Afriqiyah Airways


4/26/2011 B Tchimanga

I bought the ticket in February to travel to Kinshasa in April - in March all flights were cancelled because of the conflict in Libya. I went to the travel agency to ask about what I should do - the answer was to wait until the end of the conflict. Agency was unable to rebook me or to transfer to other airlines. I am having diff...

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4/10/2011 Annemarie Fox

Gatwick to Joburg (troubles just beginning to brew in Libya). The start seemed off putting when I noticed an extra three hours on the flight time from Tripoli to Joburg which the booking office could not explain also when I was not on the reservations list at check-in. However the latter was sorted without hassle. Service on fli...

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1/9/2011 J Howell

I booked a flight to Lagos via Tripoli. We had delays at Gatwick but once in Tripoli we were told to wait two days for our connecting flight to Lagos which - totally unacceptable. We stayed in the airport from early Mon morning until monday evening stranded without any local currency and offered refreshments approx 11am. After a...

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12/23/2010 T Helden

BRU-JNB-BRU with a stopover in Tripoli. There were some troubles with the in-flight entertainment. On our way to JNB there were not enough headsets so we couldn't use the inflight entertainment. On our way back from JNB to Tripoli the inflight entertainment in our part of the plane didn't work at all. The food was okay and the c...

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10/12/2010 P Howell

LGW-TIP-LGW on A320/A330. Both flights approx 1 hour delayed Servisair lounge at LGW basic and overcrowded quiet lounge in Tripoli. Uncrowded flights - very few pax in Business cabin. Comfortable seats for 3 hr journey but angled lie-flat seats on A330 too short for me (1.80m). Food tasty (no alcohol of course) limited but OK fi...

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7/12/2010 F Whitehead

We flew to Johannesburg from London Gatwick via Tripoli to attend the World Cup. All flights near enough on time and a smooth transit through Tripoli. Tripoli airport is not too bad although I wouldn't like to spend more than a few hours there. The entertainment was good food as good as expected the were polite (but spoke little...

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6/20/2010 Andrew West

Firstly the take off was delayed with no announcements when we asked at the desk they just said 'we will go when we go'! Once on the plane we noticed it is empty so we had extra space but it looks like they failed to clean properly my table was covered in food smears when I asked for a wet towel to wipe it off I was told to 'jus...

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5/26/2010 Karen Parker

London Gatwick - Tripoli - Accra return. Tripoli to Accra was delayed a little as only one scanner was working so when they started boarding about half the passengers were still on the wrong side of the security check. The other flights were on time. Food good seats comfy checked luggage was where it should be price was excellen...

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3/19/2010 M Bekkering

London -Johannesburg via Tripoli return. I took the precaution of travelling hand luggage only and making sure not to use the bathrooms during the stop over at Tripoli and was pleasantly surprised. The service matched any I've travelled with over the years and at half the price. Considering they offer the option of twice as much...

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2/15/2010 C Grant

CDG-TIP-OUA out ABJ-TIP-CDG return. Excellent flight to TIP clean new A330 with good food and friendly staff. Flight to OUA similarly well presented. Unfortunately the flight from ABJ-TIP was operated by Nouvelair on Afriqiyah's behalf other passengers also noticed the difference with grumpy staff and terrible food. Happy to ret...

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1/23/2010 H Brant

London Gatwick-Tripoli-Johannesburg return. I booked on price so my expectations were fairly low. The first three sectors were more or less on time fourth just under 30 minutes late. I was pleasantly surprised to find LGW check-in desk open nearly 4 hours before the scheduled departure time! Airline food is rarely very good in e...

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1/23/2010 B Humphrey

Crew dreadful food cold - delays from start to finish on outbound and inbound. Tripoli is the filthiest most hostile place and staff bully passengers especially female. We were delayed for 8hrs and no one would help. They all smoke in the no smoking areas the toilets have to be seen to be believed. Brand new planes are good but ...

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1/20/2010 A Regan

In June 2009 I booked a trip from London to Cape Town (via Tripoli) with Afriqiyah Airways leaving on Christmas day for about £400 - a pretty good deal. However in September they decided to stop in Johannesburg instead and booked us a transfer from Johannesburg to Capetown. Alas on our way out after an unscheduled stop in Paris ...

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1/14/2010 Stephanie McVicker

I flew to Johannesburg via Brussels and Tripoli return. Flight attendants great who provided a cheerful and competent service. One even went to the business class to get me a lovely cup of coffee when he realised coffee was crucial to my travelling pleasure! Yes there were delays in Tripoli - but immigration officials were welco...

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10/18/2009 Michael Redman

I have used Afriqiyah Airways for four return trips Gatwick - Accra over the last 14 months. Treatment has been unfailingly good. Yes there have been delays but informed of the reasons for the delays and on one occasion we were given drinks while we waited to go into the airport. The cabin crew are excellent and value for money ...

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10/7/2009 Jordan Mandoza

London-Tripoli-Johannesburg. Tripoli airport toilets are so bad you really have to be desperate to use them. Airline good value for money. Cabin crew not very cheerful looked tired all times. The only reason I would fly with them again is value for money but more friendly and cheerful cabin crew needed. A330 plane has good leg r...

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8/23/2009 B Quigley

Tripoli - London Gatwick - Tripoli. New plan good entertainment attentive service. No problems apart from painfully slow Check-In at Gatwick and no alcohol.

7/16/2009 L Olonode

Dakar-Tripoli-Gatwick. Fantastic seats and legroom. Food was good as was in-flight entertainment. Friendly efficient cabin staff. Late departure but arrived on time. Price lower than alternative carriers.

5/4/2009 B Ajinibi

Lagos to Tripoli was ok except the deplorable condition of the toilet no inflight entertainment cabin crews were boring beyond description meal was ok. Landed at Tripoli airport on time and cheerful ground crew. I have never seen a worse and appalling toilets like what I saw at the Tripoli airport. Tripoli to Gatwick flight was ...

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4/27/2009 Peter Higgins

Dubai - Tripoli - Dakar. All in all the flight experience was a pleasure with very good food good seat space and regular drinks - the spare seat next to me also helped. It was also good not to have the flight constantly interrupted by announcements of one kind or another in three different languages as seems to be the trend thes...

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