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3/8/2019 Aliona Zavatin

Not Verified | Istanbul to Chisinau. I had a horrible experience with Air Moldova. I arrived in Istanbul to find out that my flight to Moldova was canceled without any notice. When I approached the Air Moldova counter at the airport they said there is no flight scheduled to Moldova on that day! I had to buy another ticket online.

3/6/2019 Larisa Grajdieru

✅ Trip Verified | Chisinau to Frankfurt. I bought a ticket allowing hand luggage and a bag. I have been asked at the check-in to take out 700grams from my hand luggage (it was 8.7kg, exceeding 700grams) and for the my bag they said I have to change from backpack to purse. Crazy strange rules and horrible customer service. I took 700grams out of my hand carry in luggage and took put all my staff from my backpack and put them in my purse. Altogether it has to weight probably 2kg and this created lots of inconvenience. In all other countries I flew in or flew from, I have never had this kind of situations.The experience is definitely bad, especially the staff just repeating "these are the company rules". So for those travelling with Air Moldova from Chisinau be careful to not exceed the weight and have the right type of luggage. I would recommend to call them in advance prior to your flight and ask very specific questions. Otherwise you may have to leave luggage at airport especially if you are not living in Moldova or returning there. If I could, I would avoid flying with this company.

1/6/2019 Y Gan

✅ Trip Verified | Frankfurt to Chisinau. This airline is so abysmally bad that I can’t believe that it exists! I have a high tolerance for poor service and run-down planes, having flown in many third world countries, but Air Moldova takes the cake. Rude service - I was late in arriving at the gate thanks to a delay (not my fault) at Frankfurt security. The gate agent - apparently incensed that she had to hold the plane for me - literally started shouting at me when I approached and refused to even let me quickly pack my bags (which I had to grab of the belt at security without repacking In order to run to the gate) before I had to go down the stairs to the bus. When I say shouting, I mean it. She went beyond just poor customer service to literally hostile customer service as she was yelling “Boarding pass. Run down planes - The plane seats were torn and the plastic was actually yellowing. The plane was a 737-500 and thus had to be at least 20 years old. Poor safety measures - There was no safety card in English. Forget that, it was not even in Romanian (the native language) or Russian. It was in Armenian. Why? Because they apparently leased the plane from an Armenian carrier and couldn’t even be bothered to swap out the safety cards. This strikes me as a major breach in safety protocol.

9/25/2018 C Meares

✅ Trip Verified | Stansted to Chișinău. Pros: friendly and helpful staff, quick, easy check-in at airport, free hold baggage and generous cabin baggage, tasty & fresh complimentary food and wine on-board. All far better than I expected. Cons: plane was over an hour late - although the staff were very apologetic. I think their timetables simply aren't robust enough, don't have enough slack time, and airport turn-around not sufficiently efficient. Our flight was a late evening flight, and having looked at their flight history in general the earlier in the day the flight is, the more reliable it seems to be. It's also relatively expensive, but then there's not much competition on flights to Chișinău from London! Overall: This is a decent, professional airline that looks after you well. But it has some scheduling issues to sort out to improve punctuality.

6/12/2018 K Darima

✅ Trip Verified | Chisinau to Brussels. Bought an Economy Basic ticket for a family member but at the last minute had to suspend it due to emergency situation. It ended up being that we no longer needed ticket suspension and it was restored via emails with customer service. There was no extra charge and customer service representatives were very professional and prompt in their response. Thank you!

7/13/2017 Angelina Fleming

✅ Verified Review | Stansted to Chisinau. Rescheduled flight with no prior notice. Very poor ground team management. Flight was delayed on 12th of July from 14:40 to 21:10 without any notice provided prior my arrival to the Stansted airport on the day at 12:30pm. Was in contact with customer service on the 12th of July 1pm and was told "my only option was wait", which is very unprofessional as the overall waiting time is now over 6 hours! At this stage the airline has to offer refreshments and phone calls for every 2 hours of delay, in addition to a full refund that I am legally entitled to. Yet I am told my only option is wait!

7/5/2017 A Bartelli

✅ Verified Review | Moskow to Florence via Chisinau. They changed twice the flight to my wife and just few days before the departure and in the airport of Chisinau they didn't provide the assistance due according to the regulations. Very badly organized company! It's very hard to communicate with them.

4/22/2017 S Maroudé

✅ Verified Review | Paris to Chisinau. I have maybe flown 10 times with Air Moldova. I was surprised by the quality of service provided by such a small operator, and my trips with them have always been very pleasant. Lately, to avoid taxes, they decided to switch from Paris Charles De Gaulle to Paris Beauvais airport. At first, I was a bit disappointed, because it seems to me less easy to fly from Beauvais, but after few tries, I got to understand that there is no huge difference reaching Beauvais or Charles de Gaulle airports when you live far from Paris. I highly recommend Air Moldova.

11/26/2015 K Bailey

Air Moldova are hiding behind 'flight cancelled for safety reasons' to avoid delay compensation for a faulty engine leading to a 3 day delay which requires compensation to be paid under UK law. Despite numerous emails they remain silent on this matter.

9/27/2015 Peter Anthony

I flew Air Moldova from Chisinau to Vienna. Flight left and landed on-time. Onboard service consisted of 2 large and tasty sandwiches, accompanied by drinks (including alcoholic, which are rare on some European airlines). The seats were comfortable, plane was clean and the cabin crew were kind and helpful. My ticket cost very little.

