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4/26/2019 Jordan Baxter

Not Verified | What a joke, i had just arrived from Perth via Brisbane to land in Port Moresby for my connection to Rabaul. When i arrived in Port Moresby i proceeded from the international terminal to the domestic to check in for my next flight to find out i had been bumped onto the flight tomorrow due to the plane being downsized from the Fokker 100 to a Dash 8. They were not willing to compensate my accommodation costs for a night in Port Moresby, even though they have now just cost me my transfer and first nights accommodation in Rabaul. So demanded to be placed on standby for the flight in case nobody showed up on the flight. The check in staff had the worst attitude i have ever come across in aviation. I got lucky and was able to board the flight for it then be diverted to Hoskins, we then had to wait at Hoskins for Air Nugini to organise accomodation for our flight, this took them nearly 2 hours. I wont fly this airline again unless absolutely required.

12/21/2018 Ross Nicholas

Not Verified | Fly from Brisbane to Port Moresby with Air Nuigini in Economy class today. Leg room in economy was a pleasant surprise! Food was first class. Cabin crew were very friendly & helpful. Let's be honest, no-one really likes flying economy, but it's so much cheaper than Business Class! But over all, I thought the trip was excellent! The only 2 negatives I have are: 1: Only 3 check in staff to book in a plane load of people. (There were 2 customer service staff working, well one was working & the other was surfing the web) 2: Excess baggage charges. You get a 30kg limit in Economy, but if you go over that they charge $21.00 per kilo.

6/20/2018 N Wilson

✅ Trip Verified | So we first had some trouble as the airline told us that we wouldn't be able to get our original flight but after some over the phone conversations with a very helpful woman in the Air Niugini base in Cairns we were able to get on another flight which was a day earlier. We were desperate to make it to Honiara so we agreed to taking this flight although it meant staying overnight in Port Moresby before going to Honiara on the original second leg of the journey the next day. We arrived in Port Moresby a bit confused and unsure as the what was going to happen, luckily we met a lovely woman who works for the Air Niugini airport team in Port Moresby airport. She was incredibly helpful, she sorted out our free overnight accommodation in the holiday inn which included two free meals and a very nice room and also shuttles to and from the airport. She helped us get out some money and advised us on how much we would need. She even helped us see the town because we wanted to have a look to see what was there so her friend showed us round in her car. Thank you! The flights were very nice with TV's and food and drink served on a flight as short as two hours. This was a plus but was unfortunate that we were delayed on the way there and that our flight got cancelled on the return journey.

6/20/2018 Lee-Anne Sackett

Not Verified | I was so looking forward to traveling with Air Niugini and not having to transit via Australia to get to the Philippines from Vanuatu. Unfortunately it turned out to be the worst airline travel experience to date. First our flight was cancelled after sitting at the boarding gate for 2hrs with no info other than 'there is an indefinite delay'. Then the flight was rescheduled for the next day, no info on our connecting flight was given until we arrived in Port Moresby from Vanuatu. The flight from Port Vila to Port Moresby was on a very old looking ATR aircraft, with no entertainment. Aircon was turned off for the 30 minute stopover in Honiara. Promises made by the Air Niugini ground staff to rebook my connecting domestic flights in the Philippines were not honoured and I was only advised of this after the scheduled domestic flights were missed, and only 5 minutes before boarding to Manila. No compensation was offered for the missed domestic flights or even an apology for providing the wrong information. Our baggage was then lost on arrival in Manila. 23 days later, there is still no sign of it and no compensation for lost bag to date. No response recieved to complaint email sent via website. Also no answer on phone numbers listed on website. Another complaint sent via agent in Vanuatu and response was simply 'fill out a form about your baggage' and 'our contract of carriage was only for Port Vila to Manila, no interline agreement'. So why did the staff advise otherwise? After losing baggage, buying new clothes and domestic flights (approx. $500), we requested an upgrade on return flight to have some positive experience with Air Niugini to look forward to. There was no response to this and the request at check in was rejected despite half of business class being empty. The airline also rejected the carriage of my traditional lanterns because Air Niugini exceptionally does not accept the carriage of any items that contain lights that aren't LED lights (I've successfully brought these lanterns in to Australia, USA, Vanuatu - never a problem). I requested they hold them until relatives could collect them the next day and was advised no storage space was available. After spending half a day driving to purchase them, I had to throw them away at the airport (another $100 lost). Air Niugini, you were such an epic disappointment and your poor service ruined our vacation. I understand flights occasionally get cancelled, baggage sometimes gets lost but your responses to customer issues relating to these things were inconsistent, incorrect or inadequate. In the future, I will avoid Air Niugini unless there are really no other options available. Don'tempted by their cheap prices! Like me, you could end up paying more than the cost of flying with a decent airline and have the added frustration and stress of having to deal with an airline that has no interest in resolving customer issues when at fault.

