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4/19/2019 M Mahrid

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Tangier. Missed my flight in this airline, and another flight was cancelled, contacted them regarding refunds and claiming the airport taxes and duties for the flight I missed, no luck, they never replied to my emails, they not interested at all, very poor customer services.

4/10/2019 G Dalhem

✅ Trip Verified | I travelled with Air Arabia from Dammam to Alexandria. Check in counter took 50 SAR for each extra kilo from travellers. I didn't have any extra weight so I was ok but when I arrived to Alexandria airport, I waited in front of luggage claim conveyor for 90 minutes with 15 travellers but we all couldn't find ou...

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2/16/2019 Rajan Chapagai

✅ Trip Verified | Kuwait to Kathmandu via Sharjah. The staff in boarding pass counter were rude and didn’t issue my pass until it was 45 min for take off which mean I have to run. This much was fine but at the end of flight in Kathmandu when I collect my luggage i found it was damage and same time I fill up the form for the cla...

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1/8/2019 Dimitra Paraskevopoulou

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Marrakech. Our flight was affected by the disruptions in Gatwick airport caused by drones. Understandable that unpredictable situations occur, but the way the airline company treated us was awful leaving us waiting on the plane for 7 hours without any water. Later and in the absence of any informati...

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1/3/2019 S Beedon

✅ Trip Verified | Copenhagen to Agadir. Very unprofessional airline. The customer service is a joke. The announcements in the plane in a broken English where not understandable. If you purchase additional services on the website, they cancel the services included in your rate. In my case, the food included in my rate was cance...

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12/5/2018 Mohamed Hossameldin

✅ Trip Verified | Cairo to Sharjah. When Air Arabia was first introduced as a low cost airline, i wouldn't complain much about quality and service given according to value for money. But that's not the case anymore, they are now charging same like official airlines which are giving much more better service and even sometimes ch...

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12/4/2018 K Manware

✅ Trip Verified | Baku to Sharjah. The first time flying Air Arabia. I travel so much but no any other airlines given such bad treatment. They give us separate seats to my and my husband both way coming and going. I am lady sitting separated from husband and some unknown men was sitting to near me for whole journey. T We ask th...

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11/27/2018 Maya Mann

Not Verified | Marrakesh to London. I had read some pretty bad reviews about Air Arabia however, I was pleasantly surprised. The was an issue regarding checking in - we were unable to check in online but had no problem checking in at the airport. The flight was on time, the staff pleasant and we arrived 20 min ahead of schedule...

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11/23/2018 Moazzam Ali Mazhar

Not Verified | Ras Al Khaima to Lahore. I have been frequent flyer of Air Arabia. It used to be a good airline. With passage of time, it service has gone extremely poor. First time in my 25 years of traveling I was called back from immigration and my lap top weight was included in the hand carry. It exceed few kilo. I was force...

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9/10/2018 Shabina Syed

✅ Trip Verified | Sharjah to Goa. This was one of the worst experience. Me my husband and my daughter were travelling from Sharjah to Goa in the month of June. They were supposed to check the baggage weight during the boarding process. No one asked us about the hand baggage weight. After the immigration was completed, the offic...

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9/9/2018 A Dinia

✅ Trip Verified | Brussels to Casablanca. I had to pay extra 50 euros at airport for having just 2 kilos more. I am very disappointed. My ticket cost me 200 euros at the start now cost me 250. Totally ridiculous At the end had to wait 1 hour at arrival the get back my luggage.

8/29/2018 Jash Sumaria

✅ Trip Verified | Air Arabia is a good airline. The airport staff are helpful and always smiling. The aeroplane was in a clean condition. The in-flight magazine is great and the duty-free and SkyMeal magazine had plenty of options and the food was OK. The in-flight entertainment is something Air Arabia must improve on. The pilot...

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7/30/2018 S Baravili

✅ Trip Verified | Bangalore to Moscow via Sharjah. The total fare was not at all low for the low coster + I had to pay extra for the luggage what is not mentioned while booking and I decided to pre-book my food on 2 international flights. In first place ground staff wanted to offer me middle seat, I had to pursue the ground sta...

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7/15/2018 Christopher Neuman

Not Verified | Marrakesh to Paris. The only airline that allows no personal bag, and makes you check small baggage and then charge you 50 USD for the abuse. No leg room, knees get crushed if over 6ft (182cm) maybe not the worst 3.5 hours of my life, but top 10. I wish that they were in my home country so I could avoid purposely...

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5/12/2018 Utkarsh Somani

✅ Trip Verified | Sharjah to Jaipur. Being Low cost airlines is fine, but how fair is it even ask a passenger to pay for extra weight bought at duty free, after immigration. Just before boarding. I have everything in place. Had a weight limit of 30kgs of check in. But had checkedin only 25 Kgs. Had another cabin luggage for 10k...

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5/7/2018 Thomas Kidd

✅ Trip Verified | Manchester to Agadir. This is the best budget airline, 30 inch seat pitch, comfy seats. Excellent staff. Clean planes. Came on the company by chance. Baggage fees less than some budget airline.

4/27/2018 T Bakim

✅ Trip Verified | Agadir to Copenhagen. I have flown with them on numerous occasions and I have had no problems up until now. My current issue is a minor one as it only pertains to their Airport transfer. I booked their supposed airport transfer from Agadir City to Agadir Airport to catch their flight, it never showed up. Of co...

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4/4/2018 Max Kleine

✅ Trip Verified | Marrakesh to Frankfurt. Never again: 3 hr delay and finally touch down in Hahn instead of FRA (120 KM away = 1,5 h bus drive). We got this information after arrival even though this was already planned before take-off in Marrakesh (the customs officers in Hahn told us!). My sister was waiting for hours at FRA-...

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3/23/2018 Isatou Dibaga

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Marrakech. This never happened to me with others airline. Firstly the website they have doesn’t work and doesn’t let you check in. Because of that I missed my flight. You supposed to be there 3h before to do just the check in. We were one 1h before departure and they didn’t let us check in. I could...

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3/13/2018 Krzysztof Rusak

✅ Trip Verified | Colombo to Kiev via Sharjah. We had planned flight on January 26th 2018, at 4:55am. Air Arabia had an hour delay, so we took off at 5:55am from Colombo to Sharjah. In this time in Sharjah appeared a fog, and we landed at 10:53am in Sharjah and Air Arabia staff members told us that our flight to Kiev took off a...

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