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6/25/2019 Diogo Freitas

✅ Trip Verified | Casablanca to Lisbon. I found this airline to be much better than expected. well cleaned aircraft, friendly flight attendants. On schedule too. Very comfortable seats. They sould increase their flights to Portugal.

6/17/2019 E Holt

✅ Trip Verified | Marrakesh to Fez. The domestic check in was handled by Swissport and was efficient. The security screening took about 30 mins. The departures lounge was relatively compact and seating was limited. We were bussed out to the aircraft an A320. The flight took off about 10 mins behind schedule As it was overcast there was limited views of the Morroco on the 50 min journey to Fez. The crew were friendly & efficient and were quick to serve passengers that had pre-purchased food and beverages on the short flight. Air Arabia is a dry airline and no alcoholic beverages are sold on board. We arrived into Fez on schedule. Despite being a domestic flight were were required to pass through immigration who required both the boarding pass and passport. We waited for about 20 mins for our bags to be delivered.

6/15/2019 S Abbar

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Air Arabia from Sharjah to Muscat (and back to Sharjah) as part of a visa run (UAE visa change). Really liked the cabin crew and on-board experience. Cabin crew were very well presented. A lot of the passengers were non-English speakers and I noticed the cabin crew were very polite and treated all of them with dignity and respect to help show them to their seats and put away their cabin bags. Plane was new, seats were clean and plane had a free-Wifi network streaming movie/TV programme (they called it SkyTime) which I used via my smartphone - it was fast. Bought snacks and coffee on board - nothing special but the service was very good. I am an experienced traveller and I really liked this airline and their onboard experience. I would fly with them again.

6/8/2019 David Robson

✅ Trip Verified | I travelled from Sharjah to Colombo on Air Arabia in June. The flight was full but I was comfortable. The flight was about four hours long. I checked in online but my phone failed so got replacement boarding pass at baggage drop. I enjoyed the flight and will fly them again.

5/30/2019 David Robson

✅ Trip Verified | I flew from Beirut to Sharjah on Air Arabia. Check in was easy as I did it on line. I showed my boarding pass on my phone to get through security. At the gate I changed my e boarding pass to a paper ticket as that was required. Although they loaded a lot of cargo we took off on time. I had three seats to my self and was able to sleep. I was given water and dates which were very nice. I will fly them again.

5/27/2019 M Vanjulay

✅ Trip Verified | I was flying from Hyderabad to Bahrain via Sharjah,while I was transit to Bahrain at Sharjah airport the ground staff of weighed hand bag & laptop was carrying on cabin then demanded to pay 200 riyals as fine for the baggage. I had no chance to debate with them because of their horrible attitude towards passengers. I suggest you don't waste your valuable time & money by flying with Air Arabia for their worst hospitality & cheap flight tickets.

5/21/2019 P Balidran

✅ Trip Verified | Agadir to Birmingham. Not sure how this airline is allowed to legally operate?? They cancelled flights with no notice and cost us over £500 in additional costs to get to destination. They offered no reason, no compensation and ignored most of the communications between myself and them. Absolute disaster. Never again. They need to be banned from operating within the EU.

4/25/2019 Vendula Mravcova

✅ Trip Verified | We bought two tickets from Prague to Kathmandu via Sharjah in November 2018. We were supposed to leave April 13, 2019, Ten days before the flight we tried to add some food and to change baggage allowance through internet browser. It must be said that their website does not work optimal in any of the internet browsers. We managed to change baggage allowance but no food. From that reason we log out and tried to add food later but we realized we don´t have access to our PNR anymore. We had still ten days to departure so we tried to contact their customer service via e-mail. Till now we do not have any answer. We contacted sales department in Prague by phone and also personally. They proved our PNR with conclusion we had cancelled both tickets in internet browser ourselves and the flight is full. We are still in shock. Two weeks of holiday, year of preparations for our big way to Himalayas, another friend waiting us in Kathmandu, services paid in Nepal are gone. Mainly, nobody let us know about tickets cancellation. If I wasn´t interested about my PNR, I wouldn´t know yet my tickets are cancelled. As proof they just reproduced conclusion of their IT Department in Sharjah. You have no chance to get in touch with somebody from their central agency in Sharjah. Mainly I would like to point out that I do not get any document confirming ticket cancellation. Welcome in modern times full of IT technologies where human being is a poor individual and those big fish use it for making money

4/25/2019 Shawn Philip

✅ Trip Verified | Mumbai to Tbilisi via Sharjah. Worst experience. I am a student and i was travelling from Mumbai to Tbilisi,I was allowed to carry 10 kg hand carriage. So i had my 10 kgs and my laptop bag. In Mumbai Airport it wasn't a issue they let me pass. Once I've reached Sharjah for transit they started weighing my laptop bag and took my ticket away and asked me to pay fine. Never had such a worst experience. Never using Air Arabia again.

4/23/2019 F Bertels

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Fez. Flying to Fez, the flight was delayed by 3.5 hours and we were sat on the aircraft without a clue as to what the delay was caused by. The staff were disinterested in serving passengers and they would only accept euros or sterling to buy some of their overpriced food items. They forgot to take payment from me for a sandwich I bought and seemed disorganised. They told me that drinks were free on this flight. Flying back to Gatwick - the flight was delayed again by 40 minutes, again for a reason we weren't told. Staff again seemed disinterested. I tried to order a drink and was told to pay for it when on my previous flight with Air Arabia, the drink was free. So there's really no consistency in the customer service you receive.

