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7/3/2019 B Westphal

✅ Trip Verified | Absolute chaos from start to finish. A surreal experience. There was so much wrong but I want this review to be short. The flight left an hour late. The boarding process was chaos. I was brought a meal that had already been opened and reclosed, and was missing the plastic covers (i didn't eat it). We booked this flight to use the Touristanbul service. Every single communication we had with Turkish Airlines was cryptic and baffling including email exchanges with the hotel desk, the Touristanbul desk, and the feedback desk. They were unable (incapable?) to provide clear or helpful information. Despite having a 20 hour layover, we were denied all services. So, take TA promises with a grain of salt.

7/1/2019 Rosalba Santoro

Not Verified | Kuala Lumpur to Dubrovnik via Istanbul. Worst airline and extremely poor customer service. Our flight was cancelled due to high winds. This is understandable. Safety first, but we were told to collect our luggage, then go back and line up at the counter. Stop, you must collect your luggage. No communication about the process, nothing. We waited in line for over five hours while two staff were assisting 200 passengers to rebook them and put them in hotels for one or two nights. No leadership or executives appeared. Two young ladies who did their best. Staff in Istanbul are useless and need customer service training. I will never fly with them again and I will not recommend them.

6/26/2019 J Phelan

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Istanbul. Check-in was very convenient and fast. The flight departed on time and the seats of the former Kingfisher Airlines plane were quite comfortable with decent legroom. Turkish Airlines has two of these ex Kingfisher planes in its fleet which have a different entertainment system, which has very limited entertainment options. On this 3 hour flight a hot meal was served (chicken was tasty) together with a drink service. The crew was professional and polite. After landing the taxi time to the gate at the New Istanbul Airport was quite long, but we arrived on time. In the end it was a good experience.

6/23/2019 Bushra Zaman

Not Verified | Montreal to Istanbul. My wife and kids were travelling via tk 36 on 16th June, boarding time 930 pm, around 10:00 pm it was announced due some technical problems flight was delayed by a day, new departure is 8 pm next day. Local passengers were asked to collect the luggage and come back again tomorrow. I went to pick them again, my wife called from baggage claim that she wasnt able to find our bags and waited long enough at the belt. There was no TA staff down there to help. I talked to the staff at the airline counter that my wife is needing some help cant seem to find the bags, she is there with kids if u can send someone at the belt to help. First thing Turkish Airlines staff member asked me is she travelling with 2 kids, how many bags, i told her 4 bags - she started why 4 bags when she is alone with 2 kids, kept on mumbling and they were all busy here at the counter. Well first of all its not her concern, non of the bag was overweight or size and we were within allowed limit. Anyways i guess there were more passengers in similar situation and figured out where the bags were lying. Next day we kept on checking for the departure time which was 8pm. At around 3pm it changed to 6pm, we called Turkish airlines office and they said yes it changed to 6. No email or sms through the day. We rushed to airport, chaotic scenes at counter huge line up and counter was still closed. Figured out flight time was now changed to 8:30pm, eventually at 4:45 we also got email confirming the same. However flight ultimately took off at 1030pm. It was a frustrating and agonizing experience. Unreliable, lack of communication, and unprofessional customer service. Not recommended.

6/17/2019 Muaz Bayrakdar

✅ Trip Verified | Beirut to Istanbul. I wanted to change the date of my flight from 22:05 16\6\2019 to 15:55 at 16/6/2019 - it's on the same day just a small change between hours and there were free seats in both planes. They wanted 126$ for the change fee, and it's a very huge number for a small change, I'm not satisfied for this service.

6/14/2019 Mohamed Ramadan

✅ Trip Verified | Alexandria to London via Istanbul. Flight delayed one hour from Alexandria had to run to catch the connecting flight in Istanbul which was at the other side of the airport. In the return flight, it was delayed by more than an hour and a half in London and had also to run to catch the returning flight to Egypt. Worst time schedule ever!

