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7/4/2019 Ben Martin

Not Verified | Asturias to Basel via Barcelona. The website didn’t let me do the checkin, got the tickets at the desk in Asturias. I got middle seat people in the flight Barcelona/Basel, tried to change it in Asturias, Lady over there said can’t do try in Barcelona. Lady in Barcelona said can’t do, you should have done it in Asturias. So, basically I am willing to pay more for my window seat (and they said there were available) but there is no possible way to get it, poor customer service.

7/1/2019 T Marsenon

✅ Trip Verified | Prague to Paris. Vueling is not really low cost : with its seat selection charges and use of secondary terminals - you end you spending more and wasting more time. Im surprised such a poorly managed airline is still operational. Avoid at all cost, even if it means you have to pay more with others.

6/30/2019 A Jones

Not Verified | We flew to Granada on Vueling. I have heard some bad things about them, however, the flight was decent. The seats were the European standard, and did not recline. However, on a longer flight, this could be an annoyance. I did not get any food, however, my friend got a sandwich for about 10 euros with a sandwich and a drink. It looked okay, but for the price, it was not served with care, as well as the look being shoddy. Overall, the boarding process was messy, the flight was okay, and the seats were good for a short hop. I woukd reccomend Vueling on a short hop, and on a longer flight, not so much.

6/27/2019 A Balderen

✅ Trip Verified | Barcelona to Munich. After a delay of 2 hrs last Sunday on the same route again a delay of at least 2 hours - no info at gate. no service desk at airport. no weather related reasons. airplane on in-bound route had damaged overhead luggage storages fixed with duck-tape. Luggage took 45min on the belt. Never again - completely unreliable.

6/26/2019 Adrian Bullen

✅ Trip Verified | Barcelona to Manchester. I paid for priority boarding and paid extra to selected a better seat and to use the VIP lounge on Departure from Barcelona back to Manchester - also paid for cancellation insurance. Waste of money on all accounts as Vueling staff didn't seem to care where anybody sat on the plane and I didn't get the seat or one like it that i had paid for. Also after checking in for my departing flight on the 25th if June i was told the VIP lounge had been booked for my arrival - I arrived in Barcelona on the 12th June at 23:30 and the vip lounges close at 22:00, also who would want to sit in a VIP lounge when you arrive at your holiday destination! It doesn't make sense, so I called Vueling to clear this mess up so I could you the vip lounge when i had requested and intended on my departure but was told it could not be rearranged and that it was company policy not to refund!

6/25/2019 Jacinto Ramirez

❎ Not Verified | Bilbao to Barcelona. The first thing that should be noted about flying with Vueling is that they have no notion of customer service and experience at all. Every detail about the trip - from buying your ticket through their shady app where they pull extra costs out of nowhere, to having to guess where to grab the stuff you didn't take in the cabin with you at a huge airport - is cheap and amateurish. Due to their lack of training, the ground staff have no skills and suffer panic attacks for trivial reasons. They bark at passengers instead of treating them with respect. Security check was an absolute mess and it felt like the whole staff had a severe form of attention disorder. The worst part about flying with Vueling is managing to enter the plane at all since it's absolute chaos and their staff can't do their jobs without having constant panic attacks. The actual flight was OK. The crew's behaviour was a bit unprofessional since we could hear them laughing constantly behind their paper-thin curtain. But they have a pass since their employer is a joke.

6/25/2019 C Borden

✅ Trip Verified | Vienna to Olbia. Long delays with zero explanation or communication. Told ‘you just have to wait’. Not even basic common courtesy which really isn’t that hard. Very poor customer service.

6/25/2019 Irina Semelyak

✅ Trip Verified | Barcelona to Napoli. During self-check-in for a flight to Barcelona on 10.06.2009, my Luggage was lost due to their staff at the airport. Of course, it has not been found, moreover, the so-called airline support service Vueling told me that they cannot help me (after 11 days). Lost and found office in delivery airport refused to give me the report so I stayed in foreign country without my bag and without any help. I have never encountered such a disregard and unprofessional attitude.

