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6/27/2019 P Rayle

✅ Trip Verified | Mexico City to Los Angeles. Worst airline I've ever flown with. The flight was delayed, they changed the departing gate twice, boarding the plane was a total mess, people pushing and the attendants not doing anything to make the boarding process more organized. They did not pass the correct immigration forms before landing Once we landed and got to the gate, they waited 25 minutes before unloading the passengers. On the return flight, I tried to do it online and their website is a nightmare. When I got to the airport, they had given me the wrong information so I had to walk all the way across to reach the Volaris counter. Again, I tried to do it online without success so they told me that I had to wait in line. Their terminal was a complete mess. There were not enough attendants and once I finally reached one, they had a problem printing a boarding pass for me because the computer had me as Mr. instead of Ms! It took them 40 minutes to correct the problem! I proceeded to the assigned gate and then they re-assigned it all the way across the airport! Again, boarding was totally disorganized and the flight was delayed. Never, never had I experienced such disgusting service! I wouldn't recommend this airline even to my worst enemy!

6/27/2019 S Garner

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to Leon. We had a good experience on Volaris traveling from the LAX to Leon and back. The flight was direct. It has the shortest duration and best departure time so was great for the family. And the price was reasonable. It had assigned seating. Just to state the obvious this is a budget Mexican airline. So, I would not come in with the expectation like having wi-fi, super comfortable seats, cabin staff speaking perfect English. But if you view this as a Mexican version of Southwest then you should be okay. Few things I learned about this airline from this trip: 1. Only buy the ticket from the Volaris website. They code share with Frontier so I thought I could just buy the tickets from a generic ticket purchasing website. I ran into trouble (e.g. couldn't select the seats, couldn't get the return flight booked). But then bought the exact same flight from Volaris website with no issues. 2. They actually have reasonably priced food and drink on the flight and accept credit cards. But on the return flight only accepted pesos for some reason. If you really want something to drink besides water bring some pesos. 3. You can print out your boarding passes before you get to the airport and save you some time. But I ran into a glitch where I had to wait until the middle of the night before the boarding pass completed. Maybe it was a load issue on the website. Now that I am familiar with this airline I will probably take it again. Things in Mexican airports can be sort of confusing especially if you're not fluent in Spanish so I probably wouldn't make too complicated travel plans but direct flights with Volaris seem to be fine.

6/21/2019 Luis Davila

✅ Trip Verified | Los Cabos to Cancun via Mexico city. We had the worst experience ever. We had a flight from los cabos to Cancun and we stop in Mexico City. The flight arrived late in los cabos therefore we lost the second flight that was from city of Mexico to Cancun. We ask for help to at least 12 people from Volaris to see a manager or supervisor and not one help us at all. Once my wife start collapsing I start screaming and someone from the airport help us. So we lost our second flight because of Volaris fault. We lost our car booking ad tour booking. Already was prepaid! Besides loosing around $600 dollars the people from Volaris shout at us! Then they sent us to pick up our luggage saying that someone from Volaris will be helping us to find it which wasn’t true... we had to ask to police, got check again in order to get our luggage. Anyway, this has been the worst experience ever

6/17/2019 Norma Alvarado

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to El Salvador. As soon that we enter the plane there was a very petite customer (elderly) trying to place her carry on in compartment, ask for help from attendant and his respond to her was “ you have to help me to place and not going to do it myself “ the poor lady tried her best to help the attendant. Walking the aisle to my seat a customer wanted to use the restroom and he was told by an other attendant to hold it cause he could not use it yet.

6/16/2019 Savannah Mallach

✅ Trip Verified | Merida to San Antonio. I was charged $60 for a checked in bag because it wasn’t on my reservation. When I called before my trip I was told $30 at the airport! $60 is insane. Called the support center and the lady refused to transfer me and refused to talk to me. Kept saying hang up and call for a new person yet she answered the next four times and still refused to transfer me. Worthless.

6/15/2019 Mir Sekandari

✅ Trip Verified | Aguascalientes to Mexico City. Great airline for the price, cheapest price ever. It was on time, beautiful cabin crew. I also flew Phoenix to Guadalajara route many times and it was very economic.

6/12/2019 B Anney

✅ Trip Verified | Las Vegas to Guadalajara. I have flown with Volaris for years for the direct flight but never again. Every year they get worse and worse. They come up with hidden charges and what applied on your way to your destination doesn't apply on the way back. Horrible customer service, the absolute worst across the board. All the employees look depressed and angry. The planes are all old and the safety inserts aren't even in every seat. If you actually have one it's always tattered and dirty. Horrible!