6/11/2019 U Cayanik

✅ Trip Verified | My flight from Istanbul to Bodrum was very pleasant. Aircraft was a B738 equipped with in flight entertainment, and with pretty comfy seats with a nice legroom(I'm 1.84). Unlike what most people claim experience taxi duration to runway 34R (which is the farthest runway from the terminal) was 15 minutes and we didn't hold before departure. Crew was ordinary, my luggage didn't get lost. As usual for short flights we were offered a sandwich/toast, a variety of drinks and some snacks. We arrived 3 minutes early too. Food could have been better but the flight is too short for any other kind of meal to be served.

6/10/2019 William Aston

Not Verified | Johannesburg to Toulouse via Istanbul. Seats comfortable without being luxurious - Economy after all. Food good but airline should stay away from omelets as bland and runny! Cabin crew very efficient but no smiles - rather this than cheerful incompetents. Staff at Toulouse airport excellent. New Istanbul airport very impressive. Would definitely fly with them again.

6/9/2019 Fazli Khan

Not Verified | New York to Istanbul . I flew for the first time with Turkish Airlines and they lost my baggage since Feb 18th, 2019. I have filed a claim and made numerous phone calls as well. And they still haven’t found my baggage nor gave me any compensation for it. It has been over 4 months. The flight seats were also very small and uncomfortable. I will never recommend Turkish Airlines.

6/9/2019 Liza Jimenez

✅ Trip Verified | Istanbul to Dubai. During our trip with horrible airline they managed to try their absolute hardest to downgrade our full fare business tickets to economy 3 times until they succeed. First from Istanbul to Bodrum “sorry were over sold you and your whole family are going in economy,” followed by Bodrum to Istanbul sorry 5 hour delay we might not have seats in business and last but not least Istanbul to Dubai “we can’t find your business class ticket are you sure you paid for a ticket?” Basically if you want to throw away your money or be treated terribly fly Turkish airline!

6/7/2019 J Beale

✅ Trip Verified | Istanbul to London. Very disappointed with Turkish Airlines service, staff and attitude generally. They cancelled my inbound flight and moved it to the next day for no explanation. I am an Elite Plus Member but this makes no difference the loyalty I have given them flying so many times on Turkish. I called them and was put through to a call centre in Turkey. The accent of the operator was so heavy I couldn’t understand them. After 20 minutes on the call I was told I had to visit Gatwick airport before the flight to change my ticket. This is untenable and ridiculous to expect someone to do this when they cancel a flight. I ended up getting a Turkish speaking friend to call them and they managed to exchange the ticket. But to a different London airport costing me more in taxis and taking longer to transfer for which I was not compensated and no apology. At Istanbul airport now on the flight I was moved to. The Turkish Airlines staff here are just rude and arrogant and do not care at all. The directions to the lounge are poor in the new airport. The staff do not look you in the eye. Do not care to help you. I think they know everyone is complaining so have became disconnected from their job. Just very poor service all around. This is why I choose other airlines now. PS if you ever have a bag damaged with Turkish Airlines forget any help in compensation- it happened to me twice. Compare this with BA. BA sort it immediately.

6/7/2019 S Hor

Not Verified | Kayseri to Istanbul. Poor baggage handling. Looks like being thrown irresponsibly. Extremely poor baggage damage complaints unit. 6 other passengers had the same problem at the baggage office. Clearly shows the magnitude of the problem. Agreed by ground staff. Submitted claim online but after a few messages, blatantly declined to compensate. Finally ignored my messages.

6/5/2019 EY Genis

✅ Trip Verified | Istanbul to Ankara. A Boeing 777 for a short haul flight of about 45 mins - you do not see that everyday but I was pleased to be in my favorite aircraft anyway. However, dealing in full-board service with a large aircraft for a short haul was problematic for both cabin crew and passengers alike. Meal was a special Ramadan box, including a soup and additional drink, so I am not sure if everyone could get their boxes. Extremely nervous crew could not come back to collect the garbage and we were told to throw them on the floor while landing! I would prefer their usual short haul panini, rather than the Ramadan box anyway. Poor ground service combined with amazingly long taxi duration of new Istanbul airport. 45 mins delay in boarding time and 45 mins of taxi for a 45 mins of flight time? That surely was a weird flight.

6/5/2019 EY Genis

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Istanbul. IFE selection and economy catering of Turkish is perfect, no complaints in that department. Seat pitch was not as problematic as I usually encounter in their A330-300s, this time it was okay. However, their ground service is sloppy almost everywhere. You do not always see 50 minutes delay in boarding at Schiphol. Cabin crew do their job, but without any smile - as usual in Turkish.