6/23/2019 Arina Kaznina

Not Verified | The worst experience! Had a flight to Mykonos with a stop in Barcelona from Madrid. At first, the flight was delayed by 1 hour, with the plane already waiting at the gate. After all that time, they have randomly decided to change the destination of the aircraft to Menorca, instead of Barcelona. More than 20 people on that plane had a connection to make in Barcelona and the plane was completely booked. Absolutely ridiculous! How can you change the flights destination after making people wait for so long? The flight I was supposed to take was delayed for more than 5 hours. The flight attendants have not even apologized to the customers. What a disrespectful company with no value of their customers. No surprise everyone is writing terrible reviews.

6/21/2019 B Garveni

✅ Trip Verified | Lisbon to Barcelona. I fly with Vueling 10/15 times each month because is mainly the only option for business travelling from Barcelona. Vast majority of my flights are late. Seats very uncomfortable. Inflight and land personnel with terrible attitude. Inflight services are zero.

6/21/2019 R Lawson

✅ Trip Verified | Milan Malpensa to Barcelona and we missed our connected flight Barcelona to Palma. Terrible experience with Vueling. Me, my husband and other passengers not related to us – were refused boarding. We were refused to board the plane, even though we’ve checked in online 1 day before, and passed passport control and were waiting at the gates in the queue. And all of us were blamed by the airline that it was our fault and we have been waiting at the wrong gate. The truth is that Vueling at the last moment before boarding changed the gates which was originally on the screens and didn’t announce the change. Instead they announced gate 7 to Barcelona, which we went to (apparently it was added second plane/flight by them). There were two identical flights by Vueling from Milan to Barcelona at the same time from the same terminal of Malpensa. As we discovered later – from the gate #7 and gate #1 (after gates changes were amended). We came to the gate 7, Which was announced and we gave our boarding passes and passports to the lady who checked them at the boarding desk – she said “wait in the queue” , she didn’t even mention anything that we are at the wrong gate and wrong flight. Vueling sold way more tickets than they could board and that’s why had to create this mess and to confuse passengers to make sure to get rid of us, as there were no more seats on the plane as we understood. They didn’t announce a last call either – to invite right passengers to the right gate – because they were interested to get rid of us, not board us. The airline then delayed the flight (from gate 1) for 1.5 hour, because they needed time to find our suitcases to kick them off the plane, but they didn’t have seats to board us which would be faster. We’ve spent all night searching for the new tickets and had to travel from Malpensa to Linate airport to catch the new flight we booked, which cost us 409.70 EUR plus 25EUR luggage, plus bus + taxi fees. We also lost lots of nerves and one day of our 4 days holidays at Mallorca and we are very disappointed with this fact and will demand compensation from Vueling for us. We have never ever had such a terrible experience and were amazed how the situation developed.

6/20/2019 M Hare

Not Verified | Amsterdam to Lisbon. Vueling managed to lose both our suitcases, as well as 50% of the other passengers on board. Apparently, they just forgot to load an entire truck's worth of luggage. Vueling responds like they couldn't care less. They left us at the destination with no explanation of where our luggage was. They did, in fact, know exactly what had happened, but decided they'd withhold the information from us. It took 5 days before we got our luggage back, all the while Vueling would tell us nothing. It was only when we received an email from the airport, telling us it had arrived, that we knew to pick it up. We, of course, had to purchase toiletries and clothes during this time, and Vueling's customer's service team said they'll reimburse for such expenses. So we made sure to keep hold of receipts. Flash forward to arriving home and filing a claim for this, Vueling decided to wriggle their way out of this by claiming we didn't have the original luggage tag receipt. We had a full page report from the baggage claim process, with our passport info, flight details, and baggage tag information. Basically everything they would possibly need to verify us in their system. But Vueling could not care less about honoring their mistakes and reimbursing customers They are legally bound by the Montreal Convention to reimburse us for this, but presumably, most passengers, including us, don't have time to pursue further legal action. Therefore this is their cheapest, most effective response. This was the final straw for us, but we have had other bad experiences flying with them.

