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10/18/2019 Lars Vos

✅ Trip Verified | Panama City to Bocas del Torro. After reading reviews i was not looking forward to flying Air Panama. But the experience i had with them on the day of the flight was nothing as to what has been written. Check-in was fast, there is no online checking available as far as i could find. The plane was an old Fokker...

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4/26/2019 H Jansen

✅ Trip Verified | Albrook (Panama City) to Bocas del Toro. After reading comments about this airline I was a bit worried but our flight with Air Panama was really okay. Checkin at the airport was quick, there were no lines. My bag was 17 kg so I had to pay 9 dollars for the 3 kg overweight. Totally fine. There are no infoscreen...

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4/18/2019 G Vanatech

✅ Trip Verified | Panama City to David. This airline is terrible. They made my 5lbs Yorkie go in the luggage area. They wanted me to buy one of their containers. At security they took my tweeter and very small scissors. Mind you, I traveled with my pet in cabin and these 2 items from USA to Costa Rica and Costa Rica to Panama, ...

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10/29/2018 B Jahranee

✅ Trip Verified | Panama City to David. Pleasant flight experience on an old Fokker 100. A little expensive for what you get, but there's little competition in Panama. Seats were comfortable & spacious, though the interior of the plane had not seen an update since the late 1980s or early 1990s. Cabin crew were friendly and serv...

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9/28/2018 Gil Barz

✅ Trip Verified | Panama City to Bocas del Toro. This is back to the 70s. Absolutely the worst airline I ever flew. We came to the airport and they told us the flight is moved to 5 pm and the return is cancelled too and we can only take the next one at 10am. It meant we will never reach our flight to Colòmbia as it was 2hrs lat...

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8/5/2018 Thijs Gerritsen

✅ Trip Verified | Bocas del Toro to Panama City. Our Air Panama flight just got canceled, because they could combine two flights in one. No heads up in advance, just the message when we arrived at the checkin desk. We had to wait for 3 ours so they can get a higher profit, no compensation what so ever, not even a drink. Worst ...

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4/5/2018 Daniel Armbrecht

✅ Trip Verified | Worst Airline ever. We flew from Panama City to Bocas and back to Panama City and had a 2,5 hour delay each way. The bad thing about that is not the delay itself but the lack of communication. As there are no displays at the airport we had to ask every 10 min when we will proceed or what the current problem is...

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1/18/2017 T Ramirez

✅ Verified Review | This airline has a really problem and seriously I have no idea how this company is still working. Firstly, the tickets were not cheap for a "low cost airline" with very bad conditions airplanes (I don't know which type of model is, but looks likes second hand airplane. We paid for the round trip 487USD. The...

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3/11/2016 K Pellberg

A short domestic return flight from Marcos A Gelabert to Bocas Del Toro with Air Panama, on an ancient Fokker 50. The interior looked really tired and on the return trip there was a bad smell in the cabin. On the way out, really friendly and smiling FA's, less smiles on the return. A snack and a drink (even local Abuelo rhum) we...

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