6/4/2019 R Walden

✅ Trip Verified | Kuala Lumpur to Lisbon via Istanbul. Check-in at KL airport refused to acknowledge the (extra legroom) seat payment made when flights were booked, despite my showing them the receipt & seat allocation. I have been flying with Turkish Airlines for over 10 years & have always regarded them as the premium airline internationally. Not any more. Seats have become more constricted - limited legroom, especially when the person in front reclines their seat! The food standard has declined substantially & punctuality of flights has become chaotic! Ground service is too often dismissive and unethical - inflight service is most often good. I think that their inability to retain the high standard set years ago has exemplified the downward shift in service - everything from airport checkin to responsibility for the Airlines' failure to meet timelines and provide compensation.

6/2/2019 Stephen O' Keeffe

Not Verified | Istanbul to Dublin. The move to the New Istanbul Airport has been a complete disaster from the get go. Nobody knows what is going on out there, the staff are new and extremely unhelpful and the general experience is grating from start to end. The airport is far to large to navigate conveniently and the quality of construction out there is disgraceful. So many corners cut to satisfy unrealistic schedules. It looks 20 years old already and I shudder to think what it will look like in only 5 years more. The transport links to the city do not exist and it's a consistent 30 minutes taxi from gate to take off. Avoid transiting with TA at all costs when their direct competitors in the ME are so far ahead for quality and service it is hard to believe. This giant white elephant airport is doomed to fail. These thoughts are in addition to the horrendous customer service I endured today while traveling with two small children and no partner. We had unforeseen delays at immigration of almost 1 hour yet (the only photocopy station is 300 yards away). Turkish Airlines shrugged their shoulders saying there was no way they could call the gate and let them know we were on the way. We ran the 15 mins to the gate and missed it by 2 mins. They then delay the flight to remove all our bags. You couldn't make the incompetence up. No effort, shrugged shoulders. Typical. The general Turkish Airlines service is appalling, despite being a top level frequent flyer. I fly them because I have to but I would choose any, literally other option going forward. That airline is going down fast and the airport is also sinking (literally)

6/1/2019 Catherine Ostick

✅ Trip Verified | On our Turkish Airlines flight from Tel Aviv to Istanbul, April 20, 2019 I experienced an incident as we were deboarding. There was a young woman who was speaking very loudly with her group. Thinking nothing of it, I stood up to get off the plane. A minute later she puts BOTH hands and me and shoves me to the side – into the seats - to get to her group. I can handle a little push, scootch past - but a two-handed forceful shove is too much. I told her to chill out and wait. She started yelling at me in another language (I don’t know which), taunting me and laughing at the back of my head - with her group laughing too. As we were getting off the plane, she was directly behind me and I stopped and informed the young female flight attendant stationed at the back of the plane that this woman - pointing to her - just forcefully pushed me with both hands. Flight attendant - no kidding - shrugged her shoulders and said "So?" Thinking she didn't understand, I repeated it. The FA then laughed aloud and said clearly "Well, what do you want me to do about it?" I said "You are telling me that I can punch someone on this flight and you will do nothing?" She laughed and again said "What can I do?". This was in front of my husband, the woman who pushed me and one of her companions. Shocked I got off the plane and at the bottom of the stairs I explained the situation to the ground crew and the Turkish Airlines Security that was on the ground to get us on the bus to take us to the gate. They told me "Tell it to Customer Service in the airport." Still stunned I argued and questioned "You aren't going to do anything?" They said "Get on the bus." At the terminal, I went to the customer Service and once they found someone who spoke even high school English I was told - no kidding - to call Customer Service. I could not believe this. Again, I said “I have spoken to the flight crew, security, ground crew, customer service but you are telling me I need to call customer service. I'm talking to you now!" They said No. I said "OK, can I use your phone?" They laughed (so much laughing in this experience) and said "We don't have a phone." At no point did a Turkish Airlines employee say to me - "Are you OK? " Not once. I then stood to the side and called Customer Service thinking Someone at this company has to care about passenger safety. Wrong. When I called - I am not kidding - they told me to go online and submit a Feedback form!! Which I did. Getting no response in the 1st 24 hours I called after no response after 48 hours. Again TA was rude and just told me to wait. I said "So you are telling me that after being physically accosted on your flight, after having spoken to the flight crew, security, ground crew, customer service at the airport and customer service on the phone - all of whom did nothing - that now I should wait 2-7 days for an email?” I finally got an answer from Turkish Airlines today which read "In our investigation we corresponded with related department. We could not detect any inconviences (sic) regarding your feedback." I have written again & again & each time they tell me that no one corroborates my story. They never asked if I was OK, apologized for the inconvenience, spoke to the woman who forcefully pushed me, asked me my name, wrote anything down – nothing. They simply don't care about passenger safety or customer service.

