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5/29/2019 Josh, Boeing 747-400 seat 2A

A great seat on this very plane- dunno how it will be on other jets, but Seat 1,2 are A and K while rows 3 and 4 are two window seats and an 2 isle seats each. Seat 2A was a great choice- a lot of space (I am 1.88) and the seat becomes a bed. Depending on whatever airline Wamos is flying, I would consider paying a bit extra having this seat, since Ive seen many people in normal standard eco seats complaining about footspace... I hope to fly Wamos again very soon, this flight was one of a lifetime...thanks Wamos

1/3/2019 Lynn Doble

✅ Trip Verified | Denver to Gatwick. Wamos Air was used by Norwegian Air during my trip home to the UK in December. They contacted me by e mail informing me of this change. I was rather annoyed as I had flown Norwegian in the Summer as was very pleased with the service. I called Norwegian whose agent assured me it would be exactly the same service including my seat reservation and ordered vegetarian meal. The flight out from Denver was ok, despite my vegetarian meal being some inedible dried up pasta dish. Breakfast was a barely thawed hard bread mozzarella sandwich. There were no TV'S in the seats and one had to log on onto Wamos Air which I was not prepared to do as I only had Cellphone and did not want to use my batteries. In the return journey to Denver the flight was delayed by half an hour. In both directions I was placed in a middle seat not an aisle seat as booked. One lady was kind enough to swap with me. Fortunately on the way back the aisle seat next to me was vacant. By moving one seat over and informing the flight attendants I had done this, must have caused great confusion for them. I did not receive my vegetarian meal at all. I asked three times to various attendants which proved quite annoying to them regarding their passive aggressive facial expressions. Finally they told me they had run out of vegetarian hot lunches and brought me a cheese sandwich and a free beer, probably to appease me. I was not at all complaining at the time but their general attitude towards me was aloof and unfriendly. I went to the galley to ask for a cup of tea x interrupting three attendants happily chatting away in Spanish. I wondered why they could not have such cheery dispositions towards the passengers. One girl very much put out it appeared, gave me a cup of tea. The annoyance on her face was very apparent. I am shocked that a reputable good airline such as Norwegian would contract such a sub standard company to replace them. I paid my money and it was not that cheap for a service that made my journey uncomfortable and unfriendly. I have read other negative reviews of Wamos Air, so I am joining the throng of a large number number of very dissatisfied customers. Would not recommend Wamos to anyone. Grubby old plane hostile crew seemingly in a constant state of confusion.

11/15/2018 D Leary

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Denver. I was placed on a Wamos flight by Norwegian, and almost cancelled due to all the terrible reviews, but I didn't find it that bad at all. We brought our own movies to watch, and our own food (which I normally do on a flight anyway as I like healthy stuff). I've had worse legroom on other flights, and the staff were more friendly and helpful than many others I've known (and I fly a lot). The plane was pretty old, but perfectly functional. The staff were so great that I told them I'd write a review because I felt that the pasting they're getting online is unfair, and makes us travellers look rather spoilt to be honest.

10/11/2018 Christophe Vacher

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Los Angeles. My flight was originally supposed to be operated by Norwegian. They replaced their plane with one from Wamos at the last minuter. Everything you read on Wamos is true: probably the worst airline I have flown with. The only good thing I could say about them is that the plane was clean, and the staff was courteous (most of them). Everything else needs a red flag. No electric or USB plugs for your devices, no entertainment monitors: you have to use your own tablet or device by downloading their app before taking off and connecting to their network, which means if you don't have any of these devices or if you are an older person who has a hard time with the new tech, you're sidelined and have no movie for the whole flight (12 hours sitting in a tight seat doing nothing is a long time). Not even mentioning if your computer is not compatible with their app (that was my case). I had to watch their programs on my small iPhone. And the connectivity/functionality of their app is appalling: if you have to rewind even once, good luck! Now, regarding their entertainment program: 10 old movies, nothing else. I had seen most of them, and the ones I had not seen sucked. Finally, about a major matter on a plane: the food. Norwegian is a low-cost airline that makes it confusing by having to pre-order your meals when you book your ticket. But the thing is, it's kind of really not clear, and when you book your ticket, you tend to automatically assume that meals are included. I pre-ordered mine without knowing . But many people don't. The next available option is to purchase on the plane, but they only sell food to the other passengers way after they serve the pre-ordered meals, and it takes for ever, because of how many passengers are in that situation. I will never use your services again, unless I have no other choice!

7/18/2018 E Baulen

✅ Trip Verified | JFK- London (Wamos Air, operated for Norwegian). This was easily the worst experience I've ever had on an airplane, and I've been around the block for a while. Whilst the two hour delay can be excused, there was little understanding for the lack of any form of customer services. There were no screens/entertainment devices (which for an 8h flight is understandably frustrating) and no service whatsoever (as in, no food or drinks). When I asked for water for the 3rd time, I was supplied with a 1/4 cup of brown-ish water, that certainly did not taste right. The stewardesses did not provide any helpful services and spent most of the flight talking to each other. Most members of staff were rude and did not accommodate any of the request of my fellow travelers. Do not get me started on the airplane itself - the seats were as uncomfortable as they get, and small. The air conditioning did not work and it was stuffy and hot throughout the entire flight. Again, for an 8 hour flight that is just not bearable. I advise to not ever fly with Wamos Air .