6/19/2019 S Delgado

✅ Trip Verified | Madrid to Ibiza. Although the flight was delayed for almost an hour, the aircraft was brand new. I was travelling with INF and Vueling gave me priority all the time and in general all the staff was very helpful. It was a good experience.

6/15/2019 C Hean

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Paris. Pay the extra $50-100 if you can manage. This was the worst flight experience of my life. Vueling Air almost cost us our honeymoon, definitely cost us the opening World Cup match, a beautiful hotel, and an entire day in Paris. It was an absolute nightmare from checking in to landing. I could write a Russian novel on the complete and total ineptitude of this airline, but I will summarize why you should avoid this airline at all costs: 1. Check in line was absolute chaos. People had no idea where to be, who to talk to, and how long it would take to get boarding passes. It took one hour to get boarding passes 2. This delay forced a horde of passengers to make a mad dash to the gate as the airport screens indicated that boarding would be closed within minutes 3. We all get to the gate in a frenzied state only to be told that our flight was delayed by one hour 4. We wait for an hour at the gate. No word from the 2 Vueling employees on where our plane is and how much longer we will have to wait 5. After 2 hours had passed, the employee announced that our 1:00 PM flight had been delayed to 9:00 gasps and shock fill the room. People flood the two employees 6. The employees indicate that we can get food vouchers $12 per person at the Information desk 7. The two Vueling employees get their bags and leave the gate as they are at the end of their shift. No explanation on why there was a delay. We are told by one sympathetic employee, "good luck and keep on checking the screens." 8. Because it took them 2 hours to inform us that the flight was significantly delayed, options for the Eurostar and another flight are impossible. We are forced to wait until 9 PM without any degree of certainty as to whether or not the flight would be canceled 9. Around 8PM a large group is forming near the Information desk about the status of our 9 PM flight. The woman at the info desk told us to call the Vueling number (which went straight to voicemail, btw) and to keep checking screens for updates on cancellations 10. The woman at the info desk leaves for the night. The large group continues to wait until another British Airways employee says our flight should be good to go at 10 PM. They are just waiting on another plane flying from Portugal 11. No word for another hour until the screen changes and our flight is scheduled to leave at 11 PM. There's no employees at the gate. 12. At 11:30 PM, two exasperated employees come to the gate to begin checking in passengers. One of the employees got into an argument with the other employee and exclaimed, "I QUIT!" and left the ticketing gate within 10 minutes. There is now only 1 employee checking folks in 13. We finally board at midnight and arrive in Paris at 2 AM My issue is not with the delay as to how Vueling absolutely failed to provide any level of transparency or communication to its passengers. Look, I know this is not a top airline, but it is completely unacceptable to treat your customers this way. By stringing us all along for hours, they robbed us of any other choice. My husband and I missed the opening match of the Women's World Cup ($400) and essentially an entire day of our honeymoon. We are now attempting to be compensated for our losses and Vueling is not cooperating despite EU laws and their own policy regarding delayed flights. I cannot believe they are allowed to still be in business. You can take your chances with this airline.