5/31/2019 Brian Corrigan

✅ Trip Verified | Abu Dhabi to Barcelona via Istanbul. Wow, what a terrible experience we had flying Turkish. Out of AD we never got offered a drink after taking off, we were asked what we wanted for breakfast thinking it would be served before landing as take off was at 1.45am. Then an emergency medical issue on board meant we diverted and landed. Offloaded the pax which took a total of 90 minutes to do so. The cabin "chief" never informed us as to what was happening or anything. They were the most unprofessional crew I have seen in an emergency and on the PA system couldn't understand a word of what they were saying. Everyone missed connections and we sat around 8 hours in Istanbul. Then onto Barcelona, we asked for cabin socks only to be told that they were not issuing them on that flight so slept for the entire 3.30 mins. Again couldn't understand a word of what the "chief" was saying. Overall, a really bad experience, not business class in any way shape or form. Turkish Airlines really needs to work on this because service was terrible, food was not good and drinks were not offered at all. Give them a big miss to save yourself grief. Never again

5/30/2019 Frank Abebrese

✅ Trip Verified | Accra to New York via Istanbul. I missed my connecting flight to New York at Istanbul airport because Turkish Airlines delayed by an hour or more. I was scheduled for the 1pm flight. At 1pm they make us go through security checks and without announcing or informing us, they pack their equipments and leave. We had to go to the counter before we were I formed that our flight has again been changed to 5:30pm. No one, i mean no one saw it fit to announce the change to us. I then requested to speak to their manager or supervisor and was directed to another Turkish airline desk. staff here state they have no manager, i even exclaimed ‘how can you work here and not know your manager or supervisor’. I eventually met a gentleman who said he is the supervisor but has closed for the day, when i asked who he handed over to, he replied that i wait 10mins after he is gone then proceed to the counter to ask who the new supervisor is. I just lost it at this point. Poor service from staff, it’s as though they attend a class on how to be rude to customers. Flights delayed without the courtesy to inform us. No wifi service after an hour, hence our families were in the dark as to the status of our flight. In conclusion, i will rather walk than board another Turkish airline flight. Management and staff should be ashamed of the service they provide.

5/28/2019 Marco Serafini

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Doha via Istanbul. The flight was comfortable and good value. The food was very simple and not plenty, but good quality. In-flight services were ok. But my suitcase was damaged and I did not get a refund. The problem is not the value of the suitcase in itself but the level of blatant deception I've been exposed to, something I had never seen before in 20 years of flying. If you fly Turkish Airlines and everything goes fine, all is good. But if your luggage gets damaged during the trip, be prepared to be treated as if it's none of their business, as with a low-cost airline. I feel lucky that the luggage was not lost at least. Here is what happened. First, the company claimed that the suitcase was already damaged when I had checked it in. In fact, I packed my coat into the suitcase in front of the check in desk right before dropping it, so I am absolutely sure that the suitcase was not damaged then. Someone replaced the label on the suitcase after the check it to mark it as already damaged at check in. The airline actually has a record of this in their system so the customer service staff could verify that this happened and issue a refund, but they never bothered. Upon my arrival in Doha, I have not had a chance to talk to the airline staff directly, so I was told by the airport staff to open a complaint by sending an email to the address of the airline's local office. That email was never replied. I talked to the airline staff when I flew back and contacted the customer service, which just resulted in a long series of interactions in which staff will tell you to just wait and file complaints after complaints until you give up.