7/10/2018 Julia, Boeing 747-400 seat 3D

At first my seat didn't recline as the foot rest wouldn't move. So I was reassigned to 1a Lovely service, great stewards and stewardess's Comfortable

7/9/2018 K Renhaas

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to New York on Wamos Air operated flight. Ancient airplane. Seats so crowded a fight literally broke out when a woman near me tried to recline her seat. Food was average. Staff was extremely young, badly trained. Older staff did better but were clearly stressed by passengers who were appalled at the lack of space. Video screens were also very old; many did not work and the ones that did showed only one old movie. No programming.

6/12/2018 Phil Bradshaw

Not Verified | This was the worst plane we ever flew on. Very little leg room with a fold up footrest that presents an injury hazard in up or down position even at low impact. Inflight entertainment non functional. Some toilets out of order, one with the toilet seat on the floor. We flew out 1 hour 45 minutes late with no explanation. We were put on this plane by Norwegian Air and we will not use Wamos or Norwegian again.

5/1/2018 Jorge, Boeing 747-400 seat 12K

Asiento bussines en el piso superior. Asientos de lujo, tipo lie flat, no llegan a hacerse cama pero casi. Servicio correcto. Sin entretenimiento, te dan un ipad pero es excaso sin musica muy pocas peliculas y sin juegos, ademas de incomodo para verlo tumbado.

4/26/2018 S Neuquelman

✅ Trip Verified | Paris CDG to Havana. I bought an Air France ticket but the plane was changed to Wamos Air. Their plane was old and it shows. Screens mostly not working. When they do they offer poor entertainment - only one film for the kids. On the flight back we didn't even have a reading lamp for a night flight, so we were mostly in the dark. I couldn't even see my meal, so I dropped wine on my clothes. The seat was not reclining. When we asked the staff for help, they shrugged "Sorry, this is an old plane. We can offer you a drink". The spanish staff speak very accented French and English that is hard to understand. The PA system was dysfunctional and basically inaudible. If your airline drops you on a Wamos air, be ready and download movies on your phone or tablet. And bring a spare battery as they have no outlet.

4/16/2018 Haarman, Boeing 747-400 seat 18H

Very old plain, I will NOT fly again with Wamos.

2/28/2018 Joan Carolyn Hutton

✅ Trip Verified | Madrid to Santo Domingo. This is the worst two flights I have ever experienced. I will never fly Wamos Air again. Disgusting food, no in flight entertainment on a nine hour flight, hardly any leg room. A drunken passenger drinking from a bottle of duty free spirits lurching around the cabin before take off was not removed from the flight and carried on his behaviour while we were taxiing and in the air, cabin crew not capable of stopping him, he eventually fell asleep in a drunken stupor. Worst flight of my life.

8/11/2016 Eddy Amisano

Madrid to Cancun with Wamos Air. Attendants at the gate were kind and let us choose which seats we wanted in the 3x4x3 configuration of the plane. The B747 was 22 years old and you could see it right away. The seats were spacy enough but old and my neighbors head support was broken. My seat had the inflight entertainment box in the foot space. The entertainment was awful (2 movies during a 10h flight, on a 6inch old and ugly black and white screen). Why putting entertainment if it is this poor? You could not unlock the controller because it was fixed to the arm rest. The service was just OK. Did not answer call buttons. You have to pay alchol beverages and the var was only offered 2 times. Some of the staff English skills were poor and I think that English for an airline attendant is a must. The lunch was average and the extras are a little expensive. At least, the flight was on-time. I expect much more from a tour company that will later bring you to a 5-star hotel.

5/31/2016 Sheila Wilson

Flying business class made all the difference (see outward flight review). Staff were no better, no worse in their attitude, i.e. very helpful, but they had more time to spend. There were also no queues for the loos at any time. However, one real problem was that the announcements were rather faint against the aircraft noise, particularly the English ones - more so than in Economy class. We can only understand slow, clear Spanish and struggled to stay informed at all. I never understood what the iPad was for, over and above the perfectly good screen, so I gave it back. The seat, screen etc worked perfectly and the extra storage room was so useful to have. The seat was very comfy as a normal seat, although my tray sloped badly to one side. Reclined all the way it was great for a while but then became excruciatingly uncomfortable as there's really no padding in places and hips dig in etc. I found it best to recline it only part way. The food was really very nice, with both the chicken and salmon being very tasty. And the champagne before take-off was a nice touch.

5/31/2016 Sheila Wilson

Wamos Air flight from Madrid to Cancun was on time and with no real problems. Staff were courteous and helpful though somewhat rushed at times so you had to be attentive to ensure they didn't pass you by. They were very good about keeping the loos clean and supplied. Our screen worked but some instructions would have been really useful. Everyone seemed to be spending more time trying to find out how things worked than actually using them, so it wasn't just us old fogies. Negatives all revolved around the seat and the food. The seats: We chose extra leg-room seats but there was actually less leg-room than normal as we faced a bulkhead - something that hadn't been clear from the picture. So, room for my tall husband's knees but absolutely no way to stretch out your legs for ten hours. The bulkhead really needs to have cutaway areas at the base. I'm sure that wouldn't be difficult to design in. The seat itself was very narrow. Even I, as a relatively slim woman, felt my hips were jammed in. The food: The pasta starter and the rice main course were both barely edible. Quite disgusting. However, the dessert and the snack were reasonable. We were pleased that water, tea and coffee were available in fairly copious amounts.

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