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7/1/2019 Keith Tong

✅ Trip Verified | This is an interesting 5th freedom flight operated by Cathay Pacific, with the aircraft continuing onto Hong Kong from Bangkok. My first time flying an A350 and I was amazed by the spaciousness of the cabin. Leg room was comfortably sufficient for economy class and the load factor was relatively low so I had the row to myself which is a plus point. Food was above average and quite a spread - Main course, fruits, bread, water, drinks, ice cream. Cabin crew were largely courteous and smiley, except for one who kept a poker face for most of the time. Departed and landed on time.

7/1/2019 Azelda Crosland

✅ Trip Verified | Sydney to Dubai via Hong Kong. At my Sydney bag drop, I was fortunate to be advised at check-in by the most engaging, informative supervisor. Time was taken to explain my seating. advice re: my HK layover etc. Her kindness was appreciated. Sadly that was the end of any memorable Cathay experience. It was a full flight on an ancient aircraft which might have been doable except for the inconsistency with the cabin crew. I found any interaction with some was most unpleasant. Others were helpful but few. After seeing the menu I was waiting for refreshments to arrive. I watched the trolley loaded in the galley and was totally ignored. I was surprised and with the attitude of the female crew member in my area hesitant to ask. As this woman was abrupt, dismissive, actually bordering on rude. Therefore I left the flight certainly looking for some refreshment. These flights are not budget and the disdain I experienced was awful. The HK to Dubai was better as it was a night flight but breakfast was very ordinary. After my return home, this will be my last Cathay flight. I dread if anything goes wrong based on their attitude when all was on schedule.

7/1/2019 Susan Neale

✅ Trip Verified | Boston to Jakarta via Hong Kong. A missed connection on American Airlines bumped me to Cathay Pacific. The 15 hour flight to Hong Kong was ok. The food was average, the flight staff were nice. My problem came when they refused to even considering to allow me to fly standby on a flight that was 9 hours earlier because locating my baggage with a 5 hour window was going to be too much trouble. I even offered to retrieve the bags the next day since 1 of them appeared to be left in Boston anyway. The customer service was terrible and they just keep reminding me it was American Airlines that caused me to miss the original flight not them so they were not obligated to help me. C.H. an unfriendly girl at the service desk was particularly indifferent and unapologetic. She suggested that she couldn’t help me because she didn’t know how much I paid for my original ticket. I was 38 hours into this nightmare and she had no problem adding another 10 hours to my trip because I originally booked with a partner airline. Whatever this One World partnership is they should boot Cathay out of their system for terrible customer service.

7/1/2019 Anders Pedersen

✅ Trip Verified | Travelled Ho Chi Minh City to Dubai via Hong Kong on 29 June 2019 on B777-300 and B330-300 respectively. Smooth check-in with 3 business class counters open. My luggage got checked in to the next 4 legs (including on another ticket with Kenya Airways). Nice. Priority lane for security and lounge in Le Saigonnais (was given 2 choices) were fine. First flight delayed from SGN. An early announced 1 hour delay ended up to be 2 hours made me miss my HKG-connection by 2 hours. That caused me to miss my connection in HKG where staff waited for me tried to rebook and examined a lot of option. Next CX flight to DXB kicked off only 10 hours later and made me lose my onward tickets (2 legs). A lot of courtesy, assistance, and sympathy was received in HKG due to the delay but the results and outcome eventually became nil as they regretted early promised options of sending me onwards via Jo-burg or with Emirates to Dubai. Suffered many hours in desperation trying to sort out my further connections from their Bridge Lounge. First flight world class cuisine and caring. Business class full. Second flight so, so – dinner hardly edible. Both flights: FAs are active, caring, and truly professional. Beer choices are a disaster and limited to mass produced industrial stuff (Heineken, Carlsberg, Foster, and San Miguel). No WiFi; good IFE. Clean aircraft. Good lounges in HKG. Delay unacceptable and delay handling unsatisfactory: was denied to see the manager as the staff would not allow. They pay lipservice, a lot of lipservice, but significant results, actions, or willingness to pay for any additional routing are not to be seen. They let down passengers by eventually being stingy: nothing must cost them anything additional. Not a true business class experience. The airline falls behind what I expected. Wonder how they treat economy class passengers during irregularities? I can mention 10 airlines that supersede CX with a better biz-class product. It seems at least that they had a bad day.

6/30/2019 Sai Hin Chung

✅ Trip Verified | Hong Kong to London. Ground service was smooth and efficient. Though the gate was a bit far away from the immigration, the check in counter was very quick. The seat was modern and they provided a wide range of movies and TV shows in the IFE system. Two meals were served and snacks including cup noodles were served in between. Desserts were also served in the economy class. I could get my check in luggage swiftly and reached central London in an hour.

6/26/2019 Steven Elam

✅ Trip Verified | Cathay arbitrarily cancelled my daughter's return ticket, leaving her stranded in Philippines. We had no other option than to purchase a fare at full price the day of the flight. This is how they operate. When they have you at a disadvantage figure on getting screwed. Never again Cathay.

