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3/30/2019 Jayshree Angepat

✅ Trip Verified | I loved the flight and service, the crew was very helpful and friendly. Found the seats comfy and because of the low fares we booked make this trip to Iceland. Thank you WOW air.We will miss you.

3/27/2019 G Hallam

✅ Trip Verified | Detroit to London via Keflavik. Absolutely awful. Cancels flights, delayed flights, atrocious customer service. Every single thing about this experience was awful. I will never fly WOW air again.

3/26/2019 M Neale

✅ Trip Verified | Worst airline ever. DO NOT use this airline. It's not worth the reduced airfare at all. When we arrived at the airport for departure we were told we'd have to pay extra to sit together, that cost $88.00. Then we were charged $70 baggage, on top of the $140 we had already paid for baggage. On the return flight, they charged us $120 for carry-on's that were not charged on the departure flight, these carry-ons were a backpack and a purse. How can a backpack and a purse not be considered a free carry-on? There was no sizer or weight scale on the return trip, the ticket agent was just plain rude and said if we didn't pay for the carry-on's we could leave them in the airport! Tried dealing with customer service when we returned home for a refund of this nonsensical carry-on charge and it's just dealing with one incompetent after another. They did no investigation, just said whatever their ticket agents say, goes. Another issue that we witnessed on the flight home was that of another customer. In mid air a rude flight attendant grabbed a woman's coat from the overhead so harshly that she ripped the woman's coat, leaving a large tear. The flight attendant was not apologetic and when the customer simply stated all she wanted was an apology the flight attendant began yelling at her. Absolutely ridiculous treatment of a customer. Please save yourself the hassle, don't fly this airline.

3/25/2019 Brittany Rouse

✅ Trip Verified | I've flown with them a few times and they've been great. However, this time around, I'm not so happy. I woke up at 6am, to an email saying my flight was canceled; my flight home was set to leave at 1035am. I call them and apparently the next flight out is in 2 days! They gave me no compensation, no help, nothing. I'm scrambling to get people to cover my shift because I'm set to work the next day. Absolute nightmare.

3/21/2019 Avelino Estrella

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Paris via Reykjavik with WOW air. The plane was smaller than any trans Atlantic flight that I had flown in the past but the boarding process was so smooth. Although food is available for sale, the crew were very friendly.

3/16/2019 C Geare

✅ Trip Verified | After reading lots of reviews I was really sceptical about flying with WOW air. I still went ahead and booked my ticket to detroit as it was the cheapest option for a one way, and I had to book last minute which is always more expensive! I decided to pay for selected seats up the front with extra leg room on both flights and got really lucky with having no one in my row for the first flight. The second flight I chose a seat with no middle seat and was really happy with this decision. As it’s a cheap airline a lot of people do not pay for the seat upgrade, it’s really not expensive to purchase the extra leg room and well worth it for the comfort! Plus you will likely not have many people around. The food and drink on board is very expensive, but as I knew this beforehand I purchased food and water at the airport to take on the flight with me. I think I was lucky with the reliability of both my flights taking off on time as this was the one thing I was worried about! The seats are very dirty (front seat pocket) but all airlines are usually quite unhygienic so this was to be expected. The service on board I thought was great, very friendly staff and attentive. Overall I would say you get what you pay for and you are taking a risk booking with WOW air, but lucky for me I had a good experience with them and would book again!

