiency of a budget airline, the service of a high value airline and the punctuality of a German airline. They have friendly staff and after landing you are out of the airport in 5 minutes. Moreover book well in advance and you have a very attractive fare.

8/4/2015 Kevin Foley

Cabin crew fantastic as always. Have flown every week with this airline since it started in April 2015. The flights were 104 euros return. The cheapest flight now for a commuter to London is £204 euros if you book months in advance. That is 4 times the price of Ryanair. If you don't book in advance a commuter flight is well over 300 euros. It's just not worth it travel to Cork or Dublin and save yourselves thousands a year if you commute regularly.

6/11/2015 M Fitzgerald

Excellent flight, more leg room than other airlines, 1 cabin stewardess who was excellent and tended to all passenger requirements, served all passengers with complimentary food with drink (which is unknown nowadays). Good old fashioned service and customers do count. Flight from Waterford VG425 7th June.

9/26/2010 S Potts

RTM-HAM return in F50s. The outbound flight was delayed by about 20 mins due to high winds but the captain kept us informed. There was only one member of cabin crew on this half-full flight yet he managed two full drinks rounds in the short flying time. The return flight was relatively uneventful and arrived on time. For the return fare VLM/CityJet do offer excellent value for money with a full service in economy.

4/12/2010 S Potts

LCY-EIN. The VLM brand is no more (but the ticket still stated VLM). You have to use the CityJet website planes are in CityJet livery and china and glass have been banished in favour of the bog-standard cardboard cups. I tried checking in online but there was a problem with the system. I cannot remember the last time the online check in went smoothly with VLM/CityJet. I eventually managed to do so. Passage through LCY was quick and efficient due to the extra security they've installed and the fact it wasn't a busy period but it was a bit manic at the gate as the ground staff didn't seem to know what they were doing. Consequently we left 20 minutes late. Once in the air the flight was fine (about 70% full) cabin crew managed one bar service and one tea/coffee service during the short flight and handed out Belgian chocolates (at least this VLM feature has been retained). I don't think VLM's standards have slipped due to the takeover by CityJet apart from online check in but the staff at LCY need to get their act together.

2/10/2010 Simon Smith

LCY to ANR. Flight left late due to chaotic scenes at the gate ground staff came twice through the plane checking names against boarding cards (obviously having not done it properly first time). Flight otherwise good attentive staff good service.

11/5/2009 Gerald Chapman

LCY-Antwerp unable to check in on line for no apparent reason. On arrival check in machines also refused to accept flights to Antwerp. So joined long queue to the 3 check in desks that operated for all the Cityjet flights. Eventually checked in only to find that the security queue snaked through the airport building almost to the doors! Not sure what went wrong but staff were eventually cherry picking those passengers whose flights were imminent to go to front of queue. By contrast the flight both out and back on 30th oct were smooth and uneventful.

10/21/2009 Simon Smith

LCY to Antwerp again. This time my booking had been transferred to Air France system and my eticket details had been incorrectly coded as a paper ticket. Unable to check in online so joined another long queue. Had to go to ticket desk where agent blanked me took a phone call and then started talking in French. The convenience of the flight is good but the staff are buffoons who really need urgent retraining.

9/17/2009 Simon Smith

LCY-Antwerp. Disappointing experience. Long queue at baggage drop due to only one attendant being present. A second eventually appeared but was inadequately prepared - did not have the key to work the baggage belt. Stood there for 5 mins totally ignored whilst the attendant made a barrage of calls to remedy the situation without even a 'sorry to keep you waiting'. Flight OK but I find the Fokker 50s poor and noisy in comparison to the 146s. Overall the same level of mediocrity and couldn't give a stuff attitude that affects so many airlines these days. I would suggest some of their staff need to be sent for re-training.

6/17/2009 W Brandoe

LCY-AMS-LCY Economy. Great flight on 146/RJ85. Seats a bit tight widthwise but made up for by excellent crew and good food/drink. This on a 45 min flight. Spoilt by disorganisation of KLM - we had flexible tickets and wanted to change our return flights. Were told by KLM staff at the machines "no you can't". Then sent to "check-in assist" where it was clear our flight would be long gone before we got to the front of the queue. Eventually went to ticket counter and asked for refund and a new ticket for our new flight which sorted things out. Then back to bag drop - which took as long as manual check in would; they also must have special selection of staff who can say "have a nice flight" in the most insincere way possible.

6/7/2009 M Heather

LCY-AMS-LCY on codeshare with KLM / CityJet on RJ85s. Both flights on time. Outbound flight nearly empty return flight full. On both flights a drink and a (good) sandwich were offered (although as the outbound flight was mid morning breakfast may have been more appropriate!). Cabin crew attentive on both flights though they were rushed to serve all passengers on the return flight given the heavy loading.

5/10/2009 P Cleeren

ANR-LCY-ANR friendly check-in staff and friendly flight attendants on both flights. Good sandwich free drink including a small belgian chocolate before the landing is a nice touch for such a short flight. Good seat pitch.

3/21/2009 J Watkiss

MAN-LCY. Very empty flight. Very friendly crew punctual and great views of the city on the eastern approach into city airport. Arrived early fast baggage delivery.

12/31/2008 Roy Stilling

MAN-LCY. Arrived at MAN about 1hr 45mins before departure and had to wait about 20 mins for check- in to open. I tried to use the self-service machine but couldn't get it to accept my eTicket number. Once check-in had opened a friendly agent spotted that I was only carrying hand baggage and pulled me out of the queue and successfully got me checked in using the s/s machine. Gate (03C) was announced about half an hour before boarding. Gate area is on ground floor directly opening onto the apron and was very poorly heated! Boarding was by bus to the aircraft at a stand. The plane a Fokker 50 was very cold on boarding but soon warmed up once the engines were started. Internally it looked a little tired but who cares on such a short trip? Seat pitch in row 8 was excellent. Inflight magazine said 32 inches but it felt more than that. Cabin crew did an excellent job of serving lunch (cheese or ham rolls) drinks and a chocolate to the quite full flight in the short time available (they also handed out boiled sweets before pushback). The flight continues from LCY to LUX and continuing passengers don't have to disembark - virtually everyone who boarded at MAN disembarked at LCY though. All in all a very pleasant experience. I usually only ever fly between Manchester and London at times like Christmas when there's no/poor train service but the convenient location of LCY for me (living in Kent) means that I would consider this route again - especially if I can't get a cheap advance ticket on the train in which case VLM's fares are often a quite reasonable alternative.

12/13/2008 O Banderas

Frequent traveller AMS-LCY-AMS. Outstanding ground boarding (no buses) and onboard service. Very nice seats and catering more extensive than on other European carriers on a 40min flight. Cabin crew friendly and attentive. No baggage problems and biggest delay so far is 40min. I hope now that AF- KL bought VLM they dont change anything at VLM!

11/25/2008 Christopher Adam

LCY-MAN. Excellent service on this short-haul domestic flight. Flight attendants offered omelette sandwiches and rice pudding as well as a choice of hot and cold beverages with the complimentary meal. The ticket was only marginally more expensive than taking the train or a no-frills airline. Despite a very busy Friday evening at London's City Airport and a fully-booked flight we landed in Manchester on schedule.

11/22/2008 D Lijnzaad

This little airline is brilliant. Antwerp to London City. Antwerp is probably the best little airport in the world free parking 10 minute check in simple walk to the plane no fuzz. London City airport is the best airport in London so slightly above mediocre. VLM F50 clean and fitted with great new interior. Staff very friendly and despite short flight two drinks and a sandwich with a smile. Wish this service was available on more routes in Europe