4/22/2019 N Boulif

Not Verified | Amsterdam to Fez. Terrible company! Just like it happened to other people, we had an extra luggage but the people at the check-in desk could not see it on the system. We therefore had to pay an extra 50 euros fee on top of the luggage fee paid beforehand through the website. When asked, the lady at the check-in counter said that this happens frequently. So please do consider this if you want extra luggage. For the rest it is overall not better that other low-cost companies that are much cheaper. Would not fly with them again and would not recommend to other people, unless you enjoy being robbed.

4/19/2019 M Mahrid

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Tangier. Missed my flight in this airline, and another flight was cancelled, contacted them regarding refunds and claiming the airport taxes and duties for the flight I missed, no luck, they never replied to my emails, they not interested at all, very poor customer services.

4/10/2019 G Dalhem

✅ Trip Verified | I travelled with Air Arabia from Dammam to Alexandria. Check in counter took 50 SAR for each extra kilo from travellers. I didn't have any extra weight so I was ok but when I arrived to Alexandria airport, I waited in front of luggage claim conveyor for 90 minutes with 15 travellers but we all couldn't find our baggage. We went to Air Arabia representative and he said he received mail from Dammam and 32 luggages were removed from the plane as they were extra weight. I asked them to send my luggages to home but they refused. Then, I said we will come to collect but you have to provide us with transportation but they said no. After that, I asked to reimburse me for what I paid but no use. I called customer service many times and every time they said we will talk to you later. I sent 3 different mails but there was no response. Again, I contacted them through their web page at facebook and asked someone to call me but they gave me more than 10 promises but no one called me. They have the worst customer service ever. Their employees are very rude and don't try to fix their mistakes or give a respect to their customers. Again, I have never seen such customer service all over the world.

2/16/2019 Rajan Chapagai

✅ Trip Verified | Kuwait to Kathmandu via Sharjah. The staff in boarding pass counter were rude and didn’t issue my pass until it was 45 min for take off which mean I have to run. This much was fine but at the end of flight in Kathmandu when I collect my luggage i found it was damage and same time I fill up the form for the claim and after a week I got a reply saying I’ll be compensated half of the amount of the luggage. Then never hear from the baggage department. So all I can suggest is never use this airline. We pay for the flight which means we trust them for our bags and everything but all I can say is they doesn’t care. And I’m sure they really don’t care

1/8/2019 Dimitra Paraskevopoulou

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Marrakech. Our flight was affected by the disruptions in Gatwick airport caused by drones. Understandable that unpredictable situations occur, but the way the airline company treated us was awful leaving us waiting on the plane for 7 hours without any water. Later and in the absence of any information we received an email from the company asking us to phone them. More than an hour on the phone at a charge of more than £50 and noone picked up. On top of that despite the company's representative informing us that we could get refund for the cost of the flight if we didn't fly with them and chose other means, the company now refuses to do so.

1/3/2019 S Beedon

✅ Trip Verified | Copenhagen to Agadir. Very unprofessional airline. The customer service is a joke. The announcements in the plane in a broken English where not understandable. If you purchase additional services on the website, they cancel the services included in your rate. In my case, the food included in my rate was canceled because I purchased additional drinks. The plane was not clean and I flew in a early morning flight.

12/5/2018 Mohamed Hossameldin

✅ Trip Verified | Cairo to Sharjah. When Air Arabia was first introduced as a low cost airline, i wouldn't complain much about quality and service given according to value for money. But that's not the case anymore, they are now charging same like official airlines which are giving much more better service and even sometimes charging more. low cost flights are now the exception as offers given every now & then same like everyone else. - Ground team i encountered least to say were rude. you feel like treated as a low cost traveller while you are actually not. Head of ground team was treating people very bad when arranging the bus to air craft from Cairo airport - No in flight entertainment whatsoever - Leg room is extremely small and you're always touching adjacent travellers which is making flight completely uncomfortable - people are fighting each other all the time because of reclining seat back (due to small leg room) and arm rests without interference of flight attendants - charging for meals & soft drinks - charging for baggage - flight attendants are not so friendly - Air craft smell was horrible all the time Bottom line, either review your fares or upgrade your service Wouldn't recommend and most probably won't fly it again.

12/4/2018 K Manware

✅ Trip Verified | Baku to Sharjah. The first time flying Air Arabia. I travel so much but no any other airlines given such bad treatment. They give us separate seats to my and my husband both way coming and going. I am lady sitting separated from husband and some unknown men was sitting to near me for whole journey. T We ask them to give same sit at registration counters but the staff was so bad. They are not supporting at all. I never fly with Air Arabia any more in future.

11/27/2018 Maya Mann

Not Verified | Marrakesh to London. I had read some pretty bad reviews about Air Arabia however, I was pleasantly surprised. The was an issue regarding checking in - we were unable to check in online but had no problem checking in at the airport. The flight was on time, the staff pleasant and we arrived 20 min ahead of schedule. The was plenty of leg room and I would fly again with Air Arabia.

11/23/2018 Moazzam Ali Mazhar

Not Verified | Ras Al Khaima to Lahore. I have been frequent flyer of Air Arabia. It used to be a good airline. With passage of time, it service has gone extremely poor. First time in my 25 years of traveling I was called back from immigration and my lap top weight was included in the hand carry. It exceed few kilo. I was forced to remove my laptop. I left my bag in the car and travelled. The duty manager did not listen to my request. In fact a smile on his face showed how much non professional people this airline hires. It was worst traveling experience of my life.