3/6/2019 Jennifer Liss

Not Verified | We had booked the Wowair stopover Detroit to Barcelona via Keflavik and just shy of 2 weeks prior to our vacation (family of 5), we received a text and email from Wowair saying they had cancelled our BCN stopover. Because we had already scheduled time off work and school and hotels, cars, meeting others in Barcelona, we were forced to buy connections on Air France. WOW said they could get us as Paris so we had to purchase 5 round air tickets from CDG to BCN, lost 2 days of our vacation, lost a night in a hotel in BCN, had to pay for a hotel at CDG, spent almost 2 full days dealing with connections, layovers (extra costs for food, car etc) Then several days before our DTW to KEF flight, WOW air changed our airplane and scattered us all over the airplane (kids in middle seats in back etc). We were one of the first to book on the flight (Was empty at time) and had paid to purchase upgraded seats together/seats together. Wow did not honor seat assignments. spent close to 2 days on phone / email / twitter support with Wowair and AirFrance and hotels/car rental scheduling, rescheduling, getting seat assignments, seeking compensation. Wow cites an EU regulation that if cancel 2 weeks before, will offer no compensation; they slipped in just before 2 week window with cancelled flights. The staff was very nice but the company is just horrible. We were out approximately $2000 all in and no compensation or accommodation from company. Very sad because this was a long planned family trip that we had saved for and planned for a long time. The day we were flying, the company was offering "free flights to people with the last name Valentine". Very gimmicky and not taking care of their paying customers. Lastly, truly the most uncomfortable flight we have ever been on. It is a discount airline but so this is to be expected (though not at all discount when they screw you and cancel your flight). The economy / no upgrade seats are the most uncomfortable you could imagine, people were very miserable. Many families, could not move around at all. The first three rows were very large, like the people could do a pike/legs straight out. Makes no sense to give the upgraded seats too much room while the other 30 rows really suffered. The flights were packed and a lot of unhappy people. They charge for even water so the by the time you pay for water, food, definitely consider an upgrade, charges for luggage and if you are really unlucky - cancellation fees - you could fly first class with a reputable airline. Iceland is lovely but fly Delta or United or partners or anyone but Wowair. I read many many complaints on the internet etc. that they did this same behavior to many many other people. Company really does not deserve your hard earned vacation dollars. I would urge you to fly a more reliable airline.

3/5/2019 C Bourton

✅ Trip Verified | Boston to Keflavik. If they had zeros, I’d give it to them. I don’t care how cheap it is, it was NOT worth the pain and suffering my mom and I went through on their airline. Our flight was completely cancelled by WOW Air 3 weeks before our trip. They offered to fy us out of Boston but offered no compensation and we still paid the same price as we would’ve if we left from LA. Their costumer service is horrible! They block emergency exits with their food cart and even sat a 10 year old in the exit row. Unbelievable! I hope they go bankrupt so no one has to make a mistake and travel with this disgusting excuse for an airline!

3/1/2019 M Healen

✅ Trip Verified | I flew with a friend to Iceland from Toronto for a 4 day trip. We were attracted to wow air because of the cheap price and direct flight to Keflavík international airport near Reykjavík. It is important to note for travellers that you do have to pay for a carry on bag and pay for a checked bag, so my friend and I packed our checked luggage together and split the cost, however, make sure to pay attention to the weight. The website advertises that it needs to be 20kg and as long as we were under 21kg the attendant was fine with our bag. On the flight itself, there is a decent amount of space for a backpack under the seat in front and for the price you’re paying, it’s great. I was blown away by the customer service on the flight there. I am a very nauseous flyer typically, I get motion sickness on any moving vessel. I took a different type of gravol than normal and needless to say ended up vomiting 4 times on the 5.5 hour flight. After the 2nd time I vomited, they offered to move me up to premium class but I declined. After the 3rd time they offered again to move me where I had more space to be comfortable and where there would be less intense turbulence. They were so attentive and kept checking up on me to make sure I was okay. They offered me cups of ice continuously and ginger ale and made su.

3/1/2019 Lorena Erazo

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Keflavik. We had a great experience. The service was exactly as described when booking the ticket. The crew members were amazing, I have no complaints. They left on time both flights and the return flight arrived 40 min earlier. I bought the promotional tickets to visit Iceland. Overall 5/5 stars and I would recommend this airline.