2/22/2018 R Whelan

✅ Trip Verified | The outbound journey was delayed 10 hours in Port Moresby. The delayed flight was organised to leave at 2am, however no ground staff at airport were organised, so we sit on tarmac until ground staff arrive at 5am. The return flight from Pohpei was supposed to leave Pohnpei at 2 am and actually left 9.45am. I turned up to airport at 2 am and found out the flight was rescheduled to 9.45am. I contacted AirNuigini twice via email prior to departure to confirm that no changes had been made. I received an email saying that your servers were not working. I was not contacted about this change, but others on the flight all new about this change a week before, as they had booked flights only a week earlier. Therefore, you new about the changes a week earlier, did not advise me or even book me on the forward leg of the journey. The flight leaves Pohnpei at 9.45am, but we are not booked on the continuing flight from Port Moresby to Brisbane. This flight leaves half empty, and several passengers are not booked on this flight because Quants reservations are not open on Sunday. People who booked the week earlier are however on the flight. We were then sent to Sydney Airport and a connecting flight arranged to Brisbane. When we land in Sydney, Qantas advise us that Air Nuigini connection to Brisbane is illegal because there is less than an hour between flights. The checkin had closed and there are no more flights that day. We are then stranded at Sydney Airport with no contact available from either Quantas or Airi Nugini. We then go to Flight Centre and are told there is only one flight left to Brisbane at a cost of $800. Some passengers take this option, but I don’t trust the airline to compensate me. So I am stranded with nobody to contact In Sydney at 7pm at night. Luckily some stranger took pity on me and let me sleep on their couch for the night. I contacted your airline in the morning and I was rebooked to Brisbane at 11am with Qantas. Qantas then advised that my 2 bags of 15kg were subject to excess baggage fee of $70. Eventually I got home at 12pm in Brisbane.

2/14/2018 Edwin Holmin

✅ Trip Verified | Bali to Madang via Port Moresby. The domestic side of this airline is an absolute joke! I spent 12 hours in the POM airport yesterday after arriving on the red eye from Bali. There was little to no info given and now I am back at the airport at 4am this morning and have been waiting for an hour with no check in line available yet.

12/25/2017 G Coleman

✅ Trip Verified | Hoskins to Port Moresby. Waited 2 days for our cancelled flight to be reinstated even then we had to continually ask ground staff what was going on or for information. Eventually told 6 hrs later our plane arriving from POM was experiencing technical issues which was a total fabrication and lies, I received a phone call from a pilot friend who said they didn't have a captain available. I have been flying in PNG for 30 years and this has been the worst experience. By the way PNG Air managed 5 trips into Hoskins in a 10hr period and all their customers are enjoying Christmas with their families. Guess who I'm flying with in future. Way to treat your valued customers.

7/24/2017 Nicolas Di Vara

✅ Verified Review | Singapore to Port Moresby. Given the limited choice available on the market to reach Port Moresby (only Qantas and Air Philippines travel there) I was forced to take Air Niugini. It was a very pleasant surprise. Plane was not too old, cabin was very decent, clean, entertainment somewhat limited but of reasonable quality. Food was ok, plane is almost always empty, which means lots of space also in Economy. Board personnel is not as shiny as you could see on Emirates or Qatar, but kind, gentle and professional. A surprise.

4/12/2017 E Smayenn

✅ Verified Review | I was travelling on an Air Niugini PX187 from Mt. Hagen to Port Moresby on 31/3/2017. The check-in was a chaos and in the end flight was cancelled at short notice (as it was time to board), as was the flight on the following day we were transferred to (PX 181). In the end, the total delay was 24 hours. For the whole day on Saturday (8.30am to 5pm), we were made to wait at the airport with no food or water provided and no information on when we might be able to fly. The staff were unwilling to help or offer any kind of assistance or volunteer any information. When I enquired about refreshments for the passengers I was told that it was 'not the airline policy’ to take care of their passengers even in case of delay which was entirely the fault of the airline. When we finally arrived in POM at 6pm on the 1st of April, our luggage was left behind. Again, no specific information was provided by the airline as to when they would arrive, only an approximate “maybe tomorrow”. We went back on the following day and received 1/3 of the checked in baggage. The other two bags didn’t arrive. My colleague went back again in the afternoon to check but still nothing. I gave up as life is too short for this (no chance the airline will follow up on your behalf). I wrote to the airline but haven't received a response. I have never experienced such attitude and negligence by any other airline in the world.

4/11/2017 Brady McCallum

✅ Verified Review | Sydney to Port Moresby. Air Niugini use a remote hard stand for boarding in Sydney. Passengers can expect to catch a bus to take them to the aeroplane. Economy Class Seat 12B. The seat pitch on the Boeing 737-700 is ridiculously tight and is much much less than their 767s which I fly very often. I use Qantas 737-800s every 1-2 weeks and they offer a much better seat pitch. I am 189cm and my knees were jammed against the seat in front on the Air Niugini 737-700. The seat cushioning and lumbar support is near non-existent and passengers should expect to have back and leg pain on arrival. The 767 is the same. The seats fail to lock up right and recline on take-off. My seat gradually reclined to the full reclined position on it's on which severely impacts the limited space for the person seated behind you. The IFE on their Boeing fleet (767 and 737) has issues. The touchscreens rarely work and register phantom touches consistently throughout the flight. These either sequence the exit movie button or turn the volume to max. The passenger in the seat next to me screen's orientation was upside down. The food is relatively good for an economy flight. General condition of the aeroplanes are showing their age.

