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10/24/2019 E Larputi

✅ Trip Verified | I bought 4 tickets from Eindhoven to Sofia return. I traveled with my daughter and I paid full amount ticket and paid extra cost 2 seaters, Wizz priority and I paid also extra Wizz club because mentioned in the website if I bought then give me special price every time I fly with Wizz Air. I brought 1 cabin bag...

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10/23/2019 Eli Velichkova

✅ Trip Verified | Vienna to Malta. So, if you want to use the basic fare, you can't take a trolley, even if it was in the size limits (but not always). They just don't care. When I complained to them they tried to blame the airport - no the airport was ok, they were the one that decided that I baggage with wheels is different th...

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10/22/2019 J Nersch

✅ Trip Verified | Poznan to Luton. The worst experience ever. Wizzair is never on time and more expensive than regular airline. My bag was damaged and the customer service was closed at the airport so they wanted me to come back to the airport to report it. And go to the repair shop then! I don’t know any repair shop for damage...

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10/19/2019 Carl Svensson

✅ Trip Verified | Luton to Gdansk. By far the worst airline I have flown with. The customer service is just terrible. Required to pay £35 to check-in at the airport - just crazy!

10/18/2019 Kevin Brown

Not Verified | Porto to Luton. I paid an extra for fee for services that Wizz Air calls "Wizz Priority" and which they state includes: "PRIORITY CHECK-IN, dedicated check-in desk to drop your luggage faster" and "precedence when boarding the aircraft - you will also be called first for boarding." I paid for those services for 4...

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10/18/2019 Sara Collings

✅ Trip Verified |  Liverpool to Bucharest. Wizz Air lost my checked luggage on the 27th September. I was left in Bucharest for 3 days with no belongings - I had to buy emergency clothes/toiletries etc and Wizz Air have not given me any compensation - turns out if they did, it would only be for 50% of the value of the items I bou...

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10/17/2019 Antonis Phasouliotis

Not Verified | Me my 2 year old daughter were travelling to Budapest from Luton. It’s unacceptable the fact that there was no lift from the airport building to the plane gate and I had to carry my luggage, my daughter’s luggage, the push chair and my daughter around 200 steps down the stairs to the gate. What if my daughter fel...

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10/16/2019 Klodiana Ulqinaku

Not Verified | Tirana to London with Wizz Air. Avoid at all cost! They are a rip-off. I only travelled with them for the first time yesterday and would never ever fly with them again. Went in to do the check in for the whole family, 4 of us. It would only allow my check in and denied the check in for the rest. Since their custo...

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10/14/2019 S Andrews

✅ Trip Verified | I flew Wizz Air for the first time, a short break to Oslo. The outbound flight was about 1h late due to a technical problem, we originally left on time and taxiing to the runway the captain found a fault so we returned to the gate. I was surprised they were not over zealous regarding cabin baggage size at Luton...

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10/11/2019 A Bishop

✅ Trip Verified | Luton to Krakow. Denied Boarding! Absolutely disgusting - myself and partner were going away for a long weekend for my 40th but on arrival of the check in desk in Luton Airport was told that the flight had been overbooked and we had been downgraded to standby tickets. I was then offered a seat at the gate (not...

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10/9/2019 M Noémie

Not Verified | Otopeni to Bergamo. I got denied boarding, without even scanning my ticket! I was about to board the plane when an employee stops me and tells that I will have to pay my carry-on 25€. I answer that I’ve already paid for this luggage as proved on my ticket. She refuses to listen to me and tells me that my luggage ...

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10/7/2019 G Duncan

Not Verified | Truly shocked by how horrible and stressful the Wizz Air experience was. 1) Check-in queue was 1 hour long and chaotic because they were inefficient and disorganised. 2) After we queued for 1 hour, they told us we had to pay a €35 fine because we "should have checked in online". Nowhere in the online booking proc...

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10/7/2019 L Parker

✅ Trip Verified | Reykjavík to Luton. Do not use Wizz Air! If you don’t check in online 3 hours before your flight, 35euro extra. If you have a hard bag any larger than essentially a handbag, 30euro extra. If you don’t pay the additional 30euro, then you’ll get allocated random seats so you’re separated from who you’re flying w...

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10/7/2019 F Johnson

✅ Trip Verified | Cluj Napoca to Luton with Wizz Air. It is a horrible experience to find out at the check-in desk I was sold a so called "stand by ticket". They told me to go to the boarding gate and wait until everybody is on board then thay will tell me if i will get a seat or stay for the next flight. How can this happen to ...

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10/6/2019 M Gallagher

✅ Trip Verified | Chisinau to Luton. There’s nothing “Wizz” about this airline. Checking on the way out was painfully slow (3/4 hour in a so-called priority queue) then - bizarrely - massive queues on a staircase waiting to board for another 3/4hr when we could have been sat in the departure lounge. But they saved the best til ...

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10/3/2019 S Maria

Not Verified | Lasi to Luton. Wizz Air staff were very rude to us. First of all, nobody told us that we need to check-in online for our flight. Usually, the check-in is at the airport. We had to pay 70£. People take care and check if you can do check-in online when you flying with them.

9/30/2019 V Rama

✅ Trip Verified | Larnaca to Luton. Our flight started with an almost 1-hour delay, we got off in Luton only for them to tell us our luggage was left in Larnaca, completed some forms in the lost and found of the airport and told us in a couple of days they would be delivered to us. I called lost and found 10 times and they never...

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9/30/2019 Mihai Loghin

✅ Trip Verified | Milan to Bucharest. Cabin was clean, flight attendants were nice. The only thing i can complain about is the passengers that use this flight. They make your flight a nightmare, but it’s not Wizz Air’s fault

9/30/2019 R Rastall

✅ Trip Verified | Budapest to London Luton with Wizz Air. The airline over booked my flight and I currently don’t know if I can board it with my partner. I can not see any reason they would do this apparent from pure greed! They obviously do not care in the slightest about their customers but only making money! Avoid this airlin...

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9/29/2019 Alice Tissot

✅ Trip Verified | I was supposed to flight back from Cluj to Gatwick but they told me that my flight was overbooked so I was not allowed to board. They told me that the next Wizz Air flight I could take free of charge would be 5 days later and if I could not wait 5 days, it was my responsibility to book another flight. I had to...

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