6/11/2019 Omar Abed

Not Verified | Ibiza to Barcelona. Horrible experience, after arriving on time for my flight they told me at the check in point that they have a problem with the door and are moving half the customers on the next one. Obviously they overbooked the flight. After standing in line for 1 hour they put me on a flight that is 4 hours after my actual flight. After waiting in the airport for 4 more hours. They ended up delaying that flight one more hour,

6/10/2019 S Han

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Paris. Worst airline ever. Flight cancelled and no other reason was given. No person was in charge or can tell us what happen. Wait for 3 hours also no proper answer given to us

6/10/2019 Otto Blotto

✅ Trip Verified | A very good low cost airline in Europe! We flew in May 2019 twice - from Paris to Barcelona and from Barcelona to Majorca and both times we were satisfied. You can buy tickets through the application Skyscanner or Vueling (or their website). Their website really slows down, but you need to wait, because the desktop version has many features that are not in the mobile application. The staff is friendly, if at the airport you don’t manage to do something yourself, they help. Luggage. Here is what is written on their website: and further: and finally: However, they do not find fault if the weight of the luggage is more than 10 kg, I had 14 kg and they did not check. They have 3 types of tariff - Basic, Optima, Timeflex. We took two tariffs, as my wife had two baggage - hand luggage and a bag of 20 kg (shopping in Paris and Barcelona), and I only have hand luggage. I bought myself a Basic fare (hand baggage 10 kg) + paid extra for choosing a seat (to sit next to my wife), and I took Optima to my wife (hand baggage 10 kg + checked baggage 25 kg + choice of seat). After payment, the confirmation arrived and the boarding tickets immediately arrived. They can be printed, but you can also not print, you can simply register through the QR code on the phone, which we did. The ticket shows how to fold it, everything is very simple and convenient. The cost of choosing a seat depends on a number of: 21-25 rows - 4 euros. 16-20 rows - 5 euros. 11-15 rows - 6 euros. 10 row - 14 euros (20% more space here). Front rows (5-9 rows) - 9 euros. Space Plus (More space and priority landing - 2, 3, 4 rows) - 17 euros. Space One (More space (+ 20%) and priority landing - only 1 row 1 st) - 21 euros. I paid extra for 8-15 places, in terms of saving these are the best places. The choice of Basic fare + seat extra charge was cheaper than buying Optima tariff. Therefore, if you do not have large luggage, choose this rate. Both times that we flew this airline, the flights were on time. Both times we flew for short distances, so there was no power. Advice - if you are hungry, buy yourself a meal in advance at the supermarket, as the airports are more expensive. If you don’t care about money, you can eat at the airport or on board. Cons of the airline. the seats do not recline, because of this, that it takes up space, because the airline simply rammed a lot of seats in the cabin. My legs are comfortable (I have a height of 175 cm, but there were people in the salon and they were 180-185 meters tall and they were clearly not uncomfortable). Since the flights are short - 1-2 hours, this does not cause discomfort, in extreme cases, you can walk through the cabin. When buying tickets of two different fares, like with us (Basic + Optima), you cannot choose two fares at once, you must first buy a ticket for one fare, because again find the same flight and buy a ticket for it. And what if there are only a few tickets left on this flight and everyone wants to buy it? Then one of you will fly (who already bought a ticket), and the other can stay. Therefore, it is necessary to do all this very quickly, within 1-2 minutes. It is best to import all of your data and your partner / friend / wife to their website, then the program itself adds it.

6/6/2019 Clive Langley

Not Verified | Gatwick to Porto via Barcelona. I booked a flight on Skyscanner to go and see England play Holland in Portugal. I booked a flight to Barcelona and a connecting flight to Porto. The plane was so late arriving at Gatwick that it would mean that I would miss my connecting flight to Porto and therefore the game. The customer service people were less than useless, I couldn't get near the desk for angry passengers from an earlier flight that was still delayed from the day before. Moral of the tale? Don't use these clowns.

6/6/2019 B Marera

✅ Trip Verified | Barcelona to Madrid. Just a normal average flight, nothing special really! The seats are super extra small, they don’t recline, very uncomfortable. But guess what? Now a days is what we get. So not to bad. The cabin crew are not polite at all.

6/3/2019 R Han

✅ Trip Verified | Luton to Amsterdam. Worst airline, don't consider using this airline because they oversell their tickets. On top of that having the worst customer service and absolutely no one to speak to. Such a useless airline.