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1/29/2018 Amine Saidi

✅ Trip Verified | Montpellier to Casablanca. I've had the worst flight of my life. First there was a total lack of communication and customer care. Secondly they lied to us when when we were about to land in casablanca, by saying that the airport Mohammed V was closed, and that we had to wait in Rabat airport to replenish the f...

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12/25/2017 Mohammed Hussai

✅ Trip Verified | Hyderabad to Muscat via Sharja. It was very good experience with the flight. Air Arabia staff was supportive and helping nature. Flight approaches to the final destination within time and the flight was very clean and with the good food. Hope I will travel once again with this flight.

12/14/2017 H Shabeh

✅ Trip Verified | I flew Marrakech to Fez with my wife and had an absolutely horrible customer service experience. I had to pay 40 euros to put our cabin baggage (truly under 10 Kg) in the hold, although it was clearly stated on the website that I was allowed both cabin baggage and an additional underseat bag. Later I saw people...

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11/16/2017 Rebecca Norman

✅ Verified Review | Flew Marrakech to London Gatwick. Absolutely appalling. I had to pay 50 euros to put my cabin baggage in the hold, although it was clearly stated on the website that I was allowed both cabin baggage and an additional underseat bag. I later saw people boarding the same flight with both of these items. The wom...

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11/16/2017 S Renker

✅ Verified Review | Marrakech to Frankfurt. Got the information that the flight will be delayed by 3.5 hrs at a time when the flight should actually already have started. It didn't go to the planned destination (Frankfurt) but to Hahn - a 1.5 hrs bus drive away from Frankfurt. But the worst was the handling: Only after 2 hours ...

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10/18/2017 Samir Bonawiede

✅ Verified Review | Worst company ever. They didn’t show the whole the safety video before the flight, and it was not possible to buy even water on the plane when you fly from Morocco to Sweden. I had Moroccan currency, Swedish currency and credit card, but the only payment the accept was euro. So they took my water and my sandw...

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10/5/2017 K Harbadi

✅ Verified Review | Muscat to Tehran via Sharjah. My first flight delayed about 2 hours and I lost my second flight as the second flight departed just 15 minutes before our arrival. I am dissatisfied with my flight because the second did not wait for us just for 15 minutes (we were about 13 people left behind). I talked to many...

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9/3/2017 Ahmad Landiel

✅ Verified Review | Sharjah to Baku. Absolutely horrible service. First and the last time I will travel with Air Arabia. They sell you food and its acceptable, but when your kids are freezing and they sell you blankets, you know that they are just there to rip you off. They sell you a blanket for 69AED thats actually worth 20AE...

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1/7/2017 Umair Mughal

✅ Verified Review | I was flying from Colombo to Bahrain via Sharjah with my 8 weeks pregnant wife. Firstly, the flight from Colombo to Sharjah was delayed for about 4 hours which led in missing the connecting flight to Bahrain. Any normal airline would at least provide passenger with correct information. At Sharjah airport (wh...

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1/1/2017 Omar Ramahi

✅ Verified Review | Tehran to Sharjah. The flight was supposed to leave Tehran at 2:30pm but left at 11:00pm. a different conflicting reasons were given (in Arabic only) including technical problems...etc. Only until we got on the plane did the pilot told us that the fog in Sharjah was the problem. Instead of landing in Sharjah...

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12/31/2016 Abeer Hekal

✅ Verified Review | Alexandria to Sharjah. This is the message that I recieved from the airline on the travel day itself on Dec 31st, 2016 where all airlines are busy. "Air Arabia Customer, Your flight G9600 on Sat, 31 Dec 2016 19:45 HBE/SHJ is cancelled. For further info call 0097165580000." And they left us without any other ...

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12/30/2016 Laila Nadir

Ras al Khaimah to Peshawar with Air Arabia. Worst experience. First flight was delayed for 5 hours. My return flight was cancelled for no reason without any prior notice. Very poor customer service. Was my first time flying with Air Arabia and will be my last. Would not recommend.

12/30/2016 M Fadam

✅ Verified Review | Multan to Dubai.The flight was supposed to leave at 10:40am from Multan, Pakistan but it took the whole day till 9pm in the evening waiting for our flight to arrive, without any proper information from Air Arabia as to why is the flight been delayed and what actions being taken. They never tell us if it will...

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11/26/2016 Mohammad Makshumul Hoque

✅ Verified Review | Sharjah to Chittagong with Air Arabia. Good value for money. Well maintained schedule. Good offers every week. Check in very slow in Sharjah. Seat not comfortable. 1 of the cabin toilets is restricted by cabin crews. As such, there is always a long queue.

10/28/2016 N Siotto

✅ Verified Review | Sharjah to Bahrain with Air Arabia. The best economy class legroom in a low cost concept I have experienced. Flight attendants very professional, friendly and smiling. Boarding smooth quick and easy. Catering on board reasonably priced. For a low cost airline everything was impeccable. I was with my family an...

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7/14/2016 Ehatesham Ul Hoque Tanvir

✅ Verified Review | I flew from Chittagong to Jedddah via Sharjah and return with Air Arabia. All the 4 flights were nice and comfortable. The seats offered great legroom which is 32 inches. The cabin crews were very friendly and helpful. However the food quality was average. You have to book your meal with the ticket or you hav...

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1/18/2016 Robert Schreuder

Tangier to Amsterdam, and Air Arabia Maroc is a very decent airline. Delays with any airline in North Africa are common and therefore I have no big reason to complain. Service onboard is as good as any other and with kindness to the crew who is serving you, smiles and respect goes both ways. Had to pay for food and drinks but it...

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12/29/2015 Anubhav Agrawal

I travelled Air Arabia from Delhi to Sharjah, and Sharjah to Doha, flying on an A320. It was not so nice because no food is served, and there is no personal tv. One thing that is nice on Air Arabia is that the seats offer good legroom with a 32 inch seat pitch.

12/28/2015 Mohammad Alnaimat

Amman to Kuwait. I had a very bad experience with Air Arabia. The flight was supposed to leave at 1pm and they informed us because of some technical issues the flight should be delayed until 5pm. and no from the company came back to inform the passengers about the status. On the boards we have seen its delayed to 6pm. Again no o...

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12/21/2015 Disht Advani

That was my first experience on Air Arabia. I booked for a return ticket from Sharjah to Mumbai. The seats weren't that comfortable but timing wise it was good no delays. NO WiFi or any other sort of entertainment on the flight, but it was one of the most economical and available tickets at this time of the year.