7/23/2015 Biff Bailey

After a 3 day delay my replacement flight was still late departing and arriving. In flight meal was a sandwich cheese and salami, no options, a small alcoholic drink and good range of juices and tea/coffee. Seating was cramped - made worse than Ryanair as seats recline, it then depends on how considerate passengers are in front of you.

7/6/2015 Biff Bailey

I checked in quickly and was airside for my 08.20 departure on Saturday. The boards then showed a 70 min delay and some while after showed gate opening in 905mins and then 835mins. I found an Air Moldova staff member and was taken landside and explained to that the flight was tech and rescheduled for 21.30. Given meal vouchers and rooms at Radisson but at 15.00 told flight was cancelled. Recovered my bag by 16.30. I am now rebooked for Tuesday. Have to say staff were polite and helpful but in the dark and they were not pleased with late cancellation as rerouting customers late in the day via Heathrow was going to be a problem. Wait and see what Tuesday brings.

6/12/2015 Philippe Dalmas

On June 9 2015 my wife and I were returning after a Business trip in Chisinau on flight 9U 895. We had purchased a direct flight from Chisinau to Barcelona. Once boarded we we were told that the flight was going to make a stopover in Lisbon. A surprise because at check in no one had informed us. The captain of the plane did not inform us and apologized over the intercom that the plane had to make a stopover in Lisbon. During the trip from Chisinau to Lisbon the crew gave us a sandwich for lunch and a drink. The stopover in Lisbon was nearly two hours, the crew did not give us anything to drink. On the way from Lisbon to Barcelona the crew did not give us anything to eat, and they did not have any still drinking water. We arrived in Barcelona with a 4 hour delay and we had to wait an hour to collect our bags.

12/4/2014 Peter Anthony

I very recently flew from Frankfurt to Chisinau and I was once again extremely pleased with all aspects of the flight! My flight was operated by an Airbus A320 and was fully packed with passengers. The seats were very comfortable a warm breakfast was served excellent both in quantity and quality! The aircraft however lacked in-flight entertainment. Flight attendants seem to have significantly improved their command of the English language and are also very kind and helpful! The plane took off and landed on-time. The Captain of the flight kept us informed about flight conditions several times throughout the journey. Finally I would definitely recommend flying Air Moldova.

9/14/2014 Ivan Nikitin

Moscow - Chisinau - Rome and back. I chose Air Moldova because of the low price and very good connections. Unfortunately all flights were delayed (from 30 minutes to 2 hours) with no apparent explanation or apologies. The connection in Chisinau was about 1 hour 20 minutes both times but due to delays we had to practically run to get on the next plane. The Chisinau Airport was fine though much better for short transit that some of the other world airports. The airplanes are really old (I could see duct tape in several places) seats are very tightly packed and also falling apart - I could not recline my seat because the button fell inside the armrest. Inflight meal consisted of a cheese bun which was okay but not sufficient at all. I have to say that wine was served which was quite good and certainly a plus. Crew seemed surly and disinterested although this varied from flight to flight. The biggest problem is on the way back my luggage did not arrive to Moscow. Would I fly Air Moldova again? Maybe if the price is really low (it usually is) but I will keep everything in my cabin luggage.

8/28/2014 Vrontos Georgios

KIV-OTP on an old but presentable Em120. Flight was on time with good service (sandwich) for the short 1 hour flight. Steward was very friendly speaking good English. We were lucky that day only the flights with Em120 and Em190 were on time. Flights with A320 had 5 to 7 hours delays.

6/16/2014 David Baker

STN-KIV-STN by Airbus 320. Flight was over two hours late leaving Stansted around 20 minutes late leaving Chisinau. Check in was fine. The really bad aspect of the flights was the lack of leg room. Absolutely awful. The inflight 'meal' was a cheese stuffed pastry. Not nice. Staff were fairly friendly but hadn't yet caught up with real customer service. If you over about 1.60 metres tall you will never walk again.

5/24/2014 Peter Anthony

FRA-KIV-OTP with Air Moldova. The first leg was operated by an Embraer 190 aircraft. Flight attendants were attentive throughout both flights. On the first leg the meal included a choice between chicken or beef which was fantastic. On the second flight a warm chocolate croissant was offered for the 45-minute hop. Second leg was an Embraer 120 aircraft which made the second leg of my trip entertaining. I was impressed by the quality of both flights will fly them again!

8/28/2013 N Shyshkin

KBP-KIV. The check-in at Air Moldova was very quick as there was no line. Baggage weight allowances were very strict since we were flying on a small 30 seater Embraer 120 Brasilia. Onboard we were offered complimentary drinks and croissants and even though the plane was small the seats were very reasonable. The flight was kind of shaky but it made the plane ride down to Chisinau very fun. We promptly received our baggage after clearing customs. In conclusion Air Moldova is a fantastic airline!

4/3/2013 A Alexandersson

LGW-KIV on Embraer 190. Departed on time and arrived a little early. FA's were polite and efficient. Catering was a sandwich and a choice of Hot drinks Soft drinks and Moldovan Wine. No IFE but not a problem on a 3hr flight. Only strange aspects were the very stocked duty free trolley coming through the plane but with absolutely no price lists or catalogues so I had no idea what they were selling and that the cockpit messages to staff were in Romanian which surprised me as most airlines now do them in English. Just one quick note be prepared to be locked in the airport for a while. My luggage actually came through first but when I cleared customs and headed for the exit I could see my friends waiting for me but the doors taking me landside were locked after much rattling around 10 mins later a staff member came and pressed the button to let us out! I would gladly fly with them again and the direct flight makes this the best option on this route.