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4/25/2019 David Abraham

✅ Trip Verified | First flight of the day plus Debrecen Airport is pretty small, so no delay at boarding or departure. Everything went well and smooth. Flight crew was nice and they also provided all the useful information about the route flight. We expected to arrive in time to BCN, but at the end the flight took more than 30 ...

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4/24/2019 Graham Reilly

Not Verified | Athens to Budapest. I wasn’t able to proceed with the online check-in process on their app without paying to select a seat. I don’t care where I sit on short flights so instead I waited to check in at the airport. This is when they then made me pay a €35 fee for a boarding pass. It seems they were going to make m...

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4/23/2019 S Garseciu

✅ Trip Verified | Bucharest to Luton. From start to finish the experience was beyond unsatisfactory, even for a budget airline. The customer service was astoundingly bad, if existent at all. Our flights were delayed on both occasions without any communication. We paid above average prices for a below average service. Never do w...

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4/20/2019 Richard Laycock

✅ Trip Verified | London to Bucharest. I’ve flown with Wizz Air a lot over the last few years. Purely because of the price of the flights. Overall they aren’t that great, but when you compare it to the price you pay it’s excellent. They take off late and are regularly delayed. Luckily enough this flight was absolutely spot on. A...

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4/19/2019 Maria Rosca

✅ Trip Verified | Bucharest to Luton. Very disappointing! I came from the UK to Romania and had no issues. However, on the way back, I had the worst flight experience! Bucharest staff tried to charge me for extra luggage, which I paid 20 euros for. When I got to the gate, they said that I paid the wrong amount, that I should ...

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4/19/2019 N Borten

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Belgrade. I booked this 220 euros flight expecting to pay the bus to and from Beauvais airport (30 euros) making it a 250 euros. I won't express my disappointment towards the bus service here because it is not under the control of Wizz air. But after arriving at the beauvais airport and after having q...

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4/18/2019 A Sandan

✅ Trip Verified | Lisbon to Luton. The flight was late the ground staff had no knowledge, what to do and how to handle the passengers, people were stranded next to gate for long time before boarding, and passengers were getting mixed messages on the display screens The flight was supposed to be a direct flight but it was made i...

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4/18/2019 Y Han

✅ Trip Verified | Firstly they rescheduled my flight (delayed by four hours) without giving a real reason. And because of that their online website would not allow me to check in online. When I showed up at the airport, they made me pay a €35 check-in fee. When I argued that their website wouldn't let me check in, the stewardes...

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4/16/2019 Dumitru Lungu

Not Verified | Luton to Kiev. The worst company - my second flight and my second disappointment. On way to KIV I tried to do check in on line but I couldnt. I have done it in Luton Airport 1.5 hours before the flight without any problems. When I come back I had the same problem with online check in. So I decided to do it at airp...

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4/15/2019 K Vamochev

✅ Trip Verified | Sofia to Malaga. This is the most terrible customer service in the world. It's clear that they want money but they take it in so ugly manner, that normal people are disgusted. I mean the luggage and seats policy which is working on the principle pay-more-or-suffer. The only reason why people choose to fly with...

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4/14/2019 K Addison

Not Verified | Having flown with Wizzair in the past and been happy with the experience even though the flight times were not great. I had planned to take another trip with them and went through the process of selecting flights and although not happy with their baggage rip off and the bad flight times I went to check out and di...

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4/13/2019 Marcus Siefermann

✅ Trip Verified | Luton to Bucharest. Starting before the flight! I booked the Flexibility to change my flight for an extra 30 Pounds per person, but when I tried to change the flight the homepage did not accept the payment for 3 hours, every time a re login was necessary the price doubled until it was more expensive than the o...

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4/11/2019 David Clarke

✅ Trip Verified | Luton to Gdansk. Wizz Air changed my flight and offered a compensation. It's been credited to my wizz Air account. After some time I decided to fly with them to use that money. On the payment page I selected the option to use that money, but unfortunately they charged my credit card with the whole amount. My c...

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4/8/2019 C Behrens

✅ Trip Verified | Malmö to Vienna. Rescheduled on both outbound and home. Rescheduled from 8pm to 8am outbound and from 2000pm to 05.35 home. We paid for priority boarding but there were no priority boarding really, before all with priority boarding had boarded the other passengers were let on. We skipped the return ticket and ...

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4/6/2019 Achilleas Couppis

✅ Trip Verified | Luton to Larnaca. The staff at Luton Airport were rude, pushy and downright unprofessional. There was a delay at both airports with no explanation and no apology. The prices charged for 10kg or 20kg luggage are extortionate and make the overall trip very expensive compared to other airlines doing the same rout...

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4/5/2019 Z Carter

✅ Trip Verified | Lasi to Luton. Never again! The employees from Wizz Air Iasi airport shouldn't work in a international airport! They don't know to interact with customers, they are not educated enough for customers service! They are frustrated and rude! Shame on them! If I could select 0 stars, I would, but I can't so I'm forc...

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4/5/2019 Cheryl Newcombe

Not Verified | Luton to Tel Aviv. Worst airline I’ve ever travelled with! My daughter and son in law booked my husband and I a trip to Tel Aviv. She tried to check in for us online with no luck. She tried to add a baggage to the aircraft online after the booking, again with no luck. Therefore we had to pay for our check in and ...

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4/3/2019 Phillip Holmes

Not Verified | Luton to Bucharest. I found the Cabin Crew to be polite and professional, and we had plenty of leg room. People, ought to make their own entertainment on short flights? The refreshment service was fast and orderly, and I had no baggage problems, as we stayed within the required limit. Three of us flew without pro...

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4/1/2019 Joao Verissimo

Not Verified | Riga to London. Cheap ticket, cheap airline. Staff at Riga airport is ridiculous. Flight was delayed, then no apologies whatsoever, plus treating all passangers like cattle. Very poor service.

3/30/2019 Muhammad Rehman

✅ Trip Verified | Budapest to Brussels. Stay away from this airline. Had really really bad experience. Very poor customer service. I was about to board then they realised that but luggage is big they forced me to pay extra £90 for baggage that i have used on every airline without any trouble. But my main concern is that the guy...

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