3 Wingo reviews

5/1/2019 A Murphy

✅ Trip Verified | Medellin to Panama with Wingo. This is a poor airline. Although most airlines and especially budget airlines will charge small fees to get more money out of you, this airline has it perfected. They charged us $25 dollars at the counter to print our boarding pass! I have never heard of that before. I take over 60 flights a year. You don't want to sit on the back half of the airplane? More money. You actually want to check a bag? More money. You don't want to go crazy long line takes forever?. More money. Snack? More money Exit row? More money. Actually, it was the charging $25 to print the boarding pass while counter agent laughed about it that really hurt. I was surprised there was not a coin slot on the toilet on the plane. Uh-oh, maybe they will read this and do that.

4/8/2019 L Vandeel

✅ Trip Verified | Panama to Cartagena. They let me pay a fee because I didn't check in online but they didn't let me board. The airport is very small just one gate, so I was waiting in front of the gate and when I wanted to board half an hour before my flight was, they told me I couldn't board anymore. They said the door from the plane was closed. I saw the door was still open and I saw people waiting in the hall way after the gate and walking to the plane. They said they will grab my luggage out. I asked them why they can't just let me through. They weren't helpful and they never took me seriously. Because of that I couldn't take my flight and lost my money. Of course I send many emails to them but I never received anything back.

2/7/2019 Alessandro Frison Polanco

✅ Trip Verified | Caracas to Bogota. A simple flight without surprises, comfortable seats, although they are not reclining, good attention, on the flight the only complementary beverage is water, cheap tickets prices, the plane clean and simple. Wingo is a good option for a short trip. The Boeing 737-700 makes the flight pleasant

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