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1/5/2019 Ramnath Rangaswamy

✅ Trip Verified | Pokhara to Kathmandu. I received very good service by Yeti Airlines at Pokhara and Kathmandu airport on 1st Dec 2018. Due to fog, my flight was delayed. I had a connecting flight to Delhi from Kathmandu to Delhi at 1445. The Staff at Pokhara Airport were very helpful to my request to advance my booking to an earlier flight and ensured my luggage was loaded in the cabin itself, so that I could get it first when I landed at Kathmandu. At Kathmandu, the staff unloaded my luggage and took me in the small van to the terminal, so I could leave the airport quickly. I would rate this as excellent service. On my next trek in Nepal, I would fly this airline again.

7/23/2016 Alok Mishra

✅ Verified Review | I flew Yeti Airlines, June 28 from Bhairahawa ( the airport near Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha) to the capital Kathmandu. It was a morning flight, on time, the ground staff were friendly, cabin crew was friendly. They served soft drinks on this 35 minute flight. Reading material offered. The jetstream is a turboprop engine aircraft and has seating capacity for 29 person in an 1x2 arrangement The flight was smooth. Yeti Airlines has the reputation of flying on time. Though it's safety record is not very encouraging but has been spotless and blemish free since it separated it's mountains region operations in the name of Tara air as it's subsidiary. Sky miles, their frequent flyer program is very popular and has many other benefits like discounts in hotels, than award tickets. The name Yeti also is an attraction to the visitors.

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