Customer reviews

10/25/2019 C Steele

✅ Trip Verified | I needed to fly internationally to get home for a funeral for a family member and WestJest uses partner airlines to fly into and out of the US. Their bereavement policies give no allowances for being forced to fly with partner airlines, will not reimburse for any checked luggage and if you do not book directly...

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10/23/2019 A Kleinfelder

Not Verified | Westjet used to be the best in Canada and that is why they were our first choice for many years since their inception in 1996. Unfortunately that is no longer the case. On our last flight my wife and I decided to try Westjet's new "bidding" process for the Premium (formerly Plus) seats. Firstly we had already pai...

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10/16/2019 Claudie Lachapelle

Not Verified | Westjet, you've ruined my trip. For my only vacation week in the summer, I decided to go to Las Vegas for 4 days with some friends. Our flight was going from Montreal to Toronto where we had a little stop and then from Toronto to Las Vegas. Due to temperature in Toronto (according to some Westjet agents) or too m...

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10/14/2019 Lynne Cain

Not Verified | London Gatwick to Halifax. First trip with West Jet, and after reading negative reviews I was not looking forward to the flight, however. Outbound: check-in easy and prompt. Plane interior getting worn. Flight attendants on this leg ok however only offered one drink then they seemed to disappear. Comfortable enoug...

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10/13/2019 Brenda Young

Not Verified | Westjerked around on the way to our vacation and Westjerked around on the way home. We lost a total of 4 days of our vacation, lost approximately $1000 in condo rates and hotel rooms. Westjoke seems to blame everything on the weather so they “Don't have to help you” while they have you stranded. Example: supposed...

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10/12/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 737-800 (738) seat 9A

This is an AWFUL seat. Very uncomfortable because of the solid wall beside it. I was told there was a window. THERE IS NO WINDOW. It's dark. If you value a flight with a bit of comfort don't book this seat!!!!

10/11/2019 Susan Bacchus

Not Verified | Edmonton to New York via Toronto. Let's start with comfort. These have to be the most uncomfortable seats I've ever sat on. I would've been better off sitting on the floor. There was nowhere to charge my phone and there were no TVs. A 4 hour flight with nothing to do. The flight was half empty and we could not sit...

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10/10/2019 Tom Reilly, Bombardier Q400 seat 19C

Flight was fine for the short journey.Information messages weren’t easy to understand as they were rushed and garbled. The staff at the gate were pleasant and helpful. The gate was a very long walk from my international arrival gate

10/7/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 737-800 (738) seat 19D

Seat unusually narrow. There is an electrical box in the footwell that significantly reduces the under-seat space.

10/5/2019 Sukhbir Bolina

✅ Trip Verified | Vancouver to Las Vegas. I don't fly WestJet too often. However, this route was very economically priced and so I went for it. The flight was very comfortable with the flight attendants being very polite (and funny). It was a short 2-hour flight and so I can't comment on the foodservice. But the flight experienc...

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10/5/2019 P Liliet

✅ Trip Verified | Varadero to Edmonton via Toronto. Requested special assistance for my mother because she doesn’t speak English and has problems with her legs. From Toronto, she lost her connecting flight because the special assistance never came. She got lost and by the time she found the door by herself her flight had left. ...

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9/30/2019 S Hanson

✅ Trip Verified | Calgary to Dublin. It’s apparent that WestJet has not yet learned how to fly internationally (although I find them decent in country and for short trips to the US). Meals cannot be requested while booking your flight (so I needed to know this and call in), there are meals but if you have allergies you won’t b...

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9/28/2019 Tiffany Tan

Not Verified | Toronto to Vancouver with WestJet Airlines. Paying $900 for a premium seat and plane is just decrepit and smells like filth. There are no chargers, the seats are torn, the carpets are completely ripped and the washrooms are full of mould. Stay away from this airline as the service is tanking and how they never re...

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9/27/2019 Lynn Brickman

✅ Trip Verified | Winnipeg to Kelowna via Vancouver. Not happy with WestJet On Sept. 9, due to the sudden death of my sister’s son, she and I had to make reservations to fly from Winnipeg, MB to Kelowna, BC as soon as we were able to drive from Dryden to Winnipeg. Because of the tornado on the east coast of Canada causing fligh...

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9/24/2019 George Birch

✅ Trip Verified | I took a trip to Vancouver from Gatwick in August and then returned from San Francisco back to London in September. On the return leg, I had my flight cancelled by Westjet and then was re-booked onto a flight with Aer Lingus. However, at the Aer Lingus Check-in desk, having been offered no practical alternativ...

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9/23/2019 Melvin Stafford

Not Verified | Vancouver to Tampa via Winnipeg / Toronto. We checked 2 bags in Vancouver at a cost of 63.00 with the reasonable expectation that we would not see them again until we reached Tampa. We had connecting flights to Winnipeg and then to Toronto. We arrived in Winnipeg at 11:55 pm and my Wife and I proceeded to the gat...

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9/21/2019 Bill Saunders

✅ Trip Verified | Vancouver to London Gatwick. WestJet is a despicable excuse for an airline. They hate you and they hate their jobs, so don't expect anything above a hassle and stress. Before you book call them and have a chat, you will immediately understand what I'm telling you.

9/19/2019 A Edwards

✅ Trip Verified | Booked a Westjet vacation package, Vancouver to Cabo, August 31-September 7 Good flight, upgraded to Premium Economy at the airport for the outbound flight on August 31 and experienced excellent service and food items in Premium Economy during that flight. For my return flight September 7, I was in Economy and ...

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9/18/2019 Linda Jensen

Not Verified | Vancouver to London. Our flight started by us being dropped off at the International Departure gates, only to be told to walk to the Domestic gates to check-in, then walk back to the International departures to go through security- dumb! Our flight was over 9 hours so I assumed there would be on-board entertainme...

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9/15/2019 Mark Spilsbury

Not Verified | Calgary to Boston via Toronto. We flew Westjet as a cheap option to get from Calgary to Boston. The lack of staff at Calgary check in was a concern, but we made it through the automated madness and checked 2 bags. We nearly missed the first flight due to a gate change but caught that one and ended up on a new 787...

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