8/1/2016 Darren Mensforth

✅ Verified Review | The most useless airline I have had the misfortune to experience. Booked flights in January for July holiday to take our mother back to Rabaul after 47 years for her 70th birthday. Arrived prior to the other 8 family members only to be advised my flight was cancelled. Rebooked on same day only for this flight to be cancelled. All due to the fleet being 'unserviceable'. No communication of cancelled flights, even when at airport. Forced to stay over night in Moresby, flight rescheduled for 8am, only to be cancelled. Finally after so many attempts, I had to pay $380AUS to fly with the alternative non government Air PNG airline so I could start my actual holiday and join my family. These forced changes rendered my pre planned expense and time useless. I felt sorry for airport staff who are placed in this position due to pilots striking. I felt very sorry for customers who were forced for to wait 5 days before they could get to their destination.

5/4/2016 Shane Tarr

Port Moresby to Brisbane with Air Niugini - relatively expensive airline although not on routes from PNG to and from Brisbane and Cairns in Australia. Planes are old but have been refurbished with quite comfortable seats and have quite a good in-seat entertainment system. The toilets are clean, which is a plus on any airline. Meals are actually very good and probably amongst the best of any airline I have flown with (at least in economy). However, what sets this airline apart from many is its cabin staff who are very friendly and nothing is too much trouble.

1/25/2016 Sachin Rajguru

A smooth 2 hour flight with Air Niugini from Singapore to Port Moresby. Orderly boarding and very polite cabin crew. The plane was spotless. Varied selection of movies, music and television shows. Satisfactory meal and drink service. Would not hesitate to fly again or recommend.

1/23/2016 Sachin Rajguru

Port Moresby to Singapore with Air Niugini, and they provided the best assistance and service I have experienced. The ground staff and the check-in service was wonderful and very quick. The staff is professional and helpful. The 6 hours flight from POM to SIN journey was very comfortable and relaxing. The crew were very decent and helping. Overall wonderful and memorable experience.

12/21/2015 Mil Kotagama

Over the past 40 years I've travelled to many destinations around the world on many different airlines, but none of them have even come close to punching above its weight than Air Niugini. I've been flying Air Niugini ever since I was pleasantly surprised over 18 months ago, and the experience has been consistently great. It is what one would expect from an airline, but to deliver a world class service amidst challenges is what makes Air Niugini stand out for me.

12/19/2015 D Olsson

Air Niugini planes in good condition, decent staff and good pilots. The food on the international 767 was good and the seats have good IFE but a limited movie selection. It breaks down a bit on domestic flights though. The planes (Dash-8s and Fokker 70s) and pilots are still good and inflight service OK, although you'll only get 2 small cookies and a small juice container (finding plain water in PNG is bizarrely difficult), however ground service is pretty bad. Port Moresby check-in is a madhouse and locals check huge amounts of baggage (note that the free amounts are small - 5kg carryon and 16kg checked, although if you're connecting from international they will usually allow whatever allowance you had for that flight), which means that late arrivals are often bumped due to the plane hitting the weight limit - so check in early! And then hope that your luggage actually arrives - I've already had misdirected luggage on my 4th flight in PNG. The weather contributes to frequent delays and cancellations and the handling of rebookings is poor. Still much better than most domestic flight experiences that I've had in countries like this. Overall score of 7 considers an 8 for international and a 4 for domestic.

11/28/2015 Malakai Chang

Flew Air Niugini from Port Moresby to Brisbane return. Seating pitch was adequate and meals were good. Staff were friendly in the reserved Melanesian way. The planes are old although the they've recently (in the last couple of years) been refitted. Decent IFE for short-haul flights.

11/27/2015 Hopp Horas

Air Niugini the most expensive airlines but poor service - I already paid my ticket 1 month before flight departure. They said that I must stand by because the flight was very full. After that I give small money to one of Air Niugini officer that he helped me to get seat and finally I can get boarding pass and fly to Buka. This airlines I think like to sell ticket more than aircraft capacity and very bad attitude of company. The ticket is very expensive. The old plane was a Fokker 100. The plane was very dirty. 400USD Ticket POM to BUA with 1 hour 20 minutes flight, and Air Niugini just give 1 orange can juice and 1 biscuit snack. No Inflight Magazine. Aircraft was full. Cabin crew was polite and professional.

11/1/2015 H Moras

Air Niugini from Buka Port Moresby with Fokker 100. Good experience. Inflight service was nothing for Buka to Rabaul flight due to short flight time just 1 hour, Rabaul to Port Moresby with 2 cookies and orange juice Only. Aircraft clean but very old. No inflight Entertainment, no newspapers, no inflight magazine. Flight Attendant to keep the safety procedure.

10/25/2015 Malakai Chang

I've never had any reservations flying Air Niugini. Though the inflight product on the domestic sectors does not match the exorbitant airfares, the ground service and most flight attendants are usually excellent and professional. They do their best with what they've got. No IFE on domestic flights (POM/HGU is 1 hr flying time).