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4/13/2019 J Marikam

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Mumbai via Mahe. The staff in flight and at the airport must be the most unfriendliest you'll meet. For the entire flight of passengers there's 2 people at 1 counter doing the check in. Takes 45 mins. For a flight half full. The guy at the luggage scan asked us to make it quick as the flight is leaving as if it was our fault theres only 1 counter receiving check ins. There is no time in transit, you're shipped from 1 flight to the other. There is no place to smoke. But was advised by a guy that smoking in the toilet isn't permitted but allowed. It's the smallest airport I've been to with barely any facilities. Taking all this into consideration I see no reason why they should have an attitude. Flights itself are clean but outdated in entertainment. If you not fussy this is a cheap alternative. If you need to travel in some comfort pay more.

4/1/2019 Yasmine Mustafa

✅ Trip Verified | Abu Dhabi to Mahe. Worst service we have ever encountered. We booked a vegan meal by email and received confirmation for both flights (return). On the first flight we were told that they had no food for us, as in they never received any food that is meant to be for us in the first place. On the second trip back, we double checked with check in staff about our meals and they said there was nothing mentioned next to our names on the system! we then asked them to add it again and they did while we were standing. Again on the plane we were told our names were not on the list to begin with so no food for us one more time. Food aside, we were moved to from an 8pm flight to 10pm flight without prior notice. Also, we knew other groups that were boarding the same flight as us by they were not shifted but they kept them on their same flight. Initially we were told it was due to system error and all 8pm passengers were shifted to 10 pm but if that was the case then how come we were the ONLY ones shifted?? Will never ever fly again. Also, many people in the airport were complaining about having their flights being shifted TWICE! Avoid this service.

12/16/2018 Penny Borelli

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Mahe. I have never received such disgusting service as with Air Seychelles. My luggage never arrived from Johannesburg and I had to deal with a rude lady in Mahe who told me my bag would be on the flight the following evening and sent to La Digue. They gave me a number to follow up on that when finally someone did answer they just said they don't know where my luggage is and put the phone down on me. They put the phone down on my mother as well. Surprise my luggage never arrived.

11/19/2018 Thomas Skelton

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Mumbai via Seychelles. Terrible airline to fly with. They will try to scam money out of you any way they can. Staff are extremely rude and unhelpful. Do yourself a favor and pay a little bit more to go with a reputable airline.

10/3/2018 G Fuller

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Seychelles. On the 4.5 hour flight the cabin flight attendants made only one trolley run with food and drinks, and that only after two hours in the air. By contrast, Air Namibia on a 1.5 hour flight do a drinks run, a food run and still a coffee tea run afterwards during the flight. Kenya Airways on a 4 hour run from Johannesburg do several drink runs in addition to the food run during that time. Air Seychelles cabin staff are not friendly and do not really care about the passengers. Its the worst service I have ever had on a flight.

9/26/2017 Venkateshwarlu Konduru

✅ Verified Review | Johannesburg to Mumbai via Mahe, connecting to Hyderabad with Jet Airways. Flight was delayed in Mahe Airport for 4 hours then we missed connecting flight in Mumbai and we waited more then 5 hours in Mumbai Airport as they booked flights. There was no one to help us, it was bad customer service. Passengers were struggling to get the tickets for connecting flights. They made us to stood at counter for more then 2 hours, tickets had to be booked before we reach Mumbai Airport but they booked later we reached in Mumbai airport. Accommodation must be provided if there is a delay for more then 4 hours, but they didn't provide anything and didn't respond well in Mumbai Airport.

7/26/2017 L Vincent

✅ Verified Review | Me and my husband had a horrible experience flying Air Seychelles from Mauritius to Mumbai via Mahe. Particularly poor was the flight from Mahe to Mumbai. At Mahe airport when we asked for a seat selection, we were rudely turned down. We could see other people standing behind us get the front seats. This was unfair and uncalled for. To top it off on the 4.5 hour flight from Mahe to Mumbai we were not even given blankets. When we asked about the blankets, the cabin crew told us that they had limited supply. Complaints to management fell on deaf years. All they offered were 5000 measly miles which could be cashed in on our next flight with Air Seychelles. Avoid if you can.

7/10/2017 Ishara Dhanook

✅ Verified Review | Not a good experience with Air Seychelles from Durban to Mumbai via Seychelles. Flight to Mumbai cancelled once we landed at Seychelles airport. Staff very unfriendly. stranded overnight. On return, staff had to be called several times to ask for blankets. No choice as to meal as meat was finished. TV screen never worked. Despite sending an online complaint, I still wait for a response. Their service seems to be very bad. No apology for the cancellation of the flight which affected our entire itinerary. I have completed the online survey and send a personal email but no acknowledgement or response. Will never use this airline or recommend it to anyone. I will stick with Emirates despite the longer route

6/25/2017 S Busenkahar

✅ Verified Review | Seychelles to Mumbai. The worst flight I've had. After a 3.5 hr delay, they refused to provide any assistance and staff was too confused to help us at Mumbai. Would recommend taking some other airline rather than wasting your money on this one.

6/19/2017 R Barden

✅ Verified Review | Antananarivo to Abu Dhabi via Mahe. I have never experienced such a bad service! Lots of delays,mechanical problems with aircraft. No clear communication what was happening with the engine problems and updates so very stressy for all passengers to make connections. Very outdated aircraft. Problems with boarding pass issuing for many passengers while transiting in Seychelles! Frustrating with inadequate ground staff follow up! Halfway the food service some meals where already out of stock. Super rude check in at Antananarivo Airport. I have a silver frequent flyer card from Etihad which is their partner and normally my allowance was 40 kg. I arrived with a surfboard back and had to take out 8 kg as they said they only allow 32kg. My other bag was already checked in so i had to take it all as carry on.There where laughing and showed no mercy at check in-no humanity. I can't understand why a world class airline like Etihad teams up with them. This is island style aviation at its worst! Will take my business somewhere else.

5/25/2017 Vardhini Lakhotia

✅ Verified Review | Mauritius to Mumbai via Mahe. We had a horrible experience flying Air Seychelles. Particularly Mahe to Mumbai. We took Air Seychelles flight from Mauritius to Mahe - at Mahe airport for our onward flight from mahe to mumbai, when we politely requested to give us seats in the front of the economy - we were rudely turned down. How difficult is it to give 2 tickets in the front where in the tickets that were given to us were in the last and second last row - not even together - really unprofessional, unfair, rude. To top it in the 4 and half hour flight from Mahe to Mumbai we were not given the blankets. When asked about the blankets, the cabin crew told us that they had limited supply and they gave it to seats 6 to 15. The cabin crew did not even come and ask us about disembarkation form.

11/18/2016 L Wu

✅ Verified Review | We had the worst air travel experience with Air Seychelles, flying from Antananarivo, Madagascar to Kathmandu, Nepal on 11/4/2016. We had two transfers - Mahe and Mumbai. We were treated like illegal immigrants and forced to stay at the airport overnight because the supervisor on ground in Mahe. We flew from Tana to Mahe. When we arrived Mahe, they refused to issue us boarding passes for our next two connections (Mahe-Mumbai-KTM) because we did not have onward tickets after Nepal. We explained that we are backpackers. We travel by land mostly and plan to cross the border by car from Nepal to India. The supervisor told us she will check and disappeared. When we asked about our flight, she said we still have time and she will not leave us behind. We waited in the airport until 9:10pm when our connection flight to Mumbai was boarding. By that time, we've purchased our onward ticket from KTM to Delhi as we cannot afford to miss the flight. We showed our ticket to one of the staff. The first thing she told us is we cannot boarding our flight because the gate is closed! Then when she phoned the supervisor, who demanded to see our India visa, which was completely irrelevant. We waited there thinking the supervisor will come back to us, but they just let us miss the flight like that! Even after we had all the documents they asked for. In the end, the supervisor never showed up and they did not let us board our flight even though we had the onward tickets. We were dumped in the airport without any explanation. We did not know why we need to show the airline our India visa while we are just flying to Nepal and what should we do for the flights that we've missed. When the supervisor showed up around midnight, she said we will have to wait for the next day to rearrange the tickets and just disappeared again. They tried to send us to a hotel but it was too late, the immigration officer didn't let us pass. Therefore, we were forced to sleep in the airport. The next day we spoke with numerous staff about our issue, including the supervisors and duty managers. None of them helped. In the end, we were able to board the flight that day withy the same documents we had a night before, which means we could've boarded our original flight!

11/5/2016 Rebecca Elliott

✅ Verified Review | Johannesburg to Seychelles. First time travelling with Air Seychelles and I was very impressed. Ground staff was very helpful. Food was excellent, cabin staff was friendly. The flight was comfortable and there was a variety of entertainment on board. Great airline would definitely recommend.

8/3/2016 Anirban Dutta Gupta

✅ Verified Review | I wanted to bring to your attention the pathetic experience I have recently had flying Air Seychelles and its partner Etihad on the Mumbai-Dar Es Salaam-Mumbai route. I booked a confirmed Air Seychelles Mumbai to Dar Es Salaam via Mahe return flights on January 2016 for July 2016. A month later we were informed that Air Seychelles has stopped flying that route and has shifted us to Etihad flight via Abu Dhabi. I confirmed with the Mumbai office of Air Seychelles and the flight was confirmed. A week before flying I checked with Etihad online and they informed me that my Abu Dhabi to Dar es Salaam sector was not confirmed. Neither Air Seychelles nor Etihad had taken the effort to inform me of this situation in spite of purchasing a confirmed ticket in January! If I had not followed up I would have been stranded in Abu Dhabi. The Air Seychelles ground office in Mumbai was equally clueless. Repeated emails from them to Air Seychelles and Etihad (on highest priority I was told) went unanswered. Only after I threatened to take action did they swing into action and book us on Kenya Airways. As a gesture we were informed that a special request for upgrade to Business class has been put but of course as expected there was no record on the system during check in. Also the complimentary chauffeur service from Etihad was not available as the PNR was 'not registered' in the system. The only explanation that I was offered was 'a system glitch'. This is irresponsible of both Air Seychelles and Etihad. I will definitely not be flying either airline. I would rather pay more and go by a more reliable airline like Emirates or Qatar Airways. Both Etihad and Air Seychelles promise a lot but once the money is exchanged forget their responsibility.

6/4/2016 Taylor Voss

Uncomfortable, hardly any leg room and the cabin was so hot that it made it almost unbearable to be on the flight from Abu Dhabi to the Seychelles. However, on the return flight with Air Seychelles it was much better with a cooler cabin and much nicer staff. There were not as many passengers on the way back so we got to lay across the seats and sleep. Don't bother getting the front seats have don't have anymore room than the ones behind.

3/22/2016 Ibrahim Ramjaun

Abu Dhabi to Mauritius via Mahe. Previously the schedule and food were much better. One could leave around 9.20 am same day and arrive around 16.00 hours. Now, with Air Seychelles, one has to leave residence at 11.00 pm to reach destination around 12.20 next day, ie very odd hours. On top of that the transit time in Mahe, is now more than 2 hours. Seychelles has plenty of quality fish, yet the food served on both legs is appalling, only 2 breakfasts. Overall, only the dessert was good. It is preferable to pay partly for the food and obtain better quality.

2/25/2016 Niteen Bilolikar

First of all while booking online, only Credit Card payments are allowed - they don't allow netbanking or debit Card payments. No Option of changing your meal or seat preferences after booking. No Option to enter loyality Programme Details after booking. No option of online checkin - real shame who has design this Website. Before flying itself faced too much problems.

2/24/2016 Ken Howie

On original check in at Durban could check in baggage but SAA could not print Air Seychelles boarding pass. Re-check in at Johannesburg very slow with long queues, although very pleasant staff. Aircraft showed lack of cosmetic maintenance despite being fairly new such as loose seat pockets. Decent legroom and A330 seating configuration 2-4-2 preferable to Boeing. Service very slow after take off, first hour spent handing out immigration forms. Food was good but drinks, water or wine, in tiny quantities with no offer of refill. No walk around service after meal, although call button was responded to. Reasonable flight but do not be taken in by "Creole experience" punted on their website.

2/2/2016 L Labroche

Flew Air Seychelles from Seychelles to Praslin Island. Friendly staff, but a tiny plane (as it was a 10 minute inter-island flight), so small that I couldn't stand up, but it was clean and new. The flight was smooth, and non-eventful. The seats weren't comfortable, and there were arranged in a two-one layout. The plane's livery needs a mention - it was one of the best I've seen.

12/13/2015 Olivia Truter

Johannesburg to Praslin via Mahe with Air Seychelles. Our flight departure time was at 14h00 and the arrival time in Mahe very close to midnight. From Johannesburg the service was extremely slow as our trays were cleared more than an hour after the service commenced. I will not even comment on the food served as my tray went straight to their exit bin. The departure time from Johannesburg is clearly problematic if one considers the crew on duty had just come from Seychelles and with a turnaround of possibly an hour or less, they must have been on duty from very early morning. It would be interesting to know whether the same crew returns the aircraft or whether there was indeed another crew returning to Seychelles. If a different crew did duty on the return flight then their tardy service is unforgiveable. If the reverse is true, then surely their hours on duty exceeded the norm. For folk travelling from South Africa and seated in the economy class, sleep well the night before your departure. Do not try and extend your seat and then expect the passenger behind you to be happy having a stranger sleeping on their lap - when service starts you have to be asked to please place your seat in the upright position. On our return the menu was just as terrible - fancy being told they do not have the omelette which is first on their very fancy menu card and your choice is frittata or bread pudding for breakfast. The service was better, the crew were well trained but the noise from passengers and children was chronic, we at times wished their was an escape route and a parachute available. We have travelled to many destinations on various flights - longer flights do deserve the extra charges which we willingly pay, but never have we been so delighted to end our flight. Mahe Airport is in serious need of better seating and air conditioning - being the departure point from all the islands. Praslin Airport was cleaner and better equipped.