5/25/2019 S Heely

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to Leon. Worst airline ever. Horrible flight attendant service. Terrible food. No leg room. Most important: I initially paid $607 total for 2 people for RT and seat assigments and one checked bag (of course everything is optional with all extras added on to base fare) Did not seem like great bargain. At the airport, when attempting to check in at kiosk, a screen came up saying that I had to pay an additional 1160 mexican pesos (approx $58 US .) I thought that was error, as I had paid all in full. Went back to try to get someone to help at the check in desk and they refused to let me go up to the desk w/o a boarding pass in my hand and ordered me back to the kiosk. When I asked what the extra fee was for, she told me" tourist tax for non Mexico residents to visit" I never heard of such a thing and no where was that posted on their website, nor stated any extra charge when original purchase was done. Nevertheless, being "held hostage at airport," ( i.e. unable to issue a boarding pass unless forking up extra cash) I paid the fee. After arrival in Mexico, I went to their website and did "help" search and behold the exact quote on site: "Price of your flight already includes all the tourist tax, so you do not have to make any extra payment at airport." They lie to you when issuing tickets and actually collect extra money at airport or else you will not be able to board plane.

4/25/2019 R Delatorre

✅ Trip Verified | Volaris flight 5631 Cancun to Guadalajara was 55 minutes late leaving Cancun. We arrived in Guadalajara 35 minutes late and by the time my wife and I got our luggage from the belt and ran to our connecting flight it was almost an hour. We lost out connecting flight because the crew was getting ready to close the aircraft. I was told at the counter if we had arrived at least 20 to 25 minutes earlier we would of made the flight with Aeromexico. Volaris did not take responsibility for their delay and when asked to book us on one of their flights to Sacramento the customer service rep wanted $900 cash for two tickets the next day. Told the rep I did not have $900 cash on me, but would pay with credit card to which he responded "we can't take credit cards". We walked away with the feeling this airline rep was about to pocket some money along with his supervisor who was advising him. I ended up getting on that same flight on their own website and for less than $900 and paid with a credit card. I filed a complaint with Volaris and staff ignored the cash request from their rep and did not take responsibility for their delay nor tried to comp us for a future flight. What he did say was that according to their records the flight was late only 27 minutes and we should of not booked a connecting flight within 90 minutes from each other.

4/24/2019 D Loza

✅ Trip Verified | Guadalajara to Los Angeles. I expect the flight attendants on their best service because as a customer we are paying for all this. My flight was round trip with volaris. The flight attendants dont smile it looks like their unhappy with their job, they look like their depressed. I don’t think this type of crew members should be on an aircraft. I was very dissatisfied of how they treat customers .

4/17/2019 Jessica Moran

✅ Trip Verified | Tijuana to Cuidad Juarez. I Bought Tickets through travolocity. In my email verification it shows baggage will be 50$. Getting to counter I was told I had to pay 100$ per bag cause I didn't purchase baggage in advance I'm talking about checked baggage. I spoke to 3 different staff before I could speak with a manager. Who didn't care to see my email and prices listed. The plane ride was very hot. No beverage or snacks where giving on flight.

4/14/2019 M Vareema

✅ Trip Verified | Mexico City to Oakland. Tried to change my flight online, was getting charged for a checked bag even though I had already paid for a checked bag, so I called the number provided to verify what I was being charged for. When I called the number I was asked to participate in survey after the call. After the call there was no survey. The lady I spoke to was rude and not very helpful. She refused to tell me why I was getting charged for an extra bag ($37 dollars and some change). I told her I could change my flight online and kept insisting that I was not able to do so online even though I had the option to do so in front on me. She said that information was wrong and not to trust it. Made no sense. The flight change online was charging me $137 with some change while she offered $113 and some change so I ended up giving in. Horrible service! Volaris just tries to sell you pointless services you wont use, or be able to use. Will never use their services again.

4/12/2019 Vimal Dutt

Not Verified | I had just hand baggage and checked in online. I had minimal contact with Volaris staff. However, on all 4 flights I took, the seats looked worn and were the most uncomfortable I have ever travelled on on any airline in my 30 years flying experience. And that includes flying on former Soviet era Tupelov spy planes converted to passenger carriers. Volaris was, for me, a great low cost carrier but it doesn't take much to give customers a comfortable ride. Please fix this.

4/2/2019 N Mangan

✅ Trip Verified | This was the worst experience I have had on an airline. They were rude and unprofessional towards us. Volaris employees treated everyone (all Mexican) far better than us on our trip from Loreto to Tijuana. During check-in, even though I told the counter person that I did not want to check my small carry on bag he told me I "had to" check it - even though everyone else in front of us and behind us in line got to take their carry-on onto the plane. My bag was small and not heavy, there was no reason to have checked my bag. Also, they would not seat my husband and I together on the plane even though everyone else got to sit with their spouses or friends. The counter man was beyond rude to us. He was not that way when he was checking in others. The staff on the plane were not that much better. Luckily on our trip down to our house in Loreto was on Calafia. They were very professional, respectful, nice, didn't treat us different from anyone else on that plane like Volaris did. Calafia let me carry on my small bag, they seated my husband and I together and were extremely nice and very professional.

3/28/2019 Mayra Rojas

✅ Trip Verified | Guadalajara to Ontario. Selling services that are not being rendered. Stay away go with another airline. I upgraded my seat and paid the difference. When I went to go check in they had sold my seat and sat me in the back row. I requested my money back and they are refusing to refund me. It was their mistake and they are stating that it’s against their policy to refund any money even if it’s their mistake.

3/25/2019 Karina Watson

Not Verified | Guadalajara to Dallas Ft Worth. Before I traveled to Mexico, I purchased my baggage for $100 round trip, and when coming back they charged me $75 dollars for 2 extra pounds. How ridiculous! I paid because I had a new born that was very impatient about the wait. Our flight was also delayed by 4 hours and the staff rushed us when leaving the airport. I called customer service to get an explanation of the huge charge and they had me on hold for 40 minutes. Do not use this airline. There tickets may be cheap but that is because they steal money in other ways.

3/19/2019 Nikita Bout

✅ Trip Verified | We went to the machines to print out boarding pass at the Puerto Vallarta airport, the machine told us to ask a Volaris agent for help. We stood in the baggage check in lines (even though we didn’t have a check in bag) and finally the agent said we had to pay 10 dollars (200 pesos) for her to print our boarding pass. What kind of airlines charges to print boarding passes! That should be part of the flight ticket, not everyone has internet to do an online checkin 24 hours before the flight. Just horrible service!

3/19/2019 S Gavinha

✅ Trip Verified | Regret not taking the terrible reviews seriously. All elements of our journey were horrendous - the check in process was just an absolute mess, queues made no sense and the employee responsible didn’t have a clue. We paid for extra luggage for 4 passengers, were under weight by 10 kilos on one yet over 3 kilos for another suitcase but they refused to let us redistribute the weight and charged us £65. Their customer service claim it’s their company policy which is rubbish because we saw other passengers changing their weight around at the check in desk so may be it’s because we didn’t speak Spanish, can’t think of anything else it could be. We were shouted at by the only employee who spoke English at the check in counters and then shouted again at the gate when we spoke to the “supervisor”. Just an absolutely humiliating, frustrating ordeal. If you can, fly with Interjet or Avianca - we had no issues with them, free drinks and snack and lovely staff who actually smiled. Me and my family have used countless airlines between us and this was by far the worst experience we’ve had. I never write reviews but really had to express how terrible they were so leaving a review wherever I can.

3/15/2019 Howard Mallen

✅ Trip Verified | We bought 4 round tickets (Tijuana-Uruapan) to visit my mother in law who was sick. Two days after buying the tickets, she died. We paid $628 for the tickets, and the price to change the dates of our flights was $600! I talked to several people in customer service, explaining the emergency, but they all found loops to deny the exchange of the dates at a reasonable price. They did not honor their cancellation policy due to death in the family because the deceased was not my immediate family (my mother in law and grandmother of my three sons who were traveling with me!). This is the last time I use this airline. I rather fly with any other airline to Guadalajara, Jalisco, than using Volaris ever again.

3/8/2019 Claudia Garcia

✅ Trip Verified | My family and I traveled with my 91 year old grandma using this airline in January. The airline lost my grandmas luggage and it is now March and we have not been able to retrieve it. Every employee that we have spoken to has been rude, unhelpful and disrespectful. I had a customer service rep tell me that i couldn't speak to a manager because he didn't agree with my story, who says that? I am extremely unhappy. I will never fly with this company again and i surely cannot recomend them to anyone.