2/24/2019 C Pettegrew

✅ Trip Verified | My husband and I booked our flights months in advance because they were such a great price. Leaving from Pittsburgh, the flights were only 299 USD with cancellation protection. It is a month before we are scheduled to leave and WOW air cancels both our leaving and returning flights. Most airlines that I fly with offer you a lateral alternative so that some indemnity is given to the customer. Not in this case. WOW air only presents customers with two offers: to cancel for a full refund or to cancel and receive a gift certificate worth the cost of your trip and an additional 25%. Although this seems like a nice offer, the tickets to fly out of Boston or New York (as they have cancelled all of the flights from Pittsburgh) are twice the price of what we originally paid. I think WOW air is betting on the fact that customers will have made reservations and would be hesitant to cancel. What a racket. My best advice would be to never book with this company as you will waste time and money in the end. I made some non-refundable accommodations that will now go to waste but in my mind its better than playing into WOW air's deceitful marketing strategy.

2/23/2019 J Hatton

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Copenhagen via Keflavik. Rates were very cheap, I paid for a little extra leg room (still cheaper than the competition). Staff service was excellent, friendliest crew I've met yet. There are luggage requirements that must be met or you pay for extra baggage, do your homework and measure your luggage, no issues here. Meals are not included in the price of the ticket, but food is available in flight at a reasonable price.

2/22/2019 P Daretas

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Keflavik. It supposed to be cheap but they charge for every single thing. It turned out to be very expensive. I don't recommend. Called support due to an issue and they did nothing. Horrible customer service. I had to call many times to get something back. We ended up paying more than any other airline.

2/22/2019 J Harris

Not Verified | Los Angeles to Keflavik. I purchased a flight in May of 2018 for a flight in March 2019, I have been checking periodically to see if the seats are filling up. I purchased through a third party vendor and apparently it is only for the economy fare, so no luggage or seats. So I have been watching to see if I need to purchase them early. I haven't been able to see the seats since November, so in February I emailed customer service to ask why. They told me because my flight was cancelled. I guess they do not fly out of Los Angeles anymore, much to my surprise because my flight is in 3 weeks. No one ever emailed me or called me to notify me, I would have been at the airport and had a big surprise. Now I am trying to get a refund and they are disputing the amount I paid, they do not want to pay me approx $300, even though I have sent over screen shots of my credit card showing I paid a total of $1300. It is ridiculous.

2/21/2019 Jessica Wilcox

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Detroit via Keflavik. This was my first time flying with wow. I flew with them initially because it was really cheap. It ended up not being any cheaper then any other airline in the end. I knew I had to pay for my bags but I didn’t look into how much. I didn’t pay for my bags before because I had an oversized bag and there was no option to pay for that. My 45L pack that I always bring as a carry on for every other airline was not allowed to be a carry on for wow. So I had to pay for 2 bags which costs me $150 USD each way. I was shocked by this. After paying this hefty fee, on my way home my bag got lost. The system was down so the lady said she would email me what my bag reference number would be. She did not. I had to email her only for her to tell me that they had no idea where my bag was. I told them I was going on a trip to Hawaii and they said that they would ship my bag there to me. I said absolutely not as my bag was a massive ski bag with miscellaneous other gear in it that I did not want to lug around in Hawaii. One thing that was in my bag that I needed was my hiking shoes. I had to buy a new pair for $200. While I was in Hawaii I kept asking for updates on my bag and they just stopped answering my emails. I come to find out that they actually shipped my bag to my house and never told me. My bag with over $2000 of gear was sitting on my front porch in the rain, while I was in Hawaii. I was lucky it was not stolen. I will never fly with WOW again. They have not offered me any sort of compensation for the massive inconvenience they have caused me and basically have just ignored my emails.

2/16/2019 Stephen Barron

✅ Trip Verified | We were scheduled to fly from Newark to Reykjavík and then from there to Dublin on WOW Air. As many know this company is low budget and a cheap way to get to Iceland and some major cities in Europe. We paid for upgrades seats so we weren’t cramped and also got the fare that included a carry on and a checked bag. While we were in the front of the plane if you don’t buy priority boarding passes it’s basically a free for all to board. At that point we sat on the plane and waited for two hours until they tried to figure out what was wrong with a “sensor” on the plane. They deplaned us after two hours. We sat in the terminal for another hour. After that. We waited and it was becoming clearer that we would not make our connecting flight to Dublin. No one on the ground knew the results and what would happen when we got to Iceland and with limited flights out of that airport the choice was do we wait out WOW or get on another flight in Newark on another airline at our cost. So ultimately WOW canceled our flight. As I was on the phone waiting on the phone I got a flight on Aer Lingus direct to Dublin and since WOW canceled our first flight they gave me the option. To cancel the whole round trip flight for my whole family. Which I did. They also said that they would credit me the money for our hotel to stay in Newark for a flight the next day. So I have to submit that claim later today. While I am paying more for my flight to Dublin now I’m not out the money to WOW as I have an e-mail confirmation of the flight cancellation and refund amount. So if they try to not refund me I can dispute the charges to my card. Some other notes the customer service people on the 800 number knew the flight was canceled before the people at the checkin desk. They also sorted me on to another plane 2 days later which would have really screwed me up for the trip. The day delay was not a super big deal. Also with limited options to Iceland I’d be careful booking tours in Iceland before you arrive. Folks were flying to Iceland and had these expensive tours booked and they were going to be out tons of money. While ultimately WOW made it right and I’ll get my money back I would not recommend them at all. However, with limited choices to Iceland if you must fly them to get there wait or give yourself an extra 24 hours before booking those expensive tours that might not refund you the money if you don’t get there. If you are just stopping over and connecting in Iceland to another destination with WOW Air pay more and get on one of the larger carriers. They have larger fleets to add flights and put you on other planes. The person at the WOW desk also was very clear that they have no relationships with other airlines. They won’t be able to get you on another flight out of your airport unless it’s a WOW flight. Unlike say Aer Lingus who has a relationship with Air Canada, etc. For all this I give them a poor rating.

2/9/2019 Rory Conway

✅ Trip Verified | Newark to Dublin via Reykjavik. They hook you with cheap fare. Average size carry on luggage 70USD each way. No free meals, no screens but they will charge you for use of a tablet. No free tea or coffee. $3.25 per cup. If you think that purchasing a ticket will save you money you are wrong. Everybody complained about the cost of a bag ($150 round trip). Never before have I traveled with people who were openly critical of the airline before take off. Seats were not comfortable. We ate nothing, drank nothing, watched nothing, listened to nothing, no internet. Be prepared to pay far more than expected. Do not use this airline.

2/9/2019 Alexandre De Couvreur

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Barcelona via Keflavik. We never did get to fly with this airline but seeing other reviews of the actual flights, glad we didn't. Our horror story is all about their customer service and flight cancellation process. We had flights to Barcelona and discovered after we called them to look at extending a layover, that they were in the process of reviewing the flight and it likely wasn't going to fly. We were misinformed on multiple occasions about how we could seek compensation for the additional cost of another flight this late in the game. Long story short, they have continued to ignore our complaints (both written and over the phone) and have yet to compensate us as they should. Will never recommend WOW air to anyone.

2/7/2019 Jamie Gibson

✅ Trip Verified | Baltimore to Keflavik. Absolute awful check in process. Only had one check in agent to check in over 50 people. If you do book, you must give yourselves two hours just to check in. The customer service at the check in desk was awful and unhelpful, in no rush to accommodate passengers.

1/27/2019 Rick Cobussen

Not Verified | Orlando to Amsterdam via Reykjavik. Like many people here, we booked several months in advanced and our flight got cancelled few weeks before departure. Without any reason. Wow Air offered an alternative; flying two weeks later or fly from New York rather than Orlando. Both weren't realistic and the customer services agent agreed. We had our hotels, rental car, events, etc. already booked. Since it was in the beginning of January, it cost us an additional 600 euro to fly home with another airline. Hours later than we originally planned.