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7/4/2019 Ben Martin

Not Verified | Asturias to Basel via Barcelona. The website didn’t let me do the checkin, got the tickets at the desk in Asturias. I got middle seat people in the flight Barcelona/Basel, tried to change it in Asturias, Lady over there said can’t do try in Barcelona. Lady in Barcelona said can’t do, you should have done it in As...

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7/1/2019 T Marsenon

✅ Trip Verified | Prague to Paris. Vueling is not really low cost : with its seat selection charges and use of secondary terminals - you end you spending more and wasting more time. Im surprised such a poorly managed airline is still operational. Avoid at all cost, even if it means you have to pay more with others.

6/30/2019 A Jones

Not Verified | We flew to Granada on Vueling. I have heard some bad things about them, however, the flight was decent. The seats were the European standard, and did not recline. However, on a longer flight, this could be an annoyance. I did not get any food, however, my friend got a sandwich for about 10 euros with a sandwich a...

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6/27/2019 A Balderen

✅ Trip Verified | Barcelona to Munich. After a delay of 2 hrs last Sunday on the same route again a delay of at least 2 hours - no info at gate. no service desk at airport. no weather related reasons. airplane on in-bound route had damaged overhead luggage storages fixed with duck-tape. Luggage took 45min on the belt. Never aga...

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6/26/2019 Adrian Bullen

✅ Trip Verified | Barcelona to Manchester. I paid for priority boarding and paid extra to selected a better seat and to use the VIP lounge on Departure from Barcelona back to Manchester - also paid for cancellation insurance. Waste of money on all accounts as Vueling staff didn't seem to care where anybody sat on the plane and ...

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6/25/2019 Jacinto Ramirez

❎ Not Verified | Bilbao to Barcelona. The first thing that should be noted about flying with Vueling is that they have no notion of customer service and experience at all. Every detail about the trip - from buying your ticket through their shady app where they pull extra costs out of nowhere, to having to guess where to grab the...

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6/25/2019 C Borden

✅ Trip Verified | Vienna to Olbia. Long delays with zero explanation or communication. Told ‘you just have to wait’. Not even basic common courtesy which really isn’t that hard. Very poor customer service.

6/25/2019 Irina Semelyak

✅ Trip Verified | Barcelona to Napoli. During self-check-in for a flight to Barcelona on 10.06.2009, my Luggage was lost due to their staff at the airport. Of course, it has not been found, moreover, the so-called airline support service Vueling told me that they cannot help me (after 11 days). Lost and found office in delivery...

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6/23/2019 Arina Kaznina

Not Verified | The worst experience! Had a flight to Mykonos with a stop in Barcelona from Madrid. At first, the flight was delayed by 1 hour, with the plane already waiting at the gate. After all that time, they have randomly decided to change the destination of the aircraft to Menorca, instead of Barcelona. More than 20 peopl...

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6/21/2019 B Garveni

✅ Trip Verified | Lisbon to Barcelona. I fly with Vueling 10/15 times each month because is mainly the only option for business travelling from Barcelona. Vast majority of my flights are late. Seats very uncomfortable. Inflight and land personnel with terrible attitude. Inflight services are zero.

6/21/2019 R Lawson

✅ Trip Verified | Milan Malpensa to Barcelona and we missed our connected flight Barcelona to Palma. Terrible experience with Vueling. Me, my husband and other passengers not related to us – were refused boarding. We were refused to board the plane, even though we’ve checked in online 1 day before, and passed passport control ...

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6/20/2019 M Hare

Not Verified | Amsterdam to Lisbon. Vueling managed to lose both our suitcases, as well as 50% of the other passengers on board. Apparently, they just forgot to load an entire truck's worth of luggage. Vueling responds like they couldn't care less. They left us at the destination with no explanation of where our luggage was. Th...

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6/19/2019 S Delgado

✅ Trip Verified | Madrid to Ibiza. Although the flight was delayed for almost an hour, the aircraft was brand new. I was travelling with INF and Vueling gave me priority all the time and in general all the staff was very helpful. It was a good experience.

6/15/2019 C Hean

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Paris. Pay the extra $50-100 if you can manage. This was the worst flight experience of my life. Vueling Air almost cost us our honeymoon, definitely cost us the opening World Cup match, a beautiful hotel, and an entire day in Paris. It was an absolute nightmare from checking in to landing. I could ...

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6/11/2019 Omar Abed

Not Verified | Ibiza to Barcelona. Horrible experience, after arriving on time for my flight they told me at the check in point that they have a problem with the door and are moving half the customers on the next one. Obviously they overbooked the flight. After standing in line for 1 hour they put me on a flight that is 4 hours...

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6/10/2019 S Han

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Paris. Worst airline ever. Flight cancelled and no other reason was given. No person was in charge or can tell us what happen. Wait for 3 hours also no proper answer given to us

6/10/2019 Otto Blotto

✅ Trip Verified | A very good low cost airline in Europe! We flew in May 2019 twice - from Paris to Barcelona and from Barcelona to Majorca and both times we were satisfied. You can buy tickets through the application Skyscanner or Vueling (or their website). Their website really slows down, but you need to wait, because the d...

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6/6/2019 Clive Langley

Not Verified | Gatwick to Porto via Barcelona. I booked a flight on Skyscanner to go and see England play Holland in Portugal. I booked a flight to Barcelona and a connecting flight to Porto. The plane was so late arriving at Gatwick that it would mean that I would miss my connecting flight to Porto and therefore the game. The ...

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6/6/2019 B Marera

✅ Trip Verified | Barcelona to Madrid. Just a normal average flight, nothing special really! The seats are super extra small, they don’t recline, very uncomfortable. But guess what? Now a days is what we get. So not to bad. The cabin crew are not polite at all.

6/3/2019 R Han

✅ Trip Verified | Luton to Amsterdam. Worst airline, don't consider using this airline because they oversell their tickets. On top of that having the worst customer service and absolutely no one to speak to. Such a useless airline.