6/24/2019 S Hee

✅ Trip Verified | Hong Kong to Taipei. Cathay has lost its shine. I transferred over $40,000 Asian miles into my account for this trip without knowing that it will take a week to arrive my account. Offered to pay cash for HK lounge Access, which was what listed on its Marco Polo section of the website, pay US$75 at the counter to enjoy the lounge. I was denied access and been sent away to pay to use the airport paid lounge. Flight delayed more than 2 hrs and counting. Would steer away from Cathay at all costs.

6/22/2019 J Henden

✅ Trip Verified | London to Hong Kong. I have been flying this long haul route for some years, and often with Cathay, in fact this sector recently as well. I’ve never posted a review and never had cause for complaint before now. But something has recently gone very wrong with this previous exceptional airline. On boarding, even though I was on early, I wasn’t offered a drink and the staff seemed manically busy. But that’s not a biggie. After takeoff, the usual polite approach about meal choices - and this is where it all went wrong. The choices where limited (OK, it happens) and pretty dreadful. The ‘express’ option was either a vegetarian salad (OK, I’ll live with that as well) or soup (soup??). That’s it. So now I’m pressed for what I’m going to have for brunch (brunch? Where did brunch come from? Wasn’t mentioned on the last three same sectors I’ve done). I can’t describe the options as other than the omelette the words were unknown to me - I investigated further and found one that was fried turnips with some sort of porridge on top. No thanks, so I gave up. By the way, later on I was told that first class had cereals and croissants and toast - are you kidding me? So back to ‘dinner’. The vegetarian choice was a warm salad which sounded ok - and by the way, still haven’t been offered a drink which would have been nice. The ‘meal’ arrived with half a glass of red wine (which was good - disappeared quickly though), and wait for it. It was a sort of salad although you couldn’t see it as it as an orange foul smelling hot sauce had been poured on it. Disgusting. I politely handed it back, gave up and asked for the cheese. That appeared a little later - three water crackers, three grapes and two tiny wedges of cheese. Two and a half hours now passed - asked for a top up of wine. It never came, so I gave up, put my tray on the floor, drank some water and went to sleep. Six hours later, tried to get a tea, told the seat belt light was on and they couldn’t. Ok, I get that, but believe me, there was zero turbulence that anyone could possibly feel and the crew had disappeared. Got my fried turnips (sans porridge) and water at “brunch”, then when the bumps increased, off came the seat belt sign and I got a cup of tea and the chief of cabin crew got me a small croissant from first class! No, I’m not a whinger, yes, I understand safety and I know an airline when it’s losing the plot - sorry Cathay but I worked with you some years ago, have flown this route countless times, but we have choices now, and that was a shocker. What ever genius found your ‘chef’ and threw away the up and down the aisle service (forget the ipads - they take ages for the crew to work them out), get rid of him or her and go back to what you were doing less than 12 months ago - it worked.

6/21/2019 Grace Limbo

Not Verified | London to Manila via Hong Kong. I landed in Manila on the evening of 13 June but my luggage did not arrive with me. While I understand that missing or delayed luggage is not uncommon, you have to note that there were about 4 or 5 other people complaining that their luggage did not arrive with them. All of these people flew Cathay Pacific! That tells you something about their baggage handling. When I posted about my experience I have friends who reached out to me that they too experienced the same same thing, one even shared it happened some two years ago and where they lost 2 luggage which was never recovered and it took them months before they got compensated for the hassle! My experience with them about my missing luggage tells me that they are notoriously terrible at handling their customers' luggage! Never flying with them again ever and I would never recommend this airline to anyone!

6/20/2019 H Lee

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Hong Kong. Excellent Economy Class seats, however, older A330-300s may have smaller and lower quality IFE screens. Cabin was clean in general, and food was substantial. Crew were great and provided excellent service.

6/16/2019 Rod, Airbus A350-900 (35G) platz 32A

Premium economy is very comfortable but the downside to our seat location was no direct window and being over the wing we felt vibrations constantly. We received very little service from the staff and were never offered snacks or water, contrary to the blurb about offering this service. We have another long flight coming up so hopefully the service will be better but I doubt the vibration will be less.

6/15/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A350-1000 (351) platz 12D

Comparing to seat 17A on CX293 to Rome, the return flight CX292 seat 12D felt rather cramped for some strange reason. The noise from the toilet was quite bothersome if one is not fast asleep and the chat and noise from the galley can also be loud and annoying. Although not as bad as row 11 which is right next to the toilet, I find the heavy traffic and constant opening and closing of the toilet doors and curtains, plus the vibration from people walking by my seat very unsettling. Maybe it has more to do with the time of the flight, I only managed about two hours of very light sleep on CX292 while I had a solid 8 hours of sleep on CX293 - you do the maths.

6/12/2019 Susan Alexander

✅ Trip Verified | Cathay Pacific used to be the highlight of our travel back to the UK. Whilst the Business Class Cabin is clean and the facilities modern with all the bells & whistles, service excellent, refreshments good, the food is terrible! I don't know what I ate, but it was mush, at best? The midnight hamburger looked great, but I went with the fancy menu. What a huge disappointment. Why don't they just bring back real meals? Good old, roast meat & vegetables with gravy ? Or Stir Fry Beef and Vegetables - Chinese style? My first main option was not available (which was promoted on both flights to & from Hong Kong. A Chinese beef dish in tomato sauce?), so I chose something that I really don't know what it was trying to be? It was absolutely tasteless and looked terrible? Probably 'nouveau' to some? It was the same with the starter - yuck. The vegetarian breakfast option was worse??? Im not fussy, but I look forward to dining as a way to waste the time and I enjoy it. After all, traveling Business Class is a treat, so I was disappointed at my recent trip & that Cathay Pacific has chosen to go down the 'fusion' route and basically, treat their passengers as imbeciles. We wouldn't choose that kind of food if we were at a Restaurant, so why try to experiment, on a 12 hour flight? Cathay Pacific please re-think your menu. Also, it was a hot cabin. I felt nausea it was so hot? Lovely female attendant was very helpful and turned it up for me.

6/11/2019 M Corden

✅ Trip Verified | Hong Kong to Madrid. Excellent from Check in to Baggage collection. Food was very good, great sleep, loads of movies, crew were professional and very accommodating to random requests. l prefer the A350-900 over the Boeing 787, toilet is bigger and a decent size hand basin.

6/9/2019 Vin Wee

Not Verified | San Francisco to Kuala Lumpur via Hong Kong. Food was below expectations, stewardesses spent their time chit chatting when the lights were dimmed (hardly any offer of water to customers during flight). MJy headset jack was spoilt and they could not do anything about it so I was watching silent movie for many hours during my 13.5 hours flight.

6/8/2019 E Peale

✅ Trip Verified | Washington to Hong Kong. I had such a good experience with Cathay. This was a 16 hour direct flight and I was not particularly excited for the length of this one but it wound up being perfect. The flight staff were incredibly attentive. The middle section of the plane had great headroom. The flight was smooth and the pilot was great. The in-flight entertainment was great.

6/6/2019 DAVID STANLEY WEBSTER, Boeing 777-300ER (77G) v3 platz 32A

I was a little disappointed with the age of the aircraft after having flown in from Melbourne on a new A350-900 aircraft . My main complaint was that there were no instructions on how to use the remote control for the entertainment screen . Also for a plane that size there were few toilets available and i had to walk nearly the length of the plane to get to them.

6/6/2019 Marc Pinol

Not Verified | Barcelona to Hong Kong. This was my first time flying with Cathay Pacific. I had very high expectations of such airline; they were met but only to a certain extent. I did my check in using its app; it was fine, I have seen smoother apps, but good overall. Bag drop and boarding in Barcelona was very easy - they even gave fast track access to go through security as it was really crowded and I had 60 minutes. The flight was fully booked, but the 3x3x3 configuration of the a350 is a big plus as it does not feel that crowded. Seats very comfortable, with a massive touch screen, foldable support for phones and tablets, USB charger and an incredibly convenient cup holder. Also, decent leg room. However, in my own opinion, IFE was sort of limited. Two of the major disappointments were service and food. Yet and by all means, they were not bad! Service was correct and very attentive, but I never get that vibe that makes you feel extra special. In regards to food, it was also "just" correct - not different to more average airlines. I have to say it was fantastic that you can order hot noodle cups at any point as a snack. I am not 100% sure if that was the A350, but I dealt with jet lag better after that flight. The cabin was at a very convenient temperature, air was not very dry (and I feel it instantaneously as I am using contact lenses). Overall, a very good flight with no complaints. However, and due to Cathay's reputation, I expected to have a better opinion after flying them. But I would fly them again, as they did a very good job.

6/5/2019 David Mireylees

✅ Trip Verified | Purchased ticket as "early bird fare" at a great price and was best decision made. From the moment you enter the cabin after a visit to the Qantas business class lounge at Sydney Airport (One World partner) it is a very comfortable and enjoyable experience. An A330 from Sydney - Hong Kong, the plane was a little dated but still fine however the A350 flight from Hong Kong to Amsterdam was a near new plane, very sleek and modern.Welcome drink and warm towels are handed to you prior to departure and meals are served not long after take off. Great choice from the menu including a Wagyu burger they make from the galley - very delicious. Seats are shaped like a pod so there is plenty of personal space to stretch legs and relax (pod stretches out to form a comfortable bed to sleep in). IFE is fine, with a good choice of movies, music, games etc. Staff are attentive and keep an eye on any requirements during the flight. Spent some time in The Pier Business Lounge at HKIA in transit to Amsterdam and has showers, yoga room, bar, dumpling house and tea house. A great way to unwind for a connecting flight at HKIA.

5/28/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-300ER (77A) v4 platz 39E

Unless you are a child, or paper thin, DO NOT choose the any of 39 D, E, F or G!! All these seats have very restricted actual seat room. There are tables in the arm rests on all 4 seats, plus the audio hand sets as well thereby loosing a further 2cms in the seat width. The extra legroom is not worth the